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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 February 2013
I have been using Patio Magic for several years now. There are other similar products out there but I belief they are dearer. I have also found that Amazon's price has been very competitive over the years as against using my over sixties discount card or promotions in the mainstream DIY or Gardening centres who only seem to carry minimal if any stock! I am aware that bleach will do a similar job, but feel it is crude by comparison!!

FACT. This is a really good product that is capable of giving excellent results. Like many diy jobs preparation is imperative. If you have heavy mould, algae or moss either pressure spray, scrape or wire brush first ( I have a Wolf garden tool that takes different attachments one of which is a hard wearing wire brush that simply clips on). Yes, its not the pleasantest of jobs to do, BUT I have only needed to do it ONCE, several years ago. From my experience it is important to apply Patio Magic on a cool or mild, windless dry day with no rain forecast for the following 24 hours at least. I use it in the spring or autumn. Do not skimp, use the full strength 4 -1 mix, a weak mix is false economy. You may find that your treated area dries up on the dark side, this seems to disappear quite soon, the solution really does seem to carry on working for many months.

APPLICATION. I use a HoZelock 5 ltr Premium Plus garden spray when treating my roof as I find the pressure really gets the mix into and between the concrete tiles. I use a large watering can fitted with a "weed" sprout (£3.50 from Homebase/Amazon?) rather than an ordinary rose when treating the patio. A small spray bottle or any old ,clean brush is also handy for any hard to get at areas where moss and mould often lurk. Suggest you wear waterproof gloves. You need to keep the kids and pets away for a few hours or so.

HISTORY. We live in a bungalow with an "L" shaped roof and yes, I appreciate its a lot easier to treat a bungalow rather than a house roof due to its diminutive height. Our home was 12/13 years old, similar in age and style to the surrounding properties, and being near the coast, already had a quite substantial amount of mould/algae/moss? growing on it. We spent two days removing as much of this as possible. (With hindsight I could have got one of these contractors that pressure spray roofs,although they dont work cheap). I then sprayed it with a 4.1 mix of Patio Magic, this only took about three hours. And WOW!! a few of the locals really thought we had had a new roof fitted. It looks good. As the manufacturer states it carries on working for months, I agree with this. In fact this was done in October 2006, I never touched it again untill April 2010, and it was still looking good, this time it simple took three hours to spray as no moss had reappeared, there was no more preparation to do. I am generous with the spray as obviously you loose some due to the slope of the roof, I start at the bottom and work my way up..I intend to do another spray in a few ,months (weather dependant) as it is now almost three years again since the last treatment, it still looks good, and there is no moss at all, whereas the bungalow roofs around us are smothered in moss making them look years older.

We have a fairly large front which is block paved, I must admit to neglecting this. However last July using my Wolf garden tool with its wire brush attachment I removed as much moss as possible and then late evening as the temperature cooled down I applied the Patio magic using a watering can (not one we use on plants) fitted with the "weed control" rose. Seven months on and it is still weed free, but I intend to treat it again in the spring. It is also a bonus that apart from killing the weeds etc, it brings the blocks up like new. I always order well in advance, but credit to Amazon my last order arrived in under 48 hours. Impressed.

UPDATE. I managed to give the roof another spray in between the changeable weather conditions that we have been experiencing. I used a cool, dry, windless day in mid May 2013, and gave it a thorough spraying,this time with a slightly stronger 3.5 to 1 mix. It looks better than ever showing up against the surrounding properties even more. It seems to be building a resistance to moss and algae with continuous coats even though they are spaced out over the years,as there was not a trace of anything at all on my roof (except for the odd bit of bird dung) I used just four 5Ltr cans for this.

I have on the 1st June 2013 given our block paved front a good soaking using a 4.1 mix, it was a cool dampish day but rain free, and as correctly forecast staying dry for a good few days afterwards. I confess to using seven 5Ltr cans of Magic for this, costing £126, but it has been eleven months since the last application, and some weeds were just beginning to grow through again. ( Everywhere locally is knee deep in weeds due to the weather being favourable for them) and I would imagine that aged Block Paving is one of the toughest materials to keep weed free! Having said that our front is really looking good now, and there's not a weed in sight.
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on 28 March 2010
I used this on my patio two weeks ago. I had jet washed it and it was still very green. I mixed this as directed and sprayed the solution on. The green has disappeared leaving the patio much improved I would recommend it
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on 20 December 2013
Our flagstones had become very slippery and very dangerous in wet weather. Applied Patio Magic and it did exactly what it said it would - flagstones now safe. Easy to use - just spray on and leave. Only problem was finding a dry day to do it this time of the year! Did the job in 2 sessions so easy to compare before and after.
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My only past experience of this sort of product was with Westland HERO Paving and Decking Power Cleaner Capsules last year, but as I'd read good reviews of Patio Magic I decided to give this one a try when my paving was really for more cleaning. My first thought when mixing it in preparation was that one container wouldn't be enough as I have a large paved area and driveway, but I needn't have worried as there was more than enough in the 5L bottle.

