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on 14 October 2011
The best foriegn language film ive seen. Great story, location and actors. Check out MARIA VALVERDE. The film is a bit of a shocker in parts, things you just dont expect to happen. Theres lots of running around in remote parts of Spain but its worth watching especially when you realise who the bad guys are. Worth putting in your collection.
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on 26 January 2013
That's shocking "Good" not shocking "Bad". This thriller is unusual and tense. It's a tight little film that does the unexpected. It doesn't compromise on the ending either. Excellent Cinema!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 February 2015
Made in 2007 this Spanish film is one that went under the radar which was a shame. It is all about a man imaginatively called `Quim' - pronounced `Keem' but still a cracking name. He is off to meet his ex girlfriend and try to put back his failed relationship back together, when he stops to fill up his car with petrol. There he has an encounter with a young and very light fingered young lady. He then heads off up this lonely mountain road.

Then out of the blue he gets shot at - despite owning a Volvo (with an NCAP rating of 4 I believe) he still gets hit. Only after he tries to leave does he realise what real trouble he is in.

Now there are a few plot holes here or rather some loose ends that I have only really realised on reflection. The plot is basic but the reveal or should I say reveals are good enough to prompt more than at least a couple of raised eyebrows. Good performances all round too; please note this is not a horror in the sense of blood and gore but more of a psychological thriller type. In Spanish with good sub titles - a film for those who really do like their films to be off the beaten track.
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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2011
This is the usual civilised folks encountering feral hunters; script-writers clearly having got lots of pre-Iron Age farmers' DNA or were scared by Davy Crockett as children. The opening concept is good, and the revelation of the nature of the predators top-notch but the victims are as dumb as stumps. Give them an area to cross and they'll do it in the open rather than under cover, or on the ridge-line, and there's nothing quite like shouting a lot to help the hunters. Doesn't anybody watch First Blood? If you can put up with the stupid man it's a good tale but many viewers will have given up long before we get there. Even the director wearies of the hero and departs to join the predators for the last part of the film: who can blame him.

Watch only if chilled.
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on 14 March 2014
This film has very little for itself, except maybe osme clever camera shots and beautiful sceneries.
It is slow, conceptually hollow and overall a rather uneventful flick.

I am always happy to be open minded in front of a film, yet I resent when a director is intellectually dishonest or when he/she wastes my time. In this case, neither format or contents is conducive the former but annoyance is certainly achieved through the latter.
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on 23 September 2010
'King of the Hill' (El rey de la montaña) (also released as 'The King of the Mountain') is a Spanish suspense thriller that released in 2007. The movie had a limited theatrical release and has went unnoticed in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The movie tells the story of Quim (Leonardo Sbaraglia) who is driving through an isolated area in rural Spain to reach his destination. En route, he meets the mysterious Bea (María Valverde). They are both then hunted by an unseen sniper for reasons unknown, resulting in a game of cat and mouse.

I'd never heard or read about this movie anywhere and didn't know what to expect. I was in for a pleasant surprise as the feature was tense and exciting in the main parts. The ending was perfect with the suspense finishing on a high. I'm a fan of the Austalian horror feature, 'Wolf Creek'. This movie was not as good as 'Wolf Creek' but had that kind of atmospheric feel to it.

The flaws are the slow pace at times and Sbaraglia's over the top/annoying acting.

The performances from the rest of the cast is average.

The direction provided by Gonzalo López-Gallego is just about alright. He could've worked more on the pace of the movie and less on Sbaraglia's performance.

The film isn't great but is better than a lot of the so-called suspense thrillers being released nowadays.

'El rey de la montaña' ain't the King of the Hill but sure is worth a try.
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on 9 March 2011
This is an excellent low budget Spanish language thriller which tells a simple story of a man and a woman, who are strangers to each other, stranded in a remote hilly and wooded area of Spain and finding themselves at the mercy of an unknown assassin who spends the whole time of the movie taking pot shots at them with a rifle. The director tells this story in spare and restrained style with excellent visuals in which the unforgiving landscape becomes a character in its own right. The suspense is unbearable right the way through to the unexpected, shocking and extremely violent denouement - which I shall not give away here...Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2011
For an hour this film isn't too bad however the final 30 minutes is a complete and utter disaster! A man on his way through a remote, mountainous region of Spain shares a moment with a woman in a gas station toilet. She steals his wallet so he sets off in pursuit. Thus he gets lost on the roads and all of a sudden his car is shot at by a mysterious figure. Whilst inspecting the damage to his car the gun man gets closer and wounds the main character who goes on the run. He bumps into the woman fom the gas station whose car has also been shot at. Now begins a game of cat and mouse through the mountains.

Spoilers ahead.........

The chase continues until the man and woman fall into a hole but the male character is able to get free. Rather than try to help the female he panics and runs for his life. He has a pang of guilt and decides to back track but is too late as the woman is practically executed at point blank range by the hunters. This is where i got incredibly angry with the film. The hunters are revealed to be a couple of teenagers!!!! Not 18 or 19 but it seems they are no older than 15! No explanation is given to why a couple of kids ruthlessly kill without remorse (and they kill about 3 people in the film). They don't even come across as mentally unstable (well one is a bit weird) and kill a fellow human as if they are nothing. This is just weak and quite frankfully stupid and lazy cinema. The psycho kids continue to track down the main character and corner him at an abandoned village. He is able to kill the more psychotic of the children whilst the other dies via an accidental shooting. The end.

Complete garbage and a film has not enraged me in such a long time. Lazy and stupid would be the best way to describe this film. At no point is any kind of explanation offered for the behaviour of the kids, kids who ruthlessly kill with the precision of a seasoned sniper! Quite frankly this is one hell of a depressing show and is best left ignored!
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on 20 February 2011
One of the most, if not THE most boring, pointless and ridiculous films I've ever seen. It isn't worth even one star, but I had to give it one to publish this comment. How anyone would want to make a film like this is beyond me. Why anyone would think there is anything here worth staying awake for leaves me mystified. I watched it to the end simply to find out if there was any sense in the movie.

There wasn't.
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