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on 17 May 2011
I rarely review books but felt it fair to review this one on the basis that it has helped me improve so much. I rate this as one of the most important (if rather slim) books/videos I have accumulated in my substantial collection. The grip he proposes really works, and has improved my aim immeasurably (but be careful to follow it exactly). I have referred back to the book several times, and find something new each time. Highly recommended.
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on 15 December 2009
Haney's book may teach a sound model golf swing, however I am not certain that it is a realistic model for the average golfer who just wants to lower their scores and enjoy the game. If you are technically minded and have the time and inclination to re-model your swing to fit Haney's method then this book will work for you. Haney's golf is definitely more science than art.

My major reservation about this book, however, is the chapter on the grip. The grip, as Haney stresses, is a crucial fundamental to learn and will have a major influence on your swing. As a golf professional, I found the grip Haney teaches very strange and would urge club golfers to be cautious of trying to copy it. His grip may work for very strong players who create lots of clubhead speed but are prone to hook shots-these players can give up some power for accuracy. For the club player who lacks clubhead speed and who is prone to slicing (90% of my membership) his grip could only exacerbate these problems.

It has been said before that Ben Hogan's grip created a generation of slicers in America, and I think Hank Haney falls into the same trap-just because something works for a tour player doesn't mean it will automatically benefit the less gifted golfer.
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on 31 December 2010
This is a really nice book and I haven't seen a better, modern book on the full swing. The key thing is that it is useable.

Everything in it is clear with just enough detail to answer most questions without getting bogged down. There are enough basic drills to give you the right feeling for various aspects of the swing but nothing is over complicated.

I am learning golf. Male, average height, slim build and small hands (need a ladies large glove not a men's small) ..... there is nothing about Haney's grip that is causing a slice ..... I am hitting consistent, solid shots that fly straight.

You'll find Hogan's book describes a similar grip and people say it's the best golf book ever ..... whereas Haney is rejected ? The only quirk is that Haney wants the butt of the handle well into the left palm but its still running through the left forefinger, still shows 2 knuckles, still advocates a 'short' thumb etc i.e. pretty standard stuff. Everyone's hands are different so read the pointers and adjust if necessary.

There is nothing fantastically new here .... just a 'much better assembled than most' description of the golf swing's fundamentals. You're not expecting to read about some sort of magic move are you ?

There are some typo's and editing errors which are mildly irritating which is why it gets 4 stars. They should have been caught but it won't stop me using and enjoying the book.
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on 20 July 2010
This book covers the basic fundamentals of the golf swing quite well. As a previous reviewer has stated, I would recommend that anyone who buys this book completely ignores the chapter about the golf grip. 90% plus of all golfers will say that they struggle with the occasional slice, those who admit that it is a slice and not a power fade that is! Any of these honest golfers who flirt with the "neutral" grip advocated by Haney, and while I'm at it, also by Hogan, will slice, and will slice a lot. To be fair to Haney, the book does contain a lot of sound knowledge.
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on 24 September 2009
This is an excellent book for both the beginner and the low handicapper. It contains all the information you need to either get you off to a good start in the game of golf or to improve your existing game. It covers grip, stance, swing plane, backswing etc and explains everything in a straightforward and understandable fashion. Usually you are lucky if you can pick one useful piece of information from a golf instruction book but this book has instructional gems all the way through. A great book.
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on 31 October 2009
I really should have known better.

When I saw the Vardon grip sloppily referred to as the Verdun grip in the index of the Amazon 'Look inside' feature, I should have known this would be a flat, shoddy, cynical handbook that has nothing new to say on the golf swing.

Hank Haney is not literate enough to have written this book himself, but you would think he would have the professionalism to at least employ a proof reader.

Howlers aside however the really annoying aspect of this handbook is the cynical attempt to rehash every swing cliché, every banal maxim, invoke the spirit of John Jacobs, and attempt to flog it as a seven point plan for building a better swing.

Haney offers up a plethora of swing thoughts that will serve only to get in the way of any golfer's natural ability. Read Hogan's Modern Fundamentals of Golf or Seve's Natural Golf if you really want to know the basics.

This book really has nothing new to say and the bland photography and dull layout don't help.

What really stands out is the total absence of endorsement by Tiger Woods for Haney's work. Haney is supposed to be Tiger's coach after all.

Woods has clearly distanced himself from this far from seminal tome. Maybe Tiger thinks that styleless Hank is merely cashing in!

You should distance yourself too.
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on 27 January 2011
Excellent book. Very interesting and informative. Really good photo's.
Haney's way of explaining things is very simple and straight forward.
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on 13 June 2013
Read all of his books , each time slightly different , his description are easy and clear to understand ,really enjoyed reading it
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on 29 April 2009
Hank Haney is a very knowledgeable teacher. But this is probably a bit of a cash in from his association with Tiger. Haneys first book, 'The only lesson you'll ever need', however is excellent. He gives the reader a real understanding about how the ball behaves a certain way because of your impact factors which all comes back to the 'plane' of the golf shaft in the swing. I would say he should have taken his own advice and left it at 'The only lesson you'll ever need'. I definitley feel he has cashed in with this latest book and all of the other practice aids he is promoting. Little bit of respect lost for him for this but there is no question about his superb knowledge of the golf swing.

P.S He is one of the very few high profile golf Professionals that runs a yearly seminar to teach teachers how to improve their own teachimg methods, a practice passed onto him by the great John Jacobs. As a PGA Professional myself i admire him for this and have been greatly helped by his work in this regard.

Happy Golfing!!!!
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on 21 April 2015
My husband enjoyed this and reads little. Its every day
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