It was easy to use once I'd found the appropriate size of watering can to mix it in and then I all that I had to do was walk over the paving whilst pouring from the rose of a watering can, making sure that it was all saturated with the mixture. I made sure to apply it at a time when no rain was imminent since it has to dry in before rain arrives, and I was lucky that we didn't see any rain for a couple of days - unusual in the UK this year.

It's now been around a month since I did this and I can report that the results were mixed. Where I'd applied it to Indian Sandstone and concrete slab paving there was a definite improvement, although it was not quite as clean as I'd hoped. I'd also applied it to a large block paved driveway and made a point of only using it up to a definite line which marked the boundary between my own drive and that of my neighbour's. I haven't seen any difference where it was applied to the block paving which I find disappointing. Will I use it again? I'm not sure whether I will use Patio Magic or one of the alternative brands, but I'll certainly use one of them on my stone and concrete paving. However, I doubt that I'll bother using Patio Magic on block paving next time as it just doesn't seem worth it.
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on 11 October 2010
1st class product ..used and left as directed worked after two days moss,algae,green mould all dead in item
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on 14 March 2012
Having bought 5l of this stuff and now used it in practice, I'm feeling more than a little misled by the product description, instructions and ripped off given what it seems is actually in it.

This product is simply Benzalkonium Chloride 7.5% solution in water. For starters, you are therefore buying over 4.6l of water with your 5l of product. Not so much Patio Magic as Marketing Magic it seems to get one to buy water at this price. For just £3 more than I paid for this stuff it seems one can readily buy 5l of Benzalkonium Chloride 50% solution in Water (Nearly 7 x the active ingredient) easily on the web.

Furthermore the Amazon product description says it will make "up to 50l" of diluted product and cover "up to 170sq.m."

The product instructions in fact say that "normal" use is to mix 4:1 and so you have made 25l of diluted product with your 5l, or half what you might expect according to the Amazon description which therefore implies using it abnormally.

The product instructions also say to "saturate" the surface of what you are spraying and that 1l of diluted product will cover 3.5sq.m on a horizontal surface or 7.5sq.m on a vertical surface. A little basic arithmetic reveals that this is a film of product of between 0.28mm and 0.13mm. This is hardly saturation.

In practice with a small 2.5l low pressure sprayer I was unable to adequately wet the surface of flat concrete slabs, let alone saturate them, with less than 1l per sq.m. Thus, your product that you thought would treat up to 170sq.m will actually treat 25sq.m of your patio and then only by working very carefully.

Not really good enough to my mind. I'll be guying the generic chemical in future rather than getting suckered with unscrupulous branding and misleading product information.
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on 25 September 2010
This is the best [product on the market
No fuss it does exactly what it claims
Removes moss algae mould with just one application and lasts all season
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on 12 April 2012
This product is overpriced and not fit for purpose. I have a very large patio and so decided to experiment with 3 different products according to instructions. I split the patio into 3 sections and applied area 1 Patio Magic. area 2 Jeyes Fluid for patios and area 3 Gardenline patio & Path cleaner (aldi own brand). after 1 month area 1 was hardly any change. area 2 A reasonable change with area 3 a huge improvement which clearly showed up against the other products. The cost of Gardenline was £1.59 a litre half the price of Patio Magic. I am now going to redo the other areas with Linemark and advise people not to buy patio magic unless they want to throw away their money as the product is useless in my opinion.
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on 11 October 2010
Used on concrete roof tiles to remove moss and a black discolouration... not sure what causes that. Moss discolours quite soon after spraying but for the full effect you have to wait several weeks. Keeps working for months after treatment so be patient. Have used previously to good effect.
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on 3 March 2011
This stuff really does work, not overnight but over a week or so onwards. I use this every Autumn, applied with a garden 7l sprayer, paths stay green free all winter. Kills moss eventually, just not overnight.
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