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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360)
Price:£29.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 13 December 2015
A very good game from the tales series. The story is good , characters are good too however I found the camera angle a bit annoying at times.
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on 25 March 2017
greatest xbox jrpg ever, great game
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 August 2009
First thing I noticed about this game was the intro which shows an Anime cut scene showing all the characters in action along to a very catchy theme tune so much so I leave it a to run through before I play the game.
As a fan of the Tales series Vesperia does not disappoint at all and ticks all the boxes to be a very enjoyable game. All the characters you get and meet are very likable which is strange in most RPG's as there is normally at least one that gets on your nerves and most of the time it's the kid. Although we do have a couple of them in Vesperia they work well of each other and become likable, this is down to how well the script is written for these characters, there are lots of speaking parts and most are humours. The only thing that started to annoy me where at the end of a battle your characters will say something and this can get repetitive but thankfully they do change through the game and depending on what characters you have in your party and also can be skipped.

You play as Yuri Lowell. You're an ex-soldier, living in the lower class world. Yuri quit the Knights because he was fed up with the way laws were stopping people get their just deserves and this as you will see when the game goes on is where Yuri comes into his own and shows a darker side to him. The first character you bump into and is also your healer is Estelle who is a vital character to have in your group of 4 but her whole "I am not coming with you anymore ok I will" attitude gets old very quickly.

Some people have said the battle system is just button mashing but there is so much more to in then this especially when facing bosses and harder enemies. It's true that you would only use two attack buttons in a fight but you do need to block and watch everyone's health as you are fighting. Also special attacks are provided later and can pop up in the middle of any fight. You would just control Yuri while the other 3 characters will attack and do their own thing around you, you can put your trust in your healer but it's worth protecting her and stop her being attacked so she can cast. It would also be wise to watch her TP [Magic Meter] so she can cast, this can be replenished during battle slowly, after battle or through items.

As well as fighting and special attacks you will also pick up a limit meter which will increase as you play the game, this allows you a short burst of attacks without stopping and is great when under pressure. There were bosses where I would clean out some of my healing and Life items and it's annoying that you are only limited to carry 15.

The usual RPG things apply like at the end of a battle you will gain experience, money and maybe new skills. You carry items for everything you need; you can change/upgrade weapons and clothing and carry a certain item to help you. And also for anyone who has played any of the previous games you can also cook certain foods which have different benefits.

I also love the soundtrack to this game; the music matches the mood of places you visit and the storyline which is a big factor of any RPG.

Alongside Lost Oddesy this is one of my favourite RPG's on the Xbox 360, I wait with high hopes for the 2nd Tales of Symphonia game coming out on the Wii.
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on 29 May 2009

+Engrossing storyline, thanks to some well developed characters
+Fun, Addictive Battle system
+Very well written dialog with a good sense of humor
+Good voice acting
+A Fairly good soundtrack
+Good looking game


-A lot of story exposition, some of it not even necessary
-Battling can sometimes rely on button mashing over skill

The Tales series has never been too big in America, but many of the games within the series are a blessing. Tales of Vesperia is a great outing that many fans of the series may enjoy. If this is the first time you've ever played a Tales game, then Tales of Vesperia is a good game to start with.

Tales of Vesperia takes place in a world where blastia, magical properties, are used to protect the denizens from monsters. There are also knights who help out and protect the citizens of the world. You play as Yuri, a man who left the knights mainly because he didn't like how the government treated the people. Obviously, there's something else a foot. Something more that this powerful empire is hiding and as Yuri and company you're going to find out what it is.

Tales of Vesperia may not have an original storyline, but it's told very well. Much of the dialog is very well written and sprinkled with its own fluffy humor. What really helps the story standout as being something much more than it is, however, is the cast of characters. They're very well developed and as you play you'll become really attached to them. Each also has their own distinct personality to help them along and they have their own charms about them. To help character development you can also watch skits, which are basically conversations among the party and they're completely optional. They really add to the characters by giving you a glimpse into just what they're thinking. If there was anything about Tales of Vesperia's story that is a little troubling, it would be that perhaps there's too much story in some areas. You'll run from one town to another only to backtrack to a previous town only to realize it was all done for story exposition and that you didn't really engage in a lot of battles. Yet, while there's a lot of exposition, there's still plenty of battling to be done.

