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tooltime MS092 6-Inch 150 mm Electronic Digital Vernier Calliper - Black
Package Quantity: 1|Style: Vernier Caliper|Change
Price:£9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

This appears to be either identical or closely similar to electronic calipers available from a number of sellers and at various prices. The instrument is partly mechanical and the electronics are used to provide the readings as an alternative to interpreting one or several engraved scale markings.

It is constructed primarily from steel and will provide dimensions of items up to about 150mm in diameter or width, but it is not designed or priced for absolute precision. It is quite heavy and appears solid where it most matters. It uses the inexpensive LR44 (approx 1cm diameter) button cells or the silver oxide SR44 alternatives which will be longer lasting and more reliable. You may need a pack from the outset as it is not uncommon to find those provided with items such as this dead upon arrival, especially when they are unknown or unreliable brands. It is sold in a solid storage case which will help protect it when not in use and in which spare battery packs could be kept for convenience - one was installed and a spare is included, but it was ON when opened for the first time!

On the display unit, it has a button to alternate between Imperial and metric measurements (inches/millimeters) and a zeroing button that is best used each time you use it. It is capable of both internal and external measurements (in tubing, for example), or where otherwise relevant. Depth measurements, again within the 150mm capability of the tool, are its final function.

As with other inexpensive electronic devices and test equipment such as thermometers, voltage meters etc, it is best to take several successive readings - three or five is often suggested - in order to compensate for those variables that may affect accuracy although a consistent method of use may help improve things, for example rotating the control knob at a constant speed. An average of several readings will generally give better accuracy than one in isolation. For many purposes, a measurement to the nearest 0.5 or 1mm will be more than sufficient when the engraved scale alone may suffice.

Stated accuracy is +/- 0.02mm which is more than adequate for most needs and especially if consistent across its range limits. For measuring pipes, mouldings and other objects where a ruler or tape measure would be impractical or too inaccurate, this will provide a good-to-high degree of accuracy. If you need a higher degree of accuracy, a precision grade alternative may be justified but you may pay in excess of £100 for a tool without a digital display.

For use at home or within a hobby, for students (school or uni) of engineering and related subjects, this could be a good starting instrument. It could even be a sensible companion to a laser measure, that for the larger scale and this for the much smaller.
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on 5 March 2018
A collection of spare parts from different models (probably refused) assembled together in a so called "vernier caliper". I am sorry for the time used to return it. Some mouse clicks, printing the label, searching for a box, making the parcel, consumed some diesel for going to and back from the post office etc. And all of those activities for a piece of ru... valued at £9.99.
I think Amazon should check what some vendors are trying to sell. Is not nice from them to use some clients for the purpose of checking the quality of some questionable products.
It was nice to buy today a proper one from a german supermarket in Dunstable.
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on 24 November 2016
After using these for just over a year now with light use they seem to be a good set of budget digital calipers. These are not a hi end pair of calipers hence the price but saying that I have to say I am pretty happy with these and one of the reasons I bought these was I was on a budget at the time. The quality of these feel fairly good and seem to be pretty accurate. They come in a nice small compact hard plastic case which I like for storing them and not worrying too much about them getting damaged and came with a spare battery. The only criticism I have of these is the case does feel a little cheap although it does the job it is intended for and the calipers fit snugly inside, and also the digital read out is nice and clear. I would suggest these are best for the average DIY'R but I would recommend these and am more than happy with them.
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on 8 March 2018
arrived in good time pretty accurate digital display good value product
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on 4 November 2017
Good price, delivered on time, nice large LED display screen with a large thumb wheel so good control of small graduations
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on 8 August 2013
I'll tell you a little story.

In order for Amazon to be fair to all it's sellers, they will often swap the "seller" of an item to another seller, usually right after the items sells. They do this, even if it's an item they stock and sell themselves. That way they're being fair to everyone and it avoids the unnecessary pesky problem of excessive competition which leads to price wars and all that nonsense. I think technically that's called "Communism", but that's neither here nor there.

Back to the story. When I placed this digital caliper in my basket, it showed Amazon as the seller with the typical option to get it by Tuesday when you sign up with Prime. So I'm eager to buy one of these because the reviews are really great, the price is really low and I really need one right away! I've got stuff to measure! The deal is done! I'll buy one in the morning after breakfast.

