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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Fantasy Ride
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.58+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 August 2015
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on 4 May 2009
I have to admit, I haven't been Ciara's biggest fan up to this point. She has has some great singles but her albums have been a bit lacking overall, until now that is! This album is full to the brim of energy, sensuality and quality. It is not only her most solid album to date but one of the most solid albums out at the moment. With production from the likes of Ticky Stewart, Justin Timberlake, Danja, Darkchild, Ne-Yo, Polow Da Don and Dr. Luke it's hard to see what could go wrong. Vocally this is definately Ciara's strongest performance thus far also just to put some icing on the cake.
Lately a lot of songs which have been labelled 'club bangers' have been a bit flat in terms of energy but the club bangers here areso full of energy it practically jumps out of the speakers at you. The Danja produced duets with Missy Elliott & Chris Brown are raw energy from start to finish with fairly impressive dance breakdowns aswell. Lead single 'Love Sex Magic' shows off the albums funkier side with Timberlakes other cut 'G Is For Girl' bringing the clever lyrics. Ne-Yo and Tricky Stewart bring the softer, more sensual cuts to the album such as 'Lover's Thing' 'Ciara To The Stage' and 'Keep Dancin' On Me' Slow songs have the potential to be a bit boring but these are far from it, keeping you engaged from start to finish!!
In all, it's an album which is very difficult to fault. Ciara has clearly worked hard to put out a killer album and she has achieved that perfectly. The only drawback I can see would be for fans of the promo single 'Go Girl ft. T-Pain' which ultimately did'nt make the cut on the final tracklist. This really is a fantastic record and with Keri Hilson released the same week and Letoya's new record on the way there is competition but this record definately blows them all out of the water, don't miss out on one of the best albums of 2009 so far!!! (",)
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on 5 May 2009
Being a big fan of Ciara meant that for me personally this album was worth the wait. Her previous albums haven't done greatly in the charts but this time should be different. The initial first single changed from go girl (didn't make the album) , High Price (not a single) and Love Sex and Magic, which is one of her biggest singles to date.This album is brill and is one fantasy ride from start to finish

Ciara To The Stage - Great opener - 10/10
Love, Sex and Magic - Catchy and Dancey - 10/10
High Price - Like old style Ciara - Love It - 9/10
Turntables - Controversial duet but one of my faves - 10/10
Like A Surgeon - Sexy and Very Clever - 10/10
Never Ever - Not as good as opening 5 but still above average - 8/10
Lovers Thing - Summery and Beautiful - 9/10
Work - Sticks in your head and a thumping tune - 10/10
Pucker Up - Stylish and catchy song - 9/10
G Is For Girl - One of my faves and memorable - 10/10
Keep Dancing On Me - Sexy and brilliant - 9/10
Tell Me What Your Name Is - Good tune but not too catchy - 8/10
I Don't Remember - My Fave - 10/10
Echo - Thumping dance tune - 10/10

