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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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VINE VOICEon 13 August 2010
Most of the reviews of Bad Company 2 quite rightly concentrate on the multiplayer aspects of the game. after all, it's what it's all about.

However, I thought I would say a few words on the single player experience for those players, like me, who only play single player games.

I bought BC2 at sale price. I wasn't expecting too much from it. I was expecting a single player version of multiplayer style games. Wow! I was wrong!

It's easy to describe it as a "Poor Man's Call of Duty". Indeed, much of it is very similar to "CoD Modern Warfare". The keyboard layout is very similar too. However, it would do it an injustice. It is far better than that description would suggest.

Graphically, it's excellent (but not quite as good as CoD). The battles are smaller than the biggest CoD battles. However, they are challenging (at least for me!) and exciting.

There is a huge variety of scenarios. Every avenue seems to be explored. You fight in jungles, deserts, snowy mountains, streets etc. You fight on foot. Call in air and artillery strikes. You fight in motor vehicles, boats, helicopters and tanks. Sometimes you drive. Sometimes you're the gunner. Sometimes both!

The weapons (about 30 variations of assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, shotguns and light machine guns)compare very favourably to CoD. The grenade launchers on the assault rifles are very powerful and capable of taking out lightly armoured vehicles and helicopters.

Some have criticised it for being too scripted. It's certainly very linear and the corridor is quite narrow but it certainly ensures that the action is relentless and exciting.

There are two big bonuses. One is that everything that you can see, you can use. It might be a gun but it could be a motor vehicle. If you shoot the driver, it's yours! The other is that everything that you can blow up in real life can be blown up in the game. You can blast every house to pieces and clear out the enemy. Of course, they can do the same to you!

It's much longer than I expected. It's slightly longer than a Call of Duty campaign and very replayable.

To any single players who wonder whether it's worth it, I say: "Yes!" it's a little gem, giving a CoD style experience at a third of the price.
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on 7 March 2010
Like everyone else I've experienced one of a couple connection issues (either constantly failing to join games with vacuous messages such as "Failed to connect"(duh)) or getting kicked for Punk Buster not initializing (it's running fine).
The day after release though it's got several hundred percent better, rather than being able to join 1 of 20 servers attempted it's now more like 10 of 20. Sure that's still bad, but that's a big improvement for one day of work on the server back-end, so I'm confident it'll continue in the right direction at a rapid pace.

As for the game itself;
-Singleplayer; a shallow overly scripted experience, but decent quick-fix fun, like a rollercoaster rather than a great piece of story telling. Actually I didn't find out it had single player until after I pre-ordered, so this was just a bonus anyway.

-Multiplayer; awesome awesome awesome. Once you do get into a server it's fairly solid and being dropped is rare. The gameplay itself is everything it sets out to be; teamwork is encouraged subtly enough that you don't feel tethered to your buddies artificially (I'm looking at you, Operation Flashpoint 2 with your "tether distance") but strong enough that even people not used to team games naturally gravitate towards helping each other out. ~8 maps may not sound like a huge number, but like Counter-Strike the fun comes from repeating the theme with new players and new experiences each time. The unlocks are perfectly paced so that when the same map comes around on a rotation, you're playing it with a new set of weapons and gear than before, so nothing ever feels stale. The game dynamically creates those breathtaking moments you just have to rush to tell your gamer friends about, just from the well honed mechanics. Tears of joy do pour forth after you take down a tank on foot, or capture a control point after killing the 6 enemies guarding it by jumping your flaming quad bike over a ramp into the base and landing on them, or any of the other "that was SWEET!" moments the game throws up hour after hour.

Knocking a star off because although it has dedicated servers, you can't host your own. Way to NOT capitalize on the ill-sentiment towards MW2, geniuses. You could have made a massive steal of all of those disgruntled gamers away from Activision/IW.

As for the complaints of it running slowly I really don't see an issue with that, even with one of my graphics cards turned off it feels smooth and well optimized (relative to how good it looks - it's still an advanced modern game, it's not Peggle - bear that in mind). Remember that extra options to turn off/down such as SSAO and AA can only be accessed when the graphical preset is turned to Advanced(or Custom?) - otherwise they're hidden.

The moaning that it's developed for consoles primarily I don't see as having any merit; DICE themselves have revealed that there are more people playing the PC version online (even with the connection issues) than either console. I have a pretty sensitive Consolification Detector, and nothing in this game really sets it off. What does go off is the irony detector when PC gamers complain about system specs then moan that developers are moving in a console direction. You don't own a Ferrari then complain about the service intervals.

