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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2014
I honestly can't give this game anything but praise, the world is huge, the quantity of bosses and quests and side content/optional post end-game content is truly astonishing and the graphics are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in gaming. This game comes on 3 discs but for bloody good reason; you aren't buying a game here, you're buying an adventure and a HUGE one at that. I honestly can't go into detail on ALL the good things about this game because this would end up as an essay but to put it in perspective; Final Fantasy 13 provides 24 hours of gameplay (60-80 hours if you want all the optionals) if you sit and play it solidy you can even do it in less however THIS game easily covers over 50 hours of just general storyline and then the optional content is easily another 50 hours on top of that, probably more. Honestly if you're looking for an RPG that gives you a lot of bang for your buck then this is it hands down.
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on 25 July 2009
story 4/5
graphics - HD 4/5, normal TV's - 3/5
voice acting 2/5
battle system 4/5


first off I'm gonna say that this is a big improvement story wise compared to the last star ocean game (3 - till the end of time), as the previous one got confusing towards the end of the game and alot of areas had to be revisited in order to advance the story - which got boring. In this one you only have to backtrack if you want some chests you couldn't open before, or some optional quests. The story is compelling as well as not being overly complicated, although the voice acting is terrible at times, and kind of ruins the moment during some of the game story(there's a scene at the end that will make you cringe). but there is an option in the menu to turn them off if this would bother you. :P


The graphics in this game are nice - lush environments and the characters look good - although the robotic mouth moments can be weird, i guess its the best they can do with current technology lol.
People who use non digital/HD TV's might have a bit of trouble reading the texts and noticing the difference between black and white, as i did. although this is normal on most new 360 games - but these games are designed for HD so not much you can do. the game again, looks good on a HD TV.


I liked the system they used in this game,although its pretty much the same as previous games in the series, in this one you can hold down b and do a blind slide attack, which makes the character slide behind the enemy and always do a critical strike. one major let-down for the battle system, is that very little customisation is allowed as to how the other characters act. this is pretty annoying as if you want a character to concentrate on healing symbology, all you can select is "attack with full force!" and don't do anything, ETC. So you either have to hope to god they use healing symbology, or do it manually through the menu. Since this is a SquareEnix game, you would have thought they would have used something like the gambit system they used in FF12. SO OVERALL in terms of the fights, you don't get to decide much. which is disappointing. i have still given this area a high grade because despite this, it is enjoyable because of the well developed controllable aspect of the fight.


Despite its faults, the game was really good. IMO a worthy 50-60 hours of my time spent. I'm just glad there's finally a new game out that goes for longer than 1hour *cough* the Wii * cough*. Some of the areas in the game are also rather large - so investing in a guide might be a good idea if you have trouble keeping track of where your going. I bought the official guide and it also gives handy tips on the item creation that's available in the game.

ALSO after you finish this, go buy Tales of Vesperia, awesome RPG.
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VINE VOICEon 19 July 2009
I was a huge fan of Star Ocean Three for the PS2, and have been waiting what seems like forever for a new Star Ocean game, and was thrilled when this game was released. The Last Hope is a prequal to all the other games, and focuses of humanity's first steps into space exploration. Your hero is Edge Maverick, captain of the human ship Calnus. Wit the help of his comrades, he explores new worlds to colonise with humans due to the condition Earth is in.

The combat is in the traditional Star Ocean style, fast paced and fun. A significant new edition to the battle system is the Blindside move, which confuses your enemeies and allows for deverstating damage to be done from behind. Your battle party is now four characters as opposed to three. The boss battles are often still epic, with old favourites such as Gabriel Celeste and the Etherial Queen making an appearence post game.

Once the main stroy is finished, there is still plenty to do, such as the collosium, cave of seven stars and the painful Wandering Dungean, a mammoth dungeon that is randomly generated and can go on forever with you desire.

If you are a fan of the Star Ocean series, then this is a must buy. If you are unfamiler with the series, don't worry, as this is a prequal, and has no ties to other games (just references to characters etc.) My only gripe with this game is the disc swapping. If you wish to visit a location from near the start, you will need to swap to the correct disc to visit the area. This game is three discs long, so it can get frustrating at times. Overall, a great game that will take you hours on end to fully master.
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on 21 January 2010
Star Ocean 4 is a rather difficult game to recommend. On one hand the characters, the plot and a lot of the voice acting are pretty much abysmal. On the other, the exploration and item creation elements are good and the Battle System is superb. Which all adds up to something of a quandary.

