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on 15 August 2011
With a Center Parcs holiday looming, I needed to get 4 bikes on the car with one bike being a small childs. The carrier itself is well built, has great flexibility through the two sets of pivots (the frame itself and the bike arm) that are toothed wheels and simple cantilevers to open and lock, and six straps to secure it in place. The hooks on the straps stayed firm and didn't chip the paint but their plastic covering was a little too 'hard plastic' for me and I'll be looking to place or glue a foam pad to them in future (especially with new car just around the corner!) There's an extra strap too to pull the bikes firmly onto the frame but I think it's way too short.

I drove the 150 miles or so, each way, with steady motorway speeds of 70+ mph, with the four bikes on the rack and it stayed firmly in place. However, I did have a pack of four webbing straps previously purchased and I made use of these to further strap the bikes to the frame and (using the toggles included with the rack) added too extra straps from the bike rack frame into the back doors. Better safe than sorry I feel! The feet on the rack should be against the tailgate and not rested on the bumper but don't think about opening the boot with bikes on - the weight is tremendous! Even without bikes, I was dubious as the strap hooks rubbed on the bumper and also where the boot lid meets the roof. Cars are built nowadays with such small tolerences that gaps between panels are small!

The business part of the frame that holds the bikes has hooks onto which rubber straps need to be fitted. Which way round they go is not obvious - the instructions don't show the detail - so take a bit of time to work out how they form the base onto which the cross bar rests and then how they pul over the cross bar and hook back on. That said, depending on the bike frme, it isn't always the cross bar! A Y frame - so bikes with rear wheel suspension - don't fit easily and need a combination of jiggling, trail and error and brut force to fit alongside other bikes, I found. I imagine, over a few years, the rubbers might start to perish. I wonder how I will get replacements? The brackets (with rubber straps) onto which the bikes are placed are close together and with handlebars, seats and pedals clashing, together with a mix of bike frames, it's not the easy placement of bikes onto the carrier that the instructions suggest. Alternating the direction of each bike, as the instructions suggest, isn't always the answer, and additionally I found the order the bikes went on made the difference between success and frustration. However, the arm is a cantilever so be sure to get the heaviest bikes nearer the car.

That brings me onto the last point. The carrier has a 45kg weight limit and I'd suggest that 3 mountain bikes are pushing that limit. With the fourth 'kids' bike also on, I was probably exceeding the maximum working load! On first use, I didn't appreciate how far the bike weight would pull the arms down and so what started out as the 10 degree recommended incline to the arms on fitting, ended with horizontal bars once bikes were added and so the bigest stress on the arms. Thank goodness for the other straps I had to take some of the bike weight back onto the frame. On the return trip, I angled the arms up more and the bikes hung much better.

So, all in all, it did what it said on the tin and for less than £100, it's pretty good value too. It's pushed to the limit with 4 bikes (although road bikes or even hybrids would travel much more comfortably) and the generic arms made for cross bars are not ideal for Y frames or small bikes.
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on 2 August 2017
This is a great item. It's the genuine Peruzzo Venezia product in the more expensive aluminium but with the bonus of having 4 bike carriers. As has been mentioned by others this really only represents a potential to carry 4 bikes since the maximum load remains at 45 Kg (which itself is the typical weight of 3 mountain bikes). If this concerns anyone then it's possible to remove the 4th carrier fairly easily should you wish.

On the Giullietta there's no need to use the optional adaptor (supplied) for the side mounts since it's easy to clamp on the metal part of the hatch. Take care though not to place the main loading bar on top of the spoiler (which is plastic) but instead on the flat forward lip of the hatch in front of the spoiler (metal). Locking the frame into position 'I' should make this clear.
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on 30 June 2010
The bike carrier is well made and exactly as shown in the picture, but the fitting instructions are very poor, and after several hours my husband and I gave up out of frustration - none of the example styles in the instructions related to our car, which is like the photograph on the website, and it is only by looking at how this is fitted is it possible to work out how to fit the carrier. In addition, even though it came as "ready to fit", the strapping had been inserted the wrong way round, so needed rethreading. The technical terms used in the fitting instructions are not written for a first time user, and overall were difficult to follow.
In addition, even though it is a 4 bike carrier, the combined weight of our bikes would exceed the max capacity, so we can only fit 3 bikes at a time, with a child one in the boot - when the children's bikes get too big for this, the carrier will not serve its purpose.
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on 12 July 2015
Read all the reviews and was hesitant to go for this as people seem to have had difficulty getting four bikes on it. I'm glad I went for it as we very easily got our four road bikes on the back of my fabia for a trip to France. We did about 1400miles with the bikes on the back through all weather conditions and the rack was absolutely brilliant.

I would highly recommend this product. I agree you would have difficulty getting four mtb's on it but for four road bikes it's brilliant and excellent value.
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on 24 June 2011
Brilliant. I was after a 4 bike rack for ages, can be hard to find. This one is great. Easy to fit, bikes fit on to rubber mounts making them really secure. Never ending combination of positions for the rack. Imagine it would fit most cars. When bikes are not on the rack it is possible to open the hatchback door, which I couldn't on my old rack. A great buy.
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on 16 August 2012
It arrived in a small package - good service from vendor. Used this rack for 2 adult (ladies bikes need the cross bar accessory) and 2 kids bikes on a Vectra Estate as I did not want to pay for a towbar to be fitted.

Rack was very stable and did not adversely affect handling or fuel consumption. Fitting this rack needs a dry run and patience - it can be fitted by one person. Tools - adjustable spanner, bike repair kit (to alter handbars/brake levers as needed). Actions:

+ Wash the tailgate to get grit and road grime off before fitting.
+ Hang rack from top webbing first
+ Check the position of rubber mounting blocks so they are on metal or glass around the rear window that mounts to the edge of the screen.
+ Ensure the bike mounting poles face up about 20 degrees - allows for the weight of the bikes on rear suspension.
+ Put heating pipe insulation between the bikes, as needed, to stop rubbing and wear. Even if they are close use the insulation as in transit they move.

We had a 2cm drop as the top mount webbing settled under load on first run then none. First fitting and loading bikes took 1hr 40mins after that allow 40mins - maybe I'm slow!

After use, if you will use the same car, mark the positions used and fold away. Rack parts are available from the Raleigh website. This 4 bike rack uses 30mm tubing.
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on 28 July 2010
Great to be able to carry 4 bikes as we're a family of 4. The item is easy to assemble and seems safe. We have done 100 miles with 3 bikes and it performed well. The only reason why I'm not giving 4 stars is because our car has a frameless window on the boot, and we're not entirely sure if with more use that will be damaged, as the product doesn't look like it is designed for cars with this feature.
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on 30 May 2015
This does not carry 4 bikes. It does not carry 3 bikes. I have 2 specialized mountain bikes and carries those. I bought this for 2 mountain bikes and 2 kids bikes. I can't get the kids bikes on this. What a waste of money.
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on 17 October 2015
Well made and sturdy product, it can however be a bit of a jigsaw getting 4 cycles of different types on but once you do find an order that works it's best to take a photo to help you the next time you put them on.
Its probably a big ask to put 4 cycles on the back of your car anyway and this item is a good value product that works well

Would definitely recommend
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on 29 March 2014
Brilliant bike carrier, you will need to protect the bikes from rubbing each other. Half the price of Halfords from the same product.
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