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VINE VOICEon 16 July 2009
This release celebrates 15 years since 'Grace' was originally released, collecting together various television performances of the songs that are on the album (with the exception of 'Corpus Christi Carol', which is replaced by 'What Will You Say'). While there is a case for saying that there are already enough live albums with different versions of these songs, the packaging of this album is beautiful. This deluxe version comes in a fold-out sleeve, complete with Buckley memorabilia including postcards, posters and extended liner notes.

As for the music itself, it is no surprise that these tracks are excellent. The versions of 'Mojo Pin' and 'Dream Brother' are haunting, and there are several, such as 'Eternal Life', that are more raw and visceral than their album counterparts. The extra features on the first DVD are welcome too, with a live performance of 'Vancouver' from 'Sketches...', and some more interview footage. These interviews are entertaining and it is nice to get some insight into what was going on in Jeff's head. The real selling point of this set though is the inclusion of 'Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley'. This is an independent film that was recorded by one of Jeff's interns. Shown at various film festivals around the world but unreleased until now, it provides 'all access' footage along with collected interviews with other musicians, artists, writers, dancers... anybody who has been influenced by Buckley's music in some way. It is a fantastic tribute to such a great artist.

So although there will not be much new for the avid Buckley fan, the very inclusion of this film makes it worthwhile, and the packaging is excellent too, making it feel like a collectors' edition set.
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on 26 May 2009
Since the last review was speculating, I see no reason why not to myself. While it can indeed be argued that they are re-hashing the same Buckley music, I'm very happy with the chance to actually see him perform his work, which isn't so common, and especially in good quality unlike the online material one comes across.

Really Though, The True Reason I'm so interested in this new release is actually the extra DVD that will come along with it, namely "Amazing Grace", an acclaimed documentary that has been making the circuit in U.S. film festivals but without a distributor for wider release, all of which I've read about for 2 or 3 years with growing impatience.

It will, from what I've gleaned, have some in-depth and good interviews, including of course footage of Buckley himself.

For Buckley Fans, it's worth it for that DVD alone, as well as the chance, in a kind of wider version of "Live In Chicago", to See Buckley Live, where he was arguably at his best.
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on 30 October 2009
"I'm motivated by sadness, anger, depression ... and love ..." -- Jeff Buckley, from *Amazing Grace* documentary.

Words alone couldn't describe how wonderful this 2 DVD + 1 CD package memorializing Jeff Buckley is. One of the DVDs is the award winning documentary on Jeff titled *Amazing Grace.* That alone would be worth the purchase price (since it's hard to get a DVD of the documentary otherwise). Besides interviews of friends and those whom he influenced (it's amazing to see and hear from the wide range of artists of all types he influenced), you get rare footage of live performances and his daily life. There were definitely parts of that DVD where I really felt like I got to know Jeff as well as anyone could. The part of the documentary where he says, "I wanted to dash myself against the rocks," is eery if you realize what happened to him.

Even if that was all you would get, you shouldn't hesitate to purchase this while you still can. But there is a lot more. The first DVD is at least as good as the documentary. The main DVD contains live performances of what would comprise the only full LP that Jeff finished while he was alive, *Grace.* Besides the power and soulfulness of these live performances, interspersed throughout are interviews. As a bonus, there are a couple of extended interviews, extra live performances, and the music video of his most played song -- his cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Although I prefer his performances of "Last Goodbye" (2 of them on the 1st DVD) and "Lover, You Should Have Come Over," one can't deny the appeal and powerful vulnerability of Jeff's definitive version of "Hallelujah."

The CD contains the audio portions of the live performances on the DVD.

I wanted to address the complaint that this is somehow exploitive. To slate Jeff's estate for putting this out seems ridiculous. Not only is this well done, it's illogical and unreasonable to complain about this. After all, it's no more exploitive than the Beatles' 'stakeholders' to put out material even though John Lennon and George Harrison are dead. In fact, you can extend that to any dead artist whose material is brought out posthumously.

It would be a terrible shame if fans missed out on this rare opportunity to get great insights into a phenomenal musician because one (even though there are two negative reviews, I suspect it's actually the same person) eccentric decides to ruin it for everyone else.

To sum up, this is really well done and either one of the 2 DVDs alone are worth the purchase price. Don't hesitate to buy this if you're interested in Jeff Buckley.

As for the dissenter ... there was an interview on the first DVD (the live performances) where Jeff talked about how society de-values artists -- those who are sensitive, vulnerable, and have the willingness and creativity to express that. Jeff went so far as to say of musicians like himself that "society kills artists." Perhaps that's what ultimately did him in. Don't let one sour person de-value a lasting memorial to Jeff's artistry. This deserves far more than 5 stars.
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on 28 September 2011
Have taken time to purchase this item and the lower price makes this piece even more prized in my collection. Yes we do have a lot of offerings in the catalogue, however this set is a great fan collection.

Firstly, brings together some great TV appearances, whilst Jeff and the band were promoting Grace outside the US. Secondly, re-mastered copies of these performances on the CD, which has been played on my ipod repeatedly for weeks, truely can't get enough. And then finally, the Amazing Grace documentary, which was the original reason for my interest in this set as it was only in the limited cinema circulation in America.

To add to all this, the product also contains copies of tour memorabilia (stage passes, posters, postcards) which only add to the overall experience. At the cost of £15, I would say this is an almost essential purchase for any fan.

I know there's a couple of reviews advising that this is simple exploitation but I would argue that this content hasn't been re-pulled together from other products that already exist.

Well worth the money.
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on 8 October 2009
I hesitated about buying this at first but am so glad I did - it's all previously unseen material and it's all amazing.
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on 15 February 2010
you'll like this DVD! There's nothing negative to say, just great to see and listen to Jeff.
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on 5 February 2013
the beautiful voice of jeff buckley,pure artistry poetic poise, light and dark it has it all, enough talking just listen AMAZIN
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on 18 February 2015
Bought as a present for a dear friend who thought it was absolutely fabulous !
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on 11 March 2014
Ok, fairly big Jeff Buckley fan here. The DVD is interesting, I prefer watching live performances to just listening to them and Jeff was such an intense and intriguing performer. Compare these to the Chicago DVD where he was in a somewhat strange mood.

The CD is tracks 1-12 of the DVD and claims to be 'remastered'. It doesn't sound great, in fact some of it sounds ****. Very murky and bassy, and doesn't really serve a purpose.

So... buy if you are a hardcore fan. If not, stick to Grace, the full Sin-e album and the Chicago DVD.
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on 7 May 2016
A must!
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