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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Dante's Inferno (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 31 July 2010
i have to say i was a little bit sceptical of this game and i had heard so many bad things about it. but i saw it in my local store and i was drawn to it. i picked it up and when i read it, it sounded cool. after i purchased it i went straight home and played it straight trough. i found it really hard to put down. the 9 circles of hell are what you would expect them to be. all in all i found this game to be much better than the god of war titles
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on 21 April 2012
Hardcore action game with hardcore punishing moves. Combine good and evil together as Dante and kick the hell out they bad souls n demons . Lol . Great game great graphics fast action and a must buy for action fans if you like god of war you'll love this . Awesome
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on 6 February 2010
when i first heard about this game i was a little sceptical about it. but after downloading the demo i was in love with the masterpiece of shock and horror. ok some of the ideas in the game do not work that well for example the puzzles are very easy and can just get in the way of the game at times but all the other good things in the game allow this still to be a great game. what i mean by this is the graphics are very good and the cut scenes are just flawless in my opinion another great thing about the game has to be the enemy design they are just really well though out. i think the combat is very satisfying because even though you have a scythe and cross you can rack up endless combinations with the two and then lets not forget that we also have magic in there as well which is a nice touch.

over all i love this game and i think this is one of the gaming highs of the year i would recommend this game to any one who enjoys a good hack and slasher game 10/10 for me.
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on 19 June 2011
One of the best games I have ever played. I've played quite a few games, and this is the first game with a story mode so intriguing and awesome that I was playing it for pure fun, not to complete it! The enemies are so abstract, I can't stop playing to see the next boss! Good buy for any type of gamer.
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on 28 July 2010
To me this is a re-skinned God of War game, but that doesn't mean it's not a good game. The story is interesting and the gameplay is entertaining. I also like the RPG like elements for upgrading weapons and such plus the searching for secrets. Buy this if you've played all the GOW games.
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on 3 December 2010
But it is a blast , the story is brutal , the gameplay , the monsters , the 9 circles of hell , everything is so dark , so gross , so gory , so original . Yes it Is a God Of War Rip-Off , but a very good one , an epic game indeed.

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on 17 March 2010
This is the 3rd EA game I have bought in the last few months (the others being FIFA 2010 & The Saboteur) and in my opinion - its brilliant.
The graphics, gameplay, combos, storyline are all top notch.
The fact that you get 4 difficulty levels starting with 'Classic' was an absolute life saver for me.

All in all, I would give this game a 8.7/10.
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on 22 October 2010
Nice game and a good rival to god of war and bayoneta
Very cool hack and slash game.
the graphics could be better though
Good story based in Divine Comedy
recomended for action games fans.
very good game
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on 7 February 2010
A lot of people, including yours truly, have been waiting with baited breath for this game to tear it's way from the pages of the Mr. Alighieri's masterwork. So have we been dealt a heavenly hand or does this interpretation deserve a place in the lowest circle of the abyss? read on...

*- The controls are as tight as my bosses wallet and as responsive as they come, no complaints on this front whatsoever.
*- The pure seething imagination injected into the interpretation of each of hells circle is mind boggling - Lust is as X-rated as you'd expect and The Forest of the Suicides is just stunningly awesome - don't even get me started on The City of Dis, just stunning.
*- The denizens of the pit are equally impressive and terrifying, Cerberus, Charon - just...WOW!
*- Leaving you to judge famous characters from antiquity, both literary and historical, based on a small amount of information and the characters pleas for help adds a nice touch of depth to the proceedings and I got to torture or bless some of my favourite cads and characters from some of the worlds greatest books and historical tales not just Dante's gem.
*- If you're looking for action you'll get it in bucket loads, interspersed with very slight puzzles this is an action game through and through and as an action game fan I have been blessed between this, Bayonetta and Darksiders in the last month.
*- Graphically there are some really experimental effects and things you won't have seen in many/any other titles but you'll be hoping to see them built upon in future games.
*- riding behemoth hell beasts and blasting your way through hordes of demons will get your blood pumping for sure.
*- The sound work is stunning and disturbing in equal gorgeous measures. The cries of the damned ring out in deep swathes of pain and sorrow and the subtle use of music gives way perfectly to huge crescendos of apocalyptic choir blasts in moments of peril.
*- The game as some nice nods to and chunks of the book throughout and as someone who has both read and adores Dante's epic trilogy I was mostly pleased with what they kept in. Also I would like to note to all the reviewers out there who are complaining about ramped up gore and sexual content "just for the sake of it" I'd say: read the books before you try to wax intellectual about what the game should and shouldn't have in it, Dante's tale isn't exactly subdued and can be just as nasty as anything the game launches at you.
*- The CG cutscenes are...well just wait and see, holy moley these guys can graphic!

