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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
Trine (PC DVD)
Price:£1.99+ £1.99 shipping

on 1 December 2014
This game kept my son entertained for a number of days - he is an experienced gamer and very persistent. He had already played Trine 2 and knew what to expect but he experience was still very good for him. I like the graphics in this game - its almost as good as Trine 2.

The computer spec needs to be reasonably good, we have a AMD FX4100 CPU, 4GB RAM and with an NVidia GTX650ti on Windows 8.1. We are able to set things on very high and still get a playable frame rate!
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on 12 December 2009
Loading was trouble free.

Its like a platform game as the characters move from left to right across the screen, they each have there different abilities.

Its entertaining and fun to play. Rather different from strategy and shoot em up games which makes it unique.

Puzzles are how to use each characters abilities in different ways to overcome obstructions and puzzles, which are not always intuitive. Am having a problem trying to get to a certain chamber so probably an internet investigation required there.

When characters die, they are rejuvenated at the next restore point or by going back to the last one, luckily, so far, they are not too far apart.
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on 22 October 2010
I was a bit skeptical of this game, but it has been fantastic fun! I love the ability of being able to flip between 3 characters (which you can do very quickly) and each chapter is full of puzzles, as you have to figure out how to get through many dangerous obstacles. Also, I LOVE the fact this game loads so quickly!

The music is very pleasant and adds a lovely background to playing, and the graphics and colours are amazing.

I rate this 9/10 for playability and fun! :)
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on 28 July 2011


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on 26 April 2017
great will always be interested in this type of game good service as always
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on 17 August 2010
First things first:
Make no mistake, Trine is a beautiful looking game.
In a world where games are made to more resemble realistic warzones or racetracks (and where the other extreme is fun/casual games that look like they were designed for 3-yr olds) Trine is a beautifully drawn game that takes your breath away with its charming storybook-like visuals.

Trine's gameplay consists of 2D platforming action where you control one of three characters; a thief, a knight and a wizard, and use each of their unique powers as you navigate through the magical kingdom.

And while each character has their own skills, they also have their weaknesses - for instance the wizard cannot attack, the thief cannot block attacks, and the knight can't do much else besides attack & block; and this leads to an interesting combination in which each of the characters need to be used in turn to successfully overcome (undead) skeletons, physics-based puzzles and deep chasms.

Another aspect of the game I really liked was the pleasant voice of the narrator and the subtle humour involved. The soundtrack is another plus.

The only thing is, gameplay isn't really all that difficult; although one thing that took me a bit getting used to was the odd keyboard+mouse combination (which we've more used to for FPS and 3D games rather than side scrolling platformers.)

Graphics requirements are quite decent and I could run this at high resolution with hardly any problems (even though my laptop isn't quite the latest).

Of course not everyone will be a fan of this game, but if you like 2D platformers and are looking for a fun game with a relaxing soundtrack, you cannot go much wrong with the beautifully made TRINE.
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on 19 March 2010
For many gamers who grew up with the gaming boom of the late '80s/early '90s, the long, slow demise of the platforming genre has been sad to watch, like a neglected childhood pet wasting away. However, with the rise of independant downloadable games the 2D side of the genre has had something of a renaissance, providing some of the most innovative and charming games of the last few years.

Trine is one such example. It's like the amalgamation between the physics-heavy game world of LittleBigPlanet, the beautiful presentation and sometimes devious level designs of Bionic Commando Rearmed, the three-character dynamic which drives quiet classic The Lost Vikings and the fantastical fairytale world of Folklore.

You play the role of three reluctant 'heroes'; thief Zoya, desperate to escape the situation, she is the most agile, sports a bow and has a grappling hook; Pontius the knight, determined to prove himself and specialist in attack and defence; and wizard Amadeus, an unprofessional wanton layabout who is able to conjure items from thin air. After a fateful meeting in an abandoned treasury their souls are bound by an artifact called the Trine, and they must venture across the cursed lands, make their way past unnatural skeletal hordes and find a way to undo the Trine's hold.

Levels are designed in such a way to ensure all three characters' abilities are ideally needed to get through unscathed. After their brief introductions, each character can be instantly selected with a tap of L1 or R1 and when a character meets their demise the other two can then be chosen before reaching a checkpoint and the fallen character returns. The real beauty is that levels can generally be completed by whatever means the gamer chooses - ledges can be reached by Zoya's grappling hook and deft jumping abilities, or perhaps using Amadeus to build a small tower and lay planks across the top. Generally speaking Pontius isn't so good at precise navigation or reaching inaccessible areas, but he's heavier than the other two and has a propensity for smashing objects, which can come in very handy in finding secrets.

Much of the gameplay is built around its dependancy on physics - turning a giant platform to reach a high ledge, counter-balancing boxes on a huge set of scales, or just smashing a huge stone fist through a precariously unstable wall. None of the environmental puzzles are particularly taxing and there is a little too much reliance on pressure-plates, but some of the level design later in the game is devious, requiring precision jumping, fast reactions and switching between characters. In particular, the last couple of levels are superb, and while the ame definitely ends on a high it's a bit of a shame it waits so long to show its best hand.

