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on 28 February 2015
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on 5 August 2017
The graciousness of appeal in this kind of game is still realistically immense and brought through for all to the next generation console but the amount you like the intensity of feedback can belittle the product as much can unhappen to this hazarding heroe and become of a true actor in this immensive game. The graphics are great enough and the storyline brought along via good side lining, if a little from mouth and with similar grip-on stories you can puzzle your way along the surfaces of a shooting lost in the universe, whence you possess so little of the town and it is hard to push forwards with lacking features, the whole landscape there only to 'reap' a little of the space. But your powers are truelly fantastic, the reapers pleasing to take down and run around demolishing, the puzzles great to gain ground on, if you can get good control over the character and the spaces, and confined areas offer an alternative escape plan to correcting the entire town, on tiny bit at a time. The plan always going downhill the slightest affection you have for either kind of outcome, needing careful planning and a discrete comprehension for your universe on either side of the city, the city going one way only the more your planning gives obtaining, hard to complete the true achievement plans and you will have to complete some side missions to get the perfect objective eventually.

It may turn into getting as much out of the game as you can to just get to the ending, which might only be a carton cut out of a finer realm and reasonable people, with the world commanding some respect from you to get farther than a little distance into. But This is a game easing into the command of a casual gaming other worlder who can pick it up and go as little a distance or a far a length as what he or she would want to go to since the world turns ever so quickly you could end up in crisis soon, but not without allowing yourself to gather the correct placement of the regard of a city lost to a cataclysm, the hero then affecting everything even when the world is so critically on the edge and no one else binded to the effort.

But don't take my words as thinking this game is anything but a fantastic world to escape through, the moves and enemies are great, if not leaving much to other types of games in this genre, it is well worth looking over a giving some time to use, the worst of action figures might find it a little slower but I think the game warrants a couple of play through's and a toning down over its highly electric offensiveness it gives the simpler of a managed roamed-in world.
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2013
Prototype and inFamous came out within 2 weeks of each other. Five minutes into your first play you'll notice that they are similar, half an hour in and you'll notice that they have quite a lot in common, an hour in and you'll wonder how no one sued for plagiarism.

While Prototype was set in a gloomy Manhattan Island and was very bloody and gory, inFamous takes place on the fictional Islands of Empire City and is a fairly bloodless game as most bad guys are killed with electric shocks. There's also no swearing, which makes it a safer option for discriminate parents.

You play as Cole MacGrath, a bicycle messenger who is caught in the middle of a devastating blast which obliterates a chunk of the city. When he wakes he discovers that he has new electric powers and that the media is trying to pin the blame of the blast on him. It's up to the player to decide whether to use these new powers for good or evil (the Platinum trophy is dependent on both, requiring 2 play-throughs). The missions are based on restoring power to the islands and clearing out the feral gangs which have formed in the blackout. It gets a little bit repetitive but the most aggravating thing about the gameplay is the fact that Cole is constantly trying to grab ledges and surfaces as you attempt to free-run your way through the city. It makes smooth navigation very hard and can be a real pain during time-dependent missions. Also some of Cole's upgraded abilities are just too high-powered, meaning he'll blow himself up if you're fighting in close-quarters.

Despite these complaints, it's a fairly easy-going game and one which you can play superficially without ever getting really involved. The comic-book cutscenes are very nice to look at, though the music is rather forgettable.

The pros and cons when compared to Prototype are more or less even. It's worth playing for sure and worth picking up cheap.

Graphics B+
Sound B+
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal B-
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on 23 August 2009
I Just finished playing Infamous. This is an action packed game with incredible graphics, great story and believable characters, This all adds up to a game you will find hard to stop playing.
It's the best example of the closer relationship between games and Movies. The link being the time and attention given to the story, characters, visual style, narrative continuity, music. content and timing of different scenes or chapters.

This came succeeds also because it is not a 'game of the movie' so it has to build all the essential features in fresh from the start and in the competitive gaming market the developers of have taken this very seriously and it shows.
So it's no surprise that a movie of the game is on the cards.
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on 23 June 2009
First off, a big applause to Sucker Punch for creating this great game, secondly, this is easily the best game I have played this year. Played on both, Hero and inFamous karma to acquire both endings, also near to achieving the platinum trophy. Now for the review:

A very interesting plot to the game, the karma system is great and depicts how the public react to you if you choose to be good or evil. The people who are closest to Cole also become wary of him, is he dangerous or can they entrust the survival of the city to him? Swaying away from the main story, there are also many side missions and additional missions where you can choose to do good or evil deeds. There are issues of trust, selfishness, greed, anger........all of these are the driving force behind the game and keep you engaged with the characters that cross your path. Many games solely rely on cutscenes as a way of progressing the story and revealing more information, this is not the case with inFamous. As Cole traverses the city he begins to learn more about what is going on though phone conversations, recorded messages and this happens during gameplay to keep everything flowing.

This is a sandbox game, meaning you are free to explore and roam as you wish. The powers that Cole receives are key to his progression, shooting electricity from his hand, throwing shock grenades, being able to hover in the air using static thrusters, riding railway tracks/power lines.....many other powers can be unlocked and this is where the fun begins. So many of these powers can be strung together to perform devastating attacks. Cole has the ability to scale building as he has vast experience in urban exploring. The story/side missions are so much fun, the more you upgrade your powers.....the more you just want to tear into the enemies and send them running.The side missions also have an impact on your karma status, some enemies may begin to help in your evil ways or the police will act as a backup for your good deeds.

