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on 13 November 2017
Fitter from this
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on 15 December 2015
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on 22 September 2010
This game is really good for you to get fit only downside is that sometimes workouts too short but other than that great to get fit at home! just be careful your doing the workouts right otherwise you will injure yourself also when you first start you think these are really easy excerises but you'll see the effects the next day so take it easy!
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on 5 September 2010
That is something you will hear quite often on this! Unfortunately it does seem to have trouble picking up some of your reps, movements. Which means at the end it says you haven't done as many as you have and get a low completion percentage. Seems to effect the marching jogging most of the time. Going slow and swinging the arms seems to help. However even on the punches it will tell to that haven't done the set amount when you have! So this part is quite frustrating. Also I have to add push ups of any sort using the wii board are very difficult.
On the plus side there are lots of details, the workouts start quite short and build up the amount of exercises and reps each time. It will vary slightly from day to day. You can set a main goal and secondary goal. It has a few test challenges which seem like they could be quite hard. 4 choices of trainer, and background. This will even help choose your meals for you if you want that level of help. I just use it for a quick daily workout. Another issue is not being able to tailor make your own work list of exercises. I have largely used the Wii fit plus so far. That is more fun in terms of games, using the yoga section. The workouts on there are a good mix and you can choose what ones you want to do or create you own combination of exercises. The best thing about this over wii fit is seeing a real person training with you. If you want help right down to diet as well, otherwise I have to say I might be returning to my Wii fit plus very soon!
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on 28 October 2009
I can agree with some of the reviews, because, at first it seemed that it wasn't picking up what I was doing (using the balance board or remote), and kept asking if I had stopped, but now I seem to be getting the hang of it. It does seem that you have to be in a particular position for it to stay in the green light, when it counts how many repetitions you have done correctly (if not, it will change to orange then red - and that's when it will ask if you have stopped.) Also, timing is an issue. I am still having problems with squats - but this is improving - as I was originally getting, for example, 7/32, - yesterday I got 26/32 (still a fail) - so I am getting better - slowly. At first, it will ask you to pick your main goal - I picked weight loss - and then a secondary goal - I picked looking good. It will also ask you which foods you like to eat, and will then work out menus - I don't use it for the menus, but it is useful, if you want to do that. Then you are asked to pick 1 of the 4 trainers; 2 men & 2 women. They tell you a bit about themselves - and you don't get a cartoon graphic, once you have picked 1 of them - it's a real person, and then you choose 1 of the 4 backgrounds. It will then work out a plan for you - including a daily workout and menu plan. I try to do a daily workout every day or so - these are only lasting 15 minutes at the moment. Sometimes I will also do an express workout (quick, morning, lunchtime or evening) - which are slightly different to the daily workouts - less repetitions, and then a challenge. You can check your progress, and I am onto week 6 at the moment. This will track your main goal, along with your secondary goal, to see how you are doing. There is also a section for bronze, silver & gold medals. I seem to be sticking to silver medals, at the moment, with the daily workouts - I have about 28, with 2 for gold and 2 for bronze. In these daily workouts, it will give you either 6 or 8 sessions (about 15mins in total), and you are marked as bronze, silver or gold medals at the end of each session - then it works out which medal you have reached overall - it's the same with the express workouts. Maybe when I have improved, these workouts will last longer than 15 mins. Another section is for 3 levels; Sapphire, Ruby & Diamond. I still haven't reached the Sapphire level. I am nearly there - I think - it's these squats that are letting me down. Maybe once I get a few gold medals, it will change. If anyone can give me any help on how to get these squats right, it would be very much appreciated! There is also a section for challenges; dance, cardio test, army, boxing & football; there can be about 3 or 6 sessions in these, but you have to do more repetitions than in the daily workouts. I am still failing these, because of the squats again, but I am improving slowly, as I seem to be getting around 80% now. You obviously have to get around 90% to pass these challenges. Yes, the actions from the trainers are quite funny - holding their heads in their hands when you haven't succeeded with one of the sessions - or gesticulating with their arms above their heads, when you have succeeded. I am 42 and overweight, and have already completed 60 workouts; this includes the challenges; so I think I am improving very slowly, but I find this a fun way to get fit, as I hate gyms.