The Tales games have largely been known for their battle systems. Once a battle begins you control one of four characters. You can all run around freely and land blows akin to a hack and slash game. You can also perform special techniques called Artes which will cost you tech points. It's all very simple stuff and feels very similar to the Star Ocean games. It can feel like a button mashing affair at times, and certainly the beginning stages of the game can be that way, but as you get further into the game it becomes less about hack and slash and more about strategy. Bosses in particular can be a challenge, especially if you want to get all the achievements. Some bosses require you to do certain things in order to get the achievement for them.

While you control one character the game's AI makes it a point to control the other three. Surprisingly, the AI does a very good job of keeping your characters alive and using items on allies who need them as well as healing. You can also set certain strategies and customize it up to help out. Even better than that, the game has multiplayer. Up to four players can play, although only the first player gets to control what happens in the field. For all it's worth, though, the battle system is superb.

Finally, there are abilities. Characters can equip weapons that will teach them certain abilities. If they use the weapon long enough they'll learn the ability and be able to use it whenever they want, provided they have the skill points required to equip it. There's nothing difficult about learning Tales of Vesperia's battle system. It's all relatively simple and easy to pick up on. So even if you've never played a Tales game before, the battle system is easy enough to learn that it shouldn't give you any trouble.

Graphics wise, Tales of Vesperia is gorgeous and runs very smoothly. Most of the dungeons you'll travel to also look nice. The enemies and bosses are very detailed and the load times are incredibly fast. The character designs are perhaps the best part as every character stands out as their own. Music wise, the game has a lot of memorable tunes that stand out. There are a few forgettable tunes but much of it really fills the situation. Much of the dialog in the game is spoken and the voice acting is very good.

If you're a fan of the Tales series, this is a great game to add to that collection. If you've never played a Tales game before and you're curious about the series, this is a good game to start with. With its easy learning curve and character driven story, most RPGers will find Tales of Vesperia to be a real treat.
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on 8 July 2009
* Great story but it starts to pick up around 30+ hours.
*Despite fitting on just 1 disc this is a long game with lots of hidden stuff and bosses which you can miss if you don't have a guide but still you can just stumble upon them by chance.
* Fighting is hetic at first and you can't help but button mash for the first few hours.. later on the gameplay will evolve and become even more deeper.
* lots of weapon and armour creation as well as cooking food that increase stats etc..
* Great voice work that helps bring the characters to life.
* The skits help flesh out the characters and make them even more believable and help just create a real charm to them all. some of these skits are kinda hidden and won't appear until you meet certain criteria.
* music is acceptable... there are some really nice music tracks but overall I just find it ok.
* graphically there are some really nice wow moments but overall while not visually amazing it has a real nice unique anime charm and there are some great anime cut scenes.
* deep character customisation depending on what skills you learn.
* a real lengthy Japanese RPG which has quite a deep battle system. There are lots of hidden stuff to discover which you will probably not find all on first play through. the hidden stuff should definitely satisfy the hardcore RPG gamer. To find everything will take you over 100 hours of gameplay.
* world map you can save just about anywhere and go almost anywhere except up mountains. there are also hidden places for you to undiscover as well as harvest rare items for creation later on.
* dungeons and towns you can only save when you get to save points.
* quite a few mini games integrated into the game.
* lots of in-game terminology which can confuse you.

overall a real treat. the story and characters really are excellent quality and combined with lots of hidden stuff for you to unlock this is a fantastic package of a japanese RPG crammed into 1 disc.

