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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2009
Almost as good as their 2006 comeback CD 'One Day It Will Please'. While I've heard other fans comment that this new release isn't that good, I felt it was at least 'up to par'. Tunes here I was digging the most were the *ss-kicking title track opener "Cause I Sez So", "Better Than You", "This Is Ridiculous" and the jamming "Nobody Got The Buzness". Didn't at all care for the reggae remake of the Dolls classic - "Trash", simply didn't do it for me. Decent proto-punk to be experienced here.
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on 7 May 2009
If you're a rock'n'roll band who have released their fourth studio album in 36 years, you might think this was either inconsistent achievement or a labor of love.

The New York Dolls claim they are not a punk band, but before Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the Ramones were even beaten on the brat with a baseball bat, the Dolls, along with Iggy Pop, the MC5 and the Dictators, gave birth to a punk attitude that was cleverly nicked by Malcolm McLaren who, in turn, applied it to the overrated Sex Pistols.

The Dolls' new album evokes a timeless rock and roll quality that pays homage to a number of classic music genres including blues, R&B, sleazy rock and pop. What makes the album significant is how energized the band sounds. The new songs display an edgy, dirty and loose performance, just like rock'n'roll should sound.

The workd "swagger" seems to pop up in a lot of the reviews but maybe that's because the Dolls play rock'n'roll like people who walk the dog or roll out of bed. It sounds natural and organic. David Johansen puts in a remarkable performance on every song, with his Tom Waits meets Randy Newman bluesy vocals; one can't help but think of his alter ego, Buster Poindexter.

What makes the new songs retain that much needed extra "kick" is the addition of new Dolls blood in the guise of new guitarist "Steve Conte", bassist Sami Yaffa and drummer Brian Delaney. When you mix the original Dolls (Sylvain Sylvain (guitar) and Johansen) with the new kids, this is what gives the new album its dynamic.

The fact that the Dolls brought in the original producer of their 1973 debut album (Todd Rundgren) to oversee 'Cause I Sez So, is a testament to the fact that the Wizard A True Star brought the best out of the Dolls,

Rundgren's current achievement contradicts the nightmare stories about the Dolls' 1973 debut album, a time when most of the band were off their heads (with the exception of Johansen, who, according to Rundgren "was the only Doll who kept it together in the studio").

Many people still like to waffle on about "Johnny Thunders" and the drug-infused sleazy memory of what they think the original Dolls were all about. Let's hope the new album makes people come to the realization that the new songs are not just fashion or drug accessories.

From the opening track 'Cause I Sez So to Muddy Bones, Ridiculous, My World and Exorcism of Despair, and even the bluesy slowed down version of Trash, this is the kind of album you will play 10 times in a row without getting sick of it.

'Cause I Sez So is the latest chapter in a rock and roll book that continues to surprise and fascinate. If you love rock and roll, this album's got your name all over it... in rock and roll lipstick. The New York Dolls: The Next Generation. Now all we need is Iggy and the Stooges to record "Raw Power II: Return to Motor City" and we're back in business.
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on 10 August 2009
This was supposed to be 'the album the New York Dolls were always meant to make' . Apart from the opening track ('Cause I said so), it reminded me of the J Giels Band. Very much MOR, not at all the edgy rock'n'roll that the Dolls are famed for.

Destined to be in the discount racks soon.
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on 10 November 2015
With the initial resurrection of the New York Dolls and there 2006 comeback album 'One Day it Will Please Us to Even Remember This'. Which I consider a triumph and a benchmark for a successful comeback album we have the second offering. Which is Cause I Sez So and with such a brilliant return of a first album the second time around we find ourselves in familiar territory. In the case of history repeating itself as the highly influential legendary 1973 self titled album 'New York Dolls' made it's mark in history. It was followed up by 'Too Much to Soon' which was certainly a strong solid release but weaker in comparison.

So where exactly does it go wrong and right for this record. To diagnose the positive quality's we look to the first side in terms of vinyl or the first 5 tracks in general. This is something I can come back to and multiple times and certainly has the fire, hunger and quality of my exceptions. Songs including Muddy Bones, Cause I Sez So, Better Than You keep true to the musical tradition of the the New York Dolls.

Considering 'One Day it Will Please Us to Even Remember This' was so remarkably brilliant and an addictive listen with the same line up and some tour mileage in the three year gap between releases. It was something of an anti climax when we look at the weak link of this body of work which is the second half of the album. It starts to descend into filler that never really seems to end. It can be broken up into three stages with the start of all guns blazing with the middle being rather decent and the end just falling flat. I mean why redo 'Trash' at all let alone a transformation of style and genre. It certainly leaves a lot to be desired and with the end of the record killing the flow and consistency of this release.

