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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 April 2005
Back in 1978, when I was an impressionable 14 year old, it was simply great to have such a fine Stones album as 'Some Girls'. After all, this was a time when Beatles fans like me were starved of any new product from John Lennon or George Harrison. The latter to be rectified in 1979 with the superb 'George Harrison' album from 1979. And the former a year later when Lennon made his superb and long awaited return to the music scene, which was to last for just a few weeks before he was shot down in cold blood.
But back in 1978, in the midst of the punk and new wave movement, this album from The Stones was proof positive that the old guard could produce albums of brilliance. 'Some Girls' may not be the best Stones album ever but it has a spirit which was utterly in tune with the times. It rocked. It had amusing lyrics. It was, and is, a wonderful album.
'Miss You' is disco equal or better than anything of this oevre at the time. This song showcases Jagger's supreme vocal skills and dark humour better than most Stones songs, particularly the 'what's the matter with you boy?' section. Cool. The title track is sexist for sure but highly amusing nonetheless. In 1978 there was feminism but this type of lyric could be appreciated for what it was, without inviting tedious debate about whether it was politically correct or not. At least Jagger is even handed in his derision! And lines about English girls being always on the phone strike a chord. Although being married to a beautiful Hungarian girl, I know this is not an especially English issue. Females must spend 400% of the time that males spend on the phone. I don't have any statistics to support this. But an awful lot of experience.
'Lies' is a great hard hitting rocker with Mick Jagger again in fine form on vocals. 'Just My Imagination' is an inspired choice of cover. The line '....may be married and raise a familee...two boys for about...two girls for me?' is Timeless.
'Faraway Eyes' is a brilliant pastiche of a country and western ballad. The lyric here is rich with splendid humour. 'Respectable' is a great rocker with a thoroughly irreverent lyric about taking heroin with the President and such like. Hilarious. 'Before They Make Me Run' is a fine Keith Richards song, more close to the bone than it might first appear with its jaunty beat and chugging guitars and the vocal rather lost in the mix.
Then the final two numbers take this already superb album to a new level. 'Beast Of Burden' is about the best song form the Stones from the late 1970s. They have returned to it in concert more than once, but nothing matches this studio version. When in a 100 years from now they compile a Stones compliation, this track will be there. Another timeless lyric and vocal performance from the much under-rated Jagger.
And then we come to 'Shattered' which is a brilliant Stones rocker from the very top drawer, up there with 'Brown Sugar' and 'Star F***er' in my opinion. Yes. Complulsive.
I got confirmed at the time and was secretly hoping to be given this album as a confirmation present. Instead I got from my parents 'The Oxford Dictionary Of Saints'. Which was probably a more apprppriate choice. But this album remains immeasurably closer to my heart. Irreverent? Yes. But no less brilliant for that. Five Stars.
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on 30 June 2016
This is a review not about the music from the Stones, its a review about the vinyl-record. The quality is not really good. After I putted the record out of the normal paper cover inside I could see already little hairlines at many places and on both sides. Second the record and I say brand new record has also many parts you can hear little cracking noises. The cover is also not the gimmick cover - is a super easy and cheapest cover for to produce. Is sad and I think all other copies has this little defects and so I will keep. Next time my choice will fall to a used original record is normaly better than this.
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on 23 November 2011
I have not listened to the first disc, because I had the album already and cannot comment on what all the audiophiles are saying about this version in comparison with the previous version, however the bonus material I have listened to and it stands up really well. Don't get me wrong if I was talking to someone who had no Rolling Stone albums I would recommend a whole load of stuff before this, including Some Girls. If you really want to get into this band you clearly have to start at the beginning, but unfortunately all we have are the US versions of the early albums, which I have, but I have also reconstructed Rolling Stone (debut album) and Rolling Stone No. 2 on iTunes. The albums I would recommend for those who want to build a Stones collection are Beggars Banquet,Let It Bleed,Exile On Main Street (Remastered),Black And Blue,Goats Head Soup,It's Only Rock 'N' Roll,Tattoo You and the much under-rated Their Satanic Majesties Request but for Stones fans this is a welcome addition
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on 12 March 2011
I agree with Lost Golfer. Anyone who intends to listen to this on a HIFI and enjoy the experience is going to be disappointed, the sound is harsh with no depth to the bass, maybe the master tapes have aged and this was the best they could do. OK for ripping to ipod, car stereos etc.
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on 23 November 2011
I had a gift voucher for a recent birthday and as I am gradually replacing all my old vinyl Stones albums with their CD alternatives I thought that "Some Girls", as one of my favourites, would be a useful edition to commit to my I tunes library and CD rack. A quick glance at aforementioned rack revealed that, as suspected, I didn't have it already so voucher in hand went to local HMV. On getting it home and loading on to I tunes it became apparent that I did already have it (bugger must have downloaded it!!) however what a pleasant surprise the 12 track extra disk turned out to be there is some really good quality honky tonk stuff on there. A real useful edition to my stones collection. The late Ian Stewart's piano is to the fore on many tracks as is Ronnie's pedal steel and some great harp from Sugar Blue (who of course played on Miss You). The tracks have obviously been recently overdubbed but is still got that lovely "tight but loose" feel of stones 70's recordings wonderful!!.
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on 30 April 2016
If this was a faithful reproduction of the original long-player, it would be worth 4 or 5 stars, but sadly this 'Deluxe Edition' falls short of the original release, due to poor remastering, and an extra disc which may please die-hard fans, but for myself and others, this mostly sounds like a collection of uninspiring B sides.

