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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2017
Excellent album by a great band. Well worth purchasing
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on 26 April 2017
What a belting album! Bags of energy and a group of musicians, at ease with each other, enjoying every bit of it. I love this live album!
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I recently bought several Iron Maiden albums to catch up on what the band has been up to the past few years and that included the double live album, Flight 666.

This is a compilation album that is effectively a decent "best of" recorded live. In this album you will find 17 very well performed classics like Hallowed Be Thy Name, Run To The Hills and The Trooper. It also features great versions of Aces High, Wasted Years and Powerslave. To be honest, I find this record a lot more enjoyable than the bands original live record, Live After Death. This album feels like a genuine live album, warts and all.

You will notice in places that Bruce struggles with the high notes (nowhere near as bad as Maiden England '88), Nicko misses a beat or two but the over all performance is well worth your money. It is also a fairly well produced album. It doesn't have that horrible sterile production that has been in a lot of the bands modern releases.

I enjoyed my experience with this album and I honestly didn't expect to. It is not perfect, not by a long shot but it is a worthy addition to your heavy metal collection. Especially for the cheap price I bought it for.
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on 5 March 2017
Real Maiden
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Yet another live album from Iron Maiden, which must bring the total to date up to nine(not quite 666!), and another run through the hoary chestnuts and then a couple of rare live numbers, basically enough to entice the keen collector and yet stay in touch with the possibility of the fan who has not shelled out previously. I got it for the Rime of the Ancient Mariner and the epic Powerslave, if that helps place me.

Plus points - great production, sound quality and selection of material. I have enjoyed it from one end straight through to the other. A really solid professional series of performances captured well. The crowd inconsistencies mentioned in the other review are easily audible, but did not detract from the overall album for me. The album lasts for approx 100 minutes, so it is good value for money. The Derek Riggs(I am assuming he is behind them, the text on the cd is so small I think I need to get my eyes checked out soon) disc heiroglyphs look great, a sort of modern slant on ancient Egyptian iconography. The inclusion of Powerslave and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, both played supremely well-thanks!

Negative points - if you have heard any of the other live albums and already have live versions of the songs contained herein than you have no real need for this. As a keen fan of improvisation I must say I am not really hearing anything new here. The solos are 100% well played and faithful to the songs, but not going anywhere new. So this criticism is one of choice and not a technical/production/playing fault. THe other gripe is the gap between songs. It is a live album and I know that the songs were recorded in as many venues as there are songs, but I would have like the album edited to run from one song into the other with no gaps. The segueing could easily have been achieved by stitching the tracks together in the middle of the crowd noise. Again a taste issue as opposed to a practical one.

Overall, a really good well recorded and superbly played live collection. One star detracted for taste issues, sorry!
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on 2 March 2011
I really love this album, as I do the film. It does what it says on the tin, it is the soundtrack from the film, no more no less.
I understand that some might not like it, but that is the way with live albums and I guess if you already have lots of their CDs then it won't be anything new. All the same as live LPs go I think it is very good. I have heard criticism of the mixing and crowd noise (which nearly put me off buying it) but it's exactly what you'd expect live and just like it is in the film. The atmosphere is really good and the crowd is very much a part of that, if you don't like that aspect then you'd be better off buying their greatest hits. Another criticism raised was that each track is taken from a different show, for me that is what it's all about and I'd be disappointed if it was any other way, here you get a great feeling of the whole touring aspect as in the film, it's purpose and it's pace as, with each track, you jet around the world.
So for me I'd say, buy with confidence as I think it is a great live album. Just remember, this is the Fight 666 Soundtrack and that is exactly what it is. Enjoy!!
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I'm rather astonished at why some fans and casual listeners have given this album a low rating. It accompanies the excellent DVD/Blu Ray chronicling a Maiden concert tour during which Bruce piloted a 757 carrying crew and equipment to each venue. The film was great, and featured the songs included on this CD. The film was created to follow Maiden as they went from country to country, and this live CD of the songs from the film does the same - each track is recorded in a different country. I honestly don't find it a problem. I agree that it is a shame they have faded out each track on the CD, as it detracts from the live experience to some extent. I also find it ever so slightly irritating that on many of the tracks Bruce can be heard to shout "Scream for me...[insert place of concert here]..." - this only rams home the fact that each track is recorded in a different place. You might also complain that this is too similar to the tracks included on the seminal live album "Live After Death". But while other reviewers have deducted points for these reasons, there is one simple reason I have not done so, and have given this album max points: it sounds amazing! The performances, in my view, are stellar - probably better than on Live After Death, and here of course we have three guitars instead of two. Nicko McBrain's drumming is amazing and the band sound really tight and as if they are enjoying playing these songs. The crowd noise is not over-bearing (as it sometimes is on "Rock in Rio"). The mastering and production seems really good - it is a very clear recording. So what you have is some of the very best Maiden tracks from what some consider their 'golden era' - played with gusto and recorded in crystal clear clarity - what's not to like?
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on 8 August 2010
Bought after watching live performance on TV and really enjoyed that but on the CD you can hear the audience more than you can hear the band. Not good at all.
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on 10 October 2009
I far prefered Rock in Rio as the songs (esp Sign of the cross) were better and it had continuity and a bit more soul.I know the dvd was supposed to be a bit pants but I havn't seen it, and imagining a beach in Rio at night gives it an edge over the travelogue feel of Flight 666.
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on 23 September 2015
Got the DVD and countless Maiden albums. Was going to buy this but on reading there are gaps between songs due to bad editing will stick to my bootlegs of the tour.
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