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on 1 July 2009
I was looking for ages to try and find a decent digital camera as lots of the others seem to lose the picture quality due to the waterproofing. This camera, however is fantastic. I took it to Portugal and used it both in the pool and in the sea and got excellent photos. It also has the other great cannon features and they don't seem compromised at all by waterproofing - my favourite is colour accent.

The long and short of it - excellent picture quality, very easy to use and fabulous to be able to take underwater proper, non blurry pics. It is a little big doesn't quite fit in a pocket- but still smaller than getting a normal digital and putting on a plastic case.
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on 29 December 2009
I got this to go out to the Cape Verde to volunteer in a turtle conservation project. Camera was superb. Robust and easy to use. Took clear stills and videos. Survived sea and sand and still looks great. I love it.

Point taken about its awkward shape - the D10 is not a slim-lined pocket-size camera - but its excellence more than makes up for it. Its shape also reminds you to take care of the camera and not stuff it in pockets, so this is probably a blessing in disguise.

Got a present of 3 different coloured covers for Christmas - black, orange and my favourite, camoflauge, and whilst being expensive, it's like having 3 different cameras (cheaper than buying 3 cameras!).

Make sure you tighten the clip where the batteries go, especially if going underwater. I haven't had any problems, but my mother god bless her warned me about this potential hazard.

I have had other brands of underwater cameras which have leaked but a year on and the D10 is still swimming.

Highly recommended.
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on 4 September 2011
I agree with most of the other reviews. An excellent camera, but on 2 out of the 3 holidays I've used it for, the camera completely stopped working.

I've looked after the camera well, in accordance with the provided documentation for an underwater camera. If it weren't for the reliability factor, I would give it 5 stars, but because the reliability has rendered it utterly useless on parts of holidays that have been dedicated to the sole purpose of underwater photography (for example, the Red Sea, Hawaii, ...), although it may seem harsh, I'm giving it only one star. The excellent pictures it's capable of are useless if the camera cannot be relied upon to function correctly when needed. The contacts have been checked and cleaned, the seals have been checked to ensure that any parts they press on when closed are still working and have not broken (following some guidance I found on the Internet), and various other checks have been carried out.

The first time it stopped working was underwater, but no water seemed to have got in. The second time it stopped working, I'd been watching pictures on it in play mode the evening before, and in the morning I went to turn it on before leaving my hotel room and despite having 3 fully-charged batteries, it refused to turn on again, until a week later, with various interim attempts to get it to switch on.

So, in summary, a HUGE disappointment, even more so because I know what this camera is capable of if it weren't for the reliability factor.

Although the problem developed 4 months after purchase and was supposedly repaired then, the same fault has reoccurred and because it is now out of warranty, Canon won't repair it without a fee and Amazon have shed their responsibility. Not impressed. I think my next stop will be somewhere like John Lewis for reasons of ensuring a good warranty period and in the interests of finding a reliable retailer. Up until now, I'd thought Amazon were quite good, but this has been a huge let-down.
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on 27 July 2009
This is a solid camera and takes great pictures both in and out of the water. The intelligent settings selection system works well when you just put the camera on auto, as it generally does a good job of assessing lighting levels and the type of shot you are trying to achieve. Equally it seems there is good scope to control things manually and choose your own settings, although I have not done so much of this yet.

The one big annoyance (and reason this product dropped a star) is that this is a camera designed for the outdoors type who wants to be able to use it in any weather, or doing outdoors sports and activities etc. If you want to do this, the supplied wrist strap is inadequate; you will want to buy the seperately available carabiner strap. I could only find 2 suppliers in the UK, and neither hold stock. The cost of just this one strap is around £40 including postage - £40!? Come on Canon you can't really claim that is value for money! Or you can buy the kit with the alternative faces and a couple of straps and pay a massive £100.

So this is a great camera, just let down by the additional costs incurred to use the camera in the way it was designed.
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on 28 October 2009
The Camera itself is perfect, very good Photos, high quality and performance on the sea.
We took it for a surfing session and we had much fun.
The problem is to carry it while you swim with the board. It is difficult to hold it without smashing it on the board. There is an accessory, a kind of a necklace, it should be sold with the camera. It would also be nice to have something to make the camera float... It could fall.

So, the camera is perfect, the accessories should be reviewed
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on 1 September 2009
I bought this for taking pics and vids when kayaking. It does the job pretty well on the whole - I just point and shoot. I like the other facilities but just havent got round to using them all yet.

One problem is that when we took a video on a sunny day it looked as if it was raining - there were lines going down the screen just like rain.

Another problem is that the screen scrached on the first weekend of use - I expected a camera for wateruse, snow use, droppable etc etc to have a slighly tougher screen.

I think the case, the carabina and the changable covers are all way way too expensive and a bit of a rip off.
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on 5 January 2012
Not a lot to say other than this is a great little underwater point and shoot camera. I'll summarize my views:

1) Photo quality:
Absolutely fantastic, as expected of any Canon Point and shoot. It takes beautiful underwater pictures (but remember to change the WB to the "underwater" preset) - As expected from Canon, it takes absolutely marvelous pictures in low lighting conditions.

2) Underwater reliability. Taking in account that I didn't take it lower than 5 metres depth, it worked as described in the box. Just make sure you follow the instructions (which are quite simple... just don't open it when wet or prior to rinsing it with fresh water and drying it thoroughly with a towel)

3) Cosmetic reliability: Bad... the outside it's painted with a very weak lacquer that will scratch very easily in normal "outdoor" use. I was aware of this when I bought it (saw it in another review) and it did happen as described. (The camera touched rough sand when I was taking some underwater pictures and the blue paint just dissapeared in that spot)

4) Overall: Absolutely marvelous product. You can control every function while you're underwater, it's very compact so you can just chuck it in your shorts pocket and dive in the beach.

Fully recommended!
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on 15 September 2009
A good camera that does all that it says on the box. The underwater shots came out fine, but were rather hit or miss as it is not that easy viewing the monitor underwater. The other niggling thing is that you often press the shutter and there is a slight delay which can mean you not capturing the action. The quality of the final photograph is very good and when using the camera for macro or general photography one obtains excellent results.
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on 21 July 2009
Having had 5 different Compact Waterproof Cameras now, (Olympus & Pentax) which for the price do a great job, you are always left wanting by the picture quality!!
Not with the Canon D10 though. The quality is great. I'm sure the experts will find something to criticize, but for a go virtually anywhere compact, this will take some beating. Without doubt I get better photos from my 40d, but I cant go in the water with the kids with that!!
One slight complaint I cannot find a spare Strap Mount yet, I don't need all the kit just a mount, but thats a small worry. I have been quoted for one but they are on back order at the moment.Well done Canon for yet another winner.
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on 28 February 2010
Bought this for use on the beach and in the sea- places I wouldnt take my DSLR or even a normal compact. Image quality is not as good as my compact Ixus, but a lot better than any other "tough" camera Ive tried. Also much better than a compact in a waterproof casing.For prints up to 8x5 its plenty good enough but it wont satisfy an enthusiastic photographer ( nor should you expect it to )
Like all of these cameras, the key to waterproofing is the seals on the battery and connection flaps. Look after these, with a little smear of silicone grease and you should be okay. Also remember that the 10m rating is STATIC water pressure- I wouldnt take it surfing as big waves generate higher pressures and it will probably leak

To sum up Great if you need the waterprofing, average as a "normal" camera
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