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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2010
Unreserved five stars for PQ on the remastered edition (the AQ was always excellent).

Now what you really want to know: how can you be sure you're getting the new edition, and not the shoddy first release? As of 9 September, NBC Universal UK have confirmed three things:

1. They have started shipping the new edition to retailers, but it's up to retailers as to when they sell it.
2. The new edition has a "Pocket-Blu" logo on the back, comprising the pocket BLU symbol and the words "pocket BLU"; this is the sole distinguishing mark. If it's there, you have the new edition; if not, the old.
3. The combined Robin Hood/Gladiator release includes the new edition of Gladiator.

Happy hunting!

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on 1 May 2012
Blu Ray all zone (not confirmed)

Ratio of the feature film:

Length of the Theatrical Cut: 155 min
Length of the Extended Cut: 171 min

Languages of the feature film:
DTS Master Audio 5.1: English
DTS 5.1: French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Dolby 2.0: 2 commentaries by the director Ridley Scott and some crew's members (1 commentary for each cut)

Subtitles for the feature film and the bonuses (Disc II):
French, Italian, German, Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Traditional Mandarin and English for the hard of hearings.

Extra subtitles only available on Disc II:
Japanese, Russian, Greek and Polish

This film on Blu Ray is nearly perfect, a good picture with an outstanding soundtrack. The soundtrack is perfect with a fantastic music. The picture has a natural but discrete noise.
Thanks to its excellent picture, we can see much more details about the battle, the fights, Rome and its magnificent buildings, monuments and of course the coliseum which looks very massive, imposing in this ancient and highly detailed city.
High Definition picture means details we are not supposed to see !!
- We can clearly during the first battle against the Prussians, 1 guy seen not fighting but smiling and walking in the wrong direction !! (9 min 44 sec), a funny take !!
- The stunt double of Russel Crowe falling from his horse during this same battle (10 min, 25 sec).
- The following day, Maximus goes to see his horse, a crew man wearing jeans standing in the background behind the horse can be seen hiding.
- For his first fight alone in the arena, at the end, when Maximus says "Are you not entertained", on the left side of the screen among the audience the cameraman and the camera are clearly visible.
- The last scenes of Proximo, as Oliver Reed passed away before the end of the shooting, a double was used for several shots and can be seen standing for Mr. Reed.

More mistakes can be seen but nevertheless, the script remains truly remarkable making this film a real pleasure to watch over and over again especially with this unforgettable score which matches every moment of the film.
You will not be disappointed, enjoy.
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on 1 January 2011
Gladiator is a classic film, and this Blu Ray release brings it to life like never been seen before. I own the DVD of the original and extended editions, and I was shocked at the quality of the image and sound that Blu Ray gives. Some of the scenes looked surprisingly different because of the extra clarity, and the difference is breathtaking. I particularly like that this product includes the extended edition of the film in full HD, and these extra scenes just fill in a few gaps that were present in the cinema release. I was originally sceptical about the improvement that Blu Ray could give over traditional DVDs, but after seeing Gladiator I am converted. Absolutely stunning.
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on 28 August 2009
As the title suggests, this is a great film but has unfortunately been butchered on blu ray. The picture quality is absolutely dreadful, the studio has applied so much DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) to try to remove grain that they have actually removed a lot of detail in the picture itself! Crucially though, Ridley Scott filmed this with the intention of many of the battle scenes being very grainy (it makes them seem for more gritty and real) - so to remove it would surely go against his wishes!

In the opening battle scenes in Germania for example, about half of the flaming arrows fired by the Romans have been erased on the blu ray compared to the DVD. What's worse is that the ones that remain flicker in and out of existence in a really obvious manner. Likewise Roman soldiers have their spears erased or cut in half (I'm not joking - look up AVS Forums and you'll see screenshots of what I mean). But worst of all is that the studio seems to have actually added in some print damage that wasn't present on the DVD! In some scenes (only for a split second mind you) a strange blueish blob (admittedly very small) can flash up - what's up with that?

