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on 13 September 2009
I bought these Klipsch Image S4 Headphones earphones, just before a flight. In flight they reduced the noise of the aircraft engine by about two thirds, this sound isolation also meant that it was impossible to carry out a conversation with the earphones in. They have a comfortable fit once you get used to it, and unlike other earphones I've used they don't fall out. The sound quality is sublime for their price & size, neutral with a clear & crisp upper/mid range and a tight, well controlled, bass range (which never booms even with the slap of a double bass). The sound isolation also means that you can turn the volume down considerably as you don't need to mask background noise as much (thereby saving your ears).

However, as other reviewers have mentioned, body sounds do transmit easily, so you hear your self breathe, chew, and the very loud thump of your feet hitting the pavement when you walk; to get an idea what this is like cover your ear hole with finger and breathe deeply. Your brain will quickly tune out the breath sounds, but the thump of your feet striking the ground will not be as it is way too loud! This characteristic means that they are only of real use when seated or travelling (though not when you're driving as the sound isolation would make this dangerous).

However I must say walking down a bustling high street with only the sound of my music and the thump of my feet was a novel experience, even a busker was unable to intrude into my sound isolated bubble!

When used in their natural habitat I wouldn't swap them for anything, except a more expensive model, but for use when walking, I'm going to find something else.
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on 27 August 2015
These are little gems. I'm particular about the audio quality received by my ears and chose these based on previous experience with Klipsch products and they didn't disappoint. Not everyone has the same size ear canals so you cant please everyone all the time. However they supply a variety of ear adapters, so they should fit relatively well.
I wear these under a motorcycle helmet and they do not press uncomfortably at all. I've also worn them whilst training and they do not fall out.
Any reference to no or low bass is due to in-proper fitting in the ear. A little tip should you wish for a deeper - in my opinon higher quality - experience, try putting the in ear canal buds on, place then in your ear as normal, then turn them (in your ear) up-side-down. Now this might not be to everyones taste so see how it feels for you. I still use these headphones now and continue to be very pleased.
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on 8 April 2017
These were the third pair I've owned so I obviously like the Image S4s. The issue is that they stopped working after 7 months. I look after them - keep them in their case, don't do any sport in them (so no sweat getting inside) etc. so it can only be a manufacturing fault unless wearing them on the train wrecked them.

Sebago Inc. only give a 30 day policy. The warranty is for 12 months but require Sebago Inc. to direct repairs or replacement. Given how much you're spending on these, I would find a seller who provides a returns policy in line with the warranty. That said, this is ongoing - Sebago Inc.might sort it for me in which case I'd be inclined to say that this is a one-off as Klipsch really do make good headphones and I have no other complaints.
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on 16 May 2013
I bought this product based on the positive reviews, i was looking for comfort and blocking out of external noise so that i could lower the volume of my music player.

Unfortunately, for me anyway they are not comfortable at all, after a while wearing them i began to get ear ache from the headphones, tried the three different sizes that come with the product but still hurt. They also do not block out as much of the external noise as you would believe, so i still play the sound higher than i would like.

Some have commented on the noise transmitted if the cable moves across clothing, it is true but most headphones at this price range do the same.

I previously had some Sennheiser and they were more comfortable and blocked external noise more effectively, i was put of buying the newer versions because of some negative reviews on Amazon. I wish i had just got the same brand again.

I can't say they are awful, just not great, won't buy again or recommend to a friend.
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 January 2012
After I had dropped my trusty Sony's into a bowl of soup, where one of the ear phones became muffled I decided it was time to look for a new pair. The Sony pair had lasted for 4 years and still sounded good!

Oh, it was Pea and Ham soup for those that might be interested.

OK, so there are a plethora of these kinds of headphones, so I checked the reviews here on Amazon and checked out reviews on the internet. That's how I found these that I had never heard of before but a number of tech sites were raving about them.