The enemies vary as you progress and increase in difficulty, as you defeat them you gain xp to help increase and unlock powers.The Reapers are the first enemies you encounter and I just loved taking them on in waves. Boss fights were also very creative and challenging, I only wish there were a few more added as they were so enjoyable. I can't express how much fun it was when 20 enemies were on screen and you have a variety of powers at your disposal to just create absolute mayhem.

The frame rate can occasionally drop from too much action on screen but I was expecting this, this doesnt detract from the overall experience. The issues with pop-in are still there but these don't ruin the flow of the game at all. Empire City is vast and sprawls across three islands, being a sandbox game i wasnt expecting amazing graphics, there are some low-res textures, building design becomes repetitive. The cutscenes are really beautiful, they are done in an animated comic book way, the illustrations are excellent, voice acting top notch and make a real impact on screen. What i loved was how the city begins to change as your karma fluctuates, if you are more evil then everything begins to appear more gloomy and dull, when you are good then the city seems more lively and people are more at peace.

The karma system of inFamous will warrant two playthroughs, see how your actions affect the outcome of the city. Will you destroy or save the day?

If you're still awake after reading the above, then the bottom line is, buy this game and have yourself a 'shockingly' good time.
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on 18 June 2011
I have never written a review for a game before but felt the need to having got this thru the welcome back package on psn, I have not been able to turn this game off since I started it, the story is awesome the graphics are good considering it's 2 years old, there is so much to do from main story missions to side missions collecting shrads and dead drops, keeps u entertained for many hours. I had seen this game many times but never fancied it but I have to say now I rank it as one of my favourite games and have already been out an bought infamous 2 to start soon as I finish this. If u don't get this game you are missing out on one of ps3's best games.MUST BUY
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on 12 April 2010
I was looking for a 'cheap' PS3 game to play as not a month would go by without another 'must have' £40+ game being released.

Infamous had some great reviews so I thought I would take the plunge.

The Game is set on an Island (or a couple of islands really) where you do get the opportunity to explore and discover every last inch of it. Other reviews have touched on the Sandbox/GTA-type layout and it definitely gives a more organic feel to the game. You see that building...just climb to the top of it which-ever way you want!

The storyline develops as you play the game. You can choose to do good deeds and bad deeds. Sometimes you don't get a choice and your actions can have a negative affect (or positive) without you having an input. Your 'Karma' level alters while you play the game. You can choose to be 'Nice' or 'Naughty' and it really does change how the game plays. Being a city it is full of Citizens and these guys also react differently depending on your Karma level. Your 'Karma' can also affect your power upgrades - some are only available with either good or bad Karma ratings.

Graphically the game is excellent. Cut scenes are done in a comic book style but this complements the look and feel of the game. I've had no slow down effect when playing and when you blow stuff up it looks realistic and has real-time affects on the environment also. You spend a lot of time blowing stuff up as it is a fun way to dispatch the enemies!

The enemies are split into 3 main types...each appearing on the different islands. The first island has nice and easy Reapers who can be taken down with very little effort. You then move onto the Dustmen who are a bit harder and then finally you are against the First Sons who are much more challenging and will certainly have you thinking of different ways to beat them. Each of the main types of enemy then have sub-groups which can attack you back in different ways. You will have to use your skills (and upgraded energy attacks) to take them out.

You learn more ways to attack while you are in the sewers getting the power-grids restarted. It is interesting that the developers built into the game that the lights are off to start with and that all the lights (including shop signs and neon advertising) jump into life once you get the power back on. It is the little touches like that which shows that the developers have put the extra nice touches in which raise this game to the level it is.

Sometimes people focus too much on the new games and there are plenty of games on the playstation 3 which not only give great gameplay and value for money, but they remind you of the standard you should expect from developers. Everyone can churn out 'realistic' looking games but it is the little touches you don't often think about which Infamous has plenty of.

Buy this and book out the next couple of weeks in your calendar as once you complete it with 'Good Karma' you'll have to complete it on 'Bad Karma' just to enjoy the difference in gameplay!

As part of the sandbox nature of the game you are able to collect 'Blast Shards' which when you have collected enough, increase your 'battery' level. As well as extending your lightening abilities these also can be spotted all over the place and will have you thinking of different ways to get to a challenging ledge or almost impossible to get to tower!
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2009
Simply stunning game, infact aside from Killzone2, this is the best game of the year ON ANY console.

The game plays great, looks great and has a darn good storyline, the games direction is made based on choices you make during the game, with 2 different and spectacular endings.

Recommended for any PS3 owner.
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on 26 June 2009
Infamous is the latest game to be exclusive to the ps3 think gta crossed with timeshock a unique and fun game with a storyline that remains interesting throughout with twists and turns that keep it interesting some of the powers are very usless but there isn't many things more fun than annoying a crowd of people climbing a building and throwing nades at them to get the crowd control trophy.

All in all a game I'm still playing a month down the line the sand box element works well the side missions although repetative can be good phone

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on 9 August 2009
As with all open world games, there's the feeling that this would be a better game were it half as long. However, this stays fun for most of two playthroughs and since I can't think of any other open world game where I could even stomach a second playthrough, that surely counts for a lot.

Technically, the game looks fine, but there's not a moment you would say it looks stunning and it's not without slowdown when you're zipping around the city or in one of the more hectic battles. It never becomes unmanageable but it does put a dampener on things.

For audio the game supports DTS for which it definitely deserves kudos. The extra clarity and spatial definition is always appreciated.

Overall, a great game with a few bewildering issues.
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