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on 2 February 2016
I bought one of these to connect both my PS4 and XBOX ONE (previously XBOX 360) to my sound system. My sound system only has one HDMI port that can support games consoles, so I needed to buy a switch so I could use both consoles without having to manually unplug HDMI cables all the time. It is powered by two devices that are connected to it, no external power is needed.

I first had it set so that the Output is to my sound system (obviously that has not changed), Input 1 to my PS4, and Input 2 to my XBOX 360. This set up caused me no problems. If playing on the PS4, I could turn on the XBOX 360 and it would work, and then when finished with the XBOX, I could turn it off, and continue using the PS4 with no problems.

My only problems arose when I purchased the XBOX ONE. When I had the XBOX ONE connected to Input 2, I found that when I turn it off after using it, the picture would not switch back to the PS4, I had to manually change the input once or twice (with the button), for the picture to come back. The problem even happens if I switch the inputs for each console.

Sometimes, when using the XBOX ONE, (usually after switching) the picture quality would revert to 480p with a widescreen-on-full screen look. I don't know if these problems are caused by the switch or the XBOX ONE, but I would guess the switch. All I know is, if you use an XBOX ONE with this product, be prepared to manually switch the inputs or even restart your devices. This product worked faultlessly on my PS4 and XBOX 360.

Overall, it is a very clever idea, the design is simple, the size is only approx. 5cm x 5cm, and does not need external power. If you are looking for an HDMI switch, this is a good choice, just be wary if you own an XBOX ONE.
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on 27 January 2017
Does exactly what it says it will and at a very good price too. It worked when other self-powered switches didn't. Still can't get it to work with my PS4 connected but think that's because it can't draw enough power from the PS4, which is how this switch works - pulls power from the devices connected to the inputs. Works fine with my Sky HD box and Windows PC though. It's very small and light too. It auto-selects and switches inputs most of the time so don't need to manually switch. Can't see any degradation in video quality either. The only bug bear is the ridiculously bright blue LED which shines out from behind the TV. I positioned the switch in such a way as to block this as it was rather distracting. Other than that, highly recommended.
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on 24 December 2016
I had bought a 3 way HDMI splitter which was cheap (and felt it). Also, it didn't work. (Amazon processed a refund very efficiently). All of the same type of splitter on Amazon in the sub £10 price range looked as if they would be the same. So I took a different route and went for this. I am very pleased I did. It doesn't come with an HDMI cable so I purchased a good quality one separately. So the total price took it to just over £10. But it was well worth it. It's a discreet little box, feels pretty good quality and works a treat. The picture quality is great and it sits neatly behind the T.V. I would recommend this over the all in one cable type unit. It feels better qualityand is tidier. Worth just a few extra pounds.
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on 22 April 2016
The switching of devices works well enough through it is manual so if a device is in low power mode and not switched off the switch won't work get a remote one for devices such as fire TV so on but for games consoles blu ray players so on this is perfect works as intended. for older TV's which only have one or two HDMI ports this is a perfect way of solving that problem, has three inputs and one out put which connects to your TV.
I have no complaints the device did exactly what I thought it would do, thanks for reading
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on 7 April 2016
We have too many HDMI devices and not enough ports.

This was a brilliant buy. I have plugged all my consoles into the switcher and it will automatically switch to the device that you want.

The only downside to the switcher is that it will only switch if that device is the only one on. If another console is on or hasn't shut down before I turn on the next console then the device won't switch and it has to be done manually (hard job when it is behind a unit and Tv at the same time!

Other than that little issue I love it and for the price I bought it at it is even better. I think anyone that has multiple devices and especially consoles should consider getting this.

Duronic HDS3 Mini 3 Port Gold HDMI Auto Switch PIANO BLACK 3x1 (3 way input 1 output HDMI Switcher)
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on 20 July 2015
Failed to function as expected, required devices to be manually switched which is annoying when it's supposed to be automatic. It doesn't seem to like auto switching to the small media player my Grandma uses and gets stuck requiring manually switching. I'm annoyed because it doesn't work with everything, seems to go OK with Blu-Ray and Sat box, but generic media players are a big no.

I ended up settling for scart from the sat box, to make use of the inputs on her TV, because at least it's automatic.

Truth be told, you'd be better buying a TV with more HDMI slots but we can't always afford to do this, and sometimes people cling on to their old TV for far too long.

If you're not 80 odd years old and you can be bothered getting out of your chair I'm sure it will do fine. But automatic should mean automatic, not only automatic sometimes or with a limited collection of connected equipment.
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on 9 March 2015
Bought this product to use it with my LG TV so that I can keep chromecast, sky+ hd and PS3 plugged in at the same time and switch between inputs when needed. It works well with PS3 and chromecast with no loss of quality however, the hdmi switch struggles with sky+ hd. When plugged in I get lag in voice, flickering screen and disturbance on the screen. Assuming that maybe one of the port was broken, I plugged it the sky+ hd box in all the input ports one after the other - just to realise I get the same results. To investigate it further, I plugged it on to a friend's normal (non-HD) sky tv box and PS4. Results were interesting - it just worked fine non HD sky but gave me the same disturbance/degraded video for PS4.

CONCLUSION: NOT compatible with SKY+ HD or any other high bandwidth HD streams (eg, PS4). Works just okay with other low bandwidth devices (chromecast, ps3, apple tv, laptop)
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on 3 February 2017
Really pleased with the HDMI Smart Switch, my wife bought me a Amazon Fire Stick for Christmas and thought we would have enough HDMI sockets as there are three already on the TV but on checking found that I needed another socket, I chose this smart switch because of the price and revues it had and I am not disappointed at all, I plugged the Amazon Fire Stick in with the blue ray player and worked right away, I like the little blue lights that indicate which channel you are on so if the switch doesn’t work automatically all you do is press the select and you can choose which channel you require. So happy I bought another one.
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on 8 April 2016
Ordered this to go along with my new windows tv box. my tv only has one hdmi port so this allows me to connect my digital box, dvd, and windows tvbox to the one hdmi port. There is a little button you use to toggle which device is connected, so its really easy to use. my only complaint is that there is a blue indicator light which is very very bright, if the lights are off it almost lights up the room. this was no big deal though as i just positioned it so the light was pointing down and away from sight. item came well packaged and there is a good quality feel to the item itself. seems well made and i dont see it ever causing any problems. its a simple solution to a common problem
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on 8 July 2016
Brought this so I could have my laptop, PS4 and PS3 all plugged into the TV at once. For some reason it was very picky about which of the inputs the laptop went into (would just not work on one, at all - even with different cables used). But once I got that sorted it seemed to be fine. However, even when the PS3 and laptop are off/asleep the PS4 will have issues. If you turn the PS4 on before using the switch button to switch to the correct input then it will not play sound through the TV. You have to press the button to the right input, and then switch on the PS4 - making the Auto-Switch function completely pointless.

Sadly, that isn't the only issue. It will work fine for a good 40 mins or so but after that it seems to loose input, or randomly try to switch to another one even though both other devices are on sleep. This happened even when all other HDMI cables were unplugged.

Basically, useless.
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