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on 12 January 2010
I just wanted to say a few words on this mp3 player. I really like the shape as it fits nicely in my hand and it's really easy to operate as controls are easy to locate. I normally place the mp3 player in my pocket and without looking I know which buttons I need to press just because they are placed on each side of the screen and that's really a plus for me. The size is small enough to fit anywhere but not too small that makes it difficult to operate.

The screen is really useful to get the song details, the controls are displayed on screen and the display make the player look cool.

A small mp3 player with a screen, simple controls to operate and a good battery(from what I've read in reviews) is what I needed and that's what the Philips SA2945/02 GoGear Spark really offered.


Just wanted to mention that this mp3 player is still great after three years of usage battery life is still good and it still my everyday mp3 for running or just relaxing and listening to music. I still prefer it over my smartphone to play music just because of the buttons which makes playing music, moving between songs easy without needing to look at the screen because of those four buttons around the screen.
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on 27 December 2009
OK, I bought this a few weeks ago for someone to give me for Christmas, so I've only had a couple of days to play with it. But it's so easy to use! The included software is only required if a repair is needed, otherwise files are transferred using the file browser on your computer (or Windows media player if you must). I shouldn't show my prejudices, but one of the attractions for me was just that ability to transfer files using a file browser, because I rarely use Windows. 99% of my work (and play) is done on a Linux operating system and the GoGear works just fine. It's also very light, easy to operate, comes with a manual in more languages than you can shake a stick at but which is mercifully brief. Well, there's very little to learn. You can transfer pictures to the GoGear exactly as you do mp3 files (drag and drop; but put them in the "pictures" directory not the "music" one). The information displayed on the screen is bright and in large characters so I can still read it without having to put my specs on. The radio reception is fine where I live (FM only) and you can load audio books onto the thing to keep you awake on long journeys or just commuting to work.

Drawbacks. The clip attachment doesn't inspire me with confidence, but there's a small hole in the plastic frame that will take a keyring. The earphones are pretty average so invest in some better ones, then the sound quality is good. And one thing that doesn't concern me at all, but might be a problem for some; it will not play DRM songs bought from the internet. Also it will only play files in either mp3 or wma formats.

Obviously it's not as easy to scroll through your music files as with some mp3 players that have larger screens, but that doesn't mean it's difficult. A super little player and, for the price, a real bargain.
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on 5 February 2010
This is the first mp3 player I have had and I am most impressed with it. The sound seems very good to me, and it is easy to use, both to add tracks to and to find the one you want to listen to. To charge the battery you just plug it into the usb socket on your computer. The fm radio is also surprisingly good considering the size and limited aerial. The display is good, although a bit hard to see in bright light outdoors.
I hadn't thought about bookmarking until I read the review from 'Kentish Lady'. I was a bit puzzled by what she meant by "hold" assuming it was "pause", but that didn't work. In fact she means "lock" and if you push the on/off slider up to "lock" and then down to "off", next time you swith on it will be paused at the point you left it.
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on 17 January 2010
This is a very good little player for the price, extremely compact but with a clear screen.

At first I was disappointed with it, as I use my player to listen to podcasts and books and there is no bookmark facility. However, there seems to be a solution - always put the on/off button to "hold" and turn the player off directly from there. This has worked consistently so far on my machine, enabling me to pick up again later exactly where I left off before.

Another tip - label your tracks with any important information near the start of the title, as they scroll across the screen quite slowly.

My only reason for not putting 5 stars is that the top volume is a little quiet for listening to speech in a noisy environment - probably deliberate to avoid hearing damage from rock tracks etc.
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on 8 March 2010
Easy to setup for FM radio and reasonable reception (except in the gym!). No warning that battery was about to run out - it just stopped working which was a bit disappointing.

Attachment to belt a bit pathetic although it hasn't fallen off yet...
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on 19 March 2010
I have just retired and I wanted an MP3 player to listen to podcasts and audio books when I am travelling or in the garden. I hadn't a clue which one to purchase but I liked the look of this one, most of the reviews were good, and now I am so glad I chose it. It really is very, very easy to use, even for a complete beginner like myself, it is a good size with a nice, clear sound and there is also the added bonus of FM radio. I can really recommend it.
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on 24 February 2010
very happy with purchase as gift. friend very happy with it and uses it all the time. not bad for someone in their 40s who never used a pc before and now has a mp3 player too!
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on 18 March 2010
Excellent product, I am very pleased with it my first mp3! I loved the price and have managed to download 3 books and some music and I have the radio on every night. I love it wish I'd brought it long ago, a great product.
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on 22 January 2010
beware, uses files in one format only, so if you are an itunes user then every single file needs to be converted individually before installing on this device.

Fiddlely controls and non inuitive menu make it hard to become familiar with. essentially if you want an MP3 player buy an IPOD
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