Update - 30/10/09
I clicked onto my daily workout in my plan yesterday - and the exercises have now changed, they are harder - and there are now 10 of them! One of them was a cat crawl. You lie with your feet out behind you - hands on either side of the balance board, arch your back and then swoop down over the balance board - you need strong arms for this! The trainer shook his head, and said "terrible" after 12 repetitions - I think I managed 2. So you don't stick to the same workouts - I must have improved somewhere - if it's put me onto harder exercises. Press-ups (not on knees) - yes, they are hard work, but if it gives me strength in my arms, I am going to keep doing them. Oh - and there were no squats this time. All I got from the trainer at the end of the workout was "That was ok" in a bored voice!
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on 4 March 2011
I have had this game for a few months now. I have to say it only has short sessions but they are tough on the muscles. I done 4 sessions all at the once at the begining and the next day I have never known muscle stiffness like it!!!
So you know its working all the muscles that you wouldnt normally use. I have given it 5 stars for the choices you have in the game from various trainers, various background settings, workout plans, harder challenges (when you think your ready for it!) the fact that you have to work at it to get to the next level. It def helps your core muscles and is a great indoor workout!
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on 25 September 2009
I got this game yesterday after using EA Sports Active for 2 months. I was less than impressed! But then I have been doing 30-60 mins a day. I did the 15 mins yesterday quite easily. Today the exercises, which are targeted towards your goals, were the same 15 mins, BUT! My pecs, biceps, triceps are SCREAMING! This dvd touches muscles that other ones don't! Yes the trainers at the end of your exercise gesticulating are superfluous! But using the wii fit board adds another dimension, and targets muscles that easa doesn't! I shall use this in conjunction with EASA and MFC!
Some of the exercises don't register. I reckon that this is that you need to be far enough away and in line with the receptor on the tv. I also had to change my options as weightloss seemed to have loads of pressups! I CANNOT DO PRESSUPS! When I changed to Pilates this was remedied (they still have them but infrequently). It says they wind stuff down if it's too hard, but I can't say I've noticed! BUT you really feel your abs with only 15 mins Pilates and I've lost 1/2 " from my waist in the last 2 weeks!
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on 3 October 2009
Finally a game that has got me dusting the cobwebs off the wii board! After a long break from wii fit I was cringing at getting back on the board and being told I've been gone too long and my weight has gone up. NewU is much kinder and only gives you your weight if you ask for it. Much better. I'd rather track my progress with my BMI than actual weight - though keep in mind BMI doesn't take into account muscle bulk vs fat. It's a great game much better than an exercise DVD as it gives you feedback but I have to agree with other reviews that the sensitivity/connectivity is poor on some workouts with it not recognising the moves you are doing. Very frustrating when I'm straining and sweating and it thinks I have stopped!

I had hoped the routine would be longer than 15mins but it is early days and it may lengthen the routine as I improve. The proof in this game will come in whether you do actually meet your goals - I have set mine to drop a dress size so watch this space...

The recipes are imaginative and inspiring and a novel idea.

Overall a great game - let's see if it has the staying power to keep me active!
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on 28 September 2009
I recently received a Wii board for my birthday and was given this game as a present. Being someone who hates going to the gym I have really enjoyed using this game to keep in shape and it is fun. The interation you get with the trainers is great and the exercises can be easy or hard depending on your own goals. I also really love the nutritional information and there are lots of recipes. Plus you can tell the game if you are intolerant to wheat, diary, eggs etc. so you only get recipes suitable for your own needs.
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on 10 January 2010
I have done 12 workouts on this DVD and believe me it gets harder and longer the more successful workouts you do. It seems a bit lightweight to start with and 15 minutes seems really short, but after only 10 workouts it lengthened to 20 minutes and the reps went up big time. Ignore the BMI on this though as ours is going up - this is because it can't tell the difference between muscle and fat! If you find you are missing reps or timing or it isn't recognising you on the board, check that you are holding the remote exactly as your trainer is and exagerate your moves, for example when marching, bring your arms right up over the level of your shoulder and take them back past your hips, you will excell in the effort section then. The same applies to all the exercises - copy exactly where the trainer is holding or standing etc - even if you have the remote turned 90 degrees in your hand the results will differ. So far so good we are really impressed as the time goes really quickly because theres so much to be paying attention to. Ask me again tomorrow though as it's telling me ive got to do 132 knee press ups tomorrow! ouch
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