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on 23 April 2009
The 1st review I did on this machine gave only 1 star because the machine would not boot but now after Amazon replaced it twice I've got one that works and boy was it worth the wait and aggro.
So how does it perform?
Battery life:
I tested this by using the 1000he as my work machine for a day on battery pack only. (I am a programmer and work from home by b/band connection to the office.) The machine lasted well and was used non stop (apart from 1hour lunch) all day. At the end of the day I still had an hours worth of battery life. So their "All Day Computing" slogan is on the money IMO.

I did not find the keyboard cramped or a pain to use, In fact I thought the track pad better than most lap tops and I preferred the stiffness of the button click.
I used the low res mode mostly because I prefer not to have to scroll the desktop. I did not find any problems using the smaller screen, although when I went back to my main machine the luxury of a big screen did become apparent. For Most on the move requirements you will not be aware of any shortcomings in screen size.

Wireless connection: Connects immediately and very stable

All in all this is a great machine for the price and would have earned 5 stars if it had not been let down by the two previous non bootable machines which put a question mark over Asus's QA

One other thing: it comes with a recovery CD. Now net books are marketed as mobile pieces of kit, It is unlikely that you will carry around a portable co drive on your travels, otherwise why not take a full size laptop, so if something goes wrong you are going to have to wait until your back at base to fix it. I hope that as the capacity for USB sticks and cards increases Asus and others will offer a way to recover from a crash via one of those rather than a CD
Would I recommend it to a friend : a wholehearted yes.
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on 14 June 2009
This Netbook is by far the best on the market currently (of 14/06/09). If you are in the market for one then buy this one, I have used several and I can state simply this is the best.

When I first got mine one of the first things I did was install Windows 7 onto it, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was the best thing to do. XP is fine for the average user, but with Windows 7 this netbook becomes a whole new experience. Most of the drivers worked straight away, and the ones that didn't were easily downloaded from the ASUS website; run them in compatibility mode and they're as good as ever. The only disadvantage is you do lose the ability to put the screen resolution in 1024 x 768, instead of the standard 1024 x 600. But that's an emulated resolution so I don't see it as a loss.

Anyway, to review the actual netbook. The newer N280 processor does make a difference over the older N270. It may only be a 0.06GHz improvement, but the front side bus speed has been increased as well, making this a worthwhile upgrade. I'd like to say I upgraded the RAM to 2GB, for about £15 and this is certainly worth doing, it does make a difference, especially if you get 800MHz RAM, which is the max it can take. [EDIT: Only recently realised that the FSB of the processor is 667MHz, thus getting 800MHz is a waste of money... too late for me sadly]. The 9.5 hour battery life stated is actually accurate, which is surprising, usually these estimates are grossly exaggerated. I've managed to get just over 10 hours out of the thing on full power saving mode. On sleep mode this thing will last nearly 3 weeks, which is amazing. The heat coming from the machine varies between around 34 degrees C up to about 65 under full load. This is very reasonable and certainly I don't have a problem using it on my lap for relatively light tasks such as internet browsing or email. The fan can make a bit of noise when it is on full, but I've heard much worse, and the fan doesn't come on very often as long as you're not in a hot room or asking it to play Crysis. I generally don't use the touchpad very often, I've always preferred carrying a small mouse around with me, but it is good as touchpads go, and the gesture features that have been blatantly copied from Mac's and iPhone's are generally helpful. I did disable a few as I don't need to have so many functions. I also hooked it up to a HD Monitor via the VGA/D-Sub connection and this thing can handle resolutions over full HD. I was running at 1920 x 1200 with no noticeable delay. I cannot vouch for the bluetooth or the Wireless N, as I only have wireless G at home, and have never had a need to use the bluetooth. I have it set-up, but have yet to pair anything with it. I also can't state how good the eSATA/USB port is, I presume it will be as good as any eSATA port, with blazing transfer speeds. In regards to weight, you barely know you are carrying it in your bag. 1.33KG is nothing for a laptop, and if you are going for negligible weight you'll pay the cost. The Sony P-Series weighs about 650g, but it's super-slow and costs £800. The hard drive in this netbook is certainly large enough for the standard person, I certainly will never fill it, and it's not like external hard drives are that difficult to come by.

Basically this netbook is extremely good, especially for the price. ASUS really know how to make a netbook, and the Eee PC family are all good, but this really is the daddy. If you are looking to buy a netbook (and if you're on this page you must be) then get this. You won't regret it, I certainly don't.

