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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2010
This is a fantastic piece of kit. The machine is well built and easy to use, the milk frother is great and very easy to keep clean, unlike the more complicated milk steamers that other machines have. The coffee produced by all Nespresso machines (at least the 5 I have encountered) is always good.

Things that differentiate and make this machine better than other Nespresso machines I've used:
1> The water tank is very accessible and visible on the back of the machine so you can very easily see how much water is left.
2> It's size. This version is small and neat, but if you go for the one without the frother it's absolutely tiny.
3> Milk Frother is a cleverly designed, non-stick container that can easily be cleaned. Other machines have a milk tank, or a Steamer. Steamers get really hot and the milk burns on to them making them hard to clean. Anything with an integrated milk tank is going to be hard to clean, and if you forget to clean it before you go on holiday, rendered useless.
4> It's nice looking. Some of the older machines were a bit clunky looking, this one is very stylish.

Can't recommend it highly enough.
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With the number of coffee machines currently on the market, it was difficult to know which one to choose, so first off, thanks to all the people who have taken the time to post reviews, both positive and negative. I agree with the majority that this is a 5-star piece of equipment.

Ready to go straight from the box, the instructions were clear and simple. The footprint of the machine is about 9" x 14.5". A sample of each type of pod is included - 16 in total, giving a chance to try the range before placing an order. Registering with the club was fairly easy, although I did have to phone them to clarify which of the numbers on the machine was the serial number. The guy I spoke to couldn't have been more helpful. I then got the option to order a starter pack of 250 pods which included a choice of a free pod storage accessory - this has now arrived (ordered Saturday, delivered Monday, no p&p charge) holds about 50 pods and looks good.

The important thing, of course, is the coffee - and I've been very pleased with the range and quality. From fairly mild to really strong, with espresso and lungo sizes available and with the ability to decide on the amount of water dispensed allowing the user to match the strength to personal preference, there really is something here for everyone. Personally, I like a mug rather than a cup, so find I use two pods. This makes each cup cost roughly 60p which seems very reasonable for a good quality coffee. The milk frother means that you use real milk rather than the powdered kind available in some other machines. It froths the milk well and heats it, thus avoiding the tepid coffee problem, and is very easy to clean. It can also be used to make cold milk drinks, though I haven't tried that. From cold, and including heating and frothing the milk, it takes about a minute and a half to make a cappuccino - impressive.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this machine and with my first experience of dealing with the Nespresso Club. Highly recommended.

Edit: Nearly three months on, this has become an essential gadget. It's so easy to clean and the coffee is really excellent quality. The Nespresso club also provides bags to recycle the pods, which they collect when they deliver an order. If you order 200 or more pods at a time, delivery is free. My tip for the ideal mug is one pod used as espresso then another used as lungo topped up with lightly frothed milk (there are two frothers - one for light froth and the other for thick cappuccino type froth). This way it comes out not too strong or too weak - in fact, perfect!
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on 14 April 2014
I have previously owned a Tassimo and Dolce Gusto, an I can tell you with confidence that this is the best single- serve coffee machine there is. Nespresso's quality is second to none and this machine is no exception. When opening the box, you receive the machine itself, the aeroccino, a booklet detailing everything there is to know about it and a large welcome pack containing 16 capsules, all different flavours so you know which one to order next.

The machine itself looks stunning, far better that any other I have seen. Upon plugging in, you press either one of the two buttons to wake it up, which only takes 25 seconds, and you're ready to brew. In order to do this, you place your capsule into the slot, push the top down and select either the espresso shot button (40ml) or the lungo button (110ml)- keep in mind that for a lungo you need to be using a lungo pod, 5 of which are currently avaliable. You could either have this on its own or add frothed milk from the aeroccino to make a latte or cappuccino- it's so simple and easy it's not true.

People moan about how you can't buy the pods from a supermarket, you have to buy them either online or in a Nespresso Boutique (and be a club member which is FREE) but there is a reason for this. Nespresso can only achieve this current quality by retailing it themselves and maintaining a regular price. The coffee per pod is vastly cheaper than any other coffee pod brands (tassimo, dolce gusto etc.) at as low as 29p per pod! They are also made out of aluminium which keeps all of the flavour in and can even be fully recycled- they provide a collection service and bag (see more on website).

All in all, I hardly write reviews. I don't work for Nespresso. There's nothing forcing me to praise this machine. However, I felt that I was inclined to as a result of its value for money and taste. Buy one. You won't regret it.
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on 12 November 2014
I have been using this for about a year. I have just purchased a Severin electric milk frother, which is a massive improvement on the attached frother on this machine. I now wish that I had bought a Nesspresso machine without a milk frother, then bought a dedicated frother separately. The Severin frother has a much larger milk capacity and can make the milk much hotter, with variable temperature control, plus the jug can go in the dishwasher.