To start with Star Ocean 4 looks great. It has a gorgeous sheen over everything. The environments are varied and the character models pleasing to the eye. Though admittedly all in a very anime fashion. The over all sound design is solid, with a fairly lush, if a bit hackneyed, orchestral score. The game runs smoothly and I've yet to find a screen tear, slow down, or indeed any kind of technical flaw in the title.

Added to this the exploration of the various planets which your cast discover, or inhabit, is good solid RPG fun. Chests, mining points, harvesting points are all nicely mixed in with monster slaying and the town exploration for shopping and ncp interaction. The ncps will give you a lot side quests, so many that you will often spend hours running about fulfilling these rather than being railroaded through the main plot. Which is, all in all, a good thing. The main plot is boring. It's such a tired retread of an RPG plot that you know what's going to happen in almost every situation. This is not improved by the lacklustre dialogue.

However the neither the plot, nor the dialogue, are the main disappointment in Star Ocean 4, the characters and voice acting are. As with the visual design and the plot the characters all seem to be drawn straight from anime stock and Tri-Ace have taken no liberties at all. We have our young, up-beat hero, who suffers his obligatory crisis of confidence a third of the way into the game and his boring but pleasant love interest. Throw in are an emo alien side kick, a tough guy cyborg warrior with a heart of gold, even tougher alien death machine and strong, sexually provocative, slightly older woman and most of the bases are covered. If it were only this bunch I would have been a bit bored with them, but not in the mood to make a big issue of it. Unfortunately there are three further characters and they are straight from the pits of anime hell. Little girl magician who's every sentence ends "'kay". A lolitaesque, pouting cat girl. And, horror of horrors, a simpering, ditzy, bespectacled angel. What moves them up from mere annoyances to out and out ghastliness is the voice acting of the trio. If you can imagine the worst, most eardrum scratchingly awful performances that could be done with these character types, then you'll probably just be heading off in the right direction for how truly atrocious they actually are.

So why after all that am I still ambivalent about whether to recommend this game or not? After all how can any amount of nice exploration and item creation make up for this sort of punishment? Well, it cant really. However the Battle System can. The Battle System is great. It's worth dealing with all the other nonsense, because once you get into it, you get hooked. At first sight it may seem too complex, as right off the bat you have half a dozen fight mechanics to learn and while the game does try to ease you into them with a lengthy tutorial, they can be pretty intimidating. If you persevere though the rewards are great. No matter how many fights I got into in this lengthy game I never once got bored of them. What gives the fighting longevity are three interrelated aspects. The first is that whatever the complexity of the system in conception it works out to be fast paced and beautifully fluid combat in practice. Secondly the game rewards you with a perfectly paced levelling system which introduces new moves which you learn to combine for hugely satisfying devastation. And third the game sports nine different characters each of whom has its own unique set of skills, magic and attacks. Learning all of them will take time, mastering all...? Suffice it to say the late game mixture of extensive dungeon crawling, or Battle Arena fighting allows you all the scope you could possibly want to play with this element of Star Ocean 4.

On balance the game is one I'm happy to recommend, though with obvious caveats. Yes the plot is regurgitated and the characters range from the bland to the appalling and the voice acting is truly some of the worst I've ever heard, but it looks wonderful, it has nice exploration and item creation and the fighting would grace any game from history.
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on 18 October 2012
Out of all the console rpg's of this generation, Tri-ace has been one of the the only developers to actually get something right and Star Ocean The Last Hope is a great example as to what a next gen rpg can do. The artwork and the detail of this game is impressive and it turns shell shaded graphics into something new giving Star Ocean The Last Hope a great advantage in terms of appearance and presentation. but what does this matter in the long run if the game is bad?

For starters i would really like to touch on the presentation some more, this game is beautiful for an rpg, not the best but for it's time it's up there. Star Ocean The Last hope brings colour back into gaming again whilst keeping it's graphics top notch, something developers need to keep in mind. Anyways enough of that time to get to the bread and butter of the game.

