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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2009
Graham Linehan surely must be one of the most talented comedy writer/directors of recent years. Father Ted, Black Boooks and then this - top quality stuff and good enough to keep you crying with laughter.

I can remember that the first series got a rather tentative write up when it was first aired, and in an interview on the 3rd DVD Linehan even admits that the 1st series didn't quite hit the mark. I can't see it myself - the 1st series is as funny as its successors and benefits from a fair degree of freshness - it's hard to find any reason to criticise it. Perhaps the rather conventional sitcom settings that Linehan produces in his comedy might seem rather unadventurous to the more demanding audience members, but the writing is what makes this so special. Linehan also seems to have a knack of bringing high quality performers into his productions and O'Dowd, Ayoade and Parkinson work wonderfully together. They are well supported by a number of other actors, including Noel Fielding who plays the gloomy goth Richmond and Chris Morris and Matt Berry who play the trio's successive (and appalingly overbearing) bosses.

There are a few extras, including outtakes, deleted scenes, set tours and the like and the Ken Korda (Adam Buxton) documentary on the first disc had me aching with laughter. There is of course a fourth series and all four are available as a boxset so I can't see why you would want to buy this particular edition.

This stuff just doesn't get old.

"I'm in an ethical pickle!"
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on 8 August 2009
This show is a must for lovers of Father Ted, Black Books and Big Train. Graham Linehan combines the silliness of Father Ted, with the wit of Fawlty Towers. The show revolves around three IT workers: Roy, a slobby comic book reader, Moss, an 'uber-geek' who lives with his mother, and Jen, the opposite of both of them, who knows nothing about comp-uters.

Graham Linehan's best work, the show is not a repetition of Father Ted or Black Books. Linehan has not recycled his past work, and has given the show a modern twist. All the episodes are unique, and I can hardly say a critical word about them. Series One and Two are the best ones, the third is a little more average but still hilarious. Everyone's favourite seems to be 'Work Outing' in which Roy, Moss and Jen get dragged into a gay musical, and end up impersonating the theatre staff and pretending to be a disabled homosexual just to get home. The worst episode is probably 'Return of the Golden Child', simply because there is more plot than there are jokes.

The episodes are so funny, even the extras are fantastic. The only problem there is is that Richmond, the lovable goth and my favourite character, was absent from the third series. But still, all episodes are certainly worth watching. The DVDs include loads of extras, so once you've finished with the episodes there is still much more.

This is a bargain for the amount of enjoyment you will get out of this, and I would definitely recommend it anyone who enjoyed Linehan's past work.
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on 1 August 2009
This is another display of comedy unlike other shows. It's got the feel of Black Books combined with the nerdy and geeky ways of an IT department with a department manager that knows nothing about computers and a general manager that's insane!

I defy anyone not to laugh at the wheelchair scene, or marvel at the genius of the "April" episode.

If this show has a flaw it's that there were so few episodes. If you're a fan of Graham Linehan's Black Books, then you'll love this series. Buy it. It'll make you happy.
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Take two hopeless I.T. nerds (one a slob and one a bespectacled social misfit), and add one pathologically lying people expert. That's the setup for "The IT Crowd," a fun little workplace sitcom that sits on the other end of the comedy spectrum from "The Office" -- in particular, hardcore farce. The first three seasons are crammed full of pure weirdness and mild surreality, starting with simple workplace comedies and then piling on the weird.

As the story begins, Jen (Katherine Parkinson) is hired by the deranged CEO Dernholm, whom she has told that she knows plenty about computers. Unfortunately, he doesn't plan to have her working on the levels that are full of "lots of sexy people, not doing much work, and having affairs."

So he sends her down to the I.T. department, a filthy basement occupied only with "standard nerds" -- an embittered slob named Roy (Chris O'Dowd) and socially oblivious Moss (Richard Ayoade). Despite the fact that they keep the company from imploding, nobody appreciates them ("Have you tried turning it off and on again?"). Initially the guys loathe Jen and vice versa, but gradually they start to appreciate one another.

"The IT Crowd: Seasons 1, 2 & 3" has a few bumps in the road ("The Haunting of Bill Crouse" way overextends some of its jokes) but is overall a pretty solid sitcom -- think a more farcical version of "The Office" with a dash of "The Mighty Boosh." It even has Noel Fielding as the supremely freaky goth that lives down in the basement like a vampire (for the first two seasons).

And it's got some great running jokes like Douglas Reynholm's ("I don't think I've ever looked in this drawer... WOW, a gun!") and the idiots who call IT because their computers are unplugged. But each episode has its own running gags: toe-deforming shoes, "manly" behavior, flaming bras, erotic calendars and Douglas offending the top five major world religions. And the dialogue is a big oozing bundle of hilarity ("I'm going to strain my personal potatoes throughout her premises!").

The core three actors are all brilliant at their very different characters -- Parkinson (who looks like a slapstickier version of Gillian Anderson) is wonderful as a pathological liar and girly-girl with the worst office on Earth. O'Dowd is deliciously sloppy and resentful about the way the rest of the employees treat him (a necessary evil), and Ayoade is gloriously monotonic and clueless about real life.

It has a couple weak episodes, but "The IT Crowd: Seasons 1, 2, and 3" is the funniest Britcom in years -- and thankfully, it's still going strong.
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on 20 April 2009
This is a comedy series for all the family .I show the IT crowd to guests from all over the world .The first episode of the second series had me crying with laughter .Amazingly well acted. All generations in my family watch this series .Please please let there be a series 4 and 5 and 6 etc etc
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The IT Crowd is shear genius. About a 2 IT guys (Moss and Roy) in a large firm, who are joined by Jen who to get the job says she is a marvel in IT, when in fact she has no clue about IT. This makes for some very funny situations. Each series seemed to develop the characters better and you can just watch them again and again. Utter brilliance and a bargain.
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on 4 May 2009
Gosh! What an extraordinary creation. Brilliantly written, superbly acted - the cast play together so well that the script almost disappears. So funny I hurt from laughing so much. Didn't like it at first. But now, goodness me, I belly laugh at the sweet comedy!! I have fallen in love with it!!
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on 11 June 2009
The I.T. Crowd never stops to make me laugh and giggle! yes, i bought the i.t. crowd box limited edition box set...purely because originally it was actually 3pence cheaper than the normal 1-3 box set xD(this has obviously risen due to demand).The only limited thing about this is the box. and whilst it is very nice it is not worth much more than the normal box set:P

YES FOR HEAVENS SAKE BUY THE I.T. CROWD! but save your money and buy the normal box set :)
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on 21 July 2009
The dvds are very very funny! I'm an IT geek myself so I know everything they talk about, but it's also great for people who haven't much to do with computer :)
Also check the specials, they actually included a competition on dvd2 and there's maybe also one on the third (haven't watched all specials of dvd3 yet).
Definitively a must for everybody who can laught about IT jokes :)
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on 13 April 2009
If your a fan of the IT Crowd then a review is not needed...if your not a fan and your looking for something to brighten your day,then look no further as this is all your going to need for 10 hours of laughter.
It's simply EXCELLENT The IT Crowd: Series 1-3 Box Set [DVD]
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