Conclusion; The connection issues are something to struggle through for now to uncover the awesome game underneath - and those issues will only lessen over time(and quickly, given the volume of outcry), leaving nothing but the awesome game left over. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sink a few more hours in...
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on 8 March 2010
I will break the review into two sections!

This is roughly 6-8 hours long and involves a variety of different locations. The graphics are simply amazing! I have a decent computer and it runs very smoothly on medium settings and still looks gorgeous, the back drops and draw distances are very very impressive.

The shooting mechanics are very enjoyable but the big letdown for me in singleplayer was I really didn't like the characters! In Call of duty 4 the characters are much more...serious. Battlefield bad company 2 has a more light hearted approach which is fine but it really bugged me at times.

Talking of bugs...! I have come accross a fair few in the single player such as audio dropping out, not being able to enter a vehicle and getting stuck in walls. It's forgiveable however as the action is quite intense. The AI is smart and challenging but most of all quite fun to play against.

The main reason why I purchased this game! Unlike many others on here I haven't had a single problem running or connecting to a server (really hope it stays that way) The server browser does take quite a while to load but a tip is to cancel the search after five seconds and quite a few servers will populate the list.

There are different game modes but unfortunatly most of them are rather dull. The only mode I have enjoyed is "rush" which has two sides fight against each other. One side has to defend locations on the map whilst the other attack and destroy these locations. It's hectic and fun! There is a very "epic" feel to the battles and it feels like you are actually in a warzone.

Another complaint with multiplayer is snipers! Yes I know they are part of the game but when you are attacking bases and two thirds of your team is glued to the top of a big hill it can get quite disheartening. So if you hate snipers you may want to look elsewhere as it is quite easy to master and as a result is a very popular choice in all game modes.

The other three classes are medic, assault and engineer which all have their own perks which are unlocked by gaining experience points. Therefore if your just starting out in the game it can be tough at first as nearly everyone will have more powerful equipment and perks.

I really enjoy playing assault and engineer which brings me neatly to another point..vehicles. Vehicles are fun to use and involve team effort to use effectively.
This is very much a team game...if you try to play rambo it can be very difficult.

Overall I expected more enjoyable game modes! The range of maps is good, the graphics excellent and the gameplay fun..worth a look =)
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on 18 June 2016
I recently received Battlefield 3 as a birthday present and decided that after playing it for several hours, that I would go back a version to see what BFBC 2 would be like on a brand new WIN 7 64 bit OS, seeing as though this game version is now 6 years old. SUPERB, is the answer. To anyone who prefers Single Player versions of First Person Shooters, then this is a 'must buy'. Unlike modern BF versions you don't need an EA account, or, any 3rd party registrations, all you require is a decent internet access bandwidth, as this old DVD needed patching to the current version which is 795745. This was about 4 GB's in total, and with a good internet connection, took approx. 45 minutes to completely install. This, in comparison to Battlefield 3 which is approx 30 GBs, and took nearly 5 hours to install from the woefully inadequate EA download servers. So, game on, and no need for the disk to be in your hard drive now, which for me was another plus point, I started my campaign at 'Chapter 1'. Now, with the game being 6 years old, and having just finished playing BF3, I considered the first episode to look very old, a bit like CoD World at War, you enter Japanese waters and continue across the terrain shooting as you go, I thought if this was the way things were going to be for the whole game then it looked poor, however, fear not, it didn't, but, as the first chapter lay the foundations for the rest of the storyline, they had to include it, and the other 12 chapters were far better, in my opinion. Now, I'm not going to spoil the fun for anyone and tell you what happens in the game, I'm sure you can read and research other areas of the internet to gleen what happens, wikipedia is a good start, if you so desire, however, I can advise you that for the £5 I paid for this it is definately money well spent, and I wouldn't have begrudged spending a bit more on it to be honest. The game itself has 3 mode levels of attacking the opposition, Easy, Normal and Hard, however, I found the 'easy' bit to be anything but, at times, with my first venture into the fray. I am not one of these today's gaming youngsters that rushes around and takes 3 hours to complete a game then sits back and says, now, that was very boring I've finished it already, I like to take my time with things, what's the rush, you can play this game for the rest of your life, there's no hurry!!! I appreciate the game for what it is, 6 years old, yet, the developers have done a wonderful job of everything, the environments, lighting and shadows, ground texturing, trees and vegetation, buildings, civilian and military vehicles, armaments, all look first class, and smooth game play is assured on a decent mid to high-end gaming rig, with a huge draw distance that makes you feel as though you are there in person, the artists and design teams along with the animators have produced a work of art, and having personally been on holiday to South America, I appreciated the Amazonian-esque jungle scenes, birdsongs, and flavela style housing areas, found commonly in most Cities of that Continent. Now, with this being 6 years old, and obviously EA have moved on to more modern ideas, there are some things that haven't been rectified in this version, which although don't diminsh the game, I consider them worthy of note, to bring the game into context, the quirky nature of the floating bits of destroyed buildings and other scenery that hang aimlessly in the air, dead bodies that are stuck through walls, and the super quick disappearance of destroyed tanks and helicopters that make you wonder whether you actually imagined that you'd just blown them to bits, or, not, in the first place. I personally dislike not being able to explore much off the beaten track as you get a warning - Not allowed to leave the combat area - with a 10 second rundown if you don't get back, however, coupled with the new advanced techniques with the Frostbite game engine the game scurries along at a rapid pace, it's dusty and dirty and noisy and sheer panic sets in at times, but, the fun element is a massive 10/10, I can't understand how folks can possibly give this a 1/2 star rating, if you're looking for a fps game and never tried any of the Battlefield series before, then, may I suggest that you obtain this, as it sets a benchmark for all the latest versions of the game, but, it is less modern, less cyber crime, less space-age and more seat of the pants, hand to hand combat fighting, that all good military gaming versions should be, fantastic stuff.
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on 2 April 2010
BF:BC2 felt like a breath of fresh air after the confined, console-ported cheatfest that was Modern Warfare 2 - huge maps, rolling objectives and challenging maps with beautiful scenery spanning cities, jungles and icy wastes. I've not played the single player much, but I suspect that anyone who buys it for single player will be missing the point - this is all about massive multiplayer mayhem.

