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on 15 April 2018
Very informative and detailed articles from mostly US foreign policy experts covering a whole range of topics. Of course, as a US publication, it has an American view of world events which may often differ from European views but the articles are usually thought provoking and interesting. The Kindle layout and design of the magazine is very well done and the Kindle subscription cost represents excellent value for money.
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on 19 June 2017
5 star product. Well informed and written. A benchmark for others to aim for.
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on 27 January 2017
Good contents but the layout is poor.
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on 2 February 2015
Very informative - excellent
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on 27 January 2018
1. Perhaps the best International Relations magazine available. The selection of worldly expertise found in every major area of public affairs demonstrates a high standard of academic rigour. FA is at the forefront of its profession; they debate topics from a variety of positions openly and provide great depth and knowledge to experienced and novice readers. Themes for the magazine are also interesting and captivating. (for example, I really like there sections of the magazine where polls are taken between academics of any given subject).
2. The design is contemporary and original, both in print and online formats. Information on their webpage is presented very well; The colour scheme is very attractive.
3. Online publications are as frequent as weekly, and topical. If major IR issues arise in the news, you can guarantee FA will publish an article on the subject within a 7-14 period.
4. Articles chosen for the bi-monthly magazine are usually (but not always) held back form being published on their website until after the print magazine has been distributed to its subscribers. This allows the magazine to retain a sense of inclusivity and removes a spoiler alert capacity in the magazine.
5. Customer service is excellent over the phone and by email. (I emailed to ask if they sold its coffee mugs and was sent one for free despite the fact they don't sell them!).
6. Despite being based in the UK, the magazine reaches me very quickly and is consistent in its timing. (Best service when compared to other similar services provided by, for example, the Journal of International Relations by Chatham House).

1. Despite the worldliness and range of expertise sought, FA comes across as too pro-American without challenging the status-quo on key topics adequately, at times (but not always). For example - take the current surge of interest in Russian affairs: Where are the alternative scholars' views?: (Other than a recent short article by Demetri Trenin's book about Russia in Syria, where are the likes of Stephen F Cohen, Richard Sakwa or Noam Chomsky? Cohen has published all but once in FA, while Chomsky have never published in FA, only having one of his books reviewed.)
2. Similarly, at times they come across as too neoliberal; inviting on current/former US government officials who are not academically inclined in the sense that they have not carried out rigorous research in any area and therefore come across as pushing a party line; (e.g. see the article by Joe Biden).
2. They're online presence is small. Their Youtube page is rarely active, though this may be due to the link to CFR.
3. They don't have a store for merchandise. This may come across as somewhat facetious, but The New Republic and The Atlantic Magazines both have, for example, an online store. Both are high-end, well-established magazines with large followings. FA should develop mugs, bookmarks, and a bookstore where authors books that have been covered in the review sections of their magazines are sold. (though this may have something to do with sellers rights etc..).

In short, FA is by far a leader in its area of expertise. No there product comes close to it. I would recommend it to anyone interested.
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on 8 January 2018
A superb publication written by, in general, a series of well versed experts.
If you want to read about what is actually going on in the world in any depth and something that isnt just the standard reguitated op-eds this is the magazine for you.
With that being said it could be described as rather heavy going.
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on 19 August 2012
FA is the best magazine on kindle because of the following 1)best conversion to kindle format, 2)plenty to read, 3) best magazine, 4)cheaper than the print edition , 5)cost is just £1.99/month..peanuts for top notch quality essays..
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on 12 November 2010
For me it's one of the best bits of owning a Kindle - the Kindle's there to make it easier to find time to read stuff, to think about things unrelated to the rest of the stuff I have to do & generally be more interested in the world. Foreign Affairs is great for that - a collection of essays on international relations. Okay - it's US centric, you may not like the politics (or you might, or might be indifferent) but it is one of the leading publications in the field & has some great material in it - it's worth of being thought provoking.

It's a heavy read, with essays typically 4000-5000 words. Being bi-monthly is probably a blessing in that regard. I'm loathed to mention the price, because it's a really good deal and, well, I hope the consequence of saying that out loud won't be a change!

The Kindle conversion is good... can't honestly compare it to the print version but never felt I've missed out on anything. It is, after all, a series of essays, which makes sense on the Kindle when it has to be read linearly (what you'd expect to be the stumbling block for most magazines & newspapers).

Really this should serve as an example to other 'serious journals' that Kindle publication is an option that should be available (if only the IEEE would listen) if it's done properly. One concern is that this is the type of publication where having indefinite access to back issues could be important. Not to me, but certainly to those who read this stuff seriously. As to back issues: premium subscription, or purchase copies individually in perpetuity (but keep the basic subscription cheap enough for a private individual to justify)?
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on 21 September 2012
This is utterly brilliant, completely agree with all of the above. However, it would be useful if we got access to the Foreign Affairs website as subsribers.
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on 13 January 2011
In agreement with the previous reviewer, thumbs up to Foreign Affairs on the Kindle. The monthly fee is a snippet of the newsstand price making this great value. The articles are stimulating, informative and a makes useful reading for anyone with an interest in foreign affairs with a particular emphasis on US-Global relations.
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