A great album but there are 2 major flaws: firstly the album artwork is poor in comparison to the American one with Super C and secondly where are the bonus songs. This album should have included the tunes such as I'm On and When I
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on 6 May 2009
I didn't think Ciara could beat Evolution, but oh boy she came back HARD with Fantasy Ride. Ciara is now my favorite artist, and that's out of a LOT, solely due to this album. And this is because there is not a single track that I didn't like; and it was that immediate love of the music, you don't have to listen a few times before you like it-you LOVE it immediately. Seriously, you will not be disappointed it is absolutely fantastic I'm struggling to actually describe it, I was so pleased. If you haven't been a very big fan, but think she's alright..trust me, buy this album and you'll change your mind I gurantee you. In my opinion out of 10 the songs break down like this:
Ciara to the Stage-10/10-HOT track, really sexy R&B beat, excellent catchy lyrics and great way to introduce you to the new Super C.
Love Sex Magic-9/10-We all know how hot this track is cuz it's played non-stop on the radio, however it's not my fave on the album by a long shot.
High Price-10/10-Her high-pitched vocals really make this track amazing, she's bein so dramatic and I love it, it's very unique.
Turntables-9/10-Again, very catchy track, the chorus will be stuck in your head..however lost a point because I don't like Chris Brown at all. But Ciara killed it.
Like a Surgeon-10/10-WOW..this should be her next single!! The lyrics are really sexy and playful and the beat and vocal production is ON POINT.
Never Ever-10/10-I loved Never Ever and I'm really disappointed it failed to chart here in the UK, and I don't think it did particularly well in the U.S. either, I love the "If that boy don't love you by now.." it's really catchy, as are the bridges-my favorite bit.
Lover's Thing-9/10-Very sexy, smooth R&B track that's been stuck in my head for ages--not my favorite track but it's still BOMB.
Work-10/10!!!-If you don't know, Ciara's infamous WORK track should have been a single too! It's classic Ciara, similar to Get Up but even better.
Pucker Up-10/10!-Again, this is chart-worthy, possibly my favorite track on the album (it's hard to decide), basically she's addressing the haters and doubters (people thought she would flop because she kept pushin back the album release date...boy they were wrong) and that they can KISS HER SWAG..this track is unmissable.
G is for Girl-10/10-AWESOME track, she really gets into this song and it's extremely catchy.
Keep Dancin on Me-10/10-Again a smooth sexy r&b tune, really sensual and she sings it in a really catchy way..love it.
Tell Me What Your Name Is-9/10-Love this track, it's really beautiful..i only deduct one point because she has you on such a hype with her fast tracks, when she slows the pace..it's like just gimme more of the club-bangers! But it's a hot track.
I Don't Remember-8/10-This is the only track that I"m not really feelin. It's literally the only song on the album that I thought 'yawn' but it's still really nice, just doesn't meet the standard she has set with the songs before it.
Echo-10/10!!!!-I feel sorry for the U.S. not getting this on their CD!!! It raises that bar again to finish the album by going into classic Ciara--HOT beat and catchy vocals...buy this album ladies & gents..it's my favorite album in my whole CD collection now.
Album as a whole-1000000/10 :P
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on 31 August 2009
Ciara is one to try new things as this is an adventurous journey like her cartoon type image on some US releases and innovative electronica sound on some tracks. It's her voice, her wild ride to try a cutting edge "unique" stroll around the block of hip-hop, pop, funk, dance, and R&B. She has fans who either love it, hate it or feel mixed. This 16-track Japan release is a sure hit stopper! The best track is the last for the hip-hop, dance, electronica mix! Take the ride.

This journey is a fantasy ride for the curious, adventurous, "wild at heart" individual, or just average die-hard fan. She's definitely talented in dancing, singing, and rhythmic musical blends. Her grungy, dark hip-hop style in the past gets mixed with more up-tempo dance styles on songs like "Work" featuring Missy Elliott, some pop with "Love Sex Magic" featuring Justin Timberlake, and hip-hop in "Never Ever" featuring Young Jeezy. Popular hit "Never Ever" featuring Young Jeezy is included as a remix thus the reason for my purchase.

My favorite songs are the bonus tracks for sure. The song "Go Girl" is off the charts excellent. There's swagger, funk, and, R&B blends plus hip-hop. The electronica enhancements are definitely like no other. Ciara also has much great flair for dancing and shaking in the video of "Never Ever" making it a selection worth hearing non-stop as the words to the song are definitely easy to relate to. Definitely sensational, Ciara is always up to new tricks, new ideas, and full of energizing beats! The best track is the dance infused "Never Ever" (Mirk Radio Remix) featuring Young Jeezy as it pulsates, gyrates, bringing swirls, echoes, and much trance, electronica and techno blends!

