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on 2 December 2010
Works well out of the box in WXP. Particularly pleased with the improvements in accuracy in Dragon Dictate compared to my previous headset from Andrea, supposedly noise cancelling too. Ear muffs are comfortable over an hour or so despite feeling 'tight' when first put on. Sound is great and I much appreciate the volume controls on the side of the ear can, rather than as a lump in the cord which tends to get caught on something. A blue LED in the earcan glows as long as the USB plug is energised, handy to find them in the dark, but otherwise not sure what its function is. Good lightweight cord of a decent length. Microphone boom hinges out of the way very neatly, so can use them as headphones only with no akward booms getting in the way.
Good on Skype but that doesn't demand much from a headset.
Altogether a very satisfactory purchase.
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on 17 July 2010
I bought this headset for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking as my old headset's microphone had broken down. After reading a number of reviews on Amazon and doing a Google search I decided to give this headset a try as it was within my price range and other customers seemed to buy it for voice recognition and online chat.

I am currently dictating this review using the headset so I guess it proves that this headset is good for voice recognition.

I would recommend this headset to anyone who wants to use it for voice recognition and chatting over the Internet as the quality of the microphone is superb and it cancels out all background noise making your voice very clear.
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on 28 December 2009
Build wise, this headset is very robust and a comfortable fit for the most part (I concur with the previous reviewer it does tend to pinch after a while if used whilst wearing specs), the features and simplicity of use are all excellent and Plantronics are reputed for their communications hardware. All of this in addition to numerous positive reviews and various recommendations from other sites, sealed the deal for me. I purchased these for use in creating an audio book as well as the occasional podcast and they do the job extremely well. If you are looking for a solid headset that gives professional, studio-like results, this is the ticket.
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on 11 September 2010
Read the reviews, and bought this for use on a Mac making some training videos with screen cast software.

Good points: Sound quality is good, as other people have said. Plug-and-Play on the Mac.

But, as other people have also said, it has some problems:

1. Tight on the ears; cups don't adjust their angle to compensate for the angle of your head/ears, so ears get pinched. Uncomfortable to wear after a while. Also makes your ears hot, even in cool weather.

2. Microphone cancels a lot of external sound, but you'll hear a car go past outside your house on the recording, or someone laughing in the next room.

3. The tightness of the headband (and small cups) can cause the front edge of the cups to press on the joint of your jaw, making your voice sound different. This can also cause the vinyl covering of the cups to rub against your skin as you speak, which is transmitted through the plastic boom to the microphone - you then get rustling sounds on the recording.

4. The closed cup design may be Ok for Skype, but (IMO) is not a good choice for recording your voice - you can't judge the volume and intonation of your voice because you can't hear yourself clearly. I've resorted to hanging them around my neck when recording, and wouldn't want to use them for any length of time for anything else.

5. Weird effect (on the Mac) if you unplug the headphones after putting your Mac to sleep ... the Mac will start up again.

6. The USB plug is quite large (it contains the DSP circuitry) - so doesn't easily fit into all USB sockets. I thought I'd be able to plug it into the Mac keyboard (no way) so it has to be plugged into the Mac on the floor. If you have a laptop you may have problems with that also.

7. Cable is thin and fragile - watch it doesn't get caught under your chair leg or in a drawer on your desk (see (6) above)

If I'd been able to try before buying, I wouldn't have bought them.

A better choice (with hindsight) for recording (or voice calls) would be a noise-cancelling monaural (one earpiece) design with a foam ear cover rather than vinyl, similar to the headsets you can use with telephones. Plantronics do them - sorry now I didn't get one instead of this.

I should think this will be used for the present job, then be relegated to the back of a drawer and eventually replaced with a better one.

By the way - don't get the Plantronics DSP 400 with the two plugs and USB adapter either - the plugs can move around and interrupt the connection.
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on 21 September 2010
Well, honestly, having read the product reviews before purchasing the product I expected a bit more of this headset. Until yesterday I would have actually said that even though I find the sound quality rather average I cannot complain, but yesterday and today too the headphones were playing up. While listening to music couple of times the sound all of a sudden became terribly distorted for no apparent reason. During a skype conversation the microphone suddenly stopped working.
At least there is two years warranty for the product (after online registration), so if these problems carry on I might consider returning the headset. :( On a more positive note, the noise cancellation feature of both the earphones and the microphone is great! Also, the overall build quality of the headset is quite nice (but the cable does not look very strong to me). A little disappointed...
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on 7 April 2010
Just received this today from Amazon and it is much better than I expected. Sound quality is great in games and music is also good with a decent amount of bass (more than I expected). Skype use is AMAZING, Have made a few calls and can hear the other person very clearly, Also the people on the other end have said they can hear me loud and clear aswell. No problems whatsoever yet and they are really comfortable to wear, Longest I have had them on for is about 3 hours so far without any discomfort, If you're thinking "Should I buy these" the answer is yes.
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on 1 December 2011
This Headset is great for gaming if you are on a PC/MAC but if you want these for you PS3 do not buy these. I bought these about 2 days ago and it worked great on both PC and MAC but when i tried to use them on my PS3 which was one of the main reason i bought them i had some trouble getting the mic to work. I could hear other player but
not respond to what they was saying. This was a big let down but it is still a quality headset if you are going to use it on PC or MAC.

good bass
plug in and use

isn't compatible with ps3 or at least mine
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on 30 September 2010
I would not recommend these headphones. The sound quality on the headphones is very good, as well as the microphone. However, they are very uncomfortable. After around 30 minutes of use they start to hurt your ears from how tight they squeeze. The microphone is very clear, no back ground static on it and works perfectly with Skype. But I am forced to give this item a 3 star rating due to the discomfort. Shortly after using these I ordered the Plantronics audio 625 headset for £18 which are much more comfortable, with just as good microphone. However the .625 headphone quality isn't quite as good for music, but it is by no means bad.
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on 7 January 2012

they were a bit uncomfortable the first time I wore them, since then they seem to have adjusted a bit to my head(my head is pretty massive).now they fit quite well. the cup is leather so was a bit worried about sweating with them on..they don't get too hot but if you wear them a while they get a little bit damp, pretty good for leather ones. I wear them for 3-4hrs at a time so this is to be expected a bit.


the mic is adjustable and you can move it around (its got a rubber cover) but its very stiff. my last headset mic broke, and it was also this type of mic - so Im a bit worried about making a wire loose by moving it too much. it does the job but your a bit limited as to how much you can adjust it away from your face.

because of the position of the mic when its down it picks up alot of my breathing, which I don't like. I use push to talk with ventrillo(skype like program if you don't know it) so this is not much of a problem I guess.

sound quality

the sound quality is very good at low levels. but if you turn up the volume the sound can sound very tinny. if people are laughing loudly during convosations it gets tinny then aswell. pretty disapointed with this quality of sound to be honest.


pretty average headset. sound quality is fine until high levels, pretty comfy, mic does the job but not really amazing. not really sure it was worth £22. there is surely better headsets out there. Just hoping the mic doesn't pack in like the last pair I bought from logitech.
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on 9 September 2010
Technically the product is good.
The problem I find is the stiff arch and the ear cups: the first doesn't allow the speakers to adapt to the head and ears, also the ear cup is small for normal size ears, making the side foam compress the lower part of the ear lobe, after a while becomes unconfortable.
Because of this design fault also it doesn't muffle the environmental noise.
The product is quite heavvy too.
As result, I will destroy them and buy something else.
Price vs Value ratio is not good, because of the appalling design.
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