The real kick in the teeth though is that all these problems only affect the theatrical portions of the film - all of the extended scenes have been left unmolested, and here the picture quality is fantastic. But it is very jarring when watching these scenes as you'll go from blurry to very sharp and then back again - again this is obvious to the "untrained eye" so to speak.

Ultimately it is an absolute travesty that this film has been released in such a state. It reminds me of the first US release of the Fifth Element on blu ray which was so appalling that Sony was forced to release a better version within a year (the re-release was actually very good and is region free for those that are interested).

The point remains, though, that we should not have to wait for a re-release to experience this film in a manner that blu ray is supposed to. Had the audio just been an issue then it wouldn't have mattered much, but to have the picture quality so heavily compromised that an upscaled DVD actually contains more detail is disgusting!
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on 1 September 2009
...quite how this abomination slipped through Universal's quality control department remains a mystery, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if people have been fired over this disaster. Gladiator is one of their premium catalogue titles and they've made a complete and utter mess of it. It appears they've used the old transfer from 2000 and run it through a grain scrubber (half-a-dozen times by the looks of it), thus eliminating all fine detail. Of course, it wouldn't be the first Blu-ray title to have excessive DNR applied, but scrubbed to the point it actually removes parts of the film? I believe that IS a first. Arrows and fireballs that magically disappear and then re-appear? I know the Romans were a rum bunch but I'm pretty sure they didn't have cloaking technology back in the day.

Just as Sony did with The Fifth Element, Universal need to do a new high-definition transfer and issue a recall notice as a matter of urgency...and for those unlucky folks who've already coughed-up their hard earned, an exchange programme needs to be implemented at Universal's expense.

As an aside, the Braveheart transfer is nothing short of stunning.

Edit: Amazon.De have now have the re-mastered "10th Anniversary Edition" up for pre-order with a release date of May 6th. This will have a brand new 1080p transfer due to the "inferior quality" of the first release. No doubt the apologists will continue to bury their heads in the sand and insist the first release looks "stunning", but for those of us without eyesight problems & correctly calibrated displays, this comes as very welcome news.
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on 16 May 2007
Okay. so you have probably already seen Gladiator either at the cinema or on DVD. So whats special about this version and why should you but it? Thats the question I asked myself. Well, I already have the original version and so has to think about getting this one, but I am glad I did. I read other reviews saying not much was in this that isn't in the original, but I say they are wrong.

Okay, so theres nothing really new here, everything is the same right through to when Maximus (Crowe) gets to Rome. After this, there is nothing brethtakingly new, no new battle scenes, no amazing effects... but there is depth. The additional scenes add to the intigue, build the characters even further and adds a more understanding to the minds of the main characters. We have more behind the scenes plotting to bring about the downfall of the insane Commodu (Phoenix) including one scene where he stands in front of the fireing squad while two Soldiers are executed (if thats not mad I don't know what is!).

So, is it worth getting if you already have a copy of the original? In my view, yes it is because the understanding is heightened far beyond what we had before. If all you want is more battles and gore... don't bother. I will watch this version over and over, the original will stay in my collection bit this is the version for me.
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on 11 June 2012
Despite the lack of the "Pocket-Blu" logo on the back of the new Augmented Reality packaging which previously comprised of the pocket BLU symbol and the words "pocket BLU" - I can confirm that this is the remastered edition.

For your Information the reference number printed on disc 1 is 28647.1/ST/G51/R1.

The Augmented Reality refers to the cover only and you need to download an app from Universal Pictures to view it.
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on 22 October 2005
I knew there was a reason why I never got around to buying the two disc edition, and now I know: I was waiting for this three-disc edition. I just didn't know what I was waiting for.
It was really interesting to see the new scenes, even though I understand why Ridley Scott cut them out of the big screen version. The film works very well without them - obviously, who didn't love it when they saw it on the big screen? - but if you're a Gladiator fan, you want to see it all. Love the Ridley/Crowe commentary as well.
Oh, just go ahead, you won't regret buying this DVD. I promise.
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on 8 December 2012
Ridley Scott's 2000 film Gladiator was Hollywoods first major attempt at a "sword and sandals" epic in decades, and it's initial release received both critical and public acclaim.