The Japan edition includes the artwork found in the inner US releases, lyrical booklet, obi-strip, and bonus tracks: "Echo", "Go Girl" featuring T. Pain, and "Never Ever" featuring Young Jeezy in (Mirk Radio Remix). Most of the songs have highly paced beats non-tiring or boring. While the heavy hip-hop edge is slightly less it is still intense when the added tracks are heard in this release. It's a great buy and definitely much better than I anticipated after reading many reviews. There is about 2 songs that I didn't find absolutely funky but in the whole the good ones make up for those 2. This is an excellent purchase and definitely a blast to hear. If unsure I recommend viewing the videos Fantasy Ride (Limited Edition CD/DVD) first as they are a big idea of the "out of this world" adventure Ciara tries to present. It's a definite exploration of genres all fused to bring a nice splash! Sit back, relax, and think no further. Go guy, Go girl, or never ever know. Is it work? Is that stressing you? Turn the tables, get risky, g is for go, and as the last track sings, "let me see you 2 step"!!!
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on 6 May 2009
Ciara, as we all know it, has been quite a boring artist.
She has always stuck with the same RnB beats, and the sugary effortless ballads that sometimes want to make you fall asleep, with one or two being half decent. But that was Ciara.

This Is Super C!

Super C is the new Ciara and may a say what a relief it is! With stunning concept and artwork and great music, this album has to be one of the most promising albums this year and blows her previous two out the water...completely!
You do have to be warned, that the album is shared equally, with seven ballads and seven extrordinarily crazy uptempo songs! The only song i am not to keen on has to be 'Lovers Thing',a RnB ballad, i dont really get it like the others...

The album is also pure pop and some electro with the ballads being soft RnB, apart from Never Ever being pop. The artwork is pure genius, full of colour and imagination representing SuperC as most probably the most stylish and incredible made up hero this century, I can imagine her in Watchmen actually...

But if your looking for a different but fun album, buy this. And Lady GaGa, The Fame, its the best album, ever.

Oh, and also, this is for the reviewer who complained about the American artwork cover being different from ours. The album cover has two covers and on the back of the booklet there is the american artwork, which you can use as a cover!I prefer that one awell!!!

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on 23 April 2009
Finally it is here. Not quite the 3 cd Fantasy extraviganza we were promised (although judging by the number of leaked tracks there were enough recorded to do this ) and no mixtape prior to the release but at least the wait is over.
Overall it is a very good album. Surprised that none of the T.Pain tracks made it to the final cut but I suppose Go Girl - the 'first single off the album' - that is not on the album, is so old now . That is the problem when record companies take so long to get product in to the shops.
Standout track is Whats Your Name - I Don't Remember is a great track too.
All in all it wont dissapoint anyone - just a bit of a missed opportunity to do something standout.
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on 6 September 2009
Ciara the R&B princess has done well again
Love Sex Magic - is an ok song, not my favorite - 5/10
Work - brilliant song, more club song to dance to, exerlant - 9/10
Never Ever - the new one , fantastic very good more down beat, love the chours and Never Ever, its like seeing Ciara back as when she was 16 years old again. - 9/10

Other songs are just as good in all - 8/10
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on 31 May 2009
There are various things about this album which make it great, firstly the concept, there was a moderate amount of confusion concerning this but upon it's release it turned out to be a standard one disk album. The concept is inspired by comic books which is reflected in the album art, it also introduces Ciara's alter ego/ comic book character 'Super C'.

The jury is out on the tracks themselves as after hearing the whole album a few times over, I really cannot pick a single song that I don't like, meaning I am not skipping tracks. Predictably they follow Ciara's trademark crunk, hip-hop & R&B style but with more of an added disco flavour. 'Fantasy Ride' includes six collaborations with credible artists such as the likes of Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, The-Dream, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy & Ludacris.

Overall a brilliant cohesion of concept, album art & tracks. In my opinion a quality album & highly recommended for fans of Ciara and this genre in general.
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on 24 January 2012
A great album with great songs thoughout, unlike Beyonce (who I love) but, she has a few good singles and then: album fillers. Tricky songs are a highlight and a good spin indeed!
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