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on 27 September 2009
Well, I never really heard of Navigon before i purchased this 4350 sat nav and having had this device for 4 weeks now i am totally impressed! I "was" a total tomtom user and beleived that no other device on the market could offer anything near the quality or reliability as a tomtom. How wrong i was! I have driven no less than 750 miles with this sat nav and it has got me from door to door without error and in absolute ease. The traffic information is as clear and up to date as you could wish for, every direction and/or warning has proven to be extremely accurate, and i really like the pop up parking signs amongst various other information messages it displays when you enter a town or city. Really informative and well thought. Also the graphics are way crisper and smoother than the big named competitions devices. Well done Navigon, this by far is the most outstanding unit i have used so far.
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on 18 September 2009
I do confirm the good comments of the previous commentator and I do say that this particular NAVIGON device provides good service for the money to its user. No accuracy on the street numbers I have to say but this is outbalanced by some other qualities . Good size screen , 3D view and route planning . I was surprised by the huge repertoire of languages for voice guidance and the detailed maps in 'distant' European areas - far above the level of the 'other well known GPS' manufacturer's - and using the local alphabet of a country ( take Greek for instance ) which avoids confusions . Route Planning involves as well the choice of a route where the target maybe the 'scenery' around , rather than the fastest or shortest one, true for some people who do want exactly that or maybe use it as a 'desperate' alternative in case of huge blockage due to 'public works in progress' in country areas. Satellite reception is remarkably fast

I owe 4 GPS devices and I consider this one as my best for the route

Note : I have not tried map updates and I don't know how this works for additional areas
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on 20 October 2009
This is my 4th unit, having used Navman and Garmin previously. I have covered 800 miles in Uk using this in 4 weeks of ownership, and apart from poor colours and difficulty seeing in bright sun,( what,ever that is ) this unit is magic.
The lane assist is really handy at motorway junctions and roundabouts, the choice of routes is good as are POI.
An excellent unit. I am pleased with it and hope it lasts. A deal on with Navigon just now gives you updates for 2 years I think for about 20Euros.
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on 2 September 2009
I have had this SatNav for 2 weeks having returned a Garmin 255 which was hopeless in a Town and poor directions. This machine is the Dog's you know what. Directions are extremely clear and given in plenty of time with a full speaker description of the next road name and number given several times. Good Volume and clarity. Superb on Motorways. Excellent graphics. When you approach a Town up comes the Parking sign and you can see and be directed to your choice. The TMC is brilliant. I recently came back from Cheltenham to Watford and it verbally told me there was bad traffic 31 miles ahead and when I pressed the symbol it showed me the problems on adjacent roads. Speed camera warning is also superb. It shows where the camera is on the road and which side and flashes red.Small problem with house numbers but OK. Fast searching for destination as it only shows the keys on the keyboard that are applicable.POI etc also very good. Fixing Satnav to the screen holder is abit fiddely and you need to connect it all up first before putting it on the screen. If there were 6 stars I would give it. Buy it now but search the net for the best price.
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on 8 December 2009
This is my first SatNav - so I don't have any real means of direct comparison other than hearing what others have said about theirs. Hearing some swear by TomTom or Garmin - and others curse the day they bought one - I did do quite a lot of research before taking the plunge. All I can say is look at the stats - visit major Sat Nav retailers (Halfords, Amazon etc) and look at the reviews. You will struggle to find a really bad review for Navigon and the 4350. The graphics are good, it gives you several routes to choose from, is accurate and comes with lots of features which I have found invaluable. So far it's done the business and I've been very impressed on all fronts. The deal to have updates for 2 years for £15 is a bargain - but I did have trouble using the Navigon website, which is not as intuitive as it could be. Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes at start up to find the satellite, which can be a little frustrating, but other than that, this is a great piece of kit. Off to France for a few days to put it through its paces on the Continent, but confident will won't let me down.
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on 24 April 2010
I'm sorry to have to say that [my original heading read "Avoid like the plague", but Navigon has managed to fix me up], because it really is a neat-looking device. Having used a Tom Tom set-up on a Palm TX PDA and liked it, I decided to treat myself to The Real Thing. I was swayed by the appearance and the fact that it was slender and fitted easily into a pocket, unlike the more bulbous Tom Tom models.

At first, all went well, except that the alleged touch screen is really a punch-really-hard-several-times-to-get-its-attention screen, and the fact that the street I really needed wasn't on it (I needed to replace a tyre on a rental car and the street was where its approved tyre replacement centre was located).