The storyline is tolerable at least for me, but for most it can become quite irritating, prepare for some bad English dubs here and some anime cliché's though it's not all that bad really though it's nothing special, if you can put up with the dubs it's fine, you can even skip the scenes if you want to and many of the most obnoxious scenes aren't part of the main story anyways as they are optional events. The game starts off fine you start off with the main protagonist Edge Maverick who at first despite his cliché appearance is a likeable character however in a certain scene (if you've played the game you will know what scene I'm talking about) his personality is altered dramatically, so dramatically that it really doesn't count towards character development and ends up being a game breaker for some but he gets over it and the game moves on as if nothing has happened. As for the other characters, they range from being down right annoying to boring yet intellectual characters with little to no personality (one of which has no emotions whatsoever but it's to do with his character) and the generic anime bad ass character everyone loves. As long as you can put up with the obnoxious cast of characters and a story which could have been better then you should keep reading this review.

Star Ocean The Last Hope is filled with content that can last a while, in fact it can last years if you're compulsive with hundreds of battle trophy's to collect and bonus dungeons with challenging bosses. Even if you didn't enjoy the main game the end game is still enjoyable to every console rpg fan.

Character development is not as vast as the other games in the series but still provides a great amount of options to manage your characters. The BEAT system allows you to develop your character in one of three different styles, as well as that you can also develop skills manually like in the previous games. The item creation is back and unlike the previous games in the series it functions more like a conventional crafting system combined with elements of Star Ocean Till The End Of Time's invention system though instead of spending fol (main currency) to invent items you can spend sp which is surprisingly easier to acquire than it was to acquire fol in the previous game and items are easier to invent meaning less stress for the player. You use raw materials to create items which adds more exploration value to the game as opposed to the other star ocean games which require a single raw item to make a random item etc, you will be spending a lot of time on item creation especially in the end game but it is not compulsory unlike star ocean till the end of time.

The battle system is arguably the best battle system in the Star Ocean series to date, whist many prefer Star Ocean Till The End Of Time's battle system, Star Ocean The Last Hope has much smoother combat mechanics which are easy to learn and hard to master unlike Star Ocean Till The End Of Time which is the complete opposite, once you learn the combat and get used to the controls the game becomes a spam fest. Now Star Ocean The Last Hope removes this with the rush gauge though some might argue that it is possible to charge the rush gauge over and over to win (I'll admit i did it once) it's not that easy and i know that because i only just managed to win with it with no resurrection items and against a boss that 1 hit ko's everyone in seconds (don't worry this is one of the optional bosses) and by that time you have such a wide variety of moves that rush combo spamming has a great effect but it useless against the super bosses.

Regardless the rush gauge enhances the game play making it so that you cannot repeatedly button mash to win easily as with each attack you fill up the gauge till it get's full and when it fills the enemy won't stagger so they will come for you no matter how many attacks you throw at them, put it this way, when a boss gets in rush mode, get ready to run. The hardest boss in the game has an infinite rush gauge near the end of the battle so you can't rely on just running away you have to think strategically to win and this is where blindsides and rush combo's come in to counter this.

Blindsides evade enemy attacks and leave them open for critical hit attacks which can really leave a mark whereas rush combo's allow you to perform special moves freely without fear of being hit mid combo which can be very useful towards the end of the game, my only problem with the combat is blindside counters, i just don't like the way they implemented them and I'd rather have the option of evading away from their counter than being automatically be hit and stunned, you can double blindside though but that sometimes makes it too easy though many times bosses will aoe counter you which screws blindsides over entirely, fortunately the game allows you to automatically blindside a foe whether or not they can counter or not by dodging just before they attack which adds a risk factor to the game. Aside from that Star Ocean The Last Hope plays like all of the Star Ocean games preceding Till The End Of Time with special moves accessible with a press of a button, you can even stack up to three of them per button this time round too.

