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on 17 October 2013
As a professional photographer I though it was worth the investment of almost £300 to protect my expensive equipment, however after just 4 uses the 'stand' used to support the case to provide ease of access has 'folder' and is no longer of any use. It appears that the stand is made from either plastic or card, and is not suitable to support the items within. Clearly I am quite disappointed to find this issue and as I have sent notification to Harrison Cameras (the sellers) I am hoping they will sort this issue promptly. The case really needs to be fitted with a metal insert in order to offer adequate support.
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on 14 October 2017
I love this case, is the ideal partner for travelers
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on 6 September 2014
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on 30 December 2010
I usually take umbrage with stuff like this. It's expensive enough shelling out for good lenses and lights, let lone paying £300 for a bag. So for several years I've toted stuff around in old padded wheelie luggage or make-shift shoulder bags of one sort or another. Always a hassle. So I finally stumped up and 'invested' and it's a revelation. I can find everything instantly, get at just what I need and the tripod attachment is a real boon. Arriving at a client without having first battled with just getting the gear from A to B is such a positive experience (especially as the amount of gear expands to fill the bag allowed); you're just better prepared/ready. Thoughtfully made, a veritable treasure-trove of pockets/compartments, very strong, travels smoothly. I went with the x300 rather than possibly run out of space with the X200.

If you have to travel light in a city or can't always drive to a gig, then this is a no-brainer.
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on 26 April 2011
I am a professional photographer and have used Lowepro bags for many years, however recently I needed to reduce the weight of equipment I was carrying and thus after much searching selected the Lowepro Pro Roller X100 fo taking the kit out on the road. The bag arrived within a day of order, excellent service from Amazon, the bag was packed well and delivered undamaged. Having unpacked the bag I set about packing it for use, yes if your going to take all your kit with you then the X200 or X300 is probably a better size however I wanted the small bag so it could be used as carry-on luggage on the airline, this bag fits that bill correctly and will be able to go as hand luggage depending on the weight you load into it. In terms of build quality the bag is well built, made from good quality materials and definitely up to Lowepro's normal high standards, the wheels are changeable and thus the life of the bag can be extended.
The inserts are of a good density offering plenty of protection for the kit, I have fitted in a Nikon D2, Nikon F4S and 4 lenes of varied sizes, an SB900, a Lightsphere along with battery chargers and leads so enough to shoot out in the field. If I had any criticism it would be the tripod holder, the foot end slips down and sits below the bottom line of the case, thats the only fault I can find in the design, so if you need a bag on wheels then this is one you should definitely look at.

Well worth the money.
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The Pro Roller X 50 is a two part roll-bag suitable for most SLR cameras, up to the size of the Nikon D700 without the vertical grip, but not big enough for a big pro body such as the Nikon D3S, and with a space for a small notebook computer or iPad, along with compartments for a good range of lenses. The innovative design includes sturdy replaceable wheels, an ad-hoc camera or flash support, and a separateable break-out bag which can either be used as a camera shoulder bag, or can be attached to the roll handle while the main compartment is filled with other luggage.

When separated, the camera part becomes a sturdy satchel, about the size of a video projector bag, in which you can put the camera, a long lens, a couple of shorter lenses, and various bits and pieces. When together, this satchel part tilts out when you open the main compartment, giving you easy access to your gear. The main compartment also has a decent sized laptop pouch. It's just big enough for a 17" MacBook Pro, but not when the satchel part is also enclosed. Really, it's designed for a small notebook, or perhaps an iPad.

Overall protection is good -- Lowepro bags are always decently padded, and this has rather thicker and sturdier packing than most of the bags I've seen or used. The total footprint is quite small, and will work as carry-on luggage on most airlines. If you use the parts separately then you will probably still be allowed to carry them on, as one will contain your laptop and the other your camera. When going any distance, you can attach the satchel part to the top of the main part by means of the pulling handle, and the whole thing looks neat and business-like. When carried around, the satchel doesn't add much weight at all to the equipment you're carrying, and it's sturdy design will make it easier on the shoulder than a floppy bag would.

All in all this a smart and stylish piece of kit, and, for a reasonably small setup, such as a D700 and three lenses, it will serve you very well indeed. Being able to keep three or four days clothes in the main compartment means this could be the only luggage you need on your next trip.
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on 25 September 2014
Very well made and managed to fit all my camera gear (just). It holds the following:

2 x Canon full frame cameras pro body cameras
3 speedlights
100mm Macro
4 x transceivers
4 x canon batteries
Battery pouch to hold all my batteries
memory card holders
and after all that there is still some space for other bits and bobs!