If you like large cappuccinos like me, with hot milk, then I would recommend buying a dedicated electric milk frother, rather than an integral unit like this.
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on 1 December 2011
I bought this machine at the end of October. It was £160 on here then. All I can say is that I absolutely love it. Before I bought this I had a cheap Morphy Richards machine which spluttered water everywhere and took ages to use. This machine is so simple to use and so quick at making the coffee. It heats up and froths the milk in no time. I bought the machine via a reccomendation as I was originally looking at bean to cup, but the value for money with this is so good. You get all 16 types of coffee to try in the pack. Then I ordered a mixed 250 box of capsules from Nespresso online which I though would last a while, but now not so sure as we use it so often. When looking at other machines I noticed that this one had a higher pressure than most normal espresso machines. It makes an excllent cup. We normally press the bigger cup utton to get the bigger serving as we normally have latte's. With the mink frother we use the less frothy option, meaning more milk and I have found I can fuill just above the max line to then have a full latte mug.

The water tank is easy to re-fill. The only slight dissapointment was that I thought the frother would have a bigger capacity so you could make 2 latte's at the same time. However, it doesn't take long to heat and froth another sering.

Overall I am incredibly happy that I purchased this machine.
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on 14 April 2011
A triumph of form and function! This machine (and it's Magimix branded counterpart) is consistently reviewed as being the best of the bunch. It is Which? magazine's highest scoring capsule machine and was the award winner in one of the weekend broadsheet's coffee machine tests. I have read somewhere that this Krups version has a very slight edge in build quality over the Magimix one - but I can't comment any further except to say that this one is extremely well made. It's a joy to use; simple, fast, clean and consistent - everything I have never experienced when making coffee before. Having the milk silently heating and frothing itself in the background while the coffee is pouring into the cup is a joy. No switching of modes or waiting for the machine to reach temperature to make a cappuccino - and there's just no mess! If you put any value on your own time then the Nespresso system is not an expensive way to enjoy coffee, and this is the perfect machine for the job. Don't hesitate!
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on 5 October 2015
Hubby bought this for me for my birthday and I LOVE it! We were spending a fortune on coffees; we would buy one each morning from the usual suspects (Costa, Starbucks, Nero) and it really does add up! In fact, we did the Maths and were horrified at how much we were spending on a yearly basis.

I had been nagging for a Nespresso coffee machine for a long time - probably since my last birthday! Hubby was reluctant to buy it, because of the price, however he hasn't looked back since and now uses the machine more than I do. The machine itself is fantastic - it looks amazing in my kitchen (if I do say so myself), and it's easy to clean. I didn't think it would be when I first opened it up, but all the components come out easily, and clean easily too - just don't leave those coffee marks lingering for too long, make sure you check the drainage train at least once a week.

As for the pods themselves, whilst these might have been quite an expense a few years ago, more and more brands are bringing out versions that fit the Nespresso! We often buy Cafepods from Waitrose/Tesco's and these are around £3 for 10 pods. Often they have specials too - so keep a look out for that!! Recently we discovered a new brand; Taylors - and these are by far our favourite! Same price too - £3 for 10 pods.

Overall, a wonderful present for any coffee lover out there - and it saves money too!
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on 21 January 2014
I have had several manual machines in the past, and still have an Innova Dream (with a dodgy pressure gauge) plus a Dualit filter machine. Although both machines function, having no working pressure gauge on the Innova is a pain because you can't check it's working at it's optimal level.

Then I spotted this little beauty and read the reviews- and was hooked. I am always the one who ends out making cappuccinos etc because hubby says he can't use the machine. No excuses now. This baby works almost straight out of the box, and when hubby watched me throw a latte together in seconds, he decided it wasn't too difficult after all. It's not the cheapest machine but it brews a good cup and I don't know how I managed without an Aerocinno...

Just a word of warning - make sure you only fill the Aerocinno to the lowest milk level if you're frothing milk otherwise it will escape from under the lid. I'd read a few reviews suggesting it is a fault but it was definitely human error here!! Fill to the lower level and it's fine.

For good coffee with little effort, this is great. Highly recommended!
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on 12 October 2010
I had had a coffee from a friends machine and decided to purchase - ( had a ceased up Gaggia -just over 2 years old and never really that happy with).

This machine is incredibly easy to use and also more importantly easy to keep clean. I know some reviews complain about the cost of capsules but compared to coffee shop coffee its not! and i do think the end result is as good. Again comments have been unfavourable about heat of the coffee - i heat the cup as recommended and its fine ( however i'm not too keen on very very hot coffee. But no friends have complained yet and Italian family really rate it too.
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on 8 November 2010
If you want great coffee with total consistency and minimum fuss, this is exactly what you need. The design is excellent; filling with fresh water, cleaning the milk frother, emptying spent cartridges all very easy to do.

The quality of the coffee is fantastic every time.

Yes, buying the pods is more expensive than loose coffee, and the Nespresso marketing/business model is a bit irritating, but you can turn out great coffee every time with minimum fuss and mess, something not possible with a regular machine (I had a gaggia classic for ten years before this).

If you like to fiddle about with your coffee and do your own thing then this is not for you, but if you just want a great coffee every time that's easy to turn out (eg those mornings after the kids have kept you awake all night) then it's a godsend.
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