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on 29 June 2017
Great album, like the new production, These Boots is pointless though because of the *beeping censoring.
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on 5 February 2016
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on 10 January 2008
When originally released to cd 'killing is my business' was an ok debut album. The talent of Megadeth was there for all to see, but the cd was never going to be up there amongst my favourites. Its very difficult to give a lot of air time to a disc which had such bad sound production.
'Killing' was always a back burner Megadeth title for me as I would rather play almost anything by the boys except this album. Also compared to the other 3 of the big 4, I must admit preferring show no mercy and kill em' all. Therefore, it must be said 'Killing' lay dormant for many years, gathering dust and totally forgotten.

Forward to Xmas 2007. I was fortunate to receive Warchest as a gift and the very first two tracks were remastered versions of the title track 'Killing' and 'skull beneath the skin'. Now, at this point it really is difficult to put into words what I was hearing. Was this really the same piece of music I'd virtually buried almost 20 years ago in the darkest reaches of my cd collection?

The sound quality of these 2 tracks sounded absolutely stunning. I've got SACD and dvd-a., and I'm not lying by saying this 'ordinary cd' was competing very strongly along side either of those formats without even being in 5.1. These two tasters had me rushing to the computer to purchase the remastered version of 'Killing' several years after its release.

On receiving and playing the whole remastered 'Killing' it is quite clear which of the so-called big four really was top dog. Whilst not being the biggest, Mustaine and Megadeth were the baddest and the best, laying down tracks that really do stand up today even better than at the original time. The sound quality of what is on offer here is better than most new recordings by metal bands. New life breathes thru every instrument. Ellefson plays bass lines that didn't exist at the time due to shocking production. Gar Samuelson shows his drumming genius and would undoubtedly be the very best of metal drummers if still alive today. Mustaine's vocals and all guitar work by himself and Poland sound meaner, cleaner and just totally stunning.

It's amazing that such an understated and underrated debut should be brought to life and reanimated providing nothing less than total shock and awe 25 years after its original release. The truth being that this collection of tracks have grown better and better with the passage of time. Dig out your Kill em all and tell me if the same applies (I think not).

The downside to the disc is track 8. These boots. This version is sensored. Basically, everything Mustaine sings is bleeped from start to finish, begging the question why even bother putting the track on the disc in the first place? I guess Mustaine was proving a point. The reasons for the sensoring can be found in the liner notes of the cd booklet. The other thing to mention are the three so-called bonus tracks, which are basically 3 demos of mechanix, last-rites and the skull. Once again unnecessary as these demos sound absolutely awful. Although it is funny to hear Mustaine singing and sounding like he's 12 years old. I guess he wasn't far off. These demos exist only to pad out a very short album.

One last point to mention: Looking down the cross, in my opinion, is one of the very best metal tracks ever made. It didn't dawn on me till I listened to the remaster. Buy it, it's cheap and it's essential listening for any metalheads out there.
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on 26 March 2005
This album's come under a lot of criticism for the songwriting being a little poor, but generally I think there's some fantastic music on here that more than makes up for it! The title track, Rattlehead, Mechanix, a fantastic (Yet hideous on this release due to the terrible beeping) cover of These Boots and, perhaps best of all, Looking Down The Cross... All of these great songs make this remastered version of the album an essential buy...
The Production on this CD isn't just a marked improvement on the original either. The production goes above and beyond the call of duty, making the CD sound fresh and utterly thrilling. I'd say this is possibly the best production I've ever heard on a CD. EVER.
In a perfect world ALL Heavy Metal CDs would sound this good!
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on 23 August 2011
Ok, so I gave reviews, badly, to So Far So Good, and Countdown, for the remastered versions, as in my opinion, they are truly aweful, but with Killing.. Dave really hit the nail on the head so to speak. I dont know if he started with this one, possibly only intending to remaster Killing as to be honest it needed it, then got carried away thinking, oh what the hell.. I haven't heard Peace Sells remastered and I would be intrigued to know if the version is superior to the original, as that recording back that wasn't as good as it could have been, when you put it next to Masters of Puppets for example.
I've gotta say, this is a fine job of remastering a really bad original production, especially when you compare them to the original tracks as bonuses on this version, just to prove how remarkably different in depth the sound has come. It's a major improvement and I think all can agree needed to be done. I think this album was even left behind by me mainly for the production and not the songwriting, and I jumped straight to Peace Sells. It's a shame because musically, it was harder, faster and more technical than Metallicas Kill em All, just didnt have the production to balance the weight.
Well done Dave for turning this one around and making it sound as relevant today as it was in the era of the finest Speed Metal band on the planet!
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on 19 May 2007
Killing is my Business was released in 1985 on Combat records. The production was pretty poor (which was probably due to lack of funds) and the album art was a lot worse than the production. This is why it is better to by the remixed and remastered version rather than the origional, the mixes on the origional just don't do the songs on the album justice and that is pretty sad because i think that this album has some of Megadeth's best songs on it. The album itself is fast, thrashy but unlike other Thrash metal bands maintains its melody. KIMB is not Megadeth's heaviest release which isn't necessarily a bad thing in my point of view. The highlights of the album are looking down the cross, chosen ones, skull beneasth the skin and of courst Killing is my business...and Business is good.

