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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2015
After being initially concerned about earlier reviews of the size of the supplied fixings, the ones i received have managed to support a 53 year old 14 stone man swinging around three times a week for the last four months, without any signs of failure . I did take the time though to mark out and make sure the bolts went into solid brick, and i also searched the internet to find advice on how high to mount it. The only minor quibble is i feel the main bar could be abit thicker but i can sort that out myself .Its positioned so the wife can watch me from the comfort of the house and if needs be call for an ambulance .
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on 5 February 2015
Feels solid in use, unbeatable price and instructions are straightforward. Here are my top tips;
1. Ensure you have a good powerdrill with hammer action; buy a top-quality 8mm masonry drill bit. Drill depth is 60mm.
2. Bolts & raw plugs that come with the product are fine.
3. There is not enough clearance to do kipping/butterfly pull-ups for CrossFit but you CAN do the hollow body/superman actions for practice without breaking toes!
4. You will need a Phillips #3 bit & an 11mm hex bit to tighten the bolts into the wall & tighten screws/nuts on bar. You MUST tighten brackets until they pinch the tubes!!!
5. I am 6'2" tall (188cms) and fixed top bracket @ 2620mm from floor; I can hang with feet off floor for full strict pull-up!
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on 30 January 2014
I do a lot of pullups. Really a lot if pullups. Calisthenics Bar-barians style is my thing. I bought this to put on the side of my house so I could work out when I can't get to the park. For what you pay I can say it's pretty good. A few things to be aware of: (1) it's quite narrow so the space between the supports is 44.5cm (about shoulder width) then you've got just about a hand width of straight bar on the other side if the support before it dips away. This is all ok for just basic reps but it's not as wide as you'd want for doing a full range of moves. That said the supports are really strong and you could swap out the bar with something longer and a bit fatter fairly easily. Something I'm thinking about doing. (2) the bar is really thin. If you are used to a chunky bar it takes a bit of getting used to. I managed a slow muscle up on it but the narrowness puts quite a bit of oressure on your hands and makes a false grip hard to do. Don't think about doing muscle ups on it if you need to kip as you will smash your knees into the wall! Having said that you get a good 53cm of clearance from the wall which feels good. Nothing worse than a bar that makes you feel as if you could bump the wall. I'm quite flexible so I can do a German hang without touching my toes as I go over but my head touches the wall (just) if I try a front lever so that gives you an idea of the clearance. (3) The fixings. A lot of people have written about this issue and the sellers have said that they have changed to supplying heavier duty bolts. In my opinion these are still not adequate. Since I wanted to use my bar with my hang-up boots there's no way I would trust the fixings supplied if I'm hanging upside down. So I've fixed mine up using M6x10mm Heavy Duty Wallbolts. If you want to use anything bigger you'll have to drill out the holes on the fixing plates. 8 bolts cost me about £8. You also need a 12mm masonry drill bit if you don't have one. In all I spent about £12. With these bolts it's absolutely rock solid and I feel totally safe repping out or hanging upside down or doing toe to bar leg raises or Germans. A word of warning when fixing to brick work - make sure you check the position of all the fixing points before you start drilling so you don't end up having to fix into mortar or drill into the edge of a brick. You want to make sure that all the bolts are going into the centre of a brick for maximum safety. (4) I put mine up myself without too much difficulty but finding the right position on the wall before you drill would definitely be easier with some help.
Basically I thoroughly recommend it for what it is and the fixing issues aside would give it 5 stars.
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on 5 October 2013
This item is probably great quality.

Its been on the side of our house for over a year now, and looks ok. No rust or what have you.

If it's strong, I cannot say.

My husband had this on his wish list for his 39th birthday. I suspect it was a bit of a panic before he hit the big 40. He was full of good intentions, and so I bought it reluctantly, because lets face it its not much of a birthday present.

When it came, I clambered up on to the ladder to fit it for him, because after 40 years on this planet, he still looks at a toolbox like it will bite him if he makes any sudden movements.

It turned out the bricks that built our house are made from vibranium steel, and so I had to borrow another drill from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to get the thing up.

This is the love of a good woman in action.

I think my husband has managed 3 pull ups since that day. He decided that upper body strength wasn't that important after all, and now fills his wishlists with running equipment instead.

To top it off he announced this year that it was good to get things off his wishlist for a change!

5 star rating for the frying pan I bought of Amazon several years ago, as this was well up to the task of hitting him over the head!
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on 9 March 2012
When I bought this item, the fixings that came with the bar wouldn't hold a 5 year old up!

I had to put some stronger bolts and anchors in the wall for it to feel sturdy. Other than that, it does the job as intended!
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on 23 May 2009
This pull up bar itself is easily strong enough to carry the weight of just about anyone. It is also much less expensive than other bars. I purchased because it has a large distance between the upper and lower wall fixings which reduces the pull out forces on the upper bolts. Even so on my crumbly old victorian internal walls I needed to buy different fixings then those supplied. You will need high ceilings and brick or concrete walls in good condition. Alternatively you need to strengthen at upper fixing points with wood spreader. Recommended...but first make sure you have the ceiling height and wall quality needed to install.
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on 3 March 2010
This pull-up bar is perfectly designed. I've been using it for almost three weeks, and it is rock solid.
However, take caution to the following:
- The wall-mounting screws that are sent in the package and completely inadequate. You need to purchase longer screws (as long as 8-9cm)
- Take care to properly balance the pull-up bar. Improper balancing would lead to lateral play. Use a spirit level indicator
- Mounting instructions should have been sent in a different manner. The sketch sent in the package only shows distances between the brackets - distances betweem the bolts would have been much more useful
- I misplaced the instructions, and repeatedly sent for new instructions, however, the sender never responded!!!

Anyways, thumbs-up for the design, but it will take some time and effort to mount it properly.
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on 29 January 2014
I weigh between somewhere between 106-108kg. Different chin-ups bars promised they could hold up to 300kg in weight, but didn't look like it, and I was reassured both the unique design of this thing and the more moderate claims of 200kg weight to hold. That made it sound like someone knew what they were talking about. And let's face it, no-one who weighes 200kg will be able to hang there let alone pull themselves up. I can barely do any myself and badly need to drop a few kilos.

So - I'm pleased with it regardless of my current lack of ability. You can watch a lot of videos on YouTube of people falling down with those door frame ones. This thing put into brick is there for life, or so it feels.

The only niggle is that it doesn't have any padded grips. This means callouses, unless you have weight-lifting gloves. I suppose padded grips would rot in the rain though. Not a big deal, and if you're the kind of person who is banging out thousands of reps on this thing callouses are a mark of glory anyway...
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on 29 April 2014
Please remember this is £25. The bar is fairly thin but holds my bulk (16 stone) without an issue.
The instructions are clear and the bar is easy to fit.
The fittings are fine.
At the very last hurdle I had to use alternative thinner screws (to secure the main bar to the arms) but it was because my set up was slightly off due to the awful wall I secured the bar too.

I am very happy.

Delivery was quick.

FYI- I managed to secure my bar too low, my only recommendation is to double check the final height.
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on 12 January 2015
Easy to fit and a great work out. I was using is three days a week for five weeks - not even ten minutes per work put - and I was getting told by people I was looking leaner and more toned. Need to get back on it now after the Christmas excess!

Using different grips you can work loads of different muscles. I found a good guide online for free which gave me the reps to do and targets for each session, and that was useful. A quick Google will sort you out.
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