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on 21 September 2011
I thought "Funuke" would be a light-hearted comedy with a quirky and lovable female lead.
Boy, I was wrong. You are in for a surprise, dont let the cover dismiss you, this film holds the dark facade of the hidden and shameful secrets of a Japanese family.

Funuke is an aspiring actress, she is a material girl, her sister Kyomi is a parallel opposite. Funuke is a complex character, she will do anything and everything to get what she wants. I mean everything. Much to her dismay her allowance to live in Tokyo is gone when her parents are involved in a car accident. This calls Funuke back to her family house in the countryside to attend her parents funeral and also to hopefully change her brother Shinji's decision as he is now head of the household.

This means chaos for the remaining Wago family, Funuke while cute in appearance is a hell-raiser. She is a bully, seductress, cruel and in many ways is considered the villian of the story. She also holds a grudge against her sister Kyomi and treats her with hatred as Kyomi's manga is based on her family's dark secrets which revolves around Funuke's shenanigans, which gets published by accident. This unfortunately gets recognised as a thinly veiled retelling of the events in the household bringing shame onto the family. Kyomi, is reserved and polite but unforgiven about her manga, she suffers the full-brunt of Funuke's selfish ways.

All the characters revolve around Funuke, they all have a purpose, to reveal something bad or distorted about Funuke. Yes this means the supporting characters could be seen as charicatures, but its not really their story to tell, and the supporting characters exist as a means of communcation to the audience of what Funuke is like through their interactions.

Another note, is the film's cinematography. The scenery outside the house is bright and cheerful, in contrast the interior of the house and the village in general appears to be dull, dusty, cluttered and run-down. It serves as a very direct way of how Funuke perceived her childhood, the dark secrets of her past and her reasons of moving to Tokyo. I also found the film, to have abit of a cheeky dark comedy to it, such as Machiko's name meaning foruntate one when nothing seems to go right for her including her relationship with her husband Shinji. The very exagerated scenes and awkard parts in the films are funny and yes there is a fart joke in the film! I loved how the film worked, there would be a stressful scene then some comedy, it helped to pace the film between rises in tension and lows. Yes I think the film probably could have been abit shorter, it runs for 113 mins approx.

This film surprised me in the right ways, it's definetly unique and quirky in its own right. I didn't see the ending coming and I really enjoyed this film. 5/5!
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on 3 October 2010
This film revolves around a failed actress who goes back home to the countryside after not making it in Tokyo. She moves back into the family home which consists of her sister, an aspiring Manga comics writer, who is around 18 and asthmatic and the step-father and his wife. The actress blames her sister for her failure as an actress and spends most for the film taking it out on her,. We find out in the film her sister wrote a Manga comic about her sister and it was published, hense the reason for her sisters hate for her. Unfortunately the sister is rather apologetic as her sister abuses her verbally and physically. You want the Manga writer to stand up for herself as she is abused, but we see her beeing rather meek and apologetic as though it is all HER fault when it isn't in the slightest. The husband is also very cold emotionally to his wife and treats her badly and is somewhat abusive to her and again she needs to stand up for herself but is again very apologetic.

Without giving too much away the sister starts to correspond with a film "director" and he wants her to write to him regularly to talk about her family and what she thinks of them ect

I wont give away the ending but the actress gets a massive come-uppance and it is an eye opener ending that you WILL NOT SEE COMING. Japanese film tend to be multi-layered stories ultimately deeply satisfying and can be emotional and will stay in the memory for a long time. Highly recommended
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on 30 March 2015
This film blew my mind and I won't bother going into the story as the other reviewers have done a great job of that already. Although I will say that this film is a masterpiece that completely took me by surprise by how powerfully it depicted a dark family life in the beautiful Japanese countryside. By the cover I was expecting it to be quite a light-hearted comedy yet is actually one of the most intelligent Japanese films I've seen in a long long time since 'Confessions'. It's also similar to Ozu's 'Tokyo Story' and Dogme 95's 'Festen'. I want to see it again, it's that good. Highly recommend to anyone interested in Japanese films or anyone who wants to see a film that's dark yet also quite quirky and clever. Buy it now. Now... no really, NOW!
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on 8 February 2010
"Funuke, Show Some Love, You Losers" explores the reverberations that one particularly polluted family member can enact upon their siblings and parents. Returning home from Tokyo for her parents' funeral, failed yet hopelessly aspiring actress Sumika Wago (played by Eriko Sato) resurrects her tawdry family tensions with her older brother and younger sister. Sato does a particularly good job portraying the spoilt, manipulative, and menacing Sumika and it is her performance that gives the film much of its merit. Particularly enjoyable and humorous is Sumika's struggle to come to terms with her newfound rural surroundings and being returned to her home roots. Director Daihachi Yoshida uses some great shots to capture the unique atmosphere of rural Japan, and even add an absurdity to Sumika's hatred of it.