Disc One 'Some Girls' (40:46) 10 tracks
This 2011 'Deluxe' version uses the 2009 remaster of the 'Some Girls' album. Unfortunately the synthetic and harsh remastered sound is likely to skew the listeners opinion or star rating of the CD. To my ears tracks 3-5 are the worst-sounding songs ('Just My Imagination', 'Some Girls', 'Lies').

According to the sleeve-notes, the album was influenced by New York, disco, and punk. The disco-flavoured hit single 'Miss You' / 'Far Away Eyes' was released just before the LP in June 1978. The next single 'Respectable', an up-tempo rock 'n' roll number, followed in September 1978.

'Just My Imagination' was a cover of the 1971 Temptations hit. The rocker 'When the Whip Comes Down' sounds quite repetitive here, but I never really noticed on the original vinyl LP. Another rocker, 'Lies' is a bit of a throwaway, which used to end side one.

The country song 'Far Away Eyes' could easily have been sung by Keith Richards, based on his performance of the country song 'We Had It All', on the second disc. 'Before They Make Me Run' is another strong track sung by Keith..

Elsewhere, 'Beast of Burden is a good ballad, and 'Shattered' is quite unusual, with its grinding rhythm, backing vocals of "shoo-be, shattered, shattered" and Mick's lead vocals which sound like 'rapping' at times.

Disc Two (40:46) 12 tracks
The first 4 songs here sound like a rather old-fashioned mix of rock 'n' roll and blues, until track 5 'No Spare Parts', which has a 'Beast of Burden' feel. I can't get very excited about this CD, but the aforementioned song 'We Had It All', co-written by 'Funky' Donnie Fritts (as Kris Kristofferson called him in a song) is the best of the bunch.

There is a decent enough cover of the Hank Williams song 'You Win Again', but I would rather hear the Jerry Lee Lewis version, recorded for the 'Sun' label. The closing track 'Petrol Blues' is like a short, sparse-sounding demo. At least this 2011 second disc has better mastering !

My advice would be to hang on to your original CD, or even the Bob Ludwig remaster from the 1990s, for better sound. The extra disc is only recommended 'for fans only'.
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on 26 May 2016
Some Girls - Single Disc album - as so many people have said, is one of their greats. A classic Stones' album. I am guessing that most people are familiar with it, so I'm only going to touch upon the "new" stuff plucked from all those years ago.