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on 14 March 2013
Bloody hell fire.

For years, my concession to thrash has been more or less limited to the early pioneers including 'Grimacing' Dave.

To the uninitiated, the tag 'thrash' conjures images of little more than a barely discernible cacophony of Animal-from-the-Muppet-Show grade, crazed anarchy.

However, if you struggle to go for several hours without an infusion of the fully formed, heavy stuff, denial of this spectacular work should see you in the confessional and seriously questioning your musical leanings.

I simply cannot stop playing this re-invigorated version of what exploded about 28 years ago.

There is rawness aplenty but this remastered milestone is a work of production genius sufficient to enable it to stand it toe-to-toe with almost any studio recording by any artist from any genre, ever.

Maybe it is the infusion of former jazz experimentalists but the main man gnashes out a twisted cornucopia of inverted melodies that are defined by swarms of sublime guitar breaks, vocal snarls and rhythmic swirls that hold you fast in the mosh zone and compel you to headbang and explete with the enthusiasm of an unreformed, conscientious poll tax objector.

If you're the kind of purist who found early Motörhead a fairly unique tonic in the late 70s, you really should have this musical bone permanently close to hand, perpetually ready to offer up its class A, metallic marrow.

It's a pity you can't award 6, or even 10 stars out of 5 because Megadeth's first album exists alongside things like 'Melissa' by Mercyful fate in the pantheons of formative wonder.

Get it bought.
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on 20 January 2009
I own the original version of this album and it was spoilt by the production, so not a real surprise that Mustaine's careful remaster has made such a difference. With the remaster you get really improved clarity of the drums, vocals, guitar and bass... as a result the songs come over much stronger now to the listener. People criticize Mustaine's song writing on this album sometimes, but I think it's fine and no worse than, say, Slayer going on about devils or Nazism. Overall, the remaster places this album much closer to Peace Sells in terms of quality, and makes the original sound more like a demo. Shame there were so many mix ups and mistakes made by the band, for one reason or another, during the original recoding and mixing, which includes for example the loss of the original album artwork by the record company apparently.
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on 18 November 2006
In so many ways this album represents what metal is supposed to be. It's loud, fast, agressive but dependent on virtuoso musicianship which is more than evident here. Some of the writing could be described as naive but I would suggest reckless and impatient (and with more than a touch of vengeance) which in this case brilliantly captures the spirit of metal, at least how it was in those days. Megadeth have done better than this, Peace sell and Rust in Peace, but that's just a testament to then talent of Mustaine rather than the limits of this album. Why is early Megadeth better than Metallica? It's just more complex and creative, more complex riffing and the distinction between rythym and lead guitar is reduced giving it much more vibrancy than what Metallica have ever done - and it's faster too. One of the best speed thrash songs ever is Mechanix and is far better than Metallica's version (the four horsemen). Stand out tracks include last rites/loved to deth, Mechanix, Rattlehead, title track, skull beneath skin and looking down the cross.

"These Boots" is great too but it's a pity about the bleeping out of Mustaine's altered lyrics. Better that it's there though, in other versions it was just left out.

This is a must have album for any metal fan.
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on 26 June 2008
This album a really raw heavy loud awesome thrash metal album. Some classics here like Last Rites/Loved To Deth, Killing Is My Bussiness..& Business is good, Rattlehead & Looking Down The Cross. The intro to this album is amazing with a very dark piano intro then going straight into a wicked fast guitar riff the album continues to be fast and heavy through out the whole album it's awesome. Dave's vocals sorry to say arn't at his best here but he does a great job on the songs i mention. I must admit the song The Mechanix i know mustaine wrote it but i prefer Metallicas Four Horsemen megadeths version is too short. Overall a wicked dark thrash metal debut by Megadeth good start with megadeth after this buy Peace Sells that is their best album. Megadeth Rock
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