EDIT: I have recently purchased an eSATA cable for an external hard drive. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in the port on the side. Therefore I have no idea what this port is, it certainly looks like an eSATA/USB but it isn't. Just seems to be a plain old USB port with grooves in it, rather than being just a solid rectangle.
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on 19 May 2009
I completed months of research on Netbooks before finally coming across the "soon to be released" 1000HE in March. After waiting for this item to be finally released in the UK I purchased from Amazon as they were one of the few places with availability.
Firstly the screen. The 10 inch screen makes a great difference. It is the matt effect which makes it great to use outside. The keyboard is a joy to use and is comparible to keyboards on laptops over £700. The left trackpad button can be a little stiff, but I normally just double tap the trackpad to select, so that is not really a downfall. Battery life is just superb and you just do not need to carry the charger as it does last all day.
The one downfall, and the only reason it did not get 5 stars, was the fact that it only ships with Windows XP. Personally I am tired of constantly having to download security updates for Windows products. So the first thing that I did was dual booted with Linux Ubuntu. I downloaded EeeBuntu which has been built specifically for the Eee PC and everything worked straight away and is a joy to use compared to Windows.
Would I recommend this Netbook - You bet !!!. Just a pity about Windoze. Please give us more choice Asus as I have paid for a Windows license which I have no intention of using.
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on 3 June 2009
I'm an A-level student currently, moving onto uni next year. I've already got a suped up dual core desktop that i'm taking with me. but i needed a portable laptop to take into lectures to view powerpoints and write notes. After looking at an absolute ton of reviews the Acer aspire one and the Asus 1000 HE were the two best. after looking at the acer and seeing the frankly useless touchpad i went for the asus. it's superb, fast enough for non-gaming applications, i've tried some online video streaming and bbc iplayer works fine but higher quality video such as HD you tube is sketchy. the screen is great, really clear, really bright. The keyboard (similair to that on macs) is great, with the keys well spaced out so you're never hitting two keys at once and the only problems with it so far have been the two shift buttons which are quite small. The multitouch gesture touchpad is great, works brilliantly, 160GB HDD is superb, it's a better processor than most of the other netbook competitors too which is great! It looks cool, is slightly heavier than other noteooks but still by no means heavy, also comes with a case that's handy.

Overall this is a great netbook which i think should instead be referred to as a notebook as it's fast and relatively powerful, a great buy!
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on 5 May 2009
Bought this machine and I have to say it is one of the best buys I have ever made. Wonderful portable access to the web with the longest battery life I have ever encountered. Easy to use - great 'touchpad' features - works well with the external disc drive - just the best - 5*****!!!
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on 5 May 2009
After doing lots of research and reading a lot of tech reviews, it would appear this is the best netbook available at the moment.

It has a slightly newer and faster processor (1.66ghz instead of the standard 1.6ghz) but I doubt anyone is going to notice this... I didn't notice much of a speed difference.

The only real competitor for this at the moment is the Samsung NC10, but I chose this due to the much better trackpad, and I've known Asus for years as being a quality manufacturer (I've always bought their motherboards).

Only real downside I've found with this so far is there are 4 short cut keys located above the keyboard. Two of these are user programmable using Asus own software. The other two are pre defined short cuts which you cannot reprogram without messing around with the ACPI. This seems very silly since they have the exact same functions as two of the FN function keys.
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on 4 June 2009
After some research I settled on this machine. Having no experience of netbooks, I was a little nervous about what it would cope with. Boy, am I suprised. What an awesome bit of kit this is. I have had it two days now and have yet to find anything it can not cope with including low level (older) FPS games. Video is fine whatever the source, music is no problem and photos look great. It connected to my wireless router with no hassles and surfing is a great experience on it. I am so glad I went down the netbook route as opposed to a laptop.

The battery held out for just over 8 hours of solid use yesterday which is impressive. It means I can take this out for the day to use with my Camera.

Considering the size and portability, it is hard to be critical of anything, even the sound is not too bad. Maybe after further use I will find fault but so far I am unable to.

If you are having any doubts, don't. This is a wonderful machine that with the addition of a mouse could easily serve as your only computer.
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on 28 June 2009
Excellent netbook. Very solidly built and feels like it could withstand some fairly rough treatment. Currently travelling in Asia with it and it is holding up extremely well. The wi-fi works well and has a similar range to that of my bigger laptop. The battery life seems to be around 6.5hours with normal use (wi-fi on, screen at 50% brightness, etc.) but I'm sure more is possible. The keyboard is excellent - very easy to type on. The screen is superb and even the built-in speakers are quite reasonable. The built-in mics work really well for Skype too without plugging in an external mic. Touch pad is great too, particularly two finger scrolling. I have no real criticisms except that it is slower than a normal laptop, but that is obviously to be expected. It handles most apps well but slows down a lot when multiple windows are open. All in all, highly recommended.
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on 23 December 2014
I used this little netbook over the course of my degree (nearly 4 years), and even wrote my dissertation on it! It's a strong little machine but I would suggest upgrading the RAM as it does need a bit of a boost. Overall, very impressed and would recommend.
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on 19 June 2009
I searched the internet to make sure I was buying one of the better 'netbooks', and I'm glad I did. For around the £300 mark, this little machine is a beast! Small, light, portable, full of functionality, the track-pad includes multi-gesture and the screen is bright enough to work outside... On the downside, the battery doesn't quite last the full 9.5 hours, even when on low usage and the keyboard is a little 'bouncy' - although touch-typing is still easy (nothing a little thermal tape under the keyboard won't fix!).
All in all, I'd rate this 5/5 - no regrets in buying it!
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