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on 11 November 2010
I bought this camera a couple of months ago now, and i'm very pleased with it! It's not my first dslr, it's my 2nd. But it's so much better than my previous Olympus. It's VERY easy to use, lightweight and brilliant quality.

The only downside would be that the video doesn't have auto-focus. But I was not prepared to pay hundreds more for the updated 550d just for auto-focus. Manual focus isn't that bad!! More creative :) I didn't actually buy the camera for video, but I thought it would be a nice touch.

I've also heard that it's very similar as the Canon 50d! Apart from video of course, and the full frame sensor.

I don't understand this whole 'entry-level' camera buisness! What really is the difference between these cameras apart from full frame or cropped sensors?

Anyway, I would recommend this camera for amatuer/professional photographers who can't afford the so called 'professional' and EXPENSIVE cameras. It's just as good. From what i've heard....
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VINE VOICEon 1 April 2010
This is a superb budget D-SLR camera at the cheap end of the market.

I bought as a replacement for my 350D mainly as the 350D is now mostly used for time lapse and remote shooting so needed a new SLR for my main work.

I assumed it would just be a case of having more pixels but this really is a generation or two advanced over the 350D.

The build quality is excellent but the screen is the most striking, it's huge , 3 inches and I like the ability to change colors, the green mode is fantastic for night time.

Is very light and well balanced and it handles very well.

Live view is a useful addition (which I doubt I'd use a lot as it does slow operation down) but it uses a lot of energy.

Image quality is much better than the 350D. Less noise and with the extra pixels it appears much sharper, ideal for me as I shoot with a fish eye a lot and so need to crop in sometimes.

Another addition over the 350D is sensor cleaning which I hope will reduce the dust issues creeping into my 350D. Overall, very pleased so far.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 29 March 2011
A long time ago I had a 35mm SLR camera, but with the advent of digital cameras I got carried away with the convenience of instant digital pictures. For the last couple of years though I have really wanted a DSLR but they were just too expensive for me.

With the release of the new Canon EOS 600D the superb EOS 500D is being heavily discounted so I decided the time had come for me to rediscover photography rather than just taking snaps.

The EOS 500D is utterly amazing. The quality of pictures that can be taken by anyone just by using the fully automatic mode are head and shoulders above anything you will get from a compact camera. The biggest difference though is the speed of the camera. It turns on in an instant and the first picture can be taken within half a second. Focusing is lightning fast and there just isn't any shutter lag at all. If you want the ultimate "point and click" camera, just switch this one into fully automatic mode and snap away to your heart's content. Kids, cats, birds and anything that moves are so easy to photograph with such rapid focusing and the feeling of disappointment from missing a great shot because of shutter lag becomes a thing of the past.

The full manual controls and the aperture or shutter priority modes are really where you will discover the joy of creating a photograph. Being able to decide the depth of field is probably the thing I missed most since my 35mm SLR was retired. There are dozens of other settings you can play with for hours of course, including for example Automatic Exposure Bracketing that can let you explore creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) scenes. Also, being able to take a photograph indoors without having to use the flash is something I had totally forgotten was possible. In the first week of owning this camera the quality of shots taken in this way this was the thing that really stood out to me.

