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on 3 July 2013
I replaced a stock Acer cooler. The Acer one did a fair job, and it had a cone that pulled in air from side vent. Therefor it had cooler air rather than recycling the hot air in the case. Unfortunately at every frequency of its variable rotational speed, it made a different pitched whinge and it was quite loud.

Anyway this Arctic Cooling unit has taken a few of degrees off the (gaming) load temps. Idle temps are the same. The real beauty is that it makes no noise. I mean if I get down on the floor, and have the case side off I can hear the airflow. That's acoustic dynamics though, and is exactly what I would expect. It must have good bearings, which I think is why it's rotational operation is quiet/silent. That is what I read about and learnt when looking up reviews on it.

It's very simple to install for Intel. (I viewed a Youtube fitting video, and genuinely it could not be easier.) It is quite large but I think it's the smallest of its type. I like that it pulls air in the directions it does, and exhausts towards the PC case rear vent holes. It is also pulling cool air across the RAM modules, so that can't be a bad thing.

Professional reviews all sumarised it 'a good cooler, but a little more money gets you lots more'. Anyway I decided on this because of size, and low cost. I spent ages looking at the dimensions and measuring inside the PC. I couldn't fit a wider system. More expensive ones use wider fans and heatsinks.

To recap. Perfect for the job with my CPU.
For socket support, internet search 'Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler', and visit the Arctic Cooling web page for this item. In the default first tab 'description', scroll to the bottom of the page and view which sockets it supports. You'll see what you need to know under, 'Intel AMD - Wide Compatibility'.

N.B. I have ordered a 92mm Arctic Cooling case fan, because of my success with this.
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on 24 February 2017
After several months of use, I am happy to say that the cooler is performing admirably

It provides slightly better cooling at a much lower noise level and in a less tall configuration than the stock cooler shipped by Intell.
The pre-applied thermal paste was smooth and of the correct thickness.

only negative is that its mount may interfere with one of the RAM slots on smaller motherboards (I have a Micro ATX LGA 1150 socket MB) meaning that you can't put RAM sticks that are taller (for example have a heat spreader) in the affected slot, and have to remove the cooler before accessing it.
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on 24 May 2013
i have bought a few fan/heatsink upgrades, nothing flash, no big overclocking going on, just a music rig that needs some extra help when rendering big projects.
but what im used to seeing is largely preassembled seating for the heatsink. but heres the thing, it wasnt an issue assembling this to fit.
i had an adaptor on the back of my MOBO for screw in type fitment. so i popped the back off and pursuaded the previous adaptor off and got the plastic pop fit and turn base on.

i have a H67 mobo and i have 4 ram chips installed. with the fan unit on the right hand side, the outer casing is only just making contact with the nearest ram chip. so its deadly tight but its totally do able.
Temps on this first generation 1 860 i7 idle at 25c. its not clocked just bios boosted to 3.4ghz. so im not pushing it at idle. when i run big exports of projects on cubase,temps are barely hitting the 50's.
i do have 6 other case fans so its not exactly hot by any means. id say this was a fairly easy fit for that mobo type.i didnt have any problems with the fan not being fully engaged with the motor unit.mine started up fine, i have checked it every now and then and the fan continues to spin. with 6 case fans and this running too, if im further away from the pc by a foot, i cant hear any of it running and trust me, my ears are my career, its silent.
if anyone can hear this fan running from another room, you have issue with a bios setting or other, cos only on absolute full pelt should you hear this fan. if your overclocking a chip hard, then yes, expect it to run faster and then maybe you will hear it. id give this a 5 if this had not made contact with the ram chip, but its a minor gripe as its only just touching.
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on 1 July 2016
Very impressed with this.

I upgraded my AMD Athlon dual core to a quad, and using the stock fan it just hit the maximum temperature and slowed down (70c).
With this... even under a CPU stress test, it never goes above 50c... and it makes very little noise. My HDD is louder!

Being an AMD, i could only mount it facing up or down... but even so it works well. I settled on pointing it down, otherwise it'd be blowing hot air into the PSU. So i basically have cold air coming in the front top of the case to feed the PSU and CPU. PSU air goes out the back, CPU air goes down... but i have fans in the front and rear of the case which creates a nice current and sucks/blows the hot CPU air out the back.
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on 23 January 2017
No doubt this cools very well (for an air cooler) but the problem arises when trying to fit the thing on the motherboard. It uses shoddy plastic pins which have to be inserted with an unhealthy amount of force, just to discover that the two Poundland quality screws which are supposed to hold the heatsink to the CPU don't line up with each other!
Frankly I am surprised that Arctic are willing to sell such garbage, wouldn't take it if it were free!

As always however, Amazon themselves get 11 out of 10 tor return and full refund in 2 days.
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on 27 January 2013
First impressions were that it was quite large and the heat sink had a weight to it. As I only has a small motherboard AsRock 760GM-GS3, I had to remove one of the RAM cards so my system is still 64 bit but not 8 GB but 4 GB. Then I put the stock cooler back in to test if it will work, and it did work with 4GB RAM.

It is interesting to note that if you start a computer with no heatsink, leaving the processor naked - the temperature of the processor will increase so much that the CPU will not boot.

