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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£9.48+ £2.03 shipping

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on 24 March 2017
Good game perfect for people who love rpg games.
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on 29 April 2017
Very happy with the game,
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on 24 October 2012
`Max Payne' is a franchise that is been in slumberland for some time. Back in the day it helped to develop and refine the slo-mo game mechanic that is prevalent in hundreds of games today. Originals cannot always remain relevant and perhaps this is why Rockstar decided to mothball the franchise until 2012, but in a world of bleakly realistic movies, is it not time for another game about the cynical cop with the leather coat and permanent sneer?

`Max Payne 3' is a mash up of what is new and what is old about the franchise. The game mechanic that made the series so popular in the first place remains intact and has been developed upon. Max is not one for cover and if you jump out at the enemy, time slows so that you can despatch your foe with pinpoint accuracy. The graphically quality and seamless integration of this slo-mo is far better than in the PS2 days and Rockstar have rightly structured the game around this mechanic. Although not as fresh as it used to be, gun time is still the most pleasurable aspect of the game.

The differences in `Max Payne 3' than in previous iterations come in terms of story and tone. Gone are the panels that made the game feel like an adult comic book and instead you get a bleak modern feel; part found footage, part `Children of God'. Max is as drunk as ever and prone to talking to himself, but the story is far more in-depth this time and the levels far more diverse and interesting.

Despite diversity in terms of level location, `Max Payne' still feels overlong in places, with the game mechanics remaining the same throughout. In the end it was the storyline that kept me playing till the end, because I was bored of the gameplay. Ceaseless jumping and shooting may have cut it in 2004, but a modern gamer needs a little more diversity to their game and `Max Payne' does not provide this. There is the added distraction of an online versus mode, but the main event is graphically and narratively compelling, but overlong and increasingly samey.
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on 15 August 2016
They did a fantastic job in retaining the 'Max Payne' feel of this game whilst updating it for a modern console. My only problem was keeping up with the story and understanding who was who, which was made more apparent when replaying the game and didn't detract from my enjoyment from it too much the first time round. Still, it was the story of the last two games that really helped engross me, so that's why I've restrained from a full 5-star rating.
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on 19 July 2015
Haven't played yet, waiting for grandson to put up shelf, to put television on
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on 19 November 2012
I was initially very skeptical to buy this game, I absolutely loved Max Payne 1 and 2 and suddenly it seemed to me such a bad idea to have a Max Payne game set in Brasil with a much colored color pallet than the 2 initial games, since I loved the voice narration and the noir feel of the first games, I thought they had ruined the franchise. So I didn't buy this game right away, and waited for a price drop. I bought this game 2 weeks ago, and having now finished the game, I can honestly say, boy was I wrong. This is still the Max Payne I loved, the voice narration is a treat, with all the different catchy phrases Max says when he picks up the pills. The story, while not being revolutionary is well told, and enjoyable. The gameplay as always is awesome, mixing your typical cover shoot em ups (uncharted style) with bullet time. What impresses more overall though is the attention to detail in every single room/alley we visit and brasilian is spoken throughout the game, and for me as Portuguese I can tell you the voice acting was done superbly. I recommend to everyone still in doubt you pickup this game, hope you have as much fun as I had ;)
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on 4 May 2014
To understand the story of Max Payne himself, you have to do some searching about him in the internet if you don't wanna play the first or second one. I did not play either of does ones, and I did my homework and did read alot of stuff of Max's backstory. So you do have to know his character arc a little bit, but storyline wise, this game sets off a completly new chapter in Max's life, so you dont need to play any of the 2 past games to understand this games storyline.

To the ones who know about Max but haven't played this game: Basically, this game takes place years after the events of MP2, and now, Max, is a potrayed as a deppressed middle aged man, who abuses the use of painkillers, drinks alot, and smokes alot. The tragedy that took his loved ones is a pain that will never heal to Max. With no choice left, he is offered a job to protect a rich wealthy family in Sao Paulo Brazil. And from there on, Max sets of with a new chapter to his life.