They come in a nice little metal box, not something that you might use out and about, with three different sets of ear buds. The large ones were too big (and I have a big head.. I mean ear lugs), the small ones too small, but the middle ones were just right. And comfortable too. Solid wiring and solid build considering they are made of plastic. The cords are also long enough to run one of the wires round the back of your neck.

Sound quality is really good even without having the wax removed from my ears, the fit is good enough to seal out the surrounding noise. If you complain about the lack of Bass then you need your ears checking, they have a great Bass sound and yet the higher tones come in clear and strong. they are also nicely loud should you want to ruin your hearing.

It took about an hour of use before the sound settled, I rate them above other ear phones I have had over the last 4 years (six pairs)and even better than the Sony's that I always went back to in the end.

Klipsch, great value, great sound from the headphones I had never heard of before.

It is a personal choice, but I really do rate them.
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on 8 May 2013
I was looking for a new pair of earbuds and was attracted to these for two reasons. The first was that a work colleague had a pair and said the sound quality was good, and the second (if I'm being honest) was the deep discount.

First impressions when they arrived was that the box was ridiculous – you have to peel off a strip of the side to slide out the molded plastic that holds the phones and case etc.
The earphones themselves looked wonderful. The cords are very thin (especially compared to the Shures they were replacing), but I wasn’t too concerned as I treat these things pretty well.
I also should add that they were one of the most comfortable inner ear phones I’ve owned – perfect fit.

The sound was a little heavy on the bass, but I guess that would even off when they were worn in.

I say guess because they didn’t last that long....
After about two weeks of wear I took them out of my ears one night to find that the left bud had broken away and was lodged in my ear. And by bud I don’t just mean the removable tip, but the whole end section (from the last silver band onwards if you look at the photograph of the product.

After a quick bout of panic I eventually managed to (carefully) remove it. It was evident that the thing was glued on, but not very well.

I contacted Amazon and the service was exemplary. A returns form and postage paid label to print out. Money returned to my account about 3 days after I posted them back.

So, in conclusion – well done Amazon, but I won’t be buying Klipsch again. The hunt for new headphones has resumed.
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on 18 March 2016
The sound quality from these headphones is excellent, really well rounded and clean sound, really nice rich deep bass, warm mids and clear treble. The headphones are very light-weight and the in ear pieces fit very well, resulting in a very comfortable user experience. The headphones also come in a very nice, durable, metal case which is good for keeping them safe from being damaged.

Two main down-sides though:
1) If the cables are moving and rub/knock into anything whilst listening to music, this will result in the noise being sent up and into the earphone. So don't buy these if you plan to use whilst doing anything apart from sitting/laying down.
2) The headphone cables are very flimsy, and now after 2 years the right headphone has stopped working due to the connection between headphone jack and cable being compromised. When moving/wiggling the specific part of the cable, the sound returns only momentarily. So no more Klipsch S4's after 2 years....and because they are now outside the warranty, Klipsh do not really care even after I raised the issue with customer support.

Their response was:
Your headphones are outside of their 2 year warranty, and we wont be able to provide warranty service. At this time we do not offer repair options on headphones, due to their size and nature. You may want to look into a new model of headphone, our new R6 headphones would be close to what you are used to, but with upgraded sound and comfort.

Your Klipsch Group Inc. Team,
Product Support

Klipsch Group, Inc. Klipsch | Jamo | Energy
3502 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone: 800-554-7724 | Fax: 317-860-9178
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on 8 May 2012
This is a Klipsch Image S4 review.
The package arrived earlier than they said and everything was very nice. In the pack you get a nice metal case for transport (which, face it, nobody uses), the earphones and 3 types of ear-rubber plugs.