The game also has a bonus board which awards you with bonus xp/hp-mp recovery/sp/fol based on your overall battle performance. It would have been nice if the rewards were randomized like Star Ocean Till The End Of Time instead of trying to repeatedly get critical hits for the exp bonus but oh well. The bonus board resets after you get hit by a critical hit/run away/die/quit the game so you can get more bonuses as there is a limit to the number of bonuses you can get.

The soundtrack of the game is great, i mean it's Motoi Sakuraba's work so of course it's great, it's not his best work but it's great nonetheless and it contributes a lot towards the presentation of the game.

So basically if you want another great content filled rpg to bite your teeth into, look no further, in terms of content this is one of the best rpg's on the Xbox 360 but if you want an rpg with a deep storyline I'd recommend you play something else like Lost Odyssey instead.


Plot/story: 7.0
Presentation 9.0
Graphics: 9.0
Music: 9.3
Gameplay: 9.5
Lifespan: 9.7
Re playability: 8.8


Overall score: 8.7


If you are bored and have plenty of time on your hands and tolerate the obnoxious dubs and poor script buy this game.

If you are not sure or want to try it then rent it but i strongly recommend you buy the game as the price is fairly low now.

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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2009
Star Ocean is one of those series that has been around seemingly forever, but that few seem to really care about, with the games never really achieving any measurable degree of success like other Square-Enix games. The first two games(On the Super NES and Playstation respectively) were both excellent for their time, and the recent PSP remakes were well handled, but the third game on PS2, Till The End of Time, was a bit too labyrintnine and convoluted for it's own good, with a seriously steep difficulty curve to boot. It was no classic, but it was still better than this most recent offering, The Last Hope, which has plenty of problems all it's own.

Playing as Edge Maverick(lol), you must travel across the galaxy on a quest to save humanity from a mysterious alien threat with a band of allies that grows as the adventure goes on and blah blah blah... yes it's the same interchangable JRPG plot machine affair you'll have played before, and not a particularly enjoyable one, as the voice acting(English only in this Xbox 360 version) is simply AWFUL, easily being one of the worst dub jobs I have heard in a game of this kind since the days of the PS1. Most of the voices are either flat and monotone or high pitched and overly whiney in their delivery, with the little girl character Lymle being the most annoyingly voiced character I have ever heard in an RPG. This game more than any other makes the case for Square-Enix to offer Japanese voice over options as standard like all the other JRPG makers do now already. The music is decent enough though, and the graphics are actually fairly pretty, though the quality of the visuals seems to dip in both terms of sharpness and performance during battle scenes, with some severe frame rate dips occurring in some of the fights. For the most part though, the game looks very pretty.

Gameplay wise it's a very easy to pick up and play title, with a simple, if shallow, combat system that will be comfortable to anyone who has played the Namco Tales games. Most of the fights CAN descend into button mashing, yes, but would you rather that or them being overlong turn based affairs? The combat system is perfectly fine here, and no random battles is a big plus as well. The dungeons though are a tad too cavernous and huge at times though, meaning you can sometimes spend forever running around them looking for the next exit. A minor gripe sure, but it happened a few times, and the save points aren't exactly bountiful in this game.

Also, I found the constant disc swapping with the game to revisit older areas later in the game to be incredibly annoying. I know the 360's limited disc capacity necessitates such things, but when I'm having to relive my Amiga days by being asked to 'insert disc 2' when I pick one of the planets I've already visited on my ship's map, it gets a tad irksome after the fifth swapping prompt or so.

So while it's a fun enough to play game for the most part, the recycled plot, godawful voice acting and minor irritations seriously get in the way of the enjoyment.

For the price it's going for now it's worth a look, but the far better Eternal Sonata is cheaper still nowadays, and I'd recommend that over this any day.

Try before you buy perhaps.
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on 18 September 2011
Having never played any of the Star Ocean games before and having picked this one up merely because it was cheap and pre-owned, I have to say this is one of the best RPGs for the 360 that I've played. Forgetting about the voice acting, everything else is amazing. The gameplay is always interesting and you never find yourself having to will yourself to get to the next part, the cutscenes are well done, with beautiful graphics, the fighting style is brilliant, much more fun than a turn-based system and then, finally, it's not a random-battle system so you fight if you want to fight.