This game was amazing in my opinion, of the best games I have played so far. Max Payne is an amazing character, so is this game.
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on 7 June 2013
"Max Payne 3" is an intense, brutal and incredibly satisfying and rewarding shooter. It just isn't a very good Max Payne game.
The main problem with the game is the story. The plot is hard to follow and far too unfocused. The game is set in Brazil and we're introduced to various lawless factions, paramilitaries, rogue police groups, plain old criminal gangs but very soon the whole thing is a chaos with motivations being unclear and after a while I just lost track of who I was shooting at or even why. Yes, why! Max Payne games have always had high stakes. Max is seeking revenge for his wife and daughter or trying to put his life back together after his tragedy. Here Max Payne is just a sad old drunk that goes on a killing spree because he takes his bodyguard job really serious. The people Max fights for and tries to save are not the least likable and the story never really explains why Max is going through all this for someone he barely knows or even seems to like. Max Payne is a classic noir character and I suppose that in a way the story follows the noir rule of being over complicated and even having some plot points never fully explained but as a player I never felt invested in the story or its characters. I never sympathized with anyone except Max and I felt I was going along to indulge him, my old "pal" rather than for my own personal satisfaction.
The Brazil setting also doesn't work for a character like Max Payne. Brazil is sunny, cheerful and belongs in a completely different urban culture from Max Payne. Max feels out of place here and I suppose that again this was intentional but it just felt wrong. Brazil simply doesn't belong in what was supposed to be a gritty noir tale. The graphics are absolutely stunning and the seedy side of Brazil's underworld is depicted with fantastic detail but I felt the setting belonged to a different story. When in flashback sequences you're back in New Jersey, in Max's apartment and you fight at night and that whole "Max Payne" vibe is back and he has the leather jacket... you get glimpses of what the game could and should have been. Unfortunately these missions are short and you are soon back in Brazil and Max is bald and wearing a ridiculous shirt. Damn...
The game's structure is also a huge problem. You have long and unskippable cut-scenes played frequently and intrusively between gameplay and with an irritating and obnoxious "sense of style" which grows tiresome very quickly. James McCaffrey is once again perfect as Max Payne but the writing is far from convincing and you can soon tell that the "character's inner voice" changed hands. Max's observations and monologues were some of the first two game's highlights but not here. On subsequent playthroughs the invasive and meddling cut-scenes become almost unbearable which is a shame because when "Max Payne 3" allows you to actually play it, its a blast.
The controls feel a bit clunky at first. Max is no Nathan Drake. He's slow and somewhat cumbersome to control. The shoot-dodge, Max Payne's big draw since the first game also sees its importance scaled back. If you shoot-dodge and hit something, like a desk or a wall, Max falls down completely vulnerable and the aggressive enemies will destroy you with no mercy. Since many fights occur in cluttered environments sometimes its almost worthless. Its sort of a gamble and I found it more useful as a tool to leap from cover to cover than as an offensive tool. There is also bullet time, where you slow time down and line up your shots, something that today seems far too common in games but in which Max was a pioneer back in the day. Still the gameplay is far too reliant on the usual chest high wall cover seen in every 3rd person shooter today than in "run and gun" which is what Max Payne was all about.
Where the game truly shines is in its absolutely brutal violence. The guns all feel powerful and the damage on the enemies is magnificent. When you kill the last enemy in an area you see a closeup of the bullets entering his body or head, blood gushing and his lifeless body falling to the floor. This is especially gratifying when using a sniper riffle as you see the bullet slowly flying through the air and obliterate some poor bastard in glorious and macabre detail. The environments are also destructible and some fights can turn into absolute mayhem with explosions, glass breaking everywhere, Max shoot-dodging through the air in slow motion with bullets flying past him and you inflicting absolute carnage in the enemies ranks. Its pure fun!
The game is challenging, even on "medium" and the AI is aggressive and ruthless. This is an intense and extreme experience with no compassion for the player. Its also addictive and highly enjoyable. I must also note the absolutely sublime soundtrack. One of the best I have heard in a game, the music enhances the action and is perfectly placed.
There is multiplayer too. As with most multiplayer games if you are a new player you will get slaughtered again and again. However in "Max Payne 3" I found the learning curve to be even higher than in most other games. The characters movement is stiff, the maps offer plenty of chances for "kill zones" and with some weapon and "equipment" DLC additions I wouldn't exactly call the multiplayer balanced. I also found it rather dull with only occasional bouts of all out action usually in the "Gang Wars" mode where there are objectives other than to kill the other team.
There are other modes to play in single player though. "Score Attack" where you gain points for kills and "New York Minute" where you are racing against time with precious seconds added for each kill. These are fun diversions but you're still playing the campaign levels over and over again and it soon turns far too familiar to bother. No matter how fun the shootouts are there are only so many times you can go through the same level and suffer the same cut-scenes.
"Max Payne 3" is a high quality shooter. It will get your heart pumping and it will amaze you with its hardcore action. It just doesn't have the soul or heart of previous games in the series. If you can get passed how bad of a sequel this is you will find and enjoy an amazingly entertaining game. But even then there's always the feeling that the game never quite reaches its full potential. Still after all these years its good to see Max again and I hope this isn't the last time he shoot-dodges through the air killing bad guys and looking cool! Until we meet again Max!
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2014
A lot of Max Payne fans were dismayed by the early publicity for this game, fearing that it completely transformed their beloved Noir hero. For the most part this is a reinvention of the character, but it is still very faithful to the roots of the previous games. However, I was not very impressed with it.