Overall: 5 stars! - I think you can probably tell that I love this camera. In manual modes it brings out your creative side and in full auto mode it is as simple to use as any compact camera but will give you infinitely better results.
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on 4 August 2009
I bought this camera about 2 weeks ago and it has exceeded all expectations. Being my first DSLR I tried to make sure I bought the best camera for my money. Initially I was going to buy the 450D on price but the extra few megapixels and better screen (which is stunning) swayed me. I'll try not to repeat any previous reviews but my observations are as follows;
In many respects this camera does all of the work for you. You could quite happily use the basic zone modes (auto modes) and take great photos or just use them whilst you get to grips with the complexity of manual modes.
The camera is also stunning aesthetically. It is slightly more rounded than previous models but as a consequence is also a touch smaller, especially the grip. For someone like myself who has large hands it is still not too much of a problem but if you feel like this may be a problem then a battery grip should rectify this.
In 2 weeks I probably charged this camera once and took almost a thousand photos.. great battery life considering the performance.
The buttons on the 500D are cleverly thought out except in the live view where the '*' button serves as the AF button and when filming the 'live view' button is stop/start recording.
The HD video mode is very good - I didn't consider this feature when buying but it is a very useful one to have just in case.
The only problems I have had are with memory cards. I was initially using a 2Gb one I already had but this was way too small but have recently bought a new 8Gb one which holds about 1,100 JPEG images. When you buy a card don't go for the cheapest go for the fastest (class 6). A standard SanDisk one will take about 15-20 continuous shots then will slow down or stop.
All in all a fantastic DSLR that I would recommend to anyone, especially if you take pictures of sporting events or landscapes as the Canon really seems to capture vivid colours and action well. This is by far and away the best camera in this price bracket too when compared to a D90 for example.
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on 22 October 2010
This is my first digital SLR having owned the Canon EOs 1000 35mm camera a number of years ago, and a few 'point and shoot' digital cameras. I delayed for a few years until the price of the digital SLRs became more realistic. So with a camera budget of £500 I did my research, mainly on the pages of this forum, and decided to buy the 500d. I was going to buy the 450d for a little less, but the video function on the 500d tempted me. Although I don't 'do' video I thought it might come in handy one day for an extra 50 quid, and having had a short dabble I am pleased to report it works very well. I also purchased the Canon EF-S 55-250mm zoom lens (£159.00). So far I am delighted with the camera. The results are outstanding. I have yet to experiment with a lot of the advanced functions, and wonder if I ever will as the results are so good with the standard dial functions. Finally, I found the controls intuitive and was taking photos within 10 minutes of unpacking the camera. I would recommend this camera to anybody who is not a technocrat and is unsure which to buy. And the zoom lens is also first class and at an unbelievable price for a Canon lens, worth considering as part of an 'ideal' package.
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on 11 September 2010
Buying an SLR Camera has been on my mind for a long time. I've saved for it and I've researched extensivelly about brands, models, features and price as I had a budget. I've always loved Lumix, the quality of the photos I've taken with a compact camera were absolutely stunning but compact cameras are very limited compared to SLRs independently of one being an amateur photographer like me or not.
I've set my mind on a Lumix G2, read all the reviews, was set on buying it then I checked Canon and set my eyes on the EOS 500D. I also checked the Nikon equivalent but what did it for me was:
-Quality of the camera (I took pictures in the Norwegian Fjords in the rain and the camera survied and the photos were amazing).
-Variety of lens (Canon is an expert in lens and has such a wide range to suit every need a photographer might have.)
-Megapixels (I wanted 15 minimum just in case I want to poster print one of my photos)
-Style (being a woman that is very important for me)
and above all PRICE. It fit within my budget (550 pounds).
Mind you I still love Lumix but I think I did well in buying this Canon. I didn't buy any of the extra lens as I can't afford them at the moment but the EF-S 18-55mm is wonderful as you can automatically or manually, depending on your inclination stabilize the image).
The many different modes of picture taking might be overwelming at times especially when there's so much one can do and so many different options to take the right picture. I keep my camera on creative mode all the time except when I want to take a picture in movement, then I shift to sports but I'm an amateur and I've got time to get to know my camera.
For those who love photography this canon is very easy to use and is a nice upgrade from the compact cameras. Mind you, the camera is slightly heavy so be careful with your neck. Independently of any reviews one reads, the most important point is: is it the right camera for you? because it might be but it might not be. Research, think about all the requirements you want in a camera, go to a store and hold it, check the features (doesn't mean that you're going to buy it then and there) but you'll get the feel of the camera, talk to someone that knows and that can explain things to you because SLR cameras are an investment and you've got to make sure you do the right one for you and enjoy it! SLRs are amazing!
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on 7 March 2010
I bought this as my first DSLR. I wanted a fairly decent camera that would allow me to learn as I go and this camera seems to fit the bill. You can use it in full Auto or any of the 'scene' modes (some of which are fairly good) or you can choose full Manual mode which allows you to play around with the settings. It is easy to change settings in Manual mode and I find the camera in general easy to use. It is just the right size for me and all the buttons are in the right place. I had considered a Nikon as well however I found that it didn't feel as good to hold and some of the buttons were in awkward places (for me). The camera feels sturdy and well built. It also isn't as heavy as some others I looked at, as a fairly feeble girl this was important for me!

I've found that the camera produces excellent pictures even with the kit lens. I can't wait to buy a new and better lens and an external flash to see what it can really do. The battery life is great also.

Haven't tried video yet, not something I'm particularly bothered about but it might come in useful at some point!

I really can't think of anything bad to say about the camera! I can't wait to use it more and get some great pictures! Recommended.
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on 8 December 2009
I have had this camera just one month and I was originally going to purchase the EOS 450D. I am so pleased that I paid the extra.
This is a light weight and truely versitile camera. Having previously been a stills photographer with a gap of some years using just a compact digital, I found the useage of the camera both intuitive and great quality. I am looking forward to taking many more Photos. I would suggest that if you are attempting anything serious you need a decent Telephoto Lense. I have purchased the Canon EF 75-300IS but if you are looking to save money buy the kit with the 18-250mm lens.
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on 10 February 2010
This is my first DSLR. I've had a variety of Canon Powershots over the years and been very happy with all of them. This camera is exceedingly good. The picture quality far exceeds the compacts I've owned (I've still got my Canon A650 - a great compact, but not in the same league as this). The clarity, especially when zooming in, is very apparent. Compared to my compacts, even the most recent one, there is very little noise or grain in normal light outdoors. It's very good at landscapes. It's possibly even better indoors and with portraits - possibly too good, as it picks up all your facial imperfections and skin blemishes! The clarity is THAT good. It takes time to get the best out of it - although it's auto modes are very good, you can squeeze even better out of it if you use the programmable modes. Not tried the HD video yet, so can't comment.

Although I can't compare this to other DSLRs (having previously never owned one), I would certainly recommend this camera to anyone. The build quality is very robust (yes, I've already dropped it, and the dog has knocked it off a chair) and despite all the features it offers, it's surprisingly easy to use. You even get a printed manual, which is unlike some other makes I could mention. If you want to move up from a compact to a DSLR, this is the camera to get (and no, I don't work for Canon).
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on 25 February 2010
What can I say?
If you are looking for a DSLR, look no further!
I recently bought it, with standard 18-55 mm lens kit, and also used 10 year old EF lenses from my film EOS 300 as well. It works a treat.
I took it to a wedding and took about a thousand photos.
After seeing initial results on the camera display screen, there was a Q to get more portraits done and people were offering to buy it off me then and there!
Having seen the results on PC and HD TV, I am stunned.
And I am not a professional photographer and can not use most settings except the auto ones.
Get it, get a decent case and a couple of good SDHC cards and off you go, you wont be disappointed.
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