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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 8 February 2004
The Bleeding is a classic venture into brutal death metal, that no real fan of the genre with the gift of hearing and half a brain could fail to be impressed by. Unlike 'Tomb of the Mutilated', Chris Barnes' lyrics are comprehensable, although still a guttural growl, the guitar riffs are original and technical, with a love for trills and slow grinding figures punctuating the tremelo picked blurs such as those from the intro of 'Pulverised'.
There is a dark almost doom metal type quality to some of the guitar parts, such as those found in 'Return to Flesh', and 'The Bleeding'. There are also more time signature and tempo changes than before, and Paul Mazurciewicz' drum sound is more even in the mix, rather than overpowering.
To me this is a metal classic to be held in esteem with 'Reign in Blood', 'Heartwork', and 'Covenant', and is true genre defining stuff. The lyrics and song titles are still gory and well beyond any form of good taste, but nowhere near as much as the gruesome obscenities of Tomb of the Mutilated, with even the cover art being more subtle than before.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 31 December 2014
 1992 saw the release of legendary US Death Metal band Cannibal Corpse's fourth studio album - 'The Bleeding'. Like with the preceding three albums, 'The Bleeding' was produced by the incredibly talented and highly revered Scott Burns.

With 'Butchered At Birth' (1991) Cannibal Corpse had found their own sound and subsequently delivered a truly breath-taking record, bursting at the rafters with brutality and gore-fuelled aggression. With 'Tomb Of The Mutilated' (1992) the band pushed further with their sound, producing one of the best Death Metal albums of all time.

However, by now vocalist Chris Barnes was getting restless with the guttural niche the band had carved themselves into. Accordingly, Barnes pushed the band towards a more 'groove metal' style; edging away from the thrash and pummelling drums of the previous three albums. Similarly, for this album Barnes' vocals became more pronounced, ultimately making the words on each track far more decipherable. 'The Bleeding' was to be Barnes' final album with the band before leaving to join 'Six Feet Under' who had a musical style much closer to what Barnes had been trying to move Cannibal Corpse towards.

For 'The Bleeding' the end result is an album that sounds slightly apart from the rest of the band's back catalogue. This is most notable with tracks such as 'Stripped, Raped And Strangled' and 'Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead', which both delivering a particularly groove-laced Death Metal sound.

However, 'The Bleeding' nevertheless remains an absolute classic piece of 90's Death Metal. Like with the band's previous three releases, 'The Bleeding' offers up a whole string of truly phenomenal tracks delivering pure unadulterated brutality. In fact, the first four tracks on the album are some of the finest Cannibal Corpse tracks to date - each one a regular crowd pleaser within their live sets.

To be honest, following 'Pulverized' the next three tracks - 'Return To Flesh', 'The Pick-Axe Murders', and 'She Was Asking For It' - are pretty run-of-the-mill Cannibal Corpse tracks; none of which stick out any more over each other. And then we come to the album's title track which drags you into a frenzied melee with some crazy-ass groovy guitar riffage backed up by pummelling drumming and tightly shadowed bass work.

But it's the next track that in my eyes really seals the deal in making 'The Bleeding' a true classic. It's another one of those criminally underrated tracks that so often doesn't get the play it deserves. 'Force Fed Broken Glass' is Cannibal Corpse delivering the goods at its very finest level. From the thumping beginning, through the unrelentingly assault of blast beats and pounding aggression, into moments where it dips into a murky sludginess, and finally to its slowed-down fading outro; it's quite simply an incredible track.

Sound-wise, 'The Bleeding' (on the whole) has a thick and bass-heavy sound, with each instrument the most clear and well-defined out of all of the band's recordings so far. Even with its slightly groovy undertones, this is still a brutal and unforgiving album with the band's usual controversially violent and gore-drenched content embedded within it.