These S4 were my solution to my ex Sennheiser CX300 II, which broke after almost 3 years.
To compare and get a good comparison I bought a 1-jack->2-jack adapter, so I would put both earphones in my ears.
I used in my comparison : Klipsch Image S4 vs Sennheiser CX300 II vs "no-name" with bass boost (cheap stuff you usually get in stores for £5-£10).
To get all 3 in the review I chosen to compare them to what I would think it would be the perfect sound.
So the standard perfect sound: Deep base - 0 , Boom - 0, Clarity - 0, Mids - 0, Treble - 0

The "no-name" bass boost, cheap you see in stores: Deep base -10 , Boom +20 , Clarity -20 , Mids -15, Treble +15
(if you can read this review, you know them, those boomy, with a lack in stereo sound and worst mids ever and very high terble that makes your ears hurt, that made you go for something better)

The Sennheiser CX 300 II : Deep base -2 , Boom 0, Clarity 0, Mids -2, Treble +2
(although the CX 300 II don't have a deep base that makes your heart vibrate on a (dubstep, trance), they aren't "boomy" at all, they lack a little bit on the "mids" part and you get more on treble - BUT that's barely noticeable - these will be satisfy any ear that wants good sound on a budget)

The Klipsch Image S4 : Deep base +4 , Boom +2 , Clarity 0 , Mids 0, Treble -2
(as you see the Klipsch correctly inserted have an impressive deep base, which "me gusta", but with the deep base you also get a little "boom" and a small lack of treble which is barely noticeable )

As you see none of them is perfect, all have +/- on something, but both Sennheiser CX300 II and S4 are very close to perfection. Probably if I would have broken the £100 barrier things would have been like that.

The cable isn't long or short, is good enough for a mp3 player in your pocket. I specially like that they didn't go for the 60/40 cable divide. Also you get a little thingy on the cable that is adjustable.
The noise isolation is better than the Sennheiser CX300 II, for sure, but then again the plugs are also from a harder material and bulky-er than the Senns (you can't sleep with them in your ears like you can with the CX300II). The unusual form makes them harder if you want to put the cable over your ear, but I've found that is better if you switch the L with R and then put them upside-down-over the ear.

Also please RTFM and learn how to use the right rubber plug and how to insert them deep in the ear, before comments. (I know what I talk about, I gave the cheap ones and the S4 to non-audiophile persons, and they couldn't see any difference at all in sound)

With a price of £46 I cannot recommend these earphones with a Sennheiser CX300 II option under £35. But if you can buy them cheaper or about £40 then they are worth having. I didn't go for the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives because I like my music to be perfect, not "boomy" and if I need some deep base I want to control that from the player's EQ, and my earphones to obey it.

In my tests I used iRiver mp3 player with FLAC, all types of music + a double-jack so I can listen with left-from one type of earphone and right-from the other one.
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on 10 February 2010
I bought these after using mainly sennheiser in-ear phones for many years, but recently i`ve become disillusioned with the quality of sennheiser. They only seem to last a short time before falling apart or failing. So I thought I`d try a new make and these seemed to get good reviews.
As soon as I put these on it was instantly apparent the difference in quality of these ear phones. The range of sounds are excellent, my music really does seem more alive than with my previous sennheisers which always felt flat.
The earphones come in a small metal box with 3 sizes of earpieces so you can find the ones perfect for you. They are a comfortable fit and having worn them for a couple of hours straight I felt no pain in my ears from wearing them. Overall i`m really impressed, theyre not cheap but you get what you pay for. I just hope they last longer than my previous earphones.
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on 24 September 2012
Now, I'm one of those people that doesn't ever bother writing a review about something but I just had to for these headphones.

I'm an owner of Dr Dre's famous Studio Beats, which I am an avid lover/fan of - they bring me great pleasure. I have to say after spending many months looking at headphones reviews I plumped for these headphones to take to work with the mind for high quality and something not so brash as over head headphones!.

Well, I am mightily impressed - these are on par quality wise with them (obviously with less bass due to the size of the drivers) but they keep up with them and considering the price difference they are really impressive.

It's hard to describe but the bass is punchy and the highs are clear while the in-ear gromits or w/e they're called cut out most of the noise from the outside world, there was that definite feeling after taking that amount that I had entered a very noisy world again!.

Highly recommended. My only gripes like others have said is the cable is a bit thin and prone to tangling + the metal tin is quite difficult to keep shut/pack them in.
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