If I was reviewing from tracks 1 to 5 it would be five stars but taking into consideration the album as a whole it rightly deserves three. I take into consideration the variation of the album as a brave and noble move in the sense of expanding musically. But this record was missing Jack Douglas who worked with the dolls on 'One Day it Will Please Us to Even Remember This'. I don't know exactly where Cause I Sez So sits in the New York Dolls discography. It has something to offer and is worth your time and purchase but it is in the shadows of the three previous superior albums.
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on 1 August 2016
'Cause they sez So


Rob Jones

New York Dolls-Cause I sez So has sonic survivors Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen igniting akin to their 70’s incarnation. On the back of the ’06 comeback LP It will please us to remember even This the new CD maintains the motor. Cause I sez So is a jigsaw of gems that shows that four decades of circling this Punishing World has made a dynamic duo stronger for the experience. The ’09 Dolls kick it with their seedy glam/punk-but they also adopt: 60’s pop (with a nod to the epic girl groups of the era), sleazy blues, saloon balladry and spaghetti western rock (that would fit a Tarantino film score). David and Sylvain have burnt every candle at both ends-and, God bless them!-But, for Johnny, Jerry, Arthur and Billy we say RIP!
NB Head back to the Dolls discs of the past for a ride on the hedonistic rollercoaster-and, the Rock ‘n Roll 20 tune best of set is a top taster!
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on 6 May 2009
After a promising start (the first 3 tracks: 'Cause I Sez So', 'Muddy Bones', and 'Better Than You'), the album starts to peter out, suffering from a serious lack of inspiration. They have nicked the melody for 'Making Rain' from 'A Simple Twist of Fate' by Dylan (no problem there - Bob probably stole it in the first place!). On 'Nobody Got No Bizness', they simply decide to sing about how unique the NY Dolls are! The reggae version of 'Trash' slightly redeems the latter half of the album, but even that doesn't really spark.

There was a lot of goodwill after the previous album and the death of Arthur Kane, and it's still hard to dislike them, but next time out (if indeed there is one), they are going to need some help with the songwriting, or else do a few covers (David Johansen has done some excellent covers on his solo albums, and his voice still seems intact).
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on 9 May 2009
More uplifting and in yef face than their comeback album, tracks like the title track "coz i sez so", "Muddy Bones" and "Better than you" shows the two original surviving dolls David Johanson and Sylvain Sylvain and the supporting cast having a right good time of it.

"Nobody got no bizness" and "Exorcism of despair" sounds as if it was a blast from the past but minus the heavy clouds of a drug intoxicated group that set 1974 on fire with Todd Rundgren this time keeping em in check as his production work has injected the Dolls with energy that was missing from the last album.
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on 14 May 2009
After finding themselves in the unenviable position of difficult second album for a second time, the rejuvenated New York Dolls were always gonna be up against it. Apart from a naff cover pic, they deliver a solid if a bit maverick but mature sounding New York Dolls album. However, I'm less than convinced that bringing back Todd Rundgren to produce was the brightest idea. I think these songs are far better than they sound. `Muddy Bones' bounces around inside my head and is utterly incredible. But when I listen to it sounds - well a bit muddy. This could be said of other songs too - `Better Than You', `Lonely So Long', `My World', etc. I would prefer to hear a crispier, punchier sound. Not too sure about the reggaefied `Trash' revamp neither, I guess it's kind of cute But??? I'm glad `Cause I Says So' clocks up a more traditional 12 tracks, but I wish it included a couple more out`n'out stompers. I guess one day it'll please us to remember even `Cause I sez so' and luv it as much as we luv the original Todd Rundgren produced `New York Dolls' Anyway I gotta conclude it's brill coz `Cause i Sez So' is potentially the greatest rock'n'roll song ever!
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on 5 May 2009
One Day It Will Please Us... was a promising, energetic debut from the 21st Century Dolls and after a few days with this album it's become obvious they've failed to keep up the good work. Apart from the title track (simple good time R&R, nothing more nothing less) and some glimpses of inspiration here and there, this is dull, unexciting music. The new version of Trash is just that, and too many songs plod on and on without any hooks to jolt the listener awake, Lonely So Long being a prime example. It's safe to say most fans follow the Dolls for raw, fun R&R and there's not much of that to be found here. Nothing wrong with changing with times and all that, but what's the point if you don't have good tunes?
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on 4 August 2016
Not as good as the previous 'comeback' album. More filler than killer, but still a decent album.
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