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on 25 September 2015
My wife and I liked an occasional coffee from Costa, but after we returned from a long holiday in Italy a few years back, we missed a regular coffee hit at home. So we looked around for a coffee maker and chose this after using it in a hotel that had one in the room. We found it was so easy to make a really good cup. It isn't the cheapest, but it makes really tasty coffee and has stood the test of time. After nearly two years use, I'd buy another without hesitation. Our general preference is for two LARGE Cappuccinos and this is easy with the Magimix. We run the water through each capsule twice. Once on the lungo and once on the espresso button. We fill the milker just to the top of the detachable swirler and add a sprinkle of green and black organic hot choc mix. Job done. I reckon the machine would do about 12 espressos or four double lungos without a water refill. There is a lot of scope for altering the strength to suit your taste. The type of milk you use determines how the milk / foam mix comes out. Full fat gives the best result for us. Each cup costs around 20p, depending on where you get your capsules from. I have occasionally seen offers in the big supermarkets much cheaper. Every order (we order 100 caps at a time) we include a pick up of used capsules for recycling. The bag is lifted within a couple of days.

Another plus is the large variety of flavours and strengths available. You can play around with these too, as you don't have to use a lungo as a lungo. Just do your own thing. I've settled on a few favourites after all this time, but have tried almost all flavours on the Nespresso website.

In terms of build quality, the whole thing is well designed and has lasted unscathed for us. Loose plastic parts do rattle a bit when the pump is working. The frother is whisper quiet.

Tips; Do remember to check the water level, as there is no reminder when it is too low and it's at the back of the machine. Do remember to put a capsule in, otherwise you'll just get hot water. Do remember to switch on the frother, otherwise it won't froth! You'll only do it once....!
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on 4 August 2014
I originally had a Gagia classic which lasted 3 years, then a Gagia Berra, which also lasted 3 years and would have cost £160 to repair with a 6 month guarantee. The Nespresso CityZ came with a 3 year guarantee and a £40 pod voucher, for the same money.
Having said that the pods aren't cheap and it's so easy to use I am drinking more coffee! The milk frother is brilliant for cappuccinos with very small bubbles and a nice rich and creamy froth.
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on 8 April 2017
Fantastic product, worth every penny
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on 30 April 2015
Makes great frothy coffees. Unfortunately George Clooney isn't included.
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on 4 April 2015
lovely machine, coffee delicious
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on 5 September 2016
Good machine only £99 at currys this week
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on 22 October 2010
I have been using this coffee machine for the past year now and can confirm that it does provide you with good espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. It is very straight forward to use and there are no finicky bits another plus point is that the machine has a 3 year guarantee.

But I have realised that with my preference of making cappuccinos or lattes I need to use two nespresso capsules. Then again this may be due to the strength of the coffee that I like or because of the size of my mug :-).

Another thing I realised is that I need to preheat my mug to ensure that my latte or cappuccino stays hot.

One negative if you consider it, is the cleaning of the milk frother as you cannot submerge in water. I found out by trial and error that if you use a baby's bottle brush it's a breeze to clean it.

All in all it is a good coffee machine.
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on 3 February 2010
Having owned one or two coffee machines in my time I have to say the Magimix Citiz Milk is fantastic!!
If I'm being totally honest our lifestyle leaves us little time to be messing round with complicated and longwinded pieces of equipment in order to make a simple cup of coffee so when this machine was recommended to us (mainly due to ease of use) we bought it primarily for this reason and it is certainly far surpassed any of our expectations not only in usability but the quality too!
When the machine arrived it was a few simple steps before we were enjoying our first cup of real coffee and what a darn good cup of coffee too! I have to say I never realised how awful instant coffee really is until this lol.
The main thing I love about this machine is the separate milk bit. My husband particularly enjoys a latte whereas I (forever watching my figure lol) have it with just a drop of milk, so for hubby, he simply pops his milk into the milk frother and pours it nice & hot into his coffee whilst I will make my coffee and add a little cold milk afterwards.
Back to the ease of use issue, as with previous machines we have had, they got little use simply because it proved so much hassle making a coffee then all the cleaning afterwards. With the Nespresso, it's simples. You fill the water tank with fresh water, switch the machine on and wait for it to heat which incidentally is very quick, then pop your coffee pod into the top. If your having milk in the frother you put that in and switch it on to do it's bit. Meanwhile select your cup size from large or small and press! When the milk is ready you add it to it and voila, you have a perfect cup of coffee!
Cleaning is a synch as I just rinse the milk pot and leave the machine till the end of the day then just empty the water tank, empty the water tray and discard the used coffee pods. Every week I'll give it a more thorough clean.
This machine gets used daily and trying all the different coffees is brilliant! I can honestly not recommend the nespresso's highly enough. All in all a superb machine that delivers a superb cup of coffee and is a total pleasure to use!
If your in the market for a new coffee machine, buy it, you won't be disappointed :-)

UPDATE Sept 2012 - Thought I'd add a quick update on my review.
After 3yrs, 3 months of owning this machine I have to say our opinion has still not changed even though we are now looking to buy a new one seeing as the part that holds the coffee pods seems to have slipped so the pod falls through every time! Still, considering this machine has been used consistently every day about 3-4 times a day, I think this has given us a pretty fair deal.
The coffee is still fabulous and delivers a perfect coffee every time although I would hate to tot up the sheer amount of money we have spent on this over the time we've owned it!! Yes they are expensive....we spend about £75 every 4-6 weeks!!!
Now it is time to lay our machine to rest, we will definitely be looking at buying another Magimix nespresso model although this time it will be without the milk frother as we find we no longer use this.

Hope this review helps some of you with the decision of to buy or not to buy :-) x
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on 10 August 2010
This great little machine was recommended to us by friends and they were spot on. Having just returned from living in Italy for 3 years we wanted a machine that could produce a decent cappuccino or espresso without the fuss of grinding the beans or huge amounts of cleaning.
The Magimix meets our needs very well and Nespresso provide a great range of pods to suit all tastes. I'd say the espresso is as good as the worst I've had in an Italian coffee bar (that's a compliment as I've never had a bad one).
I'll need to practice more on the cappuccinos to get them perfect but the milk frother is an excellent addition and much easier than trying to do it yourself.
Our neighbours in Italy bought a machine that was a domestic version of those used in bars for more than 2,000 euros but there's no way that type of investment is worthwhile when you can get the Magimix for less than 200 pounds.
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on 9 August 2013
I bought this product back in May 2011, over 2-years ago. I use it most weekends and some week days and use it primarily for cappuccino, although my partner does make the occasional americano.

It produces consistently excellent coffee, has proven to be extremely reliable and is working as well today as it did on day one. I bought a Nespresso de-scaling kit which I've used once, which has been enough to keep it healthy.

This is a great looking addition to any kitchen. It replaced a dedicated, manual espresso machine and while I did enjoy the manual approach and convincing myself I am a barista, the convenience of this machine is by far the better option and doesn't come with any sacrifice in quality.

I have learned a useful tip though - run a short hot water through it first. This not only flushes through any leftovers from the previous go, but it ensures your coffee comes out really very hot (too hot for me to drink at first). The temperature is often the main complaint about machines like this, but this one has proven excellent and running a short hot water through first really helps improve that fact.

So given the fact I'm writing this so far after buying, you can be sure you're getting a reliable, high-quality Nespresso machine that produces excellent results.
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