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on 9 July 2009
I'll keep this er, 'Short & Sweet' and say that I have loved Tap since 1985 and think this CD is up there with the best of them. It loses a star though because of the awful CD packaging - what were they thinking? They have even released an instructional video clip of how to put the sleeve together, which leads to me think that some problems have been encountered by previous purchasers already. Oh how I wish I'd only waited for the standard CD of this to be released.

Never mind, as I said its the music that really counts and this is excellent!
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on 14 February 2015
This was a Secret Santa gift that worked brilliantly for the muso friend that received it. They loved the insane overly elaborate fold-out and bonkers tracks. Well worth the money!
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on 22 December 2014
This one is one louder!
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on 14 March 2018
I was really looking forward to this but it's ultimately disappointing if you've already got everything else by Tap. If you're new to Spinal Tap then make this the last album of theirs that you buy. If you're a completist then of course you have to have it but set your expectations low.

The re-workings of the old songs are largely pointless and lacklustre, they are under produced and subsequently don't flow well and don't sound anywhere near as good as the originals. 'Funky Sex farm' should be mildly amusing at least but it's just embarrassing really. Likewise the various incarnations of 'Jazz Odyssey', funny in the film, just rambling noodling here that go nowhere. The 'new' songs are OK but not really up to the standard of anything off 'Break Like the Wind' for example.

There are a few guest cameos but even here they have missed the point a bit. It's like they have just done a jam to enable guests to play over the top unlike BLTW, where everything came together really well. On this release there is little humour and it doesn't feel like much effort has gone into tracks like 'Short and Sweet'. Worth a listen but you won't come back to it very often.
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on 2 July 2009
Two words:


If you don't know what those words mean then where have you been for the last 40 years???? They have been total legends since they were named The Themesmen in the late 60s, just they may have lurked in the shadows for the majority of the time, but still are about as legendary as you can get!
SPINAL TAP have played an influence on all music since they began, and also influenced the bands which formed before them!

SPINAL TAP are the definition Heavy Rock.

This album include great re-recordings of some of their well known classics, plus a handful of new songs. It's totally all 100% pure Heavy Rock, all Rock, nothing but Hard Heavy Rock.......with some adventurous ventures into Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Celtic A Cappella!

If you like music of any form at all, you owe everything to SPINAL TAP. So pay them back just a little and BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!

SPINAL TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 21 June 2009
Back from the Dead's songs have been already been made available to be heard before its offcial release so having checked most of the songs out all i can say at first i questioned the re-mixes of their classic tracks from their semi-classic debut album in Sex Farm, Big Bottom, America, Flower People (twice), Cups and Cakes rather than em being re-made for the album to go flying off the shelves to cash in on their 80's cult fame they stand the test of times well (again in 21st century form) and will endure more rib tickling moments whilst Heavy Duty which features Steve Vai and Phil Collen lives up to its title with its blusey moments, and Back from The Dead is a superb song that would have come straight from Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies.

Also you will need a patient ear and nerves of steel to withstand the 3 Jazz Oydessy songs which range from lounge to yes Jazz which may not appeal to Tap fans whilst the live earth song of Warmer Than Hell is downright daft and good in equal measure which shows why tap never take themselves to seriously like their more famous counterparts.

As for bonus contents i reckon the pop up artwork of the band predicted as super heroes standing on a stage (stonehenge style) minus yes the drummer will be better than the DVD which is basically the members running thru each song depending on how your attention levels cope.

Otherwise a welcome return from Tap but don't count on em releasing another album since its been like another 16 years since they made Break like the wind and if its goin to be another 16 years for the other one since they will either be singing with their zimmer frames or pushing up daisies.
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on 12 July 2009
Glad I purchased this. The re-recorded versions of old favourites feel really fresh and lively, and the new additions are mostly good stuff. Good to have Warmer Than Hell on here which was written for their Live8 performance.
The DVD is excellent stuff, with David, Derek and Nigel talking us through each track on the album. They are on top bantering form, so for die-hard fans this is comedy gold. Newcomers may find the mostly static nature of their discussion a little boring, but hardcore fans will find loads of new hilarity in there!
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on 12 October 2009
For those of us who saw them at Wembley Spinal Tap's "Back From The Dead" CD will bring back treasured memories, such as the inflatable Stonehenge collapsing on one of the dwarves or the ladies in the audience that joined the boys on stage for a very special rendition of "Big Bottom".
For those of you who weren't there, this is the next best thing....make up the stage, turn the volume up.... this one goes up to 11 (that's one louder, right?) if it's too loud....you're too old!!
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on 17 July 2009
I consider myself a real fan of Spinal Tap: i got the VHS tapes, the cds, the Criterion DVD, etc... so naturally i pre-ordered when i heard the guy's had a new cd. But "Back from the dead" is disappointing: only 2 new songs really, the other tunes are re-recorded classics and some studio jams. The bonus DVD is 1 hour of the guy's talking about the songs, unrehearsed and thus only sporadically funny. To make matters worse they're on an acoustic tour at the moment (???)
If you saw the band rock out on Conan O'Brien a few days ago and you want to hear more then i suggest you buy the amazing None more black album aka This is Spinal Tap and also the most excellent "Break like the wind".
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on 8 January 2010
From someone who claims to have been a rocker since the 80's, I'm ashamed to say I never really knew much Spinal Tap until watching Glastonbury - so, hubby bought me this and I love it!
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