1 Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead (3:31)
2 F--ked With A Knife (2:16)
3 Stripped, Raped And Strangled (3:28)
4 Pulverized (3:36)
5 Return To Flesh (4:21)
6 The Pick-Axe Murders (3:04)
7 She Was Asking For It (4:34)
8 The Bleeding (4:21)
9 Force Fed Broken Glass (5:03)
10 An Experiment In Homicide (2:33)

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 36mins 52secs
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on 17 October 2007
'The Bleeding' marked the last album to feature founding member and vocalist Chris Barnes, and the first to introduce the guitar sound of Rob Barrett.
In my own humble opinion, this is the best album C.C. did with Barnes.
Yes, 'Butchered at Birth', is the sick one, and 'Tomb of the Mutilated' is the break-through one, but 'The Bleeding' marks the time the line up (plus Barrett) gelled as a unit.
The production is good, much better than the 3 previous offerings. Barnes is understandable for the first time ever (and not in that terrible Six Feet Under/ Torture Killer wobbly growl either).
Yes, they don't really make much progress in their lyrical subject matter, the general theme being murder, mysogeny and sexual torture.
I say it eveytime, for every album, but its just boring if you really take an interest in the words. Juvenile is right!!!
But, luckily Barnes isn't completely audiable, and his voice just adds that brutal human touch to the vicous metallic barrage.
If theres one complaint I have about C.C., its that their albums, as a complete unit, are pretty indistinguishable from track to track. Its the stand out tracks that get the 5 stars. On this album it has be 'Staring through the eyes of the dead', 'F*cked with a Knife', Stripped Raped and Strangled (see what I mean about the titles and lyrics??) and The pick Axe murders'.
'S.R.a.S' in particular has an awesome stereo'd twin gutiar opening.
If there is one thing about mid 90's C.C. that I can moan about, it the feeling of generic death metal the filler songs smack of. And all their 90's albums have them. They don't get anywhere near as bad as bands like Immolation or Malevolent creation, to name but a few other high profile bands who seemed to get lazy with their "filler" tracks during the 90's.
C.C. are a million miles away now, from when they recorded this, but with this classic line up, this is the best of the pick over all, if you are talking about their best album, from start to finish.
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on 3 November 2015
A Death Metal album that for all the gore lyrics, the violent lyrics, this album actually has a melody in the guitars you might not expect. I,m not the biggest Death Metal fan, i only buy the odd one, BUT this is one of the best metal albums fullstop of any genre. The melody might be a very heavy one but it is definitely there, and it is catchy, again in a very heavy way but you can somehow hum to the melody underneath the gore lyrics and brutal music. The band did this on purpose and it works for me, buy you will be surprised and even shocked even if you hate Death Metal.
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This item is absolutly great. In my opinion it is one of the best Cannibal Corpse albums. It is the last album with original singer Chris Barnes, who is also the frontman of Six Feet Under. If you want to compare "The Bleeding" with the first three CC albums you can hear a significant technically progessed sound.
The vinyl edition (red vinyl) is an absolutely must have for fans and will surely become a collectors item soon.
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on 20 November 2000
this is a reaaly good album. there are great riffs put with fast druming and to top it off great vocals. if you are a fan you should consider getting this album. it is not the best cannibal corpse album out there but it is still a great one. i think return to flesh is probelly is the best track on the album but you might disagree. this is a wicked album buy it.
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on 26 March 2001
'The Bleeding' is one of CC's more easy listening albums, the songs have more of a groove thanks to some memorable baselines and suprisingly catchy songwriting.
'The Bleeding' is still a fast and uncompromisng slab of brutal gore-laden Death Metal, and possibly the best of the Barnes era stuff, and mabye even the best album to date.
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on 27 July 2004
I got into Cannibal in 1991,following my older friends. Around that time was a major Death-Metal trend, at least in my country and everyone sought the most, offensive,brutal,fast and evil metal music. Enter Cannibal.I loved their old stuff like Butchered At Birth and even more Eaten Back to Life.But those albums became boring quickly, one dimensional if you will. But Hearing The Bleeding in 94 changed my wiews on grindcore.This is extremly well written and interesting album. Endless blast-beats and screaming does not a good album make. Here they in some sense "sloved down" on a few tracks, with exellent result and finally showed their musician abilitys.Chris Barnes left after that album which was a shame and in my oinion, cannibal have never matched the sheer brilliance of this truly remarkable album.This is a must have.
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on 22 May 2013
This is a must have album for any death metal fan,I've been into cannibal corpse since they started and this is Chris Barnes's finest hour as there singer,all killer no filler fact,
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on 20 July 2015
Lovely design and folds open with some great photography of all members. Always great to see lyrics inside too! The actual vinyl its self was pure white, which I loved. The music itself was brutal as always with some really technical riffs and brutal growls!
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