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on 18 March 2013
Bought this Krups coffee machine 09 months ago and have already sent it back twice to Krups who have kept it over 01 month on the second occasion for repair.
The milk frother is faulty, an obvious poor manufacturer design which shows in all previous reviews.
My wife burned her hand with the frother nozzle when it suddenly shot off like a rocket after building up pressure.
Krups ignored all customer reviews from Amazon, all the evidence we provided and did not accept any liability for the poor design of their product, blaming the malfunction on poor cleaning of the machine and after on cleaning the machine components in a dishwasher that we have never owned !
They have now replace the all nozzle and wand of milk frother for a newer design which is only available on newer version of this coffee machine sold outside the UK.
The Krups coffee machine has a 2 year manufacturer warranty so would encourage anyone who have purchased this machine less than 2 years ago to send it back to Krups so they upgrade the milk frother to the new design (screw on model, see Krups model 5280).
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on 18 October 2010
I have had two Krups Vivo machines that, given their cost made excellent espresso and latte. So when I wore the second Vivo out I decided to try this one. As the other reviewer found, the milk frother broke when cleaning within a couple of months. Before that I found the milk had frothed to the top of the container before it was hot. With the frother broken it makes better latte than it did with it.

Don't bother, good espresso, terrible frother design.
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on 12 December 2012
When is someone going to make an affordable expresso machine that works for more than 12 months?
This one worked fine for 6 months,apart from spewing water out from odd places. The pump started playing up soon after this,but after a de-scale limped on for a bit. Has now packed up completely after 11 months use.
About the only good point is the ratcheting filter holder. AVOID
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on 22 January 2012
Having had a Krups espresso maker for 21 years with no problems other than an occasional broken glass jug ( user induced) I foolishly exhibited product loyalty when buying a new machine (plus the choice is limited by all these stupid environmentally unfriendly land- fill filling capsules that force you to drink the same coffee as George Clooney). BIG, HUGE MISTAKE! Krups' legendary quality is clearly a thing of the past! First the thing sounds like a steam train pulling out of the station... All that pump noise and vibration for a thimbleful of coffee! The cats all went running into hiding, one didn't emerge for two days! Ok, so it tastes good (minor point after all the struggle). Then it's real weakness... THE MILK FROTHER FROM HELL. This piece of junk randomly blows off in the middle of a foaming operation, covering the user, the kitchen, any cats that have braved the noise and returned, etc... in milk. Astonishingly, Krups decided to attach this device with three small plastic clips which are clearly going to break well within 21 years (and hopefully well within the warranty period), but even though they are not yet broken and appear to attach firmly, it seems they are already weakening because blow outs are getting more common. Lucky these guys are not in the deep sea oil drilling business. If you buy this, don't say you were not warned.....

UPDATE after 22 months: having abandoned the milk frother in favour of a Bodum chambord (awesome piece if kit) the espresso making aspect of this machine has been quite impressive... Until yesterday when the handle on the self-tamping coffee holder snapped off. Very interesting to see the design inside this, evidently never seen by an engineer.
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on 29 June 2010
3 weeks after buying the machine the milk frother broke while cleaning it. Poorly designed.
couple months later a silicone seal that is vital to the operation ruptured and broke - now the coffee machine spews water out the side of the coffee holder making watery coffees. I have not even bothered calling the local agents to try repair the machine I should have never bought it - The machine has been designated to the scrap heap after a few months of operation, it is improperly designed. do not buy this machine!
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on 15 November 2011
Easy to use, excellent espresso produced. The depth of the filter and the self-tamp and eject mechanism, greatly reduce the amount of coffee grinds wasted and left around the worktop. The frothing wand is a clear weak point, the wand originally shipped with the machine had to be replaced as it was faulty, like other reviews have mentioned. Excellent customer service by Krups sent out a replacement straight away but this should not have been necessary. Also concerned that further replacements wands may be needed over the next few years, hopefully this will be covered by the warranty.
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on 5 September 2011
I am on my 4th steam nozzle- wish I had heeded the previous reviews- the design is bad- the lugs just snap off in use and shower you with scalding hot milk and steam- Krupps told me to use a paperclip to clean the steam outlet (it was clean) not helpful at all- the internal screw just breaks up into bits
I have given up using it now DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE at all!
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on 18 August 2015
Owned this models predecessor for ten years without problem so owed it to Krups to try them again despite the reviews.There are no clips holding the steamer attachment on, it twists on and holds very securely. The milk you get from this machine is amazing, true emulsion paint. The espresso is also wonderful, the self tamping system is brilliant and produces real puks! Purists may not like it, but if like me you're getting lazy in your old age then this machine is amazing, and the price great. The coffee I've learned to make with it rivals the best espresso bar in town. I can't vouch for it's longevity, it's less bakerlite and more plastic than the last, but isn't everything? Sounds like Krups made a few errors from previous reviews, but they're rectified so don't let it put you off this machine, I'm glad I didn't.
5 months later steam nozzle has failed. Plastic used doesn't seem to be tough enough for steam temperatures. Steam started spurting from where the metal arm meets the plastic nozzle. When I tried to tighten it the plastic thread gave way very easily.
Kurds collecting to repair, said that a resin needs to be used so presumably they're going to glue the plastic arm to the metal? Watch this space. My fear is that it keeps happening and warranty expires. Under the goods of sale act though something must last a reasonable amount of time, so I advise others to talk to consumer advice and quote them if Krups play hard ball.
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on 18 June 2012
This is my second Krups machine and it works up to it's name. My first machine is still functioning but I have it at my summer house. Had previously bought a Delonghi (inexpensive model around 60 quid)which I was forced to return to amazon on the grounds that it didn't make any crema at all.

The Krups make excellent crema, automatically presses the coffee and gives a great final taste. Being a former barista in a mediterranean country, I make a good coffee and this machine is absolutely hassle free.

Would highly recommend it.
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on 26 December 2012
Hi everyone,

I decided to write this review because of all the bad reviews concerning the flaw in the steam wand (milk frother).

I just want to report that Krups has finally addressed the issue, and a new wand is now available in the new machines. I live in Portugal and bought one XP5240 (in a local store) two month ago and it came with a new milk frother.

With the help of a thermometer I can make perfect foam.

Also, coffe is no less than perfect. Yesterday I got a cheaper Delonghi for my vacation house, but had to return it because the cofee was just average. The cream and flavour produced by the Krups is So Much better.

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