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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: Wireless Phone Accessory|Change
Price:£114.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 2 June 2014
As a recreational runner this does all the basics really well with plenty of scope for more sophisticated analysis or branching out into swimming and cycling. Set up was fine needing average effort and concentration but after that it's dead easy.
The great things about it are:
1. Quick satellite fix.
2. Simple start and stop.
3. Come back from run, stand next to computer whilst doing stretches and the USB Ant+ stick automatically connects and uploads data to computer.
4. Garmin Connect is great, straightforward and easy to compare similar distances and see progress. Mapping seems pretty accurate to me.
5. Heart Rate Monitor works well and is comfortable
6. 20 hour battery and easy charging.
7. Very comfortable. Doesn't feel too big and more comfortable than some watches as the side straps dig in less due to back reaching to sides of wrist.
8. It's motivating to compare runs and see real progress as the pace goes up whilst the max heart rate comes down.
9. Virtual partner - always fun to glance at your watch and try to stay ahead of the little running man on the screen

Don't forget:
1. Change GPS readings to 1 second for better accuracy.
2. Add more screens (up to three more - change on watch under data) to see heartbeat displayed. I didn't know why I couldn't see heart bpm initially but it is because the default is one screen display and you need to add another with bpm data etc displayed.

I don't know whether I'll get around to using more than about 50% of the watch's potential but I love that all I have to do is put the watch and HRM on, turn it on and wait a few seconds for fix, press start and stop at the end and then just stand by the pc. There's no faffing time which you could use to talk yourself out of the run! All the information is then available for very little effort. At around the £125 mark this seems like a bargain
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on 25 February 2010
This thing really is going to be one of the best gadgets I have (and I have a lot!) I cant get over how good this thing is and don't understand any negative reviews??


To begin with I will explain my situation and what I use the 310xt for. I am currently a serving Royal Marine who obviously needs to keep fit at all time incase of a fastball fitness test and for obvious other reasons too! I usually run 5 days a week changing between long distances and shorter 3 mile runs which I do to stay on top of my RM BFT (Basic fitness test) which is 3 miles in total. Now I do not do a lot of swimming and cycling but have used the watch while using my bike but I don't really ride my bike for exercise purposes, I have not tested the watch in water. I run mostly on the roads but do go cross country occasionally, which involves moving through quite thick woods. You may be wondering why I got this one instead of the 305 if I do not swim with it? Answer is simple I sometimes use it for longer than the battery life of the 305.


The 310 has never cut out on me or lost any signal while running even through the woods which impressed me quite a lot. I also went on a 15 mile walk using it where I was going through really dense woods and it worked ok. The accuracy of distance and speed are very accurate and have never seen it do anything crazy like say im moving at 2 min miles! The first time I used it I was really impressed when uploading my first test run onto garmin connect and saw the exact route I ran on a map on screen and it was absolutely spot on with every twist and turn on the route. Performance for me is faultless and if you want to know about swimming try one of the other reviews, from what I read it does not work when swimming due to signal loss.

Look and feel

When using the watch it is so light compared to older models that you don't really notice it when running, the fact that it looks sort of big isn't a big deal as you need to be able to see the screen when running, if it was any smaller it would be a nightmare! It isn't that big compared to some older ones anyway. If you like bright orange then you will like what it looks like but saying that why do you care unless your planning on using it on a night out to see how long it takes you to walk home after a few to many due to having no money for a taxi! The only part that I don't really like the feel of is the heart rate monitor but it's not a massive issue and it's apparently a lot better than the old rubber one you get with the 305.


