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on 1 October 2009
This 42" TV was ordered and delivered in super quick time - helpful delivery guy too.
It took me about 20 minutes to get it out of the box and up and running - very easy set up. The freeview tuned in very quickly - no need for manual deletions.
The result is better than I had hoped for.
Picture quality in a room that has a lot of natural light is very good and it seems to be just the right size screen for us. Resolution + means the sharpness of ordinary old pictures (films, old TV shows, etc) is very good.
Controls are intuitively easy to use although I can appreciate that some people might be used to a different layout.
I'm impressed so far!
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on 21 November 2009
As a Christmas present for the whole family, we decided to buy a 42 inch LCD TV. I'm not hugely technically minded but I read the reviews and thought this would do the trick. I also ordered a couple of HDMI cables for 99 p each just in case.

It arrived in a huge box which I thought was mainly packaging. Oh no, not packaging - the TV is really just that big!! It took me and two of my girls to put it together, although we weren't hugely successful with the stand (although our efforts seem to be holding well). Onto the stand and the TV dominates our living room - in a good way. It is ALL picture - the frame is minimal and discreet (no shiny chrome or silver to distract) and we went straight to tuning. And got completely lost. So in a fit of temper, I turned on the Sky Box and it tuned itself!!! Ditto when we plugged in the DVD player - we just picked the second HDMI channel and there it was in huge glorious colour.

And finally the PS - it made me want to sit there and play games straight away - the image was just so crisp and bright.

The remote is easy to use - each button does exactly what you think it does. We had one freak-out when the TV wouldn't turn on, but then we discovered the second on/off button on the left hand side (d'oh) and all was well. And despite being non-technically minded, I do find myself wondering whether I should get surround sound or something. The speakers are fine, the sound is lovely, and music bangs nicely when it plays - but hey, why have a TV this beautiful if you don't make the most of it?!!
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on 4 February 2010
Like a lot of people, I have sat on the fence for a number of years waiting for prices to come down and all the bugs to be ironed out before committing to a flat screen LCD TV.
I happened on the Toshiba by pure chance and having read the reviews I was sold. I received the TV and stand within 2 days of ordering. Why is it that Amazon can be consistently good on their deliveries and others take weeks? Well done Amazon again
It took me longer to put the stand together than set up the TV!
The Toshiba looks absolutely fantastic and the suggested stand sets it off perfectly. Even my wife, who was extremely dubious about getting this size TV, was impressed.Lets talk about the picture.
What can I say - its just perfect. The colour, contrast and brightness were spot on from the time I switched it on. Having seen HD in various shops, I can only say that this is as close to HD without actually having it you are ever likely to get.I have been thru' the extensive menu and the picture is virtually adjustable in every way. I am still tweeking mine to my taste. There have some adverse criticism of the sound. I must disagree.The sound as good as any other set I have purchased however with such a fantastic looking set I am now looking at Home Cinema speakers (if the wife will let me)
I have attached a Top Up TV digi box with no problems. Recordings look better than they did on my old TV but not quite up to live TV standards.
Gripes - only minor ones. I would have liked 3 scart sockets, there are only 2. Only because I have various external devices that only connect via this method. When switching to my digi box and using recordings the screen reverts to 4:3 size instead of 16:9 size.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Toshiba. There is no doubt it is one of the best, reasonably priced LCD TV's on the market.
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on 2 February 2010
I was really worried after I read some reviews here saying that there was a problem with virgin media.

Toshiba was the cheapest full HD from Amazon (and to be honest the cheapest I could find from a well known brand) so I decided to buy it.
I've been using this TV for 2 months now and I'm very, very happy with it.
I've plugged:
- PS3 using HDMI
- Samsumg Home Theatre using HDMI and the optical cable for the audio output.
- Virgin media box
Everything is working just fine.

There is no problem at all with virgin media. I couldn't understand from the reviews if the problem was with the device or just the remote control.
Anyway, it's working really well as far as I can see.

This is my first LCD TV and for this reason I cannot compare to other similar products, but I'd recommend Toshiba Regza to everyone.
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on 30 April 2010
I ordered this TV recently from Amazon. Bought to replace my smaller 37 inch lcd tv, & I'm very impressed with this Toshiba. Took me less than 30 minutes to set up. The picture quality is stunning & its great to have Freeview built in.
Main reason for purchase was to enhance video games as I play my xbox 360 through this, & wow, the 42 inch screen makes games look so imposing & vibrant. The speakers are actually not bad on this TV. However, I'd recommend connecting a surround sound system to really enahnce the audio experience for whatever you want to do, whether it be for dvds or games.

Having 4 x hdmi sockets on the back allows connection for many devices, & a small but very useful feature is the headphone socket.

I hunted high & low to find a suitable TV, & I'm so glad I decided on this one. It's fantastic, screen size is massive & it ticks all the boxes.
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on 30 December 2009
Just a short review from me, i bought this set about a month or so ago now, i always scour the offers and reviews on amazon and almost went for a 32" LG tv before i saw the offer on the Toshiba.
Tons of features, picture settings, sound options, inputs and outputs galore, (hdmi, scart, component, optical audio port) etc etc)
I've not had a proper HD input to use on it yet, but its been great with normal sky and xbox360 use with the scart and component connectors.
Sound is ok if a little muted ~(and i mean just slightly) regarding that you can't see any speakers on the thing its amazing.
More than big enough screen to satisfy the big kid in you, i'd buy one while they are still in stock.
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on 18 January 2010
After looking around various sites for a new tv i decided to take the plunge and buy this one from Amazon. It was very well priced compared with other retailers and i do feel i got excellent value for money. After reading many reviews i was a little worried about the sound considering i suffer mild hearing problems, but the sound is very good. The tv is linked to a Sky+HD box and the picture quality is excellent. I do seriously wonder what the 1 star reviews are doing, this is a 5 star product.

I could have spent a lot more money and to be honest are my eyes that good at spotting the tiny difference in performance from this tv compared to one costing twice as much.....probably not.
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on 16 March 2010
We have wanted to get a flat screen tv for so long but have put it of not knowing whcih to choose. Finally we bought the Toshiba Regza 42" from Amazon and are thrilled to bits with it. It is crystal clear and seems huge in our room but not ungainly. It is very slick looking and can be watched from virtually any angle with no problem. The sound clarity is excellent and goes loud enough even for me although I am a bit deaf. We are now watching all the rubbish they put on telly (that has not changed unfortunately) but it looks so good we do not mind. If you are still wondering about which telly to get I can really recommend this without any qualms.
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on 8 February 2017
I've had this TV for seven years now and it's never let me down. The power switch on the side is getting worn out and the TV doesn't always switch on from the remote when left on standby for a long time. For seven years though I'm not going to complain. I'm about to upgrade to a 4K Tv and I could still sell this on as it's still in good working order. Well worth it.
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on 2 January 2010
As other reviewers have stated the speed of Amazon deliery is excellent.

The television itself was easy to set up with all channels being located easily by the set.

I have Virginmedia and did find that my Virgin Box started to act oddly when the set powered up. After a few changes to the picture settings I discovered that the AutoView picture setting must send out a signal that the Vigin Box detects hence the continual changing of channels as the TV tests the ambient light. The issue disappeared once Standard Mode is selected

I have yet to try a Blu Ray DVD but PS3 games are outstanding if it is connected via HDMI

All in all an excellent TV
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