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on 12 July 2004
Thank god they decided to scrap "Babys Got A Temper".
They have now created something that is different whilst at the same time familiar. The first track 'Spitfire' is definatly a good hard hitting start that moves into the superb electro style 'Girls' and just keeps climbing to great heights with tracks such as 'Get up get off', the very fast & funky 'Hotride' through to the old experience style 'Action radar' and finishing brilliantly with 'the way it is' and the Gallager bros. team up 'shoot down'.
I love this album and I am not sure if a prefer this or jilted generation, all I know is that you must own this.
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on 22 July 2004
Having got a copy of this off the net i was intregued to see which direction they went since my fave album was Jilted, AONO to me is a mix of Jilted/Experince and FOTL
Only drawback is have to listen to it LOUD!! which i cant do in the office, at home and in the car another matter :)
Throughly recommend this album
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on 24 August 2004
One of the best Prodigy albums and worth the wait. BMW are even using 'You'll Be Under My Wheels' in their latest S-Series ads! What more can I say! If you never liked Prodigy in the first place then don't buy it and quit bitchin'!!
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2004
this isn't a terrible album, as much as it isn't a fantastic album.
the first 5 tracks will get in to your head and you'll think your on to a winner. unfortunately the rest of the album is not quite as good.
pick it up anyway, because this is definately the prodigy sound. nothing nowadays is even close.
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on 22 November 2004
I completely with rosscopk, seven years to make I was expecting an epic, a mix between Jilted Generation and Fat Of The Land that was going to become an absolute classic.
But without the use of Keith Flint and Maxim Reality there was no chance that would be met. I have been listening to prodigy since I was ten, have been a massive fan but I fear on this performance it might be the beginning of the end.
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on 17 July 2004
This album is phenomenal. I can't express how much I loved this album. Every track is great! Every album the prodigy evolves more and more and this album shows their flawless talent at doing so. At first when I heard that Keith and maxim would be absent from the album I was a little disappointed, but once I heard it I realized that it doesn't matter at all, all the guest vocals work in PERFECTLY! Here's a little run down of the tracks
1. Spitfire 5/5 Great track with the booming voice of Juliette Lewis screaming "IF I WERE IN WWII They'd CALL ME SPITFIRE!!" Reminds me of Smack my bitch up in the way it builds. This track has sort of an Arabic Sound to it.
2. Girls 5/5 Girls is another great track. Its always really cool when music of different times is collaborated into one song, and this track is a perfect example, it begins with old 80's rap-like vocals and soon turns into one of the hardest bass lines prodigy has ever put out. The ping pong bitches really add a bad-ass mood to this song, each taking turns to sing the same chorus, switching between girls for certain words with phenomenal vocal effects. Genius.
3. Memphis Bells 4/5 this track is more or less instrumental, but boy is it catchy, the grunting guitar synth growls over dark echoing bells, at some points the mood reminded me of Claustrophobic Sting, from prodigy's Music for the Jilted Generation Album. Great song!
4.Get up Get off 5/5 One of the stand out of this album this sound is great, it contains insanely fast rapping by The rapper Twista over a HARD ASS beat that you can't help but to Love, And then Shashin Badar (She sang the harmonic hums in the intermission of Smack my bitch up) Is back to Sing "IF you want to get up, you got to get off" in the chorus,, FANTASTIC SONG
5. Hotride 5/5 Another Phenomenal song on the album, Features Juliette Lewis again doing hard Techno Punk that the prodigy are so well known for. It begins with nifty little chinging noises and quickly leads to a harsh punk beat over a Mad slide guitar riff with the vocals "Up, up and away, in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon" You'll Love this track!
6. Wake Up Call 5/5 This is another Killer track, Really similar to Smack My Bitch up, this time because of the raw synths that Liam Howlette used for this track. Kool Keith is back for the line "back on tour, 123, we're all back on 4, you better wake-up!" This crazy synth line and hard beat leads into the musical climax of an Middle eastern flute Blow like you've never heard before. WOW!