It's an update to the classic "Battlefield" series, which is known for its huge, richly-detailed maps and vehicle-based combat. "Bad Company 2" is set in the modern theatre and does much to addess the flaws of the previous installments in the series - there's no constant aerial bombardment, no impossible-to-destroy vehicles and the whole thing feels much more varied and balanced. As well as the classic "Conquest" mode, there's new game modes, including a "Rush" mode that has you fighting your way across the map to destroy objectives in a "Counter-Strike" style. Vehicles are still there, but this time, they're not the ubiquitous impenetrable fortresses that they've been before, and can be summarily taken down by someone with the right skills and tools. Collect points and you'll unlock better weapons, talents and vehicle improvements that reward you for all the effort you put in. "Hardcore" mode will have you breathing hard before you dare pop your head over a rock - a couple of shots and you're down.

Is it enjoyable ? Well, on the right day, it can be wonderful - working together with your squad to destroy your way across the map, blowing up buildings all the way in a gung-ho path of destruction. On a bad day, it can be terrible - spending a few seconds alive before you're picked off by masses of over-accurate snipers from huge distances away. You spawn, you die instantly. You wait. You spawn, You die again. You wait again. You spawn, you die again. Rinse and repeat.

Whereas previous games had major balance problems with vehicles, here it tends to be classes. The Assault class is under-powered and not favoured by many players, Engineers not quite so bad, and the medics are somehow better armed and a much safer bet. Best of all is the recon/sniper, a class that is seriously overpowered and when coupled with a scoring system that doesn't really reward completing objectives as much as headshots, disturbs game balance.

Why bother charging in to blow up objectives, when the guy who's sat in the bushes at the back of the map, picking off randoms, is going to top the scoreboard ? It's this imbalance that spoils the new "Rush" mode - blowing up targets gives you such a pitiful reward that most servers are just full of snipers, who really don't care about destroying the targets - the majority of the time, more than half the team on a "Rush" map will be snipers, accumulating huge scores while the team fails to destroy any of its objectives. Huge scores gets you better gear, so there's no incentive to do anything but snipe.

The interface has its demons too. The server browser feels like stepping back in time 10 years, a buggy, clunky and unreliable interface that can make it difficult to connect to games, and to link up with friends. It's still early in the game's lifetime, so perhaps all this will be sorted out in future patches.

