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on 9 October 2017
Comparisons with the jazz-influenced Norah Jones are bound to be made; certainly Ms Melua has a lovely voice and, on both the title track and 'Closest Thing To Crazy', her talent shines through. Unfortunately, much of the material feels a little bland (not surprising given that 'Chief Womble' Mike Batt is responsible for writing 6 of the 12 compositions here); indeed it would have been far more revealing if Katie had penned more than just 2 compositions here. Overall though, this is a decent debut LP; it is surprising that Melua's first album came out in 2003 and her career is still ticking all very nicely indeed. A relaxing collection but, for me, Norah Jones' 'Come Away With Me' is a superior 'coffee-table' album!
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on 19 February 2004
As a singer myself, there are other female singers I admire with some varying provisos, for example I might not like the way she treats a particular song, etc. It is seldom that I sit and listen with enjoyment and admiration to a whole album from a singer without much to comment on. But this young girl has an amazingly mature voice and approach, fresh, singing straight from the heart without so many of the vocal "clever" embelishments, trills and fancy panting that you hear from other young singers. Also, she sings from her lungs, and not from her head and nose! I admit that I cannot remember when I last bought a CD from a new performer; most of my purchases since getting a CD player have been re-issues of my scratched vinyls.
I do trust that the music industry does not take this girl in and muck her about, only to spit her out later on. The case in point is Elkie Brooks - a great talent and thank goodness she is still out there performing, but no thanks to the music industry!
I can thoroughly recommend this debut album - definitely value for money.
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VINE VOICEon 22 December 2003
This album is brillient. It's refreshing and chilled out. People may have dubbed 18-year-old Katie to be the next Norah Jones, but she's better. This is a blues album which can make you smile! The first four tracks have to be the best on the album, "Call off the Search" being a gourgus love song, "Crawling up a Hill" is the most upbeat on this album, and has true emotion in it, "Closest thing to Crazy", Katies single, is a tearful blues track which i think is supurb and "My Aphrodisiac Is You" is another quite upbeat song which is quite sexy and really good to listen too.
I think this album should be owned by everyone. Katie has a true talent here, and it is so nice to here an album with a difference. Katie has overpowering vocals and the backing combinefd with them sends goosepimpls up my spine. This is an album to be enjoyed by all.
A cool 9/10 for Katie.
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on 25 December 2003
Kaite Melua's debut album 'Call off the Search' is quite simply one of the best albums of any genre in 2003. Her music is easy to listen to and with excellent lyrics this is one album that you won't want to miss.
Katie Melua has been compared to Norah Jones in her style of music. But, however, they are both two completely different and unique performers. In my opinion, 'Call off the Search' is a much better album than Norah's album 'Come away with me' mainly because I think that Katie has a much more relaxing voice than Norah Jones.
Excellent to the last, a true masterpiece !
Buy Now !
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on 19 November 2003
What an excellent album - all the tracks are subtle, different, with a bluesy jazzy rocky thing going on that makes her hard to pigeon-hole
For all lovers of Nora Jones, Eva Cassidy, Dido or just good well crafted and original songs - get it and love it!
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on 18 March 2004
If you bought Katies first single 'the closest thing to crazy' then you'll know that the cd was worth buying for the two non-album tracks. This single is definitely worth getting, even if like many other people you will already have the beautiful title track from Katies debut album on the album.
As mentioned by the previous reviewer, Katie tells a great story in concert as to how you can compose a song whilst ironing but not actually write it (if you see what I mean !); 'The shirt of a ghost' is another great song from the increasingly creative songwriting side of Katie.
The third track on the cd is called 'Deep Purple'. Well what do you know, it is the very same song recorded years ago by Donny and Marie and boy does it sound different. Given the 'Katie' treatment it is almost unrecognisable from the Osmond siblings version. I would say different rather than necessarily better....actually they're both good.
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on 2 August 2004
This is a great single to have if you got the album but would also serve as a great introduction to miss melua's work.This first track lifted from her amazing album is a gorgeous jazz ballad,next up we have "the shirt of a ghost"which is an interesting tale & beautiful little track.The track that does it for me is"Deep purple" which is truly haunting,it had me spellbound,the way katie sings this song in such a away it just send shivers down my spine,brilliant.All in al fantastic stuff to have in any collection.
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on 6 April 2006
Great music, BUT ... The DVD appears to have some sort of protection on it, and will not play on my computer. I am not happy about this and will be returning the album. Items like this should have a warning about incompatibility with computer playback in the advert, so that we know when not to buy!
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on 15 February 2004
What a debut album! A voice mature beyond her youth with mellow overtones of both Eva Cassidy and Ella Fitzgerald, Katie Melua will be as much at home in the jazz clubs of New Orleans as in the blues bars of the deep south whilst hitting the pop culture of middle England. Her renditions of jazz classics like "Mocking Bird" and "My Aphrodisiac is You" put her up there with the great jazz singers whilst her presentation of the blues in "Learnin' the Blues" and the new Mike Batt song "Blame it on the Moon" shows that she doesn't just sing the blues - she feels them. The hit single "The Closest Thing to Crazy" took this album to the number one spot purely on its musical merit - a tremendous achievement! It is refreshing to come across a singer who is different from the current batch of 'girlie' singers - Katie, like Eva Cassidy (one of her heroes) presents music, complete with melody and sophisticated harmony. You will start by having "Crazy" as your favourite track but within days your favourite will be one of the others and so it will continue - there are no duds on this album just good music sung from the heart. If she continues in this vein, Katie Melua will attain the thing all singers yearn for yet rarely attain - true greatness.
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on 5 February 2004
To the reviewer who said Katie Melua didn't live up to the "tremendous hype."
What "tremendous hype?"
Hardly any TV appearearances, and comparatively, very little airplay compared to any other album that charts well. If it was about hype, there would be some silly dance and flashing of skin, a media blitz and Call off the Search, the least radio-friendly song, wouldn't be the next single.
The only hype about this album is the word of mouth RECOMMENDATIONS that have put this album at the top of the charts.
Katie Melua has a unique voice that has INSPIRED hundreds of thousands of people to go and tell others how much they like it, that is why the album is now outselling everything else. This album is a SENSATION and has reached half a million people so far because Katie Melua's voice is truly MOVING and has reached out into people's hearts.
Katie Melua's voice is INCREDIBLE, she sings with total conviction and believability and has an AMAZING range. This album is about music, not hype. There is something here for everyone.
I could not recommend an album more highly than this one.
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