If you want to improve your running times or make running outside a bit more interesting and enjoyable then buy one of these! I think the only reason for you to buy the 310xt would be if your going to swim with it or don't want the battery to run out. I am personally glad I got this one over the 305 because I do sometime need the battery life and who knows I may decide to start swimming more soon as well. I also find that the wireless transfer to the computer is good as you do not need to plug it in atal and you will never forget to upload you data as it does it for you.
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on 5 April 2012
I'll justify my title to this review as follows which will counter many of the positive reviews here however longer term ownership highlights how awful this unit has been. I purchsed this 2 years ago and included the premium heart rate monitor. I also purchased a foot pod. It was around £260 plus another £50 or so for the pod at that time though I notice the price has reduced and I imagine will be replaced in time. The recent 910XT looks like the natural successor to this so beware all the positive reviews on that unit.

On paper the device has terrific features with an inbuilt gps and incredibly versatile display set up. Up to 4 screens of information can be scrolled through and each screen can display up to 4 different pieces of information and all of these can be user determined. So you can have as much or as little as you want. Very good.

The reliability of this unit is dreadful to say the least. I have had 3 of the chest straps replaced under warranty and another replaced out of warranty that Garmin seemed to have missed. None lasted for more than 4 months and even during that time they would erratically work or just fail to connect at all until they eventually just failed. A quick search will show various work arounds to get it to work such as wearing it upside down, on your back or even avoiding technical clothing! Crazy. I found it best to soak the connections in water before wearing and seemed to work most times. The last one was replaced with a modified version so maybe they finally redesigned it and this worked well for the 3 months I used it.

The watch unit itself has always been a bit inconsistent. Occasionally it would freeze up during use and need turning off and on. Some of the measurements were so totally out that it was pointless having them on! For example it measures elevation so when riding the bike you can see how much climbing you've done. Initially it would barely even register some hills so quite pointless. A later firmware upgrade seemed to change things to the other extreme so the same 40 mile route would tell me I've climbed the equivalent of Alpe D'Huez. Twice! There are other examples where things just seem totally unreliable.

Files are all stored then transfer wirelessly to usb stick then into the analysis software on pc. This is fine apart from the fact it quite randomly loses files during transfer. Very annoying to say the least if you're trying to build up a record of your training and something I never managed to avoid happening. There were some files it just didn't like! It is also quite erratic as to whether it will connect and transfer to the usb stick. The past two months mine refuses to connect and transfer files at all so any analysis on pc can no longer be done. The usual practice of upgrading firmware which resets the device (and losing all your settings) failed to have any effect so I guess this has packed up as well now.

My original watch unit failed after about 6 months and was replaced under warranty. Not a new one they send you a refurbished one. 15 months on and this has now also failed and being out of warranty I've binned it and put it down to experience never to buy the brand again. Searching forums indicates how bad Garmin reliabilty is on their training products. You get a measly one year warranty whereas competitors Polar and Suunto for example back their products up with two years which is what the EU say companies should be offering. The fact that you can keep updating firmware on the watch unit sounds great in principle ie adding new features they say, but my cynical side says it's because they release an item that doesn't quite work right out of the box. Think of your windows based pc and how many times it wants to download the latest updates to correct the bugs. Trouble is correcting one thing seems to affect something else.

The only positive thing I can say is the foot pod was excellent throughout and such a small device you would never know you even had it on a trainer.

In summary on paper it sounds tremendous and would be if it worked reliably and accurately unfortunately this is not the case so spend money elsewhere as competitors are offering similar products with a better warranty. My money has gone on the new polar rcx5
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on 1 November 2014
I am not one to indulge in every new technical fancy or contraption in the pursuit of my favourite sporting activity. I prefer to put on shorts, shirt & trainers & just get out there. I am fortunate enough to live on the urban fringe of a big Midlands city so I have easy access to the local rolling countryside, which is where I prefer to run. So some years ago I splashed out on a bit of technical wizardry to help me out & bought a Garmin 305 to keep track of distance covered & times. I wasn't entirely happy with the angled shape but it was a big improvement over the previous model which was like having a half-brick strapped to your wrist & I refused to buy. However after several years of good service my 305 became very slow at picking up satellites - & I mean VERY slow, like 5 minutes or so. So I decided to check out the new Garmins.
I went for the 310 because it looked sleeker (no angled body) but had the same button layout that I had become familiar with & also performed a lot of other computer related functions that I neither needed nor, indeed, could understand.
So far I have been pleased with it, finds satellites quickly, good clearly visible read-outs, I like the way it vibrates gently every mile & gives you your time for that mile, doesn't ask stupid questions like "Are you inside?".
I've only given it 4 stars because, although it looks more like a wrist-watch than a portable computer like the 305, it is, in fact, the same weight &, if anything, thicker than the 305, though that is not apparent from the photos on Amazon. I might be a bit unfair for docking it a star for appearance rather than functionality, but it's just that shade short of 100%.
Other than that I can thoroughly recommend it.

