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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 October 2011
After 5 years, I had gone through at least 4 pairs of IPod Headphones (which, as well as being expensive, have inadequate sound quality) and some Skullcandy ones (which broke to pieces within about 4 months). So, feeling rather down on my luck and definitely down on cash, I bought a pair of these! I wasn't expecting much, but really, these are the best Headphones I've ever owned! They're durable and have excellent sound quality! You can get them in a range of different colours but I loved these Violet coloured ones, and am definitely going to buy another pair in the same colour just in case. I've had these now for just over a year, and they're still like new. Brilliant quality for the money, well worth it!
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on 11 December 2014
Although I am very happy with the earphones I would just like to point out that the product image isn't the same as the product model. I bought these hoping they would be the old JVC gumy earphones but was wrong. Other than that, these are superb earphones for the price!
review image review image
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on 4 March 2010
A perfect fit, and a great sound to boot. Comfortable in the ear, although the wire may be a little too long.
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on 20 June 2012
I bought these after having great experiences with JVC HA-F140-WE In-Ear Gumy Headphones - White.
I was fooled by the model number - thinking that F150 must mean it's better than F140 Gumy earphones, right? Sadly, I was mistaken.

So what's new in this so-called 'upgrade' of the Gumy formula?

Well, the earpiece shape is no longer circular - it's sort of bean-shaped. Presumably to fit the ears better - I have no problem with this, the earphones are indeed a comfy and snug fit.

The problem however, is sound quality - far more canned and tinny than the F140s. Everything sounds rough and compressed compared to the earlier model, which sported far better mid and bass response. I might be paranoid, but I also suspect there's more sound leakage from these headphones - ie. everyone else on the bus can hear the thumping beats of which ever Britney song I'm listening to more than I can.

It could be that I was unlucky and caught a faulty pair, but I've bought several F140s in the past and never had this problem once.

My advice? Get some JVC Gumy F140s instead. They're around the same price if not cheaper, have superior bass performance and less sound leakage.
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on 10 October 2011
when i looked at the reviews for the earphones i had doubts because someone mentioned them being faulty, but my friend had a purple pair and they worked just fine. they arrived yesterday and im really happy with the sound quality and comfort of the earphones, for anyone reading this get them, well worth the money.
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I've had loads of pairs of headphones over the last 35 odd years, my first were two tin cans connected by string. I thought they were good myself! Well it seems headphones have moved on fortunately.

These being gummy can fit any sized ear so no more fiddling about with tiny silicone covers for different sized ears, good idea! The cable length is not too long either in my opinion. They fit snugly into the ear and once music/radio/DS/ipod or whatever is being pumped through them they do sound great. The sound is brilliant, crisp and very clear, you can pick up on individual sounds/layers in music that you probably couldn't without them. They are definitely geared for heavy bass but that does not take from anything else. If you've never used gummy headphones before these will blow you away for sure. One good aspect of this type of headphone is that you do not need to have the volume too loud at all as the sound is being directed deep into your ears, no damaged ear drums! I purchased two pairs of these, one for me for my phone which has a 3.5mm socket which I have tons of music stored on and one pair for my son who uses his on his ipod nano, DS, pc games and guitar amp so we don't have to listen to a 14 year old banging Slipknot and Slayer riffs out! I know what your thinking. . . .14 year old and Slipknot. . .but you need to meet him! Anyway. . . .you will love these headphones, they're brilliant!

I love this blue colour too!

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on 23 November 2011
I really like the colour. These earphones are soft & comfortable, the oval ear shape fits my ears a treat. The sound is good too.
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on 27 January 2016
JVC do a range of different 'Gumy' headphones now, but this review is specifically for the JVC HA F140PN ones. I've owned a couple of these and thought I’d review them for anyone considering a new pair of reasonably priced headphones anytime soon. Despite their price tag and plastic appearance, they’ve served me well and I’m pleased with them, especially given the Amazon price.

JVC are a popular brand with a wide range of technology products, so they have expertise and experience under their belt. There are lots of headphones on the market so it can be hard to choose what style you want, let alone which brand will give the best results for their price tag. I wanted something portable and lightweight so I opted for in-ear headphones, and I quite like things that are a little quirky, so the bright colours these are offered in caught my eye.

These Gumy classic in-ears come in various colours but the JVC range have also released similar versions of these Gumy headphones, such as Gumy Air. I originally bought classic pink ones, despite hating pink, because I was on away from home and forgot my headphones. Knowing I needed to listen to music to keep me sane, I came across these in pink priced cheaper than other colours in the store I was in. This pair, and my latest violet ones, are vibrant and stand out from the crowd. They certainly make a change to my usual black option of most accessories.

These are wired headphones in an ear-bud style, which fit snug in your ears, and weigh only 5g. This makes them perfect for carrying with you and putting in your bag/pocket when you’re finished. The body is made from soft rubber, and the ear piece has soft plastic, so they’re comfy to wear and easy to maintain the wire when you wear them (ie if you put them under your jumper like I do so you get the earpieces out of the top). The length is suitable for me and the plastic separator gives you enough room to play with and adjust to fit you the way you want.

The sound quality from these, whilst not crystal clear or able to deliver a strong base, are still reasonable from a small pair of in-ears. I actually find these to be more than adequate and not tinny, unlike other similar styles I’ve tried before. They’ve also been, mostly, reliable; I had my first pair for about 8-12 months and they served me well, no faults. They still work now, however I’ve noticed that the ear-bud itself has freed itself from the plastic casing. I can push it back it, but it’s starting to affect their performance. None the less, that didn’t put me off these and I have owned a couple of these (I currently have two purple pairs, one work work and one for home).

To compare them to other headphones, these seem to be a good option in the lower budget range. I've owned Sony in-ears before and wasn't too impressed by them in terms of their fit (they kept falling out), their comfort (they felt a bit hard) or their looks. The Gumy range seems to put together decent technology and appearances, and whilst they may not last forever, they'd still get a far better rating from me than Skull Candy, which seem to fall apart within the month.

Overall, JVC’s Gumy headphones offer a range of funky in-ears at a good price for those who want good sound and portability. Don’t expect to be blown away, but these for me offer a good balance between style, sound and affordability.
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on 3 November 2011
Been using Gumy headphones way before iPods came out and I needed a new pair, worried about the new design that it won't fit in my ear comfortably but they simply do, I barely notice them. Love the colour, although it's not quite red, it's definably not pink. The packing is a bit awkward especially when I had to get the scissors out and be extra careful not to cut the wires, that's where the star has gone. When comparing them with the older version I noticed the clearer sound and much louder and more bass. I never noticed a singer's echo from her voice during the chorus in her one of her songs until today. I would definably recommend these, cheap but perfect.
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on 10 April 2015
Amazing quality and work perfectly! Only comment I need to make is that the pair that arrived were slightly different to the pair shown here. The colour was the same but instead of being the flat round bit that goes in the ear, they have a little bit that pokes forward to go in the ear. It's not a massive issue and they still fit perfectly but it's still slight false advertisement.
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