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on 2 February 2018
Does a good job at keeping my ryzen 1600x CPU cool. The temps are very stable even under heavy load which is great. It is also not very loud, the GPUs own fan is louder than this. It is a little awkward to fit on an AMD socket, but not as hard as some people make out. It comes with the little brackets to clip it on and screw it to the board. Once done it holds in place perfectly fine. As a result of the placement of the screws you only have the option of mounting this fan facing up or down, but my temps have been perfectly fine either way around. As long as there's decent airflow you'll be fine. It also has thermal paste applied to it already so that was handy.
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on 3 June 2015
I bought this because I wanted to install a cpu cooler without removing the mother board from my case as you don't need to access the bottom of the motherboard and thermal paste is pre applied.

Unfortunately my cooler arrived with some bent fins. I doubt it will affect performance and I won't see it with the case closed. Still, it was disappointing and I would advise checking yours when it arrives.

My Aerocool case was pretty cramped but I managed to install the Arctic 13 quite easily. It's important to check the clearance on all sides before you purchase. Overall, I really liked the simple way you can install the bracket to the motherboard with Intel cooler style push clips and then screw the cooler to it.

In terms of performance, I was getting low 60s with stock cooling at 100% cpu load and the Arctic 13 cut this to very high 40s. I'd say on average there was a 15c improvement in temperatures which hopefully will prolong the life of my cpu.

The fan noise was definitely audible at full load but not loud. In a silent room I can hear it but it is unnoticeable when gaming.

I would get this if you don't have easy access to the bottom of your motherboard and you can't be bothered to dismantle your pc. Installation was easy and I saw a decent improvement in temperatures.
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on 27 March 2015
These offer a significant advantage over the stock cooler that's supplied when you buy a cpu. And in all but the most demanding of circumstances, they are more than enough to give you great temps. One of the real advantages of this one is that it doesn't have a plate that fits on the underside of the board, so it's great for replacing existing coolers without any fuss. You don't have to remove the board if your case doesn't have a cut-out under the cpu. It's as simple as fitting the stock cooler. And you don't have to be worried about the dimensions of your case, because the cooler is fairly compact compared to it's nearest rivals.
The main competition out there is the cooler master 212 evo. That offers better cooling, but it has a rather nasty fan. True, you can replace the fan on the 212, but that pushes the price up. the 212 is also slightly more difficult to fit, since it really requires a cut-out in the case under the motherboard to fit a plate.
So all in all, this is a great cooler. It's main advantage is good performance and simplicity of fitting. It only misses out one star because the final cooling performance, while great, could be better.
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on 17 July 2015
Arctic fans are the best cooling solutions ever. I had before F8ProTC. And it worked more guiet when the room temperature above 22C.
But it could be better. The silent pc always was my goal. The Freezer 13 let me switch off the case fan, what made the mini tower better.
The only problem I do have is going down with rotations. The seller says the min. rotation is 600. But my motherboard doesn't let me go below 1450. Even though I shrinked the voltage from +5 to +4V and the computer is cold when starting. I don't know what should I blame for it the fan Freezer 13 or the motherboard Asus. Or both are good but they don't like each other.
The disadvantage is its size. It filled the entire room inside of my minitower. Very tiny disadantage is its bearing. After unpacking you can rotate it by finger and listen the rustling of the bearing. By the Freezer 13 is higher than by my worn off 3 years old Freezer 8 ProTC. But the rustling level is still very low.
Anyway I am guite happy with the fan. But it would be better verion with the TC fan. Let's see how it will work in 2 years.
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on 5 January 2014
This is the second after market cooler I've bought but the first I've fitted on to my AM3+ rig. Use the metal bars provided and your stock AMD mount. I found a tutorial on Youtube no problem. I used my own Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste (pea sized amount) after cleaning the provided thermal paste and residual paste from my processor with some arctic thermal paste remover (you can use pure alcohol). Make sure you get some decent monitoring software like HWMonitor or Core Temp to keep an eye on your temperatures initially and try and resist the urge to jump straight into a game. The cooler is as others have stated absolutly massive and I had to remove one of my case fans from my full size ATX case in order to fit but even with the fan gone I'm running 25C idle and no more than 60C under maximum load. I did have a go at overclocking to 4.3Ghz but one of my motherboard pins was getting rather hot so I lowered it back down to 4.1Ghz which is what it was clocked to when I bought it. All in all for the price I bought this product at (£25 @ 50% off) I'm very pleased. It's much less noisy than my stock fan and runs cooler so at that price I can't really complain
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on 23 June 2015
I bought this as an upgrade to my Arctic Freezer 7, brought my FX 8350 at 4ghz from 60+ to hovering between 48 and 50 while gaming. Its not to heavy so wont put stress on the motherboard.