I love the inbuild security lock as I am a wedding photographer and it is nice to know I can keep the zips locked or even loop the cable round a pole to deter any would be thief. It wouldn't stop a thief with a wire or bolt cutter but it will act as a deterrent at the very least and slow them down long enough for them not to bother in the first place.

I only gave it a 4 star because I still believe it is a bit pricey for what it is. Though it is cheaper then the ThinkTank bag of the same size.

People complain that when it is fully loaded it will exceed the carry on allowance for most airlines but that is not important to me as I will not be taking on international assignments anytime soon.
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The X200 is big enough to carry two pro bodies with vertical grips and half a dozen big pro lenses. It is so deep that you can actually carry a Nikon AF-S 24-70mm/2.8G ED standing vertically, so it takes up no more space than a small prime lens. The moveable compartments are significantly more sturdy than on most camera bags, and the overall feeling is of the best possible protection available short of a rigid frame case. However, it is in the extraordinary range of features which the X200 excels.
* Built in tripod-carrying system, for front or side
* front pocket big enough for a regular 15" laptop or a slimline 17" laptop such as a MacBook Pro
* Three special CF card compartments, which help to track which cards are empty and which are full
* Numerous document and small component wallets, both inside and outside
* Entire main compartment unzips to become a standalone rucksack, freeing up the wheeled shell to be a regular suitcase for clothes, etc.
* User exchangeable wheels, which are in any case sturdy and run smoothly
* Flash or camera mount hidden in the extensible carrying handle. Probably best for a very small camera, or as a flash mount, but useful nonetheless
* Built in locking mechanism that can secure all the zips, and/or lock to a convenient anchor point
* Rear stand, so that the bag can be set at an angle for ease of use.
* Three carry handles in addition to extensible handle, for ease of handling and stowing
* Very attractive 'luggage' look -- won't be out of place at a posh conference, and also does not attract thieves
* Inner lining can be unzipped for further cleaning or maintenance

This is a very serious bag, albeit at a serious price, and will serve well not only as a major road bag, but also as the main storage for a large amount of equipment when not on the road. It is highly 'train friendly', but will be too large for hand luggage on many European flights, so it's worth checking before you travel what the specifications for your flight are. Despite the rip-proof casing, extensive padding and built in security, this is not a hard-shell case and therefore should not be entrusted to hold baggage.

This is a superb piece of kit, and if your needs run to requiring this amount of transportation, then this bag is unlikely to disappoint.
review image review image review image
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on 12 August 2013
I am a massive Lowepro fan, i have 3 messenger bags in various sizes, a backpack, and a downwards facing SLR case, i love them all and am accustomed to the Lowepro way but the X200 for me was a real disappointment.

I've done a lot of research and tried out a number of roller bags and the fundamental design can normal be whittled down to either, the retractable handle being inside the bag and some of the internal space lost, or, the handle is outside of the bag and you have a flush bottom at the cost of depth. The X200 falls in to the latter and it's fundamental problem is, if you use speedlights the bag simply isn't deep enough. Placing speed lights horizontally really takes up a lot of space, multiple this by three and you've lost over a third of your bag space. In addition, the padding is adequate but not robust so it doesn't do a great job of wedging larger items in there compartments, therefore some items which are stored horizontally (70-200) end up rattling inside the bag. You do get a couple of sync straps but this seems to just be making things more fiddly.

This is one of the rare occasions where i'd say not to go Lowepro, look at a Think Tank International or Security, you can make way better use of the space, i'd sooner go back to using my backpack than cart around this large roller which offers little advantage and carries a huge premium for wheels and locks. It's simply isn't worth it when other products on the market are cheaper and better.
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on 10 August 2012
This is a fantastic case the build quality is probably the best you will ever find. The camera holder is removable and can be used as a backpack, while the rolling shell has an extra zip on front so you can use it as a ordinary suitcase. The wheels are the best I've ever found on a case. The telescopic handle is good and strong but I'm not sure of their claim that it could be used as a tripod. The case is a little deep for some airlines when you have a computer in the pouch but can still pass muster if you remove the backpack. It currently carrying my Canon 5D mark III, Canon 100mm IS Macro, Canon 24-70 f/2.8, Canon 70-200 IS f/2.8 II, Canon 100-400, Speedlight 270, Speedlight MR-14EX and GP-E2 gps unit. It will also take my Apple MacBook Pro 15" but it's very tight.
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