As the film progresses the darker history of the family is revealed and this is surprisingly where the film loses much of its appeal. Though the dark family themes involved and the revelationary story telling are highly reminiscent of excellent Danish film Festen (a must watch if you enjoyed "Funuke" incidentally), it lacks a lot of that feature's subtelty and complexity. Everything is made very clear and spoken out, little is left to the imagination. Much of the supporting cast to "Funuke" are further presented as charicatures with few redeeming features. Ok, so the translated title suggests that might be the case, but a cast of utter losers is hard to really relate to or care about. For example Michiko, the brother's wife and the character with whom we might best sympathise at being tied to this ghastly family, is presented as such a pathetic moron it's hard to really care when she's getting trodden on by just about everyone.

Defintitely worth a watch and will no doubt appeal to those for whom a few dark themese scattered here and there are enough to garner enthusiasm or shock. For this reviewer, the characters (bar Sumika perhaps) just weren't quite believable enough in their interactions and the film lacked the charm and humour that many other "dark comedies" garner from a better rounded cast of characters.
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on 6 February 2010
I "ADORE" so much Japanese & Korean cinema that I've been forced to admit I am an addict. It is so heart-achingly beautiful, brutally realistic, and at times, deeply disturbing. And once again, this incredible Japanese movie has delivered all three of these aspects in spades. So if you want light entertainment, 'Hollywood-esque' clichés, 'Happily Ever After' and 'The Good Guys To Win In The End,' then I strongly recommend that you look elsewhere. Because if you think that your own family has emotional problems, then this film will definitely place them in perspective.

In the opening scene, the youngest sister witnesses both of her parents being killed in a horrific road accident. We do not see the collision itself, but the bloody tyre tracks and torn pieces of flesh tell us all that we need to know.

Her older sister has spent four years in Tokyo struggling to become an actress. She has no talent, but she is arrogant and delusional, accusing everyone of failing to recognise her genius. She returns home for the funeral, but now her parents are gone, the family does not have enough money to send her back to Tokyo.

Four years earlier, the young woman had even turned to prostitution to raise money to go to Tokyo. She had attacked her father with a knife when he told her that she didn't have enough talent to succeed. And when her older step-brother had tried to stop her, she had slashed his face.

The brother is now married, but he abuses his wife. He never sleeps with her because he is in a bizarre, obsessive relationship with his 'wannabe actress' step-sister. She has forced him to swear that he will never sleep anyone else, even though she was a prostitute at the time. So the night after his own wife forces him to sleep with her, the sister holds a knife to his throat while they are in bed together, demanding to know if he still 'Needs' only her.

Throughout the film, the 'wannabe actress' is psychologically abusing and torturing her younger sister, blaming her and the Horror Manga that she drew of her life for the fact that her career is a failure. And if you are still actually reading this review; if you can see beyond the coarse description and are intrigued by the beautiful story, then the chances are that you will love this film.
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on 5 October 2009
Funuke, Show Some Love You Losers is a Japanese film and therefore a bit weird (like the title). All Japanese films seem a bit weird to me, as I'm just a Brit whose idea of foreign culture is based on curry and a week spent in France on a school trip when he was 12. Anyway, it's basically about a dysfunctional Japanese family; (I have a lot of films about dysfunctional families.) I'm not sure if it's meant to be a thriller, horror, comedy, erotic or what; it's probably a bit of all of those. Anyway, I quite enjoyed it and the plot was simple enough and the subtitles good enough for me to actually understand what was going on, most of the time anyway. Nice quality DVD and the acting was good too. It also has just about the most optimistic character of any film I've seen, Machiko Wago, who's the brother's wife; shame she doesn't actually have anything much to be optimistic about. The rest of them were a bit, well weird, but subtly weird. A dark comedy worth watching. Incidentally, my cat Penny seem to enjoy the film too. (This is actually a bit of an understatement, as she was actually purring really loudly and quickly. I seriously thought she was going to explode or something. She's normally very quiet.) It might have been the scene at the very start with the bus and the cat in it that she liked.
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on 27 April 2014
Cruel spoilt brats eventually get their just desserts . Cinderella story with the underdogs succeeding where the brats failed .
Slow but satisfying film .
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on 9 January 2010
This movie is a close look behind the facade of a deranged family. That would sound boring to some of you, but give this film a chance cos it's absolutely amazing! The most interesting aspect of the story is truly the skeletons in the closet of each character and how they are affected by that. You like Eye Candy - films? This one's got totally awesome visuals including lead actress Eriko Sato (look at the DVD cover and you know what I mean). You like movies with twists? This one's got plenty of them, so get it now! Highly recommended!
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