On CD 2. we get to hear what the Stones sound like when they aren't worrying about it, not giving a sh!t, not preciously fretting about which producer they should have on which track, and are just having a good time. - Sleazy, rocking, grooving, hook laden, triumphant, good time music that only they can make results. At times self parodical, Mick lays on the faux - country accent with a trowel at times like the song he did with Jerry Lee on "Last man Standing" and on the original album for "Far Away Eyes". They remain the best at being being the sloppiest bar band in the world.

The guitars mesh, go off on their own, churn chords, come back together, Jagger blows harp as only he can (or is it a guest - no matter, still sounds great), Charlie does his spare, choppy, almost minimalist drumming, and Bill rumbles on as unobtrusively as ever, except you miss him now he's not there. That some songs are counted in and some stop rather abruptly adds to the authentic feel of the whole project.

My God, they were having fun when they cut these tracks.

I am so pleased they released this. CD 2 stands up in it's own right as an excellent Stones album.
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on 1 December 2011
...Twelve songs we need from our Stones...Sure we already know some tracks by bootlegs but what a pleasure to listen the whole cd at full volume!..42 minutes of THE SOUND we are waiting for along the years....
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on 4 January 2012
Undoubtedly my favourite Stones LP (and I've got pretty much everything up to Bridges to Babylon - nothing after that!). In spite of this, I've never bought a digital replacement for the Vinyl I still have. I therefore find the remastering of the original album great, and of course lacking the scratches of my 12". So, no complaints.... until I listen to the extras.
Ironically I listened to them in reverse order, starting with Petrol Blues. Brought back memories of my youth, reason I picked up a guitar etc. Then the "remastered" stuff started.... Is it just me, or are Jagger's vocals re-recorded on many of the tracks? Listen to Beast of Burden or Imagination, then listen to Don't be a Stranger; now compare that track to recent albums, eg Let me down Slow from A Bigger Bang - the whole timbre of the voice is different; more "mature" I'd suggest. I reckon there's more than remastering going on, and I reckon that's why the additional tracks sound "better" to some reviewers. I have to disagree, like many of my age (50) - the original Some Girls is warmer, less clinical, less garishly bright, and generally less "produced" than the 21st Century Stones.
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on 1 December 2008
This was the very first Stones album I ever bought, and it left me a bit puzzled and, well, slightly disappointed. You see, I had heard Rolled Gold and could also remember the Stones on TOTP playing Angie. So, Some Girls came across to me as a bit lightweight and superficial and not as rock n'roll or even as melodic as I had expected. That being said, it does have some very good stuff on it that has stood the test of time. "Miss You" now seems a very strong track, with its rolling groove, and "When The Whip Comes Down" is tongue in cheek and fun. (I also liked it a lot more when I found I could play most of the song on guitar using just 2 chords!) "Just My Imagination" is fine but just doesn't fire me up. "Some Girls" on the other hand is a classic, not only for the tune but equally for having a great lyric, something I so miss in later Stones albums. "Lies" is filler as far as I'm concerned and should have been cut and replaced with something like "Everything Is Turning To Gold". "Faraway Eyes" is one of my favourites. Criticised at the time for Jagger having turned in a pastiche performance I think it works very well and, again, has great lyrics. Sounds good live too. "Respectable" sounds great on first hearing but doesn't bear constant repetition and now looks like the Stones trying too hard to write a Stones rocker. It just doesn't have enough light and shade in it. "Before They Make Me Run" is one of Keith's best uptempo numbers as well as having a lyric that tells a personal tale. "Beast Of Burden" is the third killer track on the album and charted well in the States - unusual for a Stones second release. Finally, "Shattered" is all bluff and bluster and just about delivers, but it's a close run thing. All in all pretty good, but not the powerhouse it was claimed by many to be. For example, I don't think it is any better than It's Only Rock n'Roll or Goats Head Soup, although compared to Emotional Rescue it is a work of genius!
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