In the morning I log on to the internet and make my purchase. When I check the status of the shipment an hour later, I see that it's been set to "dispatched," and I feel that familiar inner glow of instant gratification. I think to myself casually that I might see it show up at my door tomorrow. But something isnt right. It's here that I notice that Amazon isn't the seller for the caliper. A little investigation reveals that the company I purchased from is actually in China.

I wasn't able to determine this from the company profile however. At first glance, I thought I might have ordered from a u.k. store. There was no immediate indication that it was from the u.k. though. Hmmm.. I thought to myself. I would soon become apparent that I had unwittingly ordered this from half way around the world and that it would literally travel on a "slow boat," from you know where! I eventually tracked down the origin when I noticed that someone posted a comment in their Shipping Feedback, something to the effect of, "if I knew it was coming all the way from China, I wouldn't have ordered it." Thats the only way I knew that it was a Chinese company. I could clearly empathize with their feeling of being "burned". I could feel their frustration and an outright sense that the basic trust invested in Amazon had been slightly maligned! Here was another victim of what I now call "the old Amazon switcheroonie!"

Don't get me wrong. I love China and the Chinese people. It's a lovely place! I buy stuff from China all the time. I just want to know ahead of time that it's coming from China because in the past I've patiently waited up to 40 days for a handful of parts. Call me old fashioned, but I don't like spending my entire life waiting on stuff to arrive in the post.

So 20 days later here it is. 20 days is actually pretty good for China. I can't complain. However, I did consider sending Amazon one of those a-typical strongly worded, snobby, slightly obnoxious, spoilt decadent westerner "Dear Sir" e-mails. I'm good at sending those, but in my life experience they have rarely amounted to anything. You always hang on to this notion that "One day they'll listen and take notice!" I can almost see the flag waving in the background as they pin the medal on me. I'm sure they get these e-mails all the time. But you know deep down that the only person who reads it is some poor underpaid schmuck in a giant faceless corporate call centre in some far off part of the world and he would have no choice but to reply with a generic "copy and paste" response telling me how sorry they are about all the confusion. I think I have enough bad karma as it is so I didn't bother this poor chap.

As far as the Caliper goes, I've found that it's highly accurate. I'm surprised at just how accurate it is for such a low price. It seems well crafted using good quality metal. Someone mentioned theirs arrived rusted. So it's not an alloy. So do keep it out of the rain if you get one. I wish it came with some sort of a box or bag to protect it. You can switch between metric and standard. If you switch it to standard, you get three decimal places instead of two with metric. Otherwise, it seems a tad stiff but I imagine it will ease up with use. It arrived just wrapped in plastic and it appears as though the button was pressed on during transit because it arrived "on" and display is barely lit.

The story ain't over yet though!

I now have two of these. How did I get two you ask? I have really good Karma, you're thinking? You're really a lovely person! I thought you should know! But the answer is, "No". See, as soon as I purchased the first one, Amazon switched the seller back to themselves, which only aided my initial confusion as to why I had a Chinese seller. Once I realized that they switch sellers like they do and that they must have now switched back to themselves, I didn't waist any time ordering another one right away.

So the moral of the story is? Amazon should avoid communism, because it's just like capitalism. They both lead to war and famine. Always remember that there is a poor underpaid schmuck on the other end of your e-mail complaints so monitor your conscious accordingly. Never try to pay off your Karmic debts with a Bank of Scotland Visa Debit Card!

And finally, anything in this world worth doing, is worth doing right!
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on 27 October 2017
Brilliant for the price
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on 3 September 2017
a measury measuring thing that I have the measure of.
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on 12 June 2017
I didn't have any problems with this item, it works as expected. But also I have no experience to make assumptions.
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on 27 June 2016
I am really pleased with this measure. In the short time I have had it, it has been very useful for measuring the out side diameter of rifle scopes and also the diameter of wire to enable me to buy the correct heat shrink for it. The caliper itself seems very well made and has a very clear digital out put screen on it, and comes with a spare battery. I am unable to say just how precise the measuring is, but for my needs it's a brilliant piece of kit.
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