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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 20 April 2017
Hubby loves the Stones
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on 14 March 2017
A good Stones album.
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on 18 September 2017
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on 23 June 2017
A great album.
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on 27 April 2017
Excellent cd
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on 19 May 2014
Two albums after the great Beggars to Exile run ended, ‘It’s only rock and roll’ is Mick Taylors last, but Mick and Keith’s first as producers. In the years following its release, I wondered if side one was the best side of any Rolling Stones album … It might lack the bluesy rootsy-ness of Beggars Banquet and Let it Bleed, but it has fantastic songs played with great verve.
IORAR has been much criticised for its murky production, but I’m not sure. The title track is notable for its wonderful swampy groove – production more than making up for a very basic chord structure and ‘Time waits for no one’ succeeds magnificently partly because of the way the piano and lead guitar playing have been recorded and mixed. As regards the rest of side one - ‘If you can’t rock me’ is kicked along by the simplest but sharpest of riffs, the stomping ‘Aint to proud to beg’ proves that a worthy rock cover of a Motown classic is possible and ‘Til the next time’ is a classic piece of Jagger romantic balladry – used in the recent Hyde Park concert film, which shows it still has some resonance with the Stones people.
So, what of side two? Certainly, we have some problems in the middle. It gets off to a solid start with ‘Luxury’ - mock Jamaican beat, but a strong song. ‘Dance Little Sister’ tries to find a more stripped down arrangement but has too few chords and too many repeats to work well. ‘I really want to be your friend’ is a keyboard driven ballad, with some production murk but is lifted twice by a gorgeous bridge. ‘Short and curlies’ is harmless but throw away, leaving the mighty ‘Fingerprint file’ to remind us of the glories of side one – genuine funk groove and paranoia about the authorities over interest in the life of rock stars.
So, where does it rate with the rest of the Stones 1970s catalogue? I would like to say that it is no more inconsistent than Goats Head Soup, but that its best bits do reach the dizzy heights of the peaks of the Beggars to Exile series.
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on 7 June 2017
This CD is amongst the 5 Best CDs produced by the Rolling Stones. I purchased it just for the song ' Time waits for no one '
Mick Taylor did a superb guitar work on it. Pity that the Rest of the Rolling Stones members did not appreciate his talent.
Sound like this no longer exist these days.
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on 4 August 2016
An excellent album that,somehow, over time has been much maligned by critics . It was actually favourably reviewed at the time of release. "Boy, do I love this album" - Nick Kent NME 1974 ; "Quite simply, this album is indispensable." - Allan Jones MM 1974. Perhaps after Punk , critics decided in retrospect that it wasn't very good after all. How fickle can you get ? In fact, there is a lot to like on IORR. Those fans who felt that Goat's Head Soup was not Keith assertive enough, keyboard heavy and lacking in rockers were in for a treat here. The opening track "If you can't Rock Me " leaps out of the blocks with a killer riff and urgent pulse of guitars courtesy of Keef and Mick Taylor. Topped with a punky sounding Jagger vocal , it grabs you from the start. The pace doesn't let up with The Temptations "Ain't too Proud to Beg" . Richards and Taylor playing off Billy Preston's piano with such exuberance this is probably one of the best Stones cover versions. The title track needs no introduction and is just a great Rock n Roll song. "Till the Next Goodbye" is a pleasant enough ballad but you are left with the impression that this is The Stones-by-numbers ie "Wild Horses " equivalent - just not as good. "Time Waits For No One" is brilliant for Mick Taylor's guitar solo alone and on the remastered version you can more readily hear the interplay between that guitar and Nicky Hopkins's piano.So far so good . The old Side Two is not as strong regrettably. "Luxury" is just plain awful with Mick singing in a bad Jamaican accent. "Dance Little Sister" is too repetitive and therefore would have been better cut to two and a half minutes rather than over four. That said , it's not a bad rocker. "If You Really Want To Be My Friend " is a soul ballad reminiscent of "Let It Loose " off "Exile" except not as good but is worth a listen for a superb vocal from Jagger with backing harmonies from Philadelphia soul group Blue Magic."Short and Curlies" is a bluesy rock number . A bit of filler maybe but amusing - "She's got you by the balls " . Indeed. "Fingerprint File " closes the album . Funky song about post Watergate spying paranoia. The Stones still had the appetite for experimentation and this finishes the album well. All in all, not perfect but it's much better than the "they haven't made a good album since Exile so called experts would have you believe.
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on 5 December 2016
This is the recent remastering which has been praised for lifting the performances out of the murk of the Glimmer Twins production.
Frankly that is cobblers, as we say in England. The the CD mix is brighter and clearer...and sharper, and more brittle. The original mix/master on the original vinyl (which I dug out recently) is much more full-bodied and warmer. Basically the remastering has ripped the guts out of the numbers and lost the beguiling quality that made me buy this. What a shame. No wonder old vinyl commands such a premium.
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on 18 February 2011
Let me say straight out that I am a lifelong Stones fan and I have had this album since it was released in October 74. To be honest for me, it has never been in the class of their purple patch (Beggars Banquet through to Exile on Main St) but of all the recent remastered albums I think this one has come up with the biggest shine.

It has its high spots; the title track, the Philly inspired "If you really want to be my friend," Fingerprint FIle with its echoes of post Watergate paranoia, and the fabulous Time waits for no one with My Taylor playing some beautiful guitar are all excellent. If you can't rock me, Ain't too proud to beg and Dance Little Sister are all more than credible as album tracks and considerably sharper thanks to the remastering process. All that said, Till the next goodbye is toe curdling bad and Luxury despite a great review from the writer Roy Carr, is an attempt at reggae cross over which doesn't quite get there - in fact Jagger's attempt to sound vaguely Jamaican doesn't help proceedings. As for "Short and Curlies" well along with the album cover I think it might have been better left for another day.

In summary, some high points, a sparky intro / opening to the album, Mick Taylor's playing on Time waits for no one and the overall quality of the remastering make this worthy of further investigation. At time of writing this can be purchased for less than £7 from Uncle Amazon which in my book is good value for money.

If you have all of their albums from the aforementioned purple patch then this is worth buying - more to this album than one might initially think on first listen and on balance it would compare quite favourably with most of their output post "Tattoo You."
I hope the above helps
Roger Bell
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