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on 6 February 2013
This IS, in my opinion, the BEST Hard Rock studio album of all time (although the Wild, The Willing, And The Innocent, runs it fairly close).

Everything came together at the right time, and this is a band at the height of it's powers. The performance, the songs (every one is great, no "fillers"), the arrangements (the strings on tracks like "Looking Out For Number 1" are done to perfection), and the production are all perfect!

Although this album, and the "Strangers In The Night" live album to follow, would be the last to feature Michael Schenker on guitar because of the friction in the band, you wouldn't know it to listen to this masterpiece!

Any young guitar player, could do no better than to listen to this as an example of how to play great rock guitar within the context of a band, both rhythmically, and melodically. Schenker's playing, particularly on this album, was a massive influence on my own playing.

Schenker is "ON FIRE" on this, and would cement his position as one of the most exciting and talented rock guitarists ever. He sprinkles his "golden haired genius" all over this album, from the power rock of "Only You Can Rock Me" (one of their best ever tracks, in my opinion) to the melancholic brilliance of "Born to Lose", he plays like a man possessed, but then do the whole band.

Phil Mogg never sounded better, and Pete Way has a strong influence on the writing. One writer described UFO many years ago, as a perfect blend of "muscle and melody", and that describes this album to a tee. I've been listening to it regularly for over 30 years, and it still sounds "fresh' and "exciting" to me, the years (it was released in 1978) have not "dulled it's powers".

Although the band would continue after Schenker's departure, it would never be quite the same again.

People claim that the band should have been "huge", and never quite reached their full potential, and that's probably true. Success is all "relative" anyway, and you could say that was also true of another favorite band of mine, Thin Lizzy.

However, if you are going to be remembered as a "truly great" band, even years down the road, it might as well be for peaking with this perfect album, and the live one that was to follow. That's not a bad legacy in my book!

I'd give it 10 STARS if I could, it's THAT good!!!!
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on 10 June 2007
This is one of the all-time classic hard rock albums. I agree with the other reviewer who says that Schenker and Mogg bring out the best in each other, and this album and the next studio album they did together 18 years later (Walk on Water) prove it. Having said this, it should be noted that Schenker frequently reaches this guitar-playing standard without Mogg - though Mogg is probably Schenker's best song-writing partner.

Anyway - to the record in hand. Only You Can Rock me is a superb opening track with a haunting melodic solo in the middle that has to be one of rock's timeless great moments. Pack it Up and Go is a great-song that simultaneously show-cases Schenker's talents. Arbory Hill slows things down nicely before the more ballad-like Ain't No Baby and Lookin' Out for No. 1. These two tracks have to number among the greatest rock melodies ever written - Schenker and Mogg prove they're the best on these. Hot 'n' Ready is a nother guitar-show-caser without losing any song quality, whilst Cherry is a superb song that brings Pete Way's bass more to the fore, but is also typical of the high standards Mogg was reaching at the time. You Don't Fool Me is a haunting number where the song-writing remains top-notch and Schenker adds some of his best guitar-work, creating atmosphere with some of his post WWII air-raid siren allusions (careful listening to Schenker's work often highlights post-war allusions). One More for the Rodeo is a great track that highlights just how well this classic UFO line-up work together as a team - it isn't just about the guitar-work with UFO, but about the song. Born to Lose is a superb ballad with absolutely incredible guitar work by Schenker to finish off the album.

Taken as a whole, Obsession is actually quite a melancholic album. Yet, somehow, by a kind of haunting dark osmosis, the listener is taken into their ownmost moments of longing, regret, or hope. Something deeper happens with Obsession than happens with Lights Out (the previous album). I must stress that you will not find guitar-work to match the standard Schenker achieves here at age 23 anywhere else (except on some of Schenker's other material). Yet, the album creates its own world and takes the listener into that world where it is this journey, rather than mere musicianship, that makes this album.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 January 2010
one of the best albums from '78 probably only bettered by van halen's debut and i use that album as a reference point,surely this album should have fired UFO to the top along side Van halen? is there no justice in the rock world?

I personally rate VH's debut as my all time favourite studio album yet even that couldnt match the incendiary opening to this disc!,namely,'Only You Can Rock Me' & the stunning 'Pack It Up & Go'(my fav Ufo track),certainly 'Arbory Hill' takes a bit of getting used to ,recorders and all!The high quality mark is served by the swaggering 'Aint no baby' & the string laden atmospherics of 'Lookin Out For No1'.

The album continues in the same vein heavy rockers satisfied by 'Hot N Ready', 'One More For The Rodeo' & the badco/zep like strutting 'You Dont Fool Me' finally coming to a close with the outstanding 'Born To Lose' which pretty much could have been the bands epitath.

bonus tracks: probably the poorest of all the schenker era remaster's,3 average live tracks which you'll only listen to a couple of times.
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on 21 December 2011
It's taken me since 1978 to work this one out, but, after listening to 'Obsession' today, I conclude that UFO are the greatest Metal band. From the anthemic 'Only you can rock me' through the beautiful 'Looking out for No.1' to the atmospheric 'One more for the rodeo' and the moving 'Born to lose', this is another classic album from UFO.

They are the Abba of Heavy metal in that, over decades, they churned out so many classics from 'Rock bottom' to 'Self-made man'.

The hard-hitting drums of Andy Parker ; the immaculate and soulful voice of Phil Mogg ; the pounding of bassist Pete Way ; the keyboard touch of Paul Raymond (or Neil Carter) ; the guitar mastery of Schenker / 'Tonka' Chapman / Vinnie Moore.

There is a massive synergistic effect in play within UFO.

They are LEGENDS.
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on 17 December 2016
I have read nearly all Catherine Cooksons earlier books which are all in my opinion 5 star. This one does not disappoint.
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on 11 May 2017
Johnathon Kellerman serves up another good story with the usual twists and turns to keep me engrossed
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on 16 January 2017
Enjoyed this very much, lovely storytelling, but I do agree there are too many repeated phrases. Didn't spoil my pleasure tho.
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on 4 March 2016
Love all her books. They are down to earth, gritty and tell about life as it is and not romanticised.
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on 1 November 2017
Brought as gift
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on 2 December 2016
Really good book. For C.C fans, oh yes....
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