there seems to be 2 hidden dungeons for you to unlock.. but you will need a guide for these.. Good luck brave Vesperians!!
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on 6 September 2017
Best RPG on the xbox360 fantastic story well worth getting :D
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on 12 July 2009
So, another typical Japanese Role Play Game (JRPG) reaches the coast of the UK to a country with immense apathy towards RPGs, can it change everything?
The game opens with you, Yuri an ex knight in a city whose Barrier Blastia core has been stolen. This is made worse by the fact that without this core, the city is vulnerable to monster attacks. So, Yuri goes to search for the thief and ends up meeting companions such as Estelle along the way. Its a typical story really with some trully amazing twists and turns along the way.
The characters are the first thing I would like to mention. Unlike the recent Star Ocean, the characters are genuinely likeable. Yuri's sarcastic bravado beautifully contrasts against Estelles pleasent, helpful feminine nature and all the characters which join your party have some brilliant quirks which make them a joy to play with.
Graphically this game will blow you away. The characters are all flatish, and the environments maybe cell-shaded, but the detail that has gone into every location is evident. Enchanted castles, overgrown forests, dingy scholars cities, even ruins look beautiful in this game. The enemies are varied and fun to fight against too.
The combat system is also brilliant. It is an action based role play game where you control the main character and the computer controls the remaining 3 in your party. You have some control over their attacks and can select strategy or command them to use items, but generally, the AI is good. They never appear to be wasteful with magic which is often a problem with these games and are generally very helpful. The character you will usually control is Yuri and he can use items, and use special attacks by using the x button and moving the analogue stick in the desired directions. As characters battle, they earn experience and level up giving you new powers and abilities.
So what about extra or new features? You can learn different skills from weapons which is reminiscent of Final Fantasy 9 and can create your own weapons, but features such as the wonder chef who gives you recipes to create are still present.
So, what are the negatives? Due to the way the game has been designed, you have no control over the camera angle. It seems archaic but thankfully the camera angle always appears to be pretty good. Sometimes you'll miss things like treasures chests because of it but this is a small price to pay for such a great game. It probably won't convert those who hate RPGs, but this is a brilliant game nonetheless.
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on 8 April 2011
great game but very expensive on here the value of any standard edition game at most is £49.99, if you have xbox live buy this game on games on demand its only £19.99 i gave this a 5* because its a great game and not because of the price i give that 0*
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on 18 July 2009
For anyone that likes JRPG's this is another fantastic game by Namco, it has everything you've come to expect from a 'Tales of' game, an intresting setting and well developed plot, great characters, sound and graphics plus its a long game. In the current generation of games which only last up to 10hours or its so much more fun to play a game that lasts up to 50hours really giving you value for money! :D
In conclusion...
+ Great, lengthy story
+ Very good looking, cel-shaded Graphics
+ Satisfying combat system and gameplay
+ Surprisingly well voiced characters (compared to many JRPGs!)
+ One of the best 'Tales of' games yet

- Some of the characters are somewhat cliche...
- Button mashing will see you through the first few hours in combat
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on 19 October 2009
I am currently over 50 hours into this adventure and still having great fun !
I haven't played a J-RPG this good in ages and has quickly become a strong favourite of mine recently.

I love the full real time Battle scenes , this is one of the few J-RPGs that I've played that completely abandons the traditional turn based menu combat system that many non-RPG fans loathe.
It feels like you're playing a half hack and slash , half RPG in Combat.
There's tons of freedom , possibilities and customisation in the battle system, even though at first it feels like button mashing .. hours later as you learn more about the way things works, you'll realise a lot more thought is required than you first imagined.

Also if you love fighting games , you might like the way this RPG has turned out ,because I am a big fighting game fan too. Racking up combos, blocking and juggling all make it into this battle system !

The game itself is beautifully presented in a lovely and vibrant cel shaded world with very pleasing anime character designs.( Along with a decent soundtrack too )
The story itself is very well told , has complexities and twists , but I never did find myself lost in the detail.
I was able to follow and appreciate the depth and development behind it the plot , which is a hard balance to find.

The I found cast of characters themselves , very likeble and tend to grow on you especially since they had decent voice talent behind them. Which is a great relief , because some of the J-RPGs I played a while ago had some pretty weak character designs.
These characters , although some are kind of archetypes you may have seen before, gel together and play each other very well .... as shown in the numerous and humourous character conversation skits that are sprinkled throughout the story. ( Which is one of my favourite things about the game )As the hours went by I found myself really feeling for these characters.

The world itself is quite big and has lots of freedom .... which I was glad , because some RPGs I played recently were quite linear. The adventure is very long and enjoyable and feels rather epic the more you are drawn into after the half way mark.

In summary this game is beautiful and very different from most J-RPG series I've played and I recommend all J-RPG fans to try it out. Give it a few hours , I'm sure it will grow on you.
I'm 50 hours in and still having fun !!! This is probably one of my dream RPGs come true .... a beautiful anime-esque world with some wonderful characters and liberating real time combat !

Defintely worth picking up before the Big Final Fantasy 13 arrives next year.
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