From beginning to end, Scott's eye for detail produces a visual feats of the film makers art. Digital wizardry brings ancient Rome to life on a scale and grandeur never seen before and a West Sussex Forestry Commission plantation was reduced to ashes, having been bombed and burned in the re-creation of a major battle between Rome and Germanic barbarian hordes.

Over a long career, Ridley has often explored war, violence and mayhem in a graphic, brutal way in many of his films. Gladiator is no exception, with the camera often getting "up and personal" with the blood, guts and gore. The attention to detail paid by the film makers in re-creating the Colosseum's gladiatorial fights as authentically as possible is reason enough, if you need one, to see this film.

Hollywood has never let historical truths stand in the way of a good story, so although some inspiration for a few characters are drawn directly from historical fact, the plot details and Maximus himself are pure fiction.

On the whole, the film's cast give good solid performances, with some flashes of pure brilliance. Indeed, Russell Crow's portrayal of Maximus earnt him the best actor Academy Award in 2000.

So how good is Gladiator? Visually, this is a modern day epic with plenty of action, that will entertain time and again so is worth the effort adding to your film collection.
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on 13 February 2005
I remember the first time I watched this movie on TV, at my friend's place. He was all like "Aw man! You gotta see the action scenes!". So I went over to his place and watched it. We watched the battle in the start, and then he was all over the fast forward-button until we came to the scenes in the arenas. So I didn't quite know what this movie was all about, and at that time I hadn't heard of Russel Crowe before (Hey, I was only 14!).
But now I know much more. The movie is directed by one of the worlds most respected directors; Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien, Hannibal). The cast list is also great, containing the names of such great actors as Russel Crowe, Connie Nielsen, Joaquin Phoenix and Richard Harris. The movie's soundtrack is also lovely! Mighty orchestral music composed by Hans Zimmer (Black Hawk Down, King Arthur), with a great supporting voice by Lisa Gerrard, which will make your tears fly.
The movie is about a great Roman general, named Maximus (Crowe), who is betrayed by the Emperor's son, Commodus, (Phoenix) when he finds out that the emperor (Harris) doesn't want to make Commodus emperor after him, but rather make Maximus emperor. Maximus is being captured and is sent far into the wild with some Roman soldiers. Maximus is to be executed there, but he manages to kill the Roman soldiers and escape. Unfortunately, one of the Roman soldiers manages to wound him before he dies himself. When he comes home to his wife and son on a farm in Spain, he finds them both crucified. Filled with sorrow and hatred, tired from the ride and badly injured by the Roman, Maximus drops to the ground and faints.
He is being picked up, and made a slave by a caravan of slavers. When the caravan reaches Zucchabar, most of the slaves, including Maximus, is bought by a Gladiator-trainer. After many gladiator-battles in different arenas, the remaining slaves travel to Rome, to fight in Colosseum. Maximus now realizes that this is his chance to get his vengeance on Commodus, who now is the emperor of Rome.
Rildey Scott takes Hollywood pictures to the next level, with his brilliant fighting scenes, as well as the sad scenes. This movie is quite violent, but at the same quite sad, which is great! Because then the movie is perfect for both girls and boys.
One of my favorite quotes is from this movie: "My name is Maximus Desmus Maridius. Commander of the armies of the north. General of the Felix legions. Loyal servant of the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife - And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."
This quote is from the scene when Maximus meets Commodus for the first time in the arena, and Commodus finds out that Maximus is alive.
Just watch this movie, and buy the soundtrack while you're at it!
As I said to my friends; There is a reason that such a great movie as Spartacus got 4 Academy Awards, while Gladiator got 5...
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