Well today, on Sunday 5th June 2016, I can report that my Garmin Forerunner died on me & is now as dead & useless as a door-nail - after about 18 months of use.
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on 29 August 2009
This is by far the best so far great GPS reception no longer do I have to leave it on the bonnet of my car to pick up siginals like 405 & Edge 305 but it will pick up signal on my wrist as I am getting my bike ready. long battery life you can easy up in your Iron Man as completion in 8 hrs is no longer needed they say 20hrs I have used it over 12 and it was fine.

Yes it is waterproof (mind you I used my 405 in the water for over a year and it never leaked it was just the bezel that gave me grief)the new heart rate belt is much more sensitive and thinner but I still could not get heart rate in the pool it's the turning you stretching and it loses contact no heart rate. Better under wet suit it loses contact intially but over alonger swim will pick back up. Also your old HR belts (305 405) are compatible with this unit and visa versa.

I have used this in water and it does pick up siginal however it always gives you a much greater distance than you have actually travelled now I though about this and perhaps it is because it is situated on the wrist so you're arm is going backwards and farwards making the computer believe that it has travelled further than it has, you could always try just strapping to googles if it just the distance you want.

Everything comes enabled when you get the unit so if you are like me you will need to switch off your virtual partner and the auto lap which freaked me when the laps kept resetting after a couple of minutes of running you will need to do this in other modes say when you hold the mode button down and go from run into your bike settings etc.

It's a little bulker than 405 (a bit more of struggle to get wetsuit over it)and perhaps not as pretty but I still wear it as an every day watch.

When hooking up to my Training Centre Software I did have a problem at first it picked up the watch but for some reason would not download into program how I resolved it I went on the Garmin site and downloaded the new 2.7 ant+ patch and left it connect while watching telly and eventually it connected and all my training appearedonmy computer.

I have not used the Power meter part but this sounds fantastic if it is able to connect to secondary Power Systems it might be worth buying one.

Overal this is the Daddy and I am really pleased with it.
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on 24 May 2015
I have been using a Garmin 405CX since 2008, which I have given to my wife last year. It is still working well after 7 goods years and one tricky battery replacement.
So in 2014 I have tried 3 new watches and the 310XT was the best:
TomTom Runner Cardio: Didn't work for me - simple use, but the HRM was not accurate at all.
Garmin 910XT: Really loved the watch, good GPS positioning, but the Barometer was all over the place, which meant that altitude calculations were wrong.
Garmin 310XT: Not as nice looking as the 910XT, display is a bit smaller, but it works. Easy to use once you are used to the controls. I just wish Garmin did a slightly smaller watch that is as reliable as the 310XT, I would have no hesitation buying it for my wife.

Highly recommended
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on 17 February 2010
Quite simply the best training aid I have ever used. I'd used a Garmin Edge 205 previously; as a training aid, having an accurate measure of pace, speed and distance was excellent, although it was designed for cycling and not running.
Step forward the Garmin Forerunner 310xt: speed, pace, distance, heart-rate; designed for triathletes so is waterproof for the swim and designed for running and cycling. I love this thing! It's a bit bulky on your wrist, but the screen is clear with up to 4 items being displayed at once. I use this for pace running, with the auto-lap set to buzz every 1km and tell me how I'm doing. I use it cycling, to tell me how far and how fast I'm going. I use it on the treadmill in the gym as a HRM to make sure I'm pushing just enough. Then I download everything to my PC to look through and see how I did and discuss with my coach. I get instant feedback of my pace and effort. I haven't used the "virtual trainer" yet to give me a computer-generated "rabbit" to chase, but that's just one aspect that I haven't fully explored yet! Roll on a season of training and improving with this beasty.
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on 13 July 2010
I bought this item about a month ago.