Some depth is to be found in items that can be discovered and allocated to each character - some are specific, such as reduced magic consumption upon casting spells, while others are more general, such as resurrecting a character with a little health upon death. Using and assigning these items lends a slight sense of micro-management, and they are unlocked in hidden areas through the game which can then be used when replaying levels to collect all pick-ups and defeat all enemies. Experience is gained from defeated foes and green vials stowed in hard-to-reach places, which allow the three characters to increase their skills or level up their weapons. There's a nice sense of progression and it encourages thorough exploration and combat against the relentless skeletal foes.

Trine boasts superb presentation. The visuals are beautiful and have a real sense of fairytale charm and depth to them, and the voiceovers are very good, although Pontius' hardheaded oaf persona is a little overstated. The narrator is the real star of the show though; reading as though in front of the fireplace to his enthusiastic grandchild, with just the right measures of wonder, exagerration and enthusiasm - between each level he provides plot abridgement and outlays the trio's path on a map, similar to Sega classic Golden Axe. It's all accompanied by a marvellous main theme tune and subtle, effective and understated level music.

Trine is one of the most playable and likeable downloadable games of the last few years. It doesn't really do a great deal wrong, although it is more of a slick combination of ideas from fellow platformers rather than anything particularly original, but it's wrapped up such first-class presentation, sporting a nice character dynamic and portraying such a dreamlike, charming folklore world. It's one of the most enjoyable and memorable platform games of the last few years which every fan of the genre would be wise to try out.
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on 4 December 2009
OK before you read the review when I had Vista Home Premium 64bit the game would crash after the first level or two, I don't know why it does this it might just be an issue with Vista so just be aware.

Thankfully I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and it runs perfectly now, also you don't need a great PC to run this at the best of settings which is great, you can turn all the good settings on that make Trine really shine.

The game in general is magical and colourful from the beginning to end, the loading screens which are short have a nice relaxing narrator giving a little bit of an overview of where your heading to in the next level for example you could be loading into a dangerous castle protected by powerful enchantments and he would tell you how the characters are feeling about it.

The 3 characters which are the Thief, the Wizard and the Warrior have different strengths and weaknesses but it doesn't complicate or hold back the gameplay. There IS multiplayer but it's weird as unlike almost all PC games 3 players can play together on one system each using one of the 3 characters but for this you'll need one or two seperate gamepads(I use a 360 gamepad).

The graphics and levels are very vibrant just like in fairy tales like... Shreck as a nice example, they're quite long and have many little puzzles that you might have to switch character(unless there's more than one of you playing together) to use their strengths to advance through.

I'm not going to give much plot details but if you've ever heard or read any magical stories/bedtime stories then this will bring back memories or give you many new and nice imaginative ones.

Even if like me your a very serious gamer don't be turned off by the colourful, magical look and feel of Trine thinking it's just for younger kids, if you love a nice relaxin adventure/platforming game with a great story and gameplay then you should definately add Trine to your collection of games and wounderful stories.
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on 22 August 2010
Trine is one of those rarities that doesn't look that great at first view (despite colorful graphics and a great sound and music ambience), but reveal their richness while playing...

The game's principle is based on 2D-platform games, which could have been "one more", if it weren't for... the freedom given to the player to pass through the numerous obstacles in the game. Trine has a very rich gameplay, based on the use of physics: you will have to push, lift, throw, move various objects such as crates, planks, seesaws, and much more...

But the player is free to choose how to go through each obstacle: the Wizard can summon crates, planks, and platforms to reach difficult passages ; the Thief can use her grapple to reach elevated areas or sway across deep precipices ; whereas the Knight will be able to lift or break some objects, as well as protect himself from traps with his shield. More often than not, you will have to combine the different skills, for example by summonig a crate which will then be used by the Thief for her grapple...

The game is filled with those ideas that you then try out with pleasure, just to play with the detailed physics engine (you may also find yourself trying an elaborated solution when a simple one exists, just for fun).

The game's base difficulty being not very high, experienced players should play on hard mode, to avoid the frustration of finishing the game too quickly. The adventure is enjoyable without being insurmountable (except for the last level, which is harder than the rest of the game), due to infinite lives (you will be teleported to the last checkpoint if all your characters die) and resurrection (going back to a checkpoint will resurrect all dead characters). There are also numerous XP potions hidden in the levels, as well as treasure chests which all contain very useful items for what's coming next.

All in all, Trine is a little treasure of gameplay, the one type that we wish we had more often, and it would be an error to ignore that game !
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on 4 December 2014
A sweet little platform puzzler that looks good, plays good and offers a good challenge. A lovingly crafted, side scrolling, platform game title that brings back that old-style charm to gaming that has long since been dead in the usual AAA franchise.

Quaint, fun, pretty, challenging & nice. Great game.
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