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on 29 March 2016
Great the music is soothing and relaxing just like the film it self
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on 14 April 2006
One of the main things that had stayed with me about the movie apart from the excellent special effects was the soundtrack and the diverse sounds and tunes it had, from the classical to the slightly new-age pop.

The main theme music to the movie is a very memorable tune that you quickly associate with the movie as its signature, as all themes should do. One of my favourite tracks is "The Battle", with sweeping peaks and lows and changing density to match the emotion of the movie.

"A Narnia Lullaby" is another strong track full of mystery and with a punch.

I really love the "Can't Take It In" song performed by Imogen Heap at the end of the movie. It's a really excellent feel-good track.

Alanis Morissette's song "Wunderkind" which plays over the main credits at the end is another good track, that fits the movie very well.

A couple of the tracks are a bit ordinary and some of the other good arrangements I liked from the movie have been left off this CD. On the whole though, this is a CD which is great to play at anytime.
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on 21 April 2006
If your purely just interested in the music then I suggest you buy the cheaper edition as opposed to this special edition. The music is the same on both but this cd features a video dvd as well. This contains a film art gallery and also a concept art gallery from the film. It has an interveiw with Harry Gregson-Williams where he explains what he was trying to acheive with the Narnia music and what his inspirations and themes were. It also contains the theatrical trailer and some behind the scenes features such as costume and special effects.

The music is absolutley beautiful and it really does connect well with how you picture Narnia to be. Its very emotional and really feels as if you are going on a Narnia journey yourself as you listen. I think in itself the music is wonderful but I think this is heightened by being connected to Narnia as it creates a feeling of magic and childhood nostalgia.

I chose to buy this edition because I'm a big fan and collector of anything Narnia. My advice is, buy the other version if you just want the music. If your a fan and follower of the books and the film, buy this version.
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on 14 March 2017
I really liked the movie and bought the soundtrack.The cover, cd, and dvd, all of them were perfect.but I really wanted the music from the trailer.I am little bit reluctant for that.Also, I hope that the music which came out when the children play hide-and-seek is in the cd, but there isn't.Except for just few things, everything is perfectly satisfied.
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One of the big blockbusters of last year (and this year) was "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe." Great CGI, good acting on all fronts, and a suitably good soundtrack composed (mostly) by Harry Gregson-Williams. It has a flat moment here and there, but is overall an excellent product.
The movie's events can almost be traced by the soundtrack events: It opens with the ominous, rough "The Blitz, before switching to the delicate, sad strains of "Evacuating London." From there on, there are all kinds of songs, to match whatever is going on in the movie -- the peace and grandeur of Aslan's camp, the thrill of meeting Father Christmas, the sadness and horror of the sacrifice, the excitement of a coronation, and the beauty and sorrow of a doomed battle.
If it sounds glorious, it is. Gregson-Williams makes the music sound both fantastical and rich, as the movie needs. The most haunting song is only a minute and a quarter long: Tumnus' "Narnia Lullaby," a flute song backed by tribal drums. It starts off soft, but slowly grows more intense and eerie.
Oh, and a note to moviegoers: That exquisite, soaring ballad that you heard as the credits started was NOT Alanis Morrisette. It was electro-pop singer Imogen Heap. "Oh, empty my heart/I've got to make room for this feeling/So much bigger than me," she sings over an increasingly epic tip-hop backdrop. Man, she was robbed.
Not that Morrisette's song is unworthy -- her "Wunderkind" is a solid production, earthier and more rock-y, but still with an otherworldly charm. Her song sounds like an ode to Lucy, "And I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment/I am a wunderkind/I am a groundbreaker naïve enough to believe this/I am a princess on the way to my throne..."
Next to thise, Tim Finn (formerly of Split Enz) sounds jarringly un-ethereal. He just doesn't fit in with the other music; he might on another soundtrack, but here he just had me reaching for the skip button. Fortunately, Lisbeth Scott's brief, slightly mournful "Where" suits the soundtrack very well.
While one of the singers doesn't fit the soundtrack, the score for "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" is a solid one, with plenty of standout tracks.
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on 4 January 2006
I am a great fan of film scores and have a collection with some fine soundtracks which include The LOTR Trilogy, Gladiator and Last of the Mohicans. This one is up there with the best of them. It has portrays great emotion within its tracks and is also very soothing at the same time.
I listen to the soundtrack when reading, I listen to it when studying and I even had it on during a cards night but I Digress! There are a number of tracks in particuler that I really like but the main one would have to be the one aptly title The Battle. This was a truly stirring piece and even in some truly great soundtracks I have yet to find one so well linked to the scene it portrays in the film.
Emotions during this piece are raging and in particuler the music accompnying the charge by Peter and his army at the beginning of the battle had the hackles rising on the back of my neck!!!
It has a real magical feel about it as the film is obviously supposed to project and this is of course in no smallpart due to its soundtrack. Other particuler pieces well done were the music accompnying the evacuation from London, the meeting between Lucy and Tumnus and the Narnian lullaby used to send Lucy to sleep.
All in all the soundtrack was just right in portraying tension, action, and a warm glow in your belly.
I have bought it from Amazon.......at the flick of a few buttons you can too!!
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on 14 December 2005
In my opinion, one of the best film soundtracks this year. Some beautiful compositions really capture the magic of the film, from the moment the Pevensies' are evacuated from London, to Lucy first meeting Mr Tumnus and the spectacular battle between the White Witch and the forces of Aslan. The four tracks at the end are also a real treat, in particular "Can't take it in" by Imogen Heap. A great talent.
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on 2 March 2011
Wow! What a fantastic film!
Fairly true to the book, with amazing special effects (by Lucas Film - Star Wars) and a musical score to match !
If you want to be reminded of the storyline, this soundtrack does the job! My CD player is getting worn out playing this!!!
If you are a Narnia fan, and you like classical music, I think you'll love this; it's a MUST !!

The only downside is that the Alanis Morissette's pronunciation of "Wunderkind" is awful - a pity as the song is, otherwise, very very good.

I'd give the soundtrack 10 stars, if possible.
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on 7 April 2006
Fantastic andbeautifully composed, Narnia is a fantastic soundtrack to listen to, however, if your default player is I-tunes, please be wary that this soundtrack WILL NOT play on I-tunes, so buyers beware!
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on 28 January 2007
One of the finest soundtracks of 2005, this has a unique feel, and I think, as is often the case, better than the film itself. The first half of the album really sets the scene for an outstanding second half, with tracks like The Battle (has shades of Kingdom of Heaven), and Only the Beginning of the Adventure are amongst the best tracks of the year. The only downside to this album are the songs at the end, I would have preferred more of HGW's music but that's just my opinion. Overall, a fantastic listen.
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