Overall, it can be fantastic - immense and well-planned maps, beautifully designed and challenging. Charging from point-to-point across an enormous rush map can be amazing, particularly if your squad is working together like a team. It's a rich, satisfying, accessible update to the "Battlefield" series - but the bias towards sniper play really spoils the mix. The scoring system is just too biased towards combat scores to encourage the strategic play that the game has introduced, so you can expect to be spending a lot of time on the wrong end of a bullet from an unseen sniper. Although it's made the "Battlefield" series more accessible and has introduced amazing new visuals and game modes, the game balance favours sitting in bushes at the edge of the map more than heroically leading your squad in to destroy the objective.
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on 10 March 2014
The graphics are very good on a high end machine.
Far far to much linking video and some of the missions are very short.
Very good weaponry but the carry position is very unnatural.
Good FPS for all levels, although on "hard" some of the missions are very hard, with serious consideration needing to be given to the weapons you choose. Do not expect your team mates to do much to help at times.
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on 22 September 2012
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the game which makes me curse out loud and punch my fist high in the air in delight. It's about the multiplayer and luckily the servers are rammed with £5 quid you'd be mad not to try. The graphics are amazing, along with the gameplay and audio. Seriously, I gave BF3 some time, and it didn't deliver. This did. See you online ;)
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on 5 February 2013
The game is very good and I recommend it as single player. However, if you want to play online, be aware as the updates will take about 14 hours (tried 2 or 3 times and after 14 hours it would not work). I only play on single player (all you have to do is switch off the internet and you can play single player mode without downloading anything).
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on 27 April 2012
Hi all,
I thought I share my thoughts on this game as being a long time fun of cod series. Battlefield always were built around around the multiplayer game modes so there is no points to discuss single player campaign here.
BC2 has been very nicely developed using the Frostbite engine which gives so far to most enjoyable game in the world of team based tactical shooters. I'm using a high end PC which provide the best graphics and still running the game under 70 fps. The weapons sounds, the soldiers, the environment is just realistic. Most of the objects can be destroyed and when someone is hiding behind a wooden fence by all means just shoot through it and get a kill just fine and also destroy the fence during the action. The fact to be able to destroy trees, buildings and fences and pretty much everything will already determine the way of tactics to be used. Being a defender in rush mode the first few moves is to take away you opponents cover. And that is just the top of the ice berg. This is a true team work game where lone wolfs get shot quick but organised teams can take one all enemy points. Also this is the first game which made us all use headsets so we can communicate effectively and I bought a joystick to make my life as pilot more easier.
Compared to any other games BC2 will get the soldier out of you. Unlike mw series where lone wolf style works just fine, where you re-spawn immediately and snipers class are the most overpowered ones you will loose interest soon. mw series due its game style is something for the younger generations. No offence Activision but mw is clearly targets the under 16 age groups. Don't be fooled by what the box says.
BC2 in the other hand requires tactical skills, teamwork and focus. This applies to both shooting and driving vehicles. The sniper class called recon which very much reflects that sniper is not about camping and shooting people with unrealistic quick scope technique or planting a claymore behind you making you un-killable like in mw but its about what you can do in a ghillie suit. Recon is to spot and detect, plant explosives or call in mortar strikes from distance and of course our favourite the sniper rifles. However sniping requires a lot of skill in BC2. When the enemy is on longer ranges you don't shoot at the target and kill, you shoot where the target is going to be when the bullet gets there. YES, the bullet drops by range and even scoring hits on stationary targets requires patience and good aim.

BC2 is very highly recommended especially if you don't want to go through the painful process of BF3 origin install and many known issues with that game. Don't be fooled, Frostbite 2 engine is nice but unless you got a high end PC you will not be able to enjoy it. Console player, sorry all but I can only speak for the PC version.

Buy this game, play it with friends, use your skills and enjoy the most realistic battlefield you ever been into...
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on 26 December 2013
Bit of a pain to install initially as the version that arrived on DVD was out of date. To be fair it is a nice feature that they check and let you know that an upgrade is available. It automatically checks the version and then prompts you to do a download - five hour download :(

I did wonder if it would be worthwhile but decided to let it download overnight and I am glad that I did - it is a great interface and game play - I can see how it got the rave reviews.

Initially running it - I just got a black screen with music, character voices and text and credits showing in white. Seemed to be knackered, so I googled the problem and some guy said "the fix for me was to turn my effects quality to low and everything else is at max" I couldn't see an option for effects separate to general video - the default setting was on 'medium' so I set it on 'low' and then I could see the video. Most weird! and the quality was good.

Some other guy said "switching from auto to direct x 9 worked.." I couldn't see where this option waseither - most strange.

But it is working now and a great game.
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