Whilst it is relatively expensive compared to the 305 etc, this is an amazing piece of kit. If you are looking for an item to help motivate you, you really cant get better! I have run in the 2006,2007 and 2009 London Marathons and needed some extra incentive to go training. It acquires satellites very quickly (I have used it in the UK and Greece and it takes no more than 2 minutes to locate your position)...

The ANT connection to my IMac was brilliant and easy to install. My 310XT now links with the computer after every run, without any problems. It is great to see your route on Google Earth.
I have used it for tennis, running, swimming and canoeing! Running is certainly what this item is best suited to.

Battery life is good and whilst the orange colour wouldn't impress everyone, it is completely fine!
I really rate this item....

Since I reviewed this item, the back light stopped working. I tried all the reset procedures and the light still would not work. usually I wouldn't mind too much, but since the daylight is drawining in, in the UK, I contacted Garmin. They really could not have been better. Make sure that you call them (you may be kept waiting for a while). The email method of contacting Garmin, gained no response. Despite this minor flaw, I continue to rate this product 5 stars. It is absolutely brilliant and all in all, my experience with Garmin was superb! Make sure that yiou keep the rather large packaging when the item arrives...

If you want motivation to train, this is the item, I promise you!!
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on 26 August 2011
I bought this item mainly due to running into battery problems with FR405, so I must admit I was a bit under pressure, when doing it, since I wanted a reliable gadget and fast. I read through the forums about the problems (soft HR strap making spikes ir HR measuring, easily breaking glass), but currently have not met those. Although I have used the gadget for a couple of weeks only I can provide short summary of key differences I see vs FR405 I used previously:

+Battery life: it is exceptional. During 3 weeks, I have used if for some 10hrs (swithced off when not used), it still shows ~50% charge. To compare - FR405 showed the same result after 3 days and 2hrs usage;
+No touch bezel: everyting 'touch' is annoying when you are in action. Nice to have sitting home/configuring stuff, but very annoying during exercise. 310xt is great with buttons.
+4 data fields on the screen: I totally like opportunity to have additional info.
+Multisport: if you frequently change from running to biking - nice to have special modes for that, do not have to reconfigure fields each time.

-design: it is still a bit bulky, and somehow does not sit that comfortable on hand as FR405;
-gps track: as I do orienteering with it and afterwards map my track with quickroute - I have noticed that it sometimes draws very strange track, which I know for sure I have not ran. I do not know what kind of error is that, and I do not care that much, but it is still strange.
-price: I got it for ~250GBP, which is better than it was priced before I guess, but still, the FR405 bought from USA was half price of this one and probably not half worse.
-garmin connect: when I first used it, there was an issue with garmin connect (had to transfer data manually through training center), but later it somehow fixed.
-firmware: still going with 3.20, since read a lot of bad stuff in forums about 3.70, waiting for something newer to come out.

So overall - if budget/design is not an issue, I believe this is an excellent tool for training and keeping data on your exercise. Regarding the glass - I ordered Zagg invisible shield. Haven't applied it yet, but I believe it should prevent damage to glass reasonably.
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on 6 June 2015
This really is a brilliant device - I have had one for 4 years. I have bought a second one as backup as I see it is now discontinued. Dead easy to set up and use.For what it does its a bargain at its current price so get one while stocks last. If you use Garmin Connect on your computer to upload your data be aware that if you don't alter the settings in the programme r it loads automatically and spends its whole time running in the background hunting for your device (and then locks up the computer) - so adjust the settings to only load the programme when you want to sync your device.
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