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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
No Line On The Horizon
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on 15 November 2017
Fabulous music on the most authentic medium - how could I give less than 5 ***** ?
U2 at their best, plus a very clean pressing, is all any vinyl-head could ask for.
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on 19 September 2017
Great music, as always from one of the best bands
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2011
Given the amount of negative reviews on Amazon for this album I approached New Line On The Horizon with caution,and I must admit it was the low price (£2.99 at the time of writing) that finally swung me into action. What a great surprise. The 5 star reviews are right the 1s so wrong (IMHO). To my ears this isn't a band coasting or resting on their laurels. This is a great band producing great music, that is just enough "U2" to keep fans happy (although I see from reviews that some "massive fans" aren't) but different enough to encourage in new listeners. I hear a group of men putting some thought and feeling the into their work.
I'm listening to "No Line..." right now and it makes me smile and think; move my mind and feet, depending on which track comes on . The passion of their work flows out of the speakers. All naysayers: Listen again to "Cedars of Lebanon" and tell me you're unmoved; listen to "Boots" and tell me you don't feel like dancing...
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on 1 April 2017
It was a gift
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on 27 May 2017
Received it , intact and very quickly. A fab album!!
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on 13 April 2017
Brand new condition! Still in the wrapper!!!
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Another stodgy offering by "the biggest band in the world". It is one of life's great puzzles why people stay with our Irish chums? Is it through blind loyalty, unpreparedness to look elsewhere for new music or do they truly enjoy this sub standard fare? "Moment of surrender" is overwrought with lyrical cliches while "Unknown caller" is U2 painting by numbers sounding like every other song they have recorded. The band trundles on of course in a sort of dogged march to the finish when undoubtedly their last album will sound like their first. Indeed, quite where you locate U2 in the pantheon of rock history is problematic, neither as brilliant as the Beatles, as rebellious as the Stones, as powerful as Zeppelin or as important as the Byrds.

St Bono of Dublin not only retains but regularly renews the accolade of being one of the most irritating people on the planet. His whose sanctimonious diatribes about third world poverty are contradicted by his massive accumulation of private wealth and failure to tax on it. Granted, any sane person will happily admit that "Achtung Baby" is a true wonder. Thus if you are new to U2 go back and get the one truly indispensable album they have recorded not least of all for the songs "The Fly" (Edge's guitar is always the saving grace) "Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World" and "Mysterious Ways". As for this album, however, its conveyor belt corporate rock underpinned by a formula that ran out of steam about 15 years ago and should have been given a decent burial by now.
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on 10 May 2015
U2s 2004 album How to dismantle an atomic bomb was the end of an era for their pop music sound.

In truth that your went right to the end of 2006, so it dragged on forever and ever.
Releasing some rather unsubtle boring songs like The Saints are coming with Green Day (another band of the flavor) and Window in the Skies.
They were not dreadful but...it didn't do anything to improve their reputation by those who thought their follow up to All that you can't leave behind was boring and uneventful or not pushing the musical boundaries enough.

No Line on the Horizon is kind of a throw back to the Pop record and Actung Baby.
It is, the most inventive experimental and creative U2 have tried to be in a long time.

A number of producers worked on this, why it took them 2 years to record and finish I am not sure apart from the fact that they were or had been working on a number of ideas and albums...and this was just one of them.

The music is not as simplified as How to dismantle an atomic bomb and its much more adventurous than All that you can't leave behind.
No doubt it is a real tribute to their era of the early 1990s when they were trying to dream up new ideas again.

Many probably didn't know what to make of it. I think its a great record.
Not sure the singles they chose were the best.
Get on your boots was probably way to bizarre and unusual for some to understand. I'll go crazy tonight may of been a much better choice or perhaps Breathe.
Magnificent is also another memorable one but perhaps Moment of Surrender may of been the best choice.

If I was picking follow up singles White As Snow, which I think is an excellent song would of done well and Unknown Caller.
I think Get on your boots was just to odd, and not strong enough to get the album in peoples ears.

An interesting record for them though, much better than the one before I think mostly. Mainly because its more experimental and less predictable sounding.
Of course Pop will always be the album they really went to town on, and tried new things, even if it didn't get finished I think they pulled it off quite well particularly songs like Last night on earth and Velvet Dress which would of sounded great on the radio (I only ever heard Staring at the Sun, sadly..)

The U2 produced version of No line on the horizon is also a great insight into what a U2 album might sound like if THEY themselves produced it without the influence of anyone else.
It could be the best U2 album so far if they do, or did.
What is stopping them? I think they should try it sometime.

Not really a huge album this like The Joshua Tree or Actung Baby, it could of been perhaps it promoted better....
But its more a cross over (as the cover says to new places over new waters).

Underated in many ways but to difficult in 2009 for the radio to understand it seems.
Give it a listen you might be surprised with what you hear.
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on 9 November 2014
I'm afraid this was the beginning of the end for U2.

After the simply brilliant How To Defuse An Atomic Bomb they produced this disjointed mess of an album.

The singles Get On Your Boots and I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight are a case in point - very poor efforts compared to any of their previous single releases.

There are several good tracks on here such as Magnificent, Unknown Caller and the closing track Cedars Of Lebanon, which helps to give it three stars.

And the best thing that can be said about it?

It's better than Songs Of Innocence.

Such a shame.

RIP U2:-(
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on 26 April 2009
U2's twelfth album brings this Irish phenomenon into a more complex and mature state in years. Its no wonder they took over David Letterman's show for a week as the only musical guest. With lots of welcome help from Brian Eno (ambience and edge) and Danny Lanois (unique guitar work), the band forges ahead on every track with a driving force that sucks you in.

Every cut is fantastic, but some standouts must be mentioned. "No Line On The Horizon" drives full throttle with The Edge creating a echo-like quality to his guitar and Adam Clayton leading with an even and forceful rhythm. "Magnificent" carries forth with several combinations of simple but effective riffs and drummer Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton bounce that beat along with Bono giving one of the more inventive vocals on the album. In fact, "Magnificent" is almost anthemic in its force. You can hear Eno's eerie ambient contribution on "Moment of Surrender" and that mood is carried throughout with Bono declaring, "I've been in every black hole" backed with a magical keyboard. "Get On Your Boots" is an excellent hard rocker with U2 going at it with hints of songs past. "FEZ-Being Born" and "White as Snow" show a strong influence by Brian Eno right from the start and U2 takes it and runs with it. In fact, Eno's signature is on every track. Finally, "Cedars of Lebanon" is a fine finishing track with clever percussion mixed with a quietly moody guitar and Bono spilling forth with some dark lyrics.

Released in five different packages, this is one of U2's greatest compliments and it will be interesting to see how many hits will end up being released. Every track is that good.
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