*- This game is short, trust me if you love the source material and want to see what the next layer of hell will offer you will burn through this in a day, even on hard it's short, very short, but there again it is very sweet!
*- Having said before that I like what they kept in from the book I also think they could have stuck closer to the source material without boring a lot of the more brain-dead gamers out there (not that there many of them - we're usually a pretty bright bunch) . Also more information pertaining to the historical and literary characters in the game would have been good for people who don't know who they are and the biography of Dante's life does little to honour their source and inspiration. Guess you'll have to read a good translation with notes if you want to know more (I suggest the penguin version translated by Musa).
*- On the note of extras - the art gallery is atrocious, tiny images of the great work that went into the environs and inhabitants that just sit there making you squint and wish for more.
*- Some effects are a little overused.
*- You don't get to explore a lot of the circles enough which makes them feel a little like tiny stage productions or ghost train style set ups with little depth, shame.
*- The camera is so irritating in some really crucial platform sections - also who doesn't want to explore hell with their own private camera? Well prepare to be blinkered and constricted from beginning to end.
*- The upgrade system is mostly just `there' - you'll still be killing enemies how you did from the word go, bounce them bad boys of the floor and combo them to heck! The counter attack and the health upgrades are appreciated but that's about it.
*- The DLC that's advertised in the main menu should have been included from the get go as it doesn't exactly look mind-blowing and could have easily been incorporated.
*- The chance for exploration is near zero, there are a few hidden tid-bits but there should have been more.
*- It doesn't anywhere near blow God of War of it's throne.

A good step in the right direction, sure it's short, sure it's linear, sure it's God of War Jnr, but it's a blast and it's full of inspiration and awesome moments that, fair enough, don't fully adhere to the source material (that would have been near impossible) but give you a good ride through a taster of hells circles. Fun, fearsome and well worth a buy for fans but for you curious cats out there: it can be completed in a day or two so go rent it immediately and fill a bite of that month before God of War 3. A great effort none the less.
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on 6 February 2010
Before we are awash with comparisons of a certain Hack and slash games and the wretched cries of "RIP OFF" let's clear up something. I've not played "THAT" game but this but they say the best form of flattery is imitation, and given that this is the same team that 2 years ago "borrowed" heavily form Event Horizon and Resident evil, AND came up with the brilliant Dead Space Dante's Inferno is very flattering indeed.
Based on the divine comedy we're introduced the the Crusader hero who, after a (very literal) brush with death (enter ott boss fight) returns home to find his missus has gone to Hell. Naturally he has to circle the river styxx and all 9 circles to rescue her.
Visually the game is stunning. Even the early levels as a temple breaks slowly into the gates of Hades and a multitude of imps vey for your blood there's no slow down and it all feels fluid. The save points and health fountains etc are suprisingly unobtrusive blending in with the game very nicely. There's little flashes that blatently hint coins etc as you get in many games. Plus you get a rather colourful pallette given the main theme.
Control wise Dante's inferno is at first confusing. Visceral have done away with the 2 direction/camera thumstick control sytem and instead used the right thumstick to perform evasion manouveres. At first this is a little frustrating as you're naturally led to try adjust the camera movement only for Dante to fly off in all directions. But once you've gotten used to it (which doesn't take long) you realise why this is such a blessing. Getting out of tricky corners instantly before pounding enmenies to oblivion has never been more easy.
Trophy hunters will also be happy to know that there are plenty of easy acheivements. simply swinging your weapon for the first time earns the first and an hour in the'll be a few more.
Overall there is plenty to be enjoyed here, and with the good/evil option replay value is higher than many similar games in this genre. Plus it's fun. Quite gory from the offset so don't let the kiddies play this one with a nice difficulty curve.
It is a short game but but with so many good games out at the moment this is more a relief, plus it avoids things getting too silly. Anyway there is Final Fantasy XIII etc for those who have time on their hands. For those that don't Dantes Inferno is short sweet and well worth a few souls
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