First time I have done this and a I have an AMD 3 Socket. I put the screws in the flaps first, then tried without being able to fit it in - kept hitting the processor with this 500 gram thing thinking I had broken something, so then I bent the heatsink panels and it was too loose, then I took it off and bent the heatsink panels again - put some new thermal paste Arctic Silver 5, which means I do not have to do all this again in 6 months as with the MK II default paste which I wiped off, then it worked when I heard that click, not too loud or too quiet. It is a weighty thing for 2 plastic clips - no wonder stock coolers are used, it is less of a risk when delivering the box to hell knows where.

I also have 2 other exhaust fans 120mm one at the back and one which is loose and unscrewed sitting on the floor below the motherboard, or fatherboard as they call it in Germany.

For a 3.2 Processor running at about 3.18, with PCI Express frequency over-clocked to 104 (this will turn your CPU into a high-end Blu-Ray player or a PCI express 2.0 Nvidia card run like 3.0 card putting it bluntly).

I was really amazed by the transparency of colours of the Blu-Ray which would expect from a more high end graphics card than a GeForce GTS 450 1GB.


The temperature of the motherboard was mid twenties because of a chasis fan so that was not a problem. The temperature of the CPU would sometimes go over 50C at idle with the stock cooler. Especially because the heating had been fixed and the room was always too hot, so I opened the windows as it is an air cooler - it can only work if the air in the room is cool. Then I tried it with fingers crossed: the CPU temperature started falling gradually to 35C at idle.

Last thoughts:

Cuda may actually work now without the CPU over-heating and switching off at above 65C. I have also updated my ASROCK motherboard to 1.2. I would be a bit worried about moving the desktop because of the size and weight of the cooler with a loose 120mm fan in the case. Arctic Cooling 5 does thin out on the initial use and then it takes 50 to 200 hours to thicken. Time will tell....


The thermal paste is starting to work after 2 days. Also the fan is running at 5650 revolutions which it was not before so CPU temp is 25 C MB temp 24 C. Cannot control speed of fan - but I have over-clocked to 3.6 with a 3.2 CPU with lowered voltages.


Voltages have been set to default because of stability issues. 2 120mm fans will consume voltage. The super increase in fan speed led to 25 C even with load - but it appears to be a random event (an anomaly) maybe a power surge but the asROCK can deal with it. Re-positioned 1 fan towards the front so it will blow sorry suck air in. Though the case has nothing designed for a frontal fan, instead of buying another case I tied it sideways with wires where the screws go in. Looks much better too inside, and it will be easier to move.
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on 4 November 2013
i bought this after reading many a review, but you can never really tell until you get it and use it, so i've had this for several months now, runs my 3.2ghz 6 core AND like a dream and it's very quiet, even when hammering MP games like Battlefield online or playing Football Manager, while playing music, checking facebook all at the same time, it barely breaks sweat, well worth the cash and miles better than a stock cooler

i'm using in this case iT Vantage Type-R Gaming Case with HD Audio, 4 Fans, Card Reader and No PSU - Black, i had to take out the PSU and graphics card, unplug several cables as this is a big lad, fairly easy to install as well, but give yourself room and patience when putting it in, dont try and squeeze this in, take the time and do it right

highly recommended from a person who's been building pc's for a good few years...

if there's 3 things you want to make sure are good for gaming and upgradability, you need a quality cooler, a quality motherboard and a top quality PSU, this will help future proof you for a while ;-)
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on 28 March 2017
Easy to install in an old AMD machine I had lying around, idle temp is 16 degrees in a 21 degree room, with much lower noise than the stock cooler.

Will certainly buy other arctic products in future if they are of a similar quality to this.

How I installed:
Lightly screw on the 2 clips from the AMD bag.
Attach cooler to clips on motherboard (no back plate installation needed).
Tighten screws

Note the fan had to be taken off for access, it's easy enough just to clip back on
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on 5 November 2016
Bought this to use on an old LGA775 Q9650 (Intel DG33FB motherboard). Went for this one as I was already using some Arctic case fans with their PST wiring.
All installed ok, but kept getting a "0 fan rpm" error (although the fan was clearly running, and the utility showed the rpm's jumping between 0 and 'thousands'). Tried a few things but kept getting the error, so thought I'd have to return it as faulty.
Before I did though, I thought I'd check whether it was the same on my daughter's PC (i3 LGA1155 Gigabyte H61), where it worked perfectly! So I've installed it there instead.

So (as with some other reviewers) it seems Arctic have changed something about how their fans operate, and different motherboards react differently to it.

For my processor I've since purchased the similar Akasa X4 AK-968, which is working perfectly.
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on 29 November 2013
Bought this as i overclock my pc.Had no problem fitting the cooler the fan needs to come out to make it an easy job and remember when the fan is replaced to pull the power lead through fully underneath to stop it rubbing against the fan blades.
I tightened the screws fully.
I have since removed the cooler and found when reinstalling it that bending the the ends of the securing bar up a little resulted in a much better and more secure fit.

asus sabertooth fx
amd fx 8120 8 core cpu clocked at 4.4ghz 4.6ghz
asus 6850 gpu
corsair vengeance ram 8gb
1 rear fan 2 front fans running at 600-1200 rpm

idle temp is now 25-27 c compared to 29-32 c

normal use
reason 6.5
paint shop 30-36 c compared to 38-49 c

games like
empire total war 40-49 c compared to 51-63 c and above

All in all a great cooler.
Big yes but no bigger than other coolers of this quality.
recommended buy..
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