Pros: Does the cooling you need with or without overclocking.

Cons: The installation is very tricky for the AMD, I installed it while my Motherboard was still in the case, slid all over the place and made the paste uneven, had to reinstall and reapply paste, made easier by taking out my GPU first, but its still tricky with those metal clips.

The Fan started to make a rattling noise after a couple months, I had to replace the unit as its cooling potential really slipped.

Id recommend this cooler to people but now that ive used it id recommend them taking the motherboard out of the case to make installing it easier for AMD.
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on 27 January 2016
I recently installed an ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 - 150 Watt to an in situ 1155 motherboard. Although the sensor in the bios had to be turned off to avoid the boot-up stopping with an error report, I was sufficiently impressed with the cooling ability and quietness of the fan to buy an ARCTIC Freezer 13 - 200 Watt Multicompatible Low Noise CPU Cooler for a 1150 motherboard.

There are excellent Youtube videos showing the fitting of the Freezer 7 and the fitting of the Freezer 13 is very similar in principle but more fiddly in practice. Initial impressions of the more powerful Freezer 13 are even more favourable than those of the Freezer 7.
It didn't cause an error message in the bios
Cooling appears to be even more effective from the more powerful fan.
The more powerful fan may be even quieter.

As the price difference is minimal, the Freezer 13 is the one to go for.

I took care to use a small screwdriver to attach the heat sink to the plastic frame to avoid cracking the plastic by over tightening the screws that secured it to the heat sink.
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on 24 October 2014
It's big and bulky and I forgot to detach the fan before I fitted it. Remember to remove the fan before you try to mount the heatsink as you can't get to the securing screws with it in place, duh! Once fitted correctly and the system was up and running I am was delighted just how quiet this unit is. As for cooling the cpu, the four cores of my i5 4690 are hovering around 27C in light use and under heavy load the maximum temperature recorded so far is 44C so it seems to be working. It is worth noting that this is quite a big assembly and it may sit very close to your memory slots so low profile RAM might be required.
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on 16 July 2013
The seller provide a re-wrapped one with no instruction leaflet so it took me a short while to figure out how to attach it. Thankfully there was no need to remove my motherboard for my Intel i7 CPU. The fan clips onto the motherboard but care must be taken to tighten diagonally opposite clips evenly and carefully to avoid clips popping out of the board. It's been in use for a few weeks now and my PC no longer makes all the noise it used to, especially when the CPU was working hard.

The actual fan unclips from the heatsink assembly to give access to the attachment method. Once the frame is secured you can clip the fan back in facing either way. There was no arrow indicating the direction of air flow so trial and error was needed to ensure the outflow went towards the rear of the case and the case-fan.
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on 26 March 2016
The cooler it's self is amazing, it has stopped my computer constantly telling me it's about to overheat but in order to actually fit it into my mother board was an absolute nightmare! I have an AMD computer and I personally do not think this cooler is designed for an AMD machine, it is more suited to an Intel machine. But in saying that despite how hard it was to fit into my CPU, I would absolutely reccomend this cooler as a replacement to the one that comes with your computer. (But be careful as there is no protector for the thermal paste once you remove the plastic packaging, if the paste gets into fabrics IT WONT COME OUT!)
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