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2.3 out of 5 stars
2.3 out of 5 stars
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on 30 August 2009
I rented this DVD as I enjoyed 'The Cell', starring Jennifer Lopez and because the DVD cover was deceivingly appealing. The image of the lead actress (Tessie Santiago) on the DVD cover has been made out to look like Jennifer Lopez, obviously a marketing technique to lure the vulnerable audience. I was in for a shock as it is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

The movie was so boring to the extent that I finished watching it within 30 minutes by fast forwarding it. It was a complete waste of time.

The production values were cheap, which I expected but it was the acting that was HORRENDOUS, especially Santiago's.

This movie shoud not have been made in order to prevent the audience from suffering. I think the producers (Alex Barder & Lawrence Silverstein) and the director (Tim Iacofano) of the movie should've been paid NOT to make this nightmare.

Please do not rent or buy this movie. Even if it's free, don't watch it. Instead watch again, 'The Cell', which is a good thriller and entertaining.

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on 22 November 2009
The acting is really bad and the story has really nothing to do with Cell 1. This is just a bad movie.
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on 25 July 2009
i watched the first movie and enjoyed it very much it was great but this the secound film is a very dull and no way as good as the first.I tried watching it thinking it would get better if i just watched the whole thing but it just was a very poorly done movie.
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"The Cell 2" is missing two important things:
1. Tarsem Singh's breathtaking visuals.
2. Anything related to the original "Cell" movie.

And therein lies the central problem of "The Cell 2" -- it's not so much a sequel as it is a generic serial-killer movie with the slight conceit of a person entering another person's mind. It's a dreary, bleak little story that relies on vague psychic superpowers and the world's least competent FBI investigation to keep things moving... and yet I never managed to care.

A serial-killer known as the Cusp kidnaps young women, tortures them, kills them and then revives them. Maya (Tessie Santiago) was the only victim that escaped, but it gave her psychic powers to enter another person's mind if she handles something they touched. After many failures, she quits the FBI... only for them to come seeking her when another girl is kidnapped.

But because of obviously-planted evidence, they conclude that the local sheriff Harris (Chris Bruno) must be the Cusp. Maya, deeply attached to the man she met twenty minutes ago, knows that he isn't, so she helps him escape so they can find the Cusp. The Cusp has slightly more brains than your average shellfish, so they are able to find his lair in no time -- only to find that he is waiting for Maya.

Any pretense of sci-fi tech or psychological complexity is pretty much thrown out early in "The Cell 2." Now it's all about magical psychic powers and the power of will -- culminating in a truly absurd scene where the Cusp reveals that he studied parapsychology, which somehow taught him how to psychically entrap psychic people in his brain. Yes, it's that stupid.

When it isn't being blindingly stupid, Tim Iacofano's direction is instead incredibly generic -- there's a serial-killer, the FBI is after him, and anyone with the deductive capabilities of a squid could figure out how to find him. There are plot holes the size of Mars littering the whole story, including the question of how the killer managed to go around abducting girls with nobody noticing his absence.

It's also... strangely nonchalant. Nobody seems very upset or worried about women being kidnapped and tortured, even their family members. Even the killer's identity is handled in a halfhearted manner. There's no big reveal -- he just shows up with his hood off, chattering like a maiden aunt.

And if you're hoping for a follow-up to Singh's glorious visuals, you'll be disappointed. The inner minds are represented by Tony Stark's bathroom and an industrial plant, with CGI memory tiles that look like leftovers from "Tron." Bad green-screen, away! Oh, and we're notified of the killer's evil by his digitally-deepened voice, which is more unintentionally funny than scary.

As the final cherry on top, the ending credits show a landscape that never appears in the movie. It's gorgeous scenery, but it honestly feels like they had run out of anything resembling inspiration.

One of the few things that carries over from the previous movie is the casting -- apparently they decided to keep the "traumatized Latina teams up with pasty white guy" theme. Santiago has the charisma and acting ability of a block of wood ("Welcome to the darkness"), seeming merely smug when confronting her killer; Bart Johnson and Bruno are instantly forgettable; and Frank Whaley spends too much time impishly prancing and chewing scenery to ever be even vaguely scary.

"The Cell 2" is a mass of halfhearted cliches, bad acting and a script less complicated than your average TV mystery show. It's too boring to even be "so bad it's good."
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on 9 June 2015
Yet another quick Dollar made by movie studios who think it's a good idea to cash on a semi successful movie released a few years prior.

like 8mm 2, and the net 2.0, this has virtually nothing to do with the original, apart from the first five minutes, and the rest of the movie, is bland, uninvolved and badly acted/edited.

Seeing that this is directed by someone who produced and directed several episodes of '24' this is one major feat, making something virtually unwatchable.

and the inclusion of frank Whaly, just gives the game away the instant he appears on the screen.

the effects are turgid and laughable, the script and story is dire, and it becomes a shambles come the end.

Do yourself a favour, read the other reviews and believe them, it truly is this bad.

the unfortunate thing is, we are going to be 'treated to other movies like this for years to come, and we will keep watching them, just for a miracle to come along.
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on 24 July 2009
Tessie Santiago who came to prominence in the syndicated TV show Queen of Swords, her first professional role, then virtually disappeared from film reappears here in a grim horror/thriller that she plays so intensely that her personality is lost. She is a beautiful girl but needs to smile to lighten the film. Rated 18 in the UK but is mild compared to modern slasher films. Only deserved a 15 rating. Short film. The last 8 minutes was a travel ad for the state of Utah.
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on 15 June 2016
Pretty much everything you would expect of a direct to DVD release. A sequel which really is it's own low quality thing. The original movie is still a masterpiece with some truly twisted visuals. Even the Dreamscape movie featuring Dennis Quaid beats this messy sequel hands down and that was a truly rubbishy film from the 80s.
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on 3 April 2014
Apart from a brief moment at the beginning,this has nothing,really,to do with the original film,with a couple of edits this could easily be shown on daytime television.
There is/are no cells to speak of as all the victims are tied to a chair with a box on their head!
Gone are the suits for 'diving' into the minds of the patient who was always hanging right next to them,instead we now have 'any item the recipient touched' ,much like one of those 'fake' psychics.but most noticeable is the omission of the killer's mindscape,in the original it was all stairways,oddly dissected horses,pseudo religious settings and sand dunes it's now been replaced by what looks light a nightclub corridor and some very poor CGI backgrounds,indeed most of the killer's mind looks oddly like any disused factory from any number of films.
Overall a very poor imitation of the original,even the killer's identity is shown on one of the DVD's set up pages!
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on 18 March 2015
Perhaps one of the worse films I have ever seen, after a VERY underrated first film.
As for the seller, great delivery time and great quality DVD, will order again from you.
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on 28 July 2014
Easily the worst film ever made. Please do not part with time of money for this!
I Have had to give it a star it should have none.
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