Then, when I really desperately needed it, it went bananas. I put in a destination and it insisted on taking me through the last few Km to my destination, even though I hadn't actually left home and there were 90Km between me and that destination. I kept trying, but got frustrated with the thing telling me "turn right in 100 metres" as I was hurtling down the Autobahn at 120, and manfully resisted the temptation to simply open the window and throw it out.

So I contacted Navigon and asked for help - and to date have heard precisely nothing. Thus, in my opinion, a big waste of money. Back to Tom Tom, bulges and all.

Update: Navigon eventually came back to me with a solution - which unfortunately didn't work...

Further update: The second suggestion also didn't work. Tom Tom is looking better all the time...

Yet further update: Finally a suggestion that worked, a reset to factory settings (it is not obvious how to do this). So, a reprieve from the bin. However, purchasers of an expensive device suchas this shouldn't have to jump through all these hoops.
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on 17 May 2010
This is the third Sat Nav that I have owned, and the experience knocks spots off the others. The unit itself is neat, and the display is crystal clear. I like the format of the route information and the fact that it gives 3 route variations for every journey so that you at least have a choice to take a scenic or faster option. The ancillary details, such as arrival time, distance to go, speed etc, are neatly placed at the bottom of the screen and the speed limit is clearly displayed to make sure that you are never in doubt as to the legal max. The touch screen is fast,accurate and reliable, and there are nice touches like greying out letters that lead to non-existant solutions when entering addresses. The menu system has been well thought out, you do not end up wandering aimlessly through tiers of sub-menus when trying to turn functions on and off.
Other notable highlights are the Navigon Fresh PC software that is simple to use, and the fact that my unit came with a discount on updated maps for 2 years. Honestly, it cost around £16 to get quarterly map updates for the whole of Europe and the saving compared to other Sat Nav manufacturers means the Navigon hardware is almost free!
Negatives? Well, the PC software is translated from German and there are a couple of translation errors, but you would have to be very mean to dock them a star for that.
All in all, this is the best Sat Nav that I have used. I am sure that many people are attracted towards the brand leaders in the assumption that they must be the best. I used to think the same, but not any more.
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on 24 April 2010
Having used a Garmin 860T for a year which was replaced once and never worked properly from start to finish, l took my time to choose a replacement. l'd not heard of Navigon before until l read reviews on Amazon, glad l did because it's a gem!! Well built and packed full of useful features it's a pleasure to use.l have used this unit every day for the last month and have just returnrd from Germany on an 800 mile round trip from door to door without a glich. Clear precise easy to follow graphics on junctions and roundabouts with pictures of the road infront with lane asstistance and the ability to pan out with a one touch button to see where you are overall on your trip. When you type in a post code or an address
it will grey out those keys which you can not use,ie. that post code does not exist,which makes selecing easier.It also has predictive address functions which narrows down the imputs you have to make. If l had to find a con with this unit it would be the 2 hr battery life hence the 4 stars not 5 but for 99% of the time it's plugged in to the cigaret lighter so no prob'.To be fair the Navigon was bought 14 months after the Garmin which in electronic terms is light years but for less than half what l paid for the Garmin it's a result!
See Navigons web to view graphics of unit working.
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on 17 December 2014
Appalling customer service from Navigon (Garmin)

Will never use any of their products again.

ANY technical support issues seem to be only fixable by your purchasing more maps/updates from them...which is a pity as the unit is nice looking & WHEN it works does a good job.

Binning it in favour of a free Android app instead - less hastle by far
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on 30 March 2010
Having used this for a while now, I am generally pleased with it; it is intuitive to control, and responsive when driving. But, there are couple of issues.

As far as I'm concerned, the TMC is really important, otherwise a traditional map is just as good. But the TMC on this device hardly works. I have driven for well over an hour with no TMC signal, then I hit road works - which could have been avoided if the TMC was working. So not too happy. Also, when the TMC finally works (and it is a rare event), it didn't try to avoid delays. So now trying to contact Navigon customer services (10p per minute) to find out what is going on.

Touch Screen
(small issue) It doesn't always respond to the touch screen. So sometimes you have to make a couple of attempts on your selection for it register.

I had a ViaMichelin, which wasn't intuitive to use and was slow to react when driving, but the TMC worked a treat on it! I'm left feeling my new purchase has put back a step - not forward. If customer services figure how to get TMC and re-routing to work, it'll be the perfect device for me.
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