On to the characters: Edge is a very strong protagonist (for the most part...some of disc 2 you just want to slap him) and his friend Reimi is really good as well. The way they react to one another and converse is very well done and the character development is done brilliantly. When you get Lymle in your party..well, let's just say she's easily my favourite character. She's just adorable and funny and really really awesome. Easily the best character in the game!

I don't really know what else to say in these reviews but I would definitely recommend playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope because, well, it's just wonderful in my opinion.
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on 19 May 2013
Star Ocean 4 is reminiscent of the benchmark FFX in more ways than it's visual style. The most important difference lies in the direct control real time battle system, which improves your sense of involvement.

There are lots of awesome and clever ideas in this game, but that only makes it frustrating, when the implementation of most just isn't quite where it should be...

Still, if you sit tight through the demanding and slow-paced intro, you will be taken in by game, in spite of the story being so looney-japaneese and the english voice acting so lackluster.

If you can accept how the game occationally, particularly in regards to side quests, expects you to know what to do next based on only the vaguest of hints, and has you goose-chasing and back-tracking around for hours - and the close-but-no-cigar implementations in general - and you spent over 100 hours with Tidus in FFX, you should have completed this game already.
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on 20 January 2011
Star Ocean is another of Square Enix's projects and this is the last one in the Star Ocean franchise. I hadn't actually bought anything from Square Enix before and didn't know much about Final Fantasy at the time.
I can immediately say that it's not as good as Final Fantasy 13 but it does beat FF13 in some situations.
For starters,
The storyline is excellent: I've played two and half times and still enjoy the plot.
The battle simulations: I love the battles especially using blindsides and chain combos.
The romance!: Well, I'm a girl who loves romance and if you choose the right Private Actions then there's plenty to look forward to.
That's about it for the pros. Certain cut scenes are most definitely enjoyable but I won't spoil it for those who haven't played it yet but they're not great quality. It feels like they've been rushed and not much thought has been put into the graphics. I agree that the locations and characters are amazing but everything else is disappointing. Lip syncing for characters is extremely poor, they talk but their lips don't move in some instances.
The overall gameplay is ok, it's not five stars though.
If I compared it to Final Fantasy, FF beats Star Ocean hands down for its cutscenes and high quality detail everywhere.
The only other pro with Star Ocean TLH is the fact you can dodge attacks in battle mode.
Overall I'd say if you haven't played FF yet then get this game because it's almost like it's for beginners. Basic.
If you've played FF and want another of Square Enix's creations, I wouldn't recommend this unless you want to be utterly disappointed. But if you're interested in the storyline or the cutscenes (tee hee!) then feel free to get it. I've had hours of enjoyment playing it even though its graphics aren't great.
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VINE VOICEon 27 August 2009
Star Ocean: The Last Hope is, in short, Microsofts financial attempt at getting Japanese gamers to buy their console. If you don't know this, the 360 fails to bring in the money in the asian markets, although recently it outsold the PS3 so things may change.
The game, despite having the Square-Enix tag, is in fact developed by some third party named Tri-Ace. So for those expecting a certain level of quality, you'll have mixed thoughts.

Let's be brief!

-The game's story and character development is a joke. Characters come across as BORING and the voice acting is standard. There is no option to listen to the original japanese dialogue.

-Animation in the characters movement and facial expressions is hilariously bad. Characters faces will rarely ever leave their standard expression, which is as lifeless as a china doll.

-The gameplay is the games saving grace, though. The battle system is fun, fast paced and very customisable. There are lots of side quests and item creation paths you can take, which will take you ages to find and complete. This is great if you get stuck on the main story and fancy a change of pace, allowing you to relax and possibly find new items to take that impossible boss down.

-The game looks gorgeous. This is a title that quite clearly pushes the 360 hardware to produce some stunning visuals. On an SDTV, though, some players may find it hard to read the text. So be careful!

-Music is fully orchestrated and fits the scenes very well. Alot of cut scenes are INCREDIBLY LONG, and you'll be sat there tempted to skip the scene but worried you'll miss a key plot point!

In short, this game is worth buying but only if you can tolerate the below average story and cast. It's the battle system and vast world to explore that save this game from being an otherwise medicore installment of a tried and celebrated franchise.
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