With his family dead and future uncertain at best, Max takes a job as a bodyguard for a wealthy South American family who just to happen to the target of vicious bad guys. Strap yourself in for the long haul because you'll spend the next 12 hours of your life shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting with no puzzle solving, or stealth, or variety in combat to break-up the gameplay.

Max Payne 3 comes across as a hybrid of Dead to Rights: Retribution and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days while retaining the fun and enjoyment of neither. The whole game is a grim, dark, nihilistic, ugly, humorless, and quite depressing slog through swarms of wasted, cheap human lives. Do you enjoy murdering loads and loads and loads of people. If so then Max Payne 3 is for you, but I don't want to know you. Yes, I do realize that many video games have bad guys that are there simply to be gunned-down but never quite as graphic and disturbing as this. Who on Earth can really enjoy this sort of thing.

It does feature a nice variety of locations, from the snowy Brooklyn rooftops to the swamps of South America, but there's never really moment to stop and take it all in - unlike Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (quite a similar game) where you scan the scenic backdrops. I also found the controls to be stiff and sluggish and not suitable for a game where quick reflexes are a must. Cut-scenes go on for way too long and the "faulty video" aesthetic is just annoying.

I wouldn't recommend this game.

There are 68 trophies featured in Max Payne 3 (21 of them being from multiplayer DLC) though the trophies from the main game are very hard to achieve. I won only 9 by the time I finished it, and the game is so unenjoyable there's no way I'm going back to win more.
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on 22 October 2013
I loved the graphics and the locations of the game. The controls are great and very accessible. The music and voice acting is top notch. I played the game on normal difficulty and it was very challenging. You will die a lot in this game!

My only gripe would be that the duck and shoot gameplay can get a bit repetitive. But the gunfights are really cool and the bullet time feature where it slows down the action is incredibly stylish and you'll find yourself jumping sideways in slow motion whilst planting a perfect headshot time and time again. I just wished there was a bit more variation in how the game plays out.

So i would definitely recommend getting this game if you're a fan of balls to the wall action especially the Uncharted trilogy which this game very closely resembles. Go buy it :D
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