7. Action Rader 5/5 Action radar is a masterpiece, reminiscent of an 80's rock track in the way it builds up but the harsh screaming scat rapping (made popular by Korn and Marilyn Manson, though it sounds more similar to Junkie XL) over the synthetic bass and guitar cries make a masterpiece, its is Beautiful, One my favorites on the album!
8. Medusas Path 3/5 Unfortunately this track is a little too short for my taste, just rounding over three minutes though it does have some heavy synths over crazy beats. This song you either love it, or you don't. To some its their favorite track, but for me its, ehh.. Again it has a really middle eastern feel to it.
9. Phoenix 5/5 WOW, phoenix is a crazy little track, Its basically a cover of Shocking Blue's 1969 track 'Love Buzz' (later covered by Nirvana). This too has a middle eastern feel to it, and is lead into really well by medusas path, This track is so catchy, you can't help but to listen to it again and again.
10. The Way it is 4/5 This is built on a Reworked sample of Michael Jackson's Masterpiece Thriller and Liam, the genius he is, reworks a sample from the song and creates a dance masterpiece.
11. You'll be UNDER MY WHEELS. 3/5 This track is pretty good, i mean it could be considered b-side material, but it still is a powerful listen. Sample from an old Ultramagnetic MC track "I Rock Rock Rock, I Roll I Roll I Roll" Is the main vocals of the song, with various guitar riff samples echoing through out a hard bass line.
12. Shoot Down 4/5 this song is really catchy, Liam Gallagar, and Noel gallagar used in this track really add a lot to the prodigy album and create a masterpiece of the finale of Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned.
All and all this album is flawless, though it has it lower points in 1 or 2 tracks, it still has great flow! The best way to describe this would have to be A SOLID 12 TRACK RAMPAGE Of MUSICAL GENIOUS. As you can tell i really loved this album, but on the first listen i wasn't as optimistic, but by the third listen this thing made its way into my top 5 albums of all time! You can't compare it to FOTL, its too different, its an evolution on everything prodigy has learned since Experience, And I give you kudos Liam Howlette, You have made another piece of solid gold.
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on 4 August 2004
if anybody says anything bad about this album they don't like any kind of dance music anyway so who really cares all am gonna say is BUY IT this is the album of the year already
track 1-12 there ain't a bad one in there all are booming can't wait for their gigs
wo ho
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on 11 August 2004
Hear they are at last. Over the years i convinced myself Prodigy had not split but since this is their first release in a while, i was doubtful. Now this new album is their offical return in the flesh. If anyone heard the new album on radio 1 a few weeks back like me, you have to be excited! It sounds like they added a bit of mix to the old style, which is interesting to say the least. The new album will appeal to drum and bass fans and all people who loved them previously. Prodigy, welcome back!
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on 23 January 2009
I Really can't understand the high ratings in this cd. I'm a fanatic prodigy fan BUT this cd has nothing to with their first three albums.
In here there is no track like "no good or out of space or even poison"
The only track which DESERVES to be in a real prodigy album is "Action Radar" All the rest except for "spitfire" (which is not bad) are BULL...
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on 25 May 2005
This could be the album that sunk The Prodigy. As has become traditional for the band's outings, things kick off with the massive beats of "spitfire', which is without a doubt the standout track on the disc, after this things meander haphazardly through an unfocussed mishmash of fillers and second rate outtakes.
Everyone has a downer on 'Baby's Got a Temper', but it was head and shoulders above any track on this album.
Not including Keith Flint and Maxim was a huge mistake and an act of treason to any true Prodigy fan, who would have rather listened to their vocals than Howlett's dismal selection of celeb mates and friends of family.
Was Flint's persona getting too big for Howlett to live with?
The only way to save this album would be to re-record it with the usual Prodigy line-up. I'd love to hear what Flint and Mixim make of tracks like Hotride, Spitfire and Wake Up Call.
As for the 'Thriller' sample. What a sad epitaph for a once great band.
I own the album and it will remain in my collection, but it is the worst Prodigy album so far released. And I have a feeling it may be the last unless Howlett returns to giving the people what they want and